'The Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah Meets Ellen

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  • peter robijn
    peter robijn 4 days ago

    A FAKE NEGRO AN A FAKE WOMAN: Trevor and Ellen: already deported to the garbage can of history. A fake-black muslimslave and a mental retarded female fagot: TRUMP WON :) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • LRK007
    LRK007 4 days ago

    hearing ellen pronounce apartheid is probably the cringiest thing ever

  • John Mahugu
    John Mahugu 7 days ago

    my favouorite hosts

  • Craig Swart
    Craig Swart 9 days ago

    I haters Dyke

  • xante roodt
    xante roodt 10 days ago

    I live in South-africa and ellen said aparteid is very weird ...

  • D P
    D P 11 days ago

    All Trevor Noah does on The Daily Show is constantly complain about Trump😂. I hadn't seen one commercial of him not bitching about Trump🙄

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 11 days ago

    I know Ellen is American, but damn, this time you've outdone yourself!
    Couldn't you have thought of ánything better than a wobbly crafted helmet with a rollercoaster around it?
    Seriously, I know you like giving silly gifts, but this wasn't even funny....you could've given him a cool waterbottle with one of his funny phrases or something. He's not a 5 year old child.

  • Kara Fischer
    Kara Fischer 15 days ago

    Trev, there are so many sad things that happened in South Africa, things that we all still mourn for. But there is so much beauty in our country, so much that makes our country truly great (despite the politicians) i hope that one day you can spread that message, I hope that one day we can make you proud to say, you are South African.

  • malaika tori
    malaika tori 16 days ago

    Not every african has a sob story which majority of westerners think,its a very ignorant mind set to have.

    ML CHANNEL 17 days ago

    He made me proud...knowing his southafrican...makes us southafricans to see we can make it too..

  • Tiffany Harvey
    Tiffany Harvey 17 days ago

    I'm veht only commenting cause I'm also South African 😂😂

  • Alexandra Branković
    Alexandra Branković 19 days ago

    Weeknd ???

  • Gremy Saint
    Gremy Saint 21 day ago

    Just because you are a fan of a celeb doesn't mean they are the voice of reason for me . Remember , you are just a "fan"

  • ruvarangu tichareva
    ruvarangu tichareva 22 days ago

    i hate how every time he is interviewed in America they have to emphasize how poor Africa is, i mean seriously we have buildings too not only safaries

  • Eileen Barraza
    Eileen Barraza 23 days ago

    "She's independent, she's cool" 😂😂I love Trevor Noah so much

  • olwethu makhubu
    olwethu makhubu 23 days ago

    Making us proud, love from SA

  • Super Hannah17
    Super Hannah17 26 days ago

    GO South Africa!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devan Vermaak
    Devan Vermaak Month ago

    As a South African I can fully assure you that not everyone lives in poverty. South Africa may be poor compared to the USA but it is a well developed country

  • Jez O
    Jez O Month ago

    Two of the funniest entertainers in the world right there.

  • Brandon Upfold
    Brandon Upfold Month ago

    Making South Africa proud @Trevor Noah

  • Mbali Tshabalala
    Mbali Tshabalala Month ago

    hahaha Trevor.

  • Lela Nhlapo
    Lela Nhlapo Month ago

    I'm 2 years late on this comment but go SA.Mzansi be on top now.I'm currently in Argentina but Imma not forget my people

  • Yes Namjinforlife
    Yes Namjinforlife Month ago

    Wow I just saw and Ellen ad before watching the Ellen Show!!!!

  • Mark shane Coetzee
    Mark shane Coetzee Month ago +1

    everyone is proudly south African until they hear Zuma,rape,murder or aids then they proudly Australian, if you get what I'm saying 😂😂😂😂😂

  • keegan botha
    keegan botha Month ago +1

    It irritates me how he always makes South Africa to be so poverty stricken no wonder so many people think we live with lions in the backyard its just as normal and lovely as any other country we have cities and beaches and indoor plumbing and pretty much everything else.The government sucks but that beats any stand up comedian from any other country any day as well.

