Best of Bob Marley - Bob Marey Greatest Hits

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  • فيصل شنقيطي.
    فيصل شنقيطي. 10 hours ago

    my son is.10 one love p....

  • Akiko Fujishima
    Akiko Fujishima 3 days ago

    When I was just a tiny tiny baby, my parents took a trip to Jamaica, (for the ganja) they were fortunate enough to have met this man. I grew up listening to Marley and his message. His music, it's medication, it really is.. If you let it in you, let it fill ya soul, its truly healing. His music has gotten me through so much. It's also educational, if you listen, your eyes will also open. You're missed so much Bob. You cared more for your fans than yourself.. Jah embraces you. ^_^

    When you see the sun, it's Bob's smile.. ^_^

  • Gogo Louie
    Gogo Louie 4 days ago

    This is only half the songs listed. Is there a part 2?

  • Manuel engelberto Posada Cruz

    Buena rola

  • Kathy K
    Kathy K 15 days ago

    I'm so grateful that he shared his talents with the world, instead of only staying close to his home! We would be missing out on that great genre of Reggae, otherwise! Not only do we get to appreciate the great style of Reggae, but we also have Marley's way of using his voice & creativity to speak out on things that matter, to encourage where needed, and yet one more wonderful way to express love, as well as one more great reason to dance until you're drenched in sweat!!

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 16 days ago

    I Love You Bob <3

  • Capooletty
    Capooletty 22 days ago

    god.. bless

  • Onan Charles
    Onan Charles 23 days ago

    just highlaa

  • Onan Charles
    Onan