  • Follower Of Christ
    Follower Of Christ Month ago

    Tranny to the left, tranny to the right, what is going on here? The chromosomes reveal their true identity.

  • Scott Hornby
    Scott Hornby Month ago

    Trevor Noah is great.

  • Kate M
    Kate M Month ago

    he's hella cute and funny 😊😆

  • Princess Eme
    Princess Eme Month ago +2

    How she said apartheid was so funny 😂 (I'm from SA so I know)

    • 00inwiththenew00
      00inwiththenew00 Month ago

      I keep seeing comments like this. I believe we were taught to pronounce apartheid as "apart-hyte" as part of the proper pronunciation... as it is a Dutch or Afrikaans word? No one is telling us the right way to say the word either lol

  • Dor fuller
    Dor fuller 2 months ago

    He such a handsome dude♡

  • Oklabd o8m
    Oklabd o8m 2 months ago

    He's adorable

  • SheilaSheWolf
    SheilaSheWolf 2 months ago

    Omg I just got an ad for Ellen's pet line

  • Nombulelo Bogatsu
    Nombulelo Bogatsu 2 months ago +1

    The day walker😂

  • Nerisa Tiangco
    Nerisa Tiangco 2 months ago

    he's funny and intelligent u shhud watch his stand ups hahaha

  • Paulina The Hooligan
    Paulina The Hooligan 2 months ago

    If I had his haircut I would also like roller coasters.

  • u_think_im_smiling
    u_think_im_smiling 2 months ago

    I love how he's honest about not struggling. A lot of people want to struggle just to have a story to tell and seem more interesting but he's totally honest.

  • Tomas Soejakto
    Tomas Soejakto 2 months ago

    A lot of us think Ellen is pushing Trevor to tell a sad story about his background, when we could also think that she was doing it so that we could see how positive Trevor Noah is. Being positive is always better :-)

  • daylite34
    daylite34 2 months ago

    Yo I relate to this a LOT. I thought I had a normal childhood, but later I found out that my family used to be very poor when I was young and my parents were struggling every day. It makes sense when I think back on it now, but when I was young, I had no idea. I just thought every kid was like me.

  • Pink Gurl
    Pink Gurl 2 months ago

    Lekka Trevor! Trots Afrikaans #southafrica

  • kelleydavis100
    kelleydavis100 2 months ago +1

    Now I know why she locks all the comments on her videos - you guys are horrible!! Find something positive to say - this was a great interview, I like Trevor quite a bit, very funny guy!

  • saloua1301
    saloua1301 2 months ago

    my two favourite people in one room

  • peter robijn
    peter robijn 2 months ago

    The face of mental retardation. Two pieces of filth; choose one. A muslimwhore and a black racist shitface. God Bless Donald Trump. Stop crying you leftwing fakemedia prostitutes.

  • Voruto Uzamaki
    Voruto Uzamaki 2 months ago

    his life story reminded me of Cuba and living there, ppl that grow up here only know this, while there's a whole world that also lives different.

  • kl298
    kl298 2 months ago

    I love Ellen, but this proves that she is also so ignorant.

    KAU0KAY 2 months ago

    black excellence at its best! been a fan of trevor for a few years now and it's amazing to see him use his platforms for good :-)

  • Nathalie.K
    Nathalie.K 3 months ago

    he schooled her real quick !

  • lighteyes214
    lighteyes214 3 months ago

    I just finished Trevor's book. This guy is amazing. And his mom is even more amazing. I'm honored to be a fan.

  • Howard Luken
    Howard Luken 3 months ago

    These two are so gaaaaaaay.

  • tee cee
    tee cee 3 months ago

    lmao. i just thought she was independent, shes cool. He's the cutest!!!

  • Lotnan Adam
    Lotnan Adam 3 months ago

    He is so true to himself I love it

  • Aruna Govender
    Aruna Govender 3 months ago

    Representing SA thanks Trevor Noah

  • Sarah Sulwey
    Sarah Sulwey 3 months ago

    happiness is in poor people compared to rich western people are comfortable and not happy. poor people are very happy and content.

  • Sarah Sulwey
    Sarah Sulwey 3 months ago

    poor Africans yet very happy

  • Jerry Mapesa
    Jerry Mapesa 3 months ago

    Americans are trying to act like there are no poor people in America , there are poor people in every country you go ... rednecks even lives in trailers

  • Lady Anneline
    Lady Anneline 4 months ago

    Gosh Ellen get on with the times, travel and learn from it, Africa is not a jungle, thanks Trevor for not entertaining her nonsense.

  • Yannick Delgadillo
    Yannick Delgadillo 4 months ago

    Apartheid ,when South Africa was somewhat civilized.

  • RenderActive ,
    RenderActive , 4 months ago

    go kys

  • Amarina E.
    Amarina E. 4 months ago

    -This must have been hard for you..
    -But yes! I need you to be sad.... Tell us how bad it was!!
    - It was so cool!!
    - Damnit, say you are glad to be alive so I can cheer you up with my present!!

  • halfvolley11
    halfvolley11 4 months ago

    Ellen is such typical White. You tell White people how sad and miserable life is in Africa and they get amused. Remember Slumdog Millionaire. Oh that is in India, but you get the picture.

  • Moنa alshehri
    Moنa alshehri 4 months ago

    Trevor you're my favorite.

  • Moنa alshehri
    Moنa alshehri 4 months ago

    His smile !!!

  • Isabella Williamson
    Isabella Williamson 4 months ago

    Ban violation feed fruit damage metal justice

  • MaryAnn
    MaryAnn 4 months ago +1

    i love him. I always watch his videos on youtube when im having a bad day.

  • Igot7army's 2493
    Igot7army's 2493 5 months ago +1

    I love roller coasters too ..that's actually a Deal breaker for me
    And most guys are scared so Trevor is even more gold now!!!

  • sumiya hossan
    sumiya hossan 5 months ago

    y'all need to chill..maybe she was asking him about the apartheid to let people know about such discrimination...I for example was not aware that it still existed in south Africa, so instead of 'pushing' I think she was just aiming to inform her audience.

  • Ahmed Suliman
    Ahmed Suliman 5 months ago

    I live in South Africa

  • NewWorldParty Dotorg
    NewWorldParty Dotorg 5 months ago

    Noah is a hypocrite and ingrate. He never complains about his home country, South Africa, and their racism against whites. Blacks have tortured and killed 4,000 white farmers. He never complains about their extreme xenophobia? Blacks are beating up and killing illegal immigrants. Blacks are beating up store owners for hiring illegal immigrants. He’s not complaining about South Africa government’s plan to steal all of the land from whites. That is more racist than anything happening elsewhere in the world.

    Noah complains about U.S. incessantly. Why doesn't he move to one of the dozens of African countries?

    He gets paid millions from whites in the U.S. for being a politics pusher, disguised as a comedian. Why isn't he complaining about this income inequality? Why isn't he expressing gratitude to the whites for paying him millions?

    Affirmative Action is racist against Asians and whites in favor of blacks and Hispanics. Why isn’t Noah complaining about this?

    Why isn’t Noah complaining about the fact that there has never been a successful black country in history?

    • Shit Eater
      Shit Eater 5 months ago

      You do know why there has never been a successful black country right?

  • Marla Hudgins
    Marla Hudgins 5 months ago +1

    You are awesome Trevor

  • Catriana Abram
    Catriana Abram 5 months ago +1

    He is so smart!

  • a kazzuo
    a kazzuo 5 months ago

    he is so amazing

  • Emmy Gachini
    Emmy Gachini 5 months ago

    Lol, Trevor is the perfect diplomat; evading negative questions so well. Ellen kept digging but he wasn't having it

  • Atreyu Tower
    Atreyu Tower 5 months ago

    Such a great guy. I love Trevor

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 5 months ago

    corporate shill

  • cassie parker
    cassie parker 5 months ago

    i want to meet jacob sartorius so bad plz

  • Rodia Shema
    Rodia Shema 5 months ago

    Don't you love Trevor

  • Caity Rose
    Caity Rose 5 months ago

    Love Trevor 👏

  • Urban Princessa
    Urban Princessa 5 months ago

    Ellen tryna make it sad BUT TREVOR IS JOOOOOOKES

  • Samantha-M.
    Samantha-M. 5 months ago

    This man always gives me joy in my heart. Bloody hell. We made it AFRICA! Represent!

  • Merrissa Naidoo
    Merrissa Naidoo 5 months ago

    everybody isnt poor in south africa....

  • Tshego Maroga
    Tshego Maroga 5 months ago

    Who's watching on 2017.

  • bonwright78
    bonwright78 6 months ago

    Ellen tried to drag out some tragic story and as always Trevor handled it with wit and class.

  • Dorcas Jose
    Dorcas Jose 6 months ago

    He is very funny but I will not take him seriously with information. I still watch him anyway. 😀

  • UU
    UU 6 months ago +1

    He is so adorable, so funny and handsome and young-spirited

  • Ken Edwards
    Ken Edwards 6 months ago

    please Africa has everything

  • Chanel Sutton
    Chanel Sutton 6 months ago

    I lovveee Trevor ❤❤

    but the way Ellen said 'Apartheid' tho 😂😂😂

  • Sharron's Take - Family Vlogs & More

    Such a cool guy

  • Asha Voncookie
    Asha Voncookie 6 months ago +1

    love this guy ..he always keep it 💯 and he makes me laugh hard.

  • Randy DeFloon
    Randy DeFloon 6 months ago

    God's perfect hell would be spending an evening with these 2.

  • McDennisco Charlie
    McDennisco Charlie 6 months ago

    Trevor is an incredible smart and genius guy!
    But your story wan really sad, but you did it men.
    You took it from a right perspective and you made it really, I love your show buddy specially the central comedy show!!!!!!!!

  • aisey100
    aisey100 6 months ago +1

    He is cute as a button.

  • Julie Sperber
    Julie Sperber 6 months ago

    He was 'JUST a stand up .. in the US' What a moron!
    Trevor is a genius.

  • Alexandra Mouroussias
    Alexandra Mouroussias 6 months ago +1

    I love him so much

  • Geoffrey Evans
    Geoffrey Evans 6 months ago +2

    There were a lot of poor people in south africa and there still are . However , I have one question , if Trevor Noah was so poor , How was he able to attend an expensive boarding school ?

    • piyachat pongsara
      piyachat pongsara 5 months ago

      Geoffrey Evans True for those idiot who doesn't know..:

  • Matt Chan
    Matt Chan 6 months ago

    I like Ellen but did you know as funny as you might think this guy is?
    He is a racist. I watched a video of him using the Chinese culture within his stand up show.
    Disgraceful and he should be ashamed.
    and black people bitch about white people for being racist??

  • gsolee
    gsolee 6 months ago +1

    i like how he swerved those sad vibes she was trying to shroud him in!

  • mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine
    mrlawilliamsuk Warmachine 6 months ago +1

    I doubt he was 'poor'.

  • Diva Nemo
    Diva Nemo 6 months ago +1

    Love Trevor's sense of humor

  • Talia Armenta
    Talia Armenta 6 months ago

    I Remember When He Was Gabriel Igleases Stand Up N I Thought He Was Funny Cause Of The Bag Of Weed Joke

  • zahra henry
    zahra henry 6 months ago +1

    she's independent she's cool...ded

  • Celisar1
    Celisar1 6 months ago

    Hi is likeable but not funny. I have watched many of his videos here on YouTube, can't believe he used to be a stand up comedian.

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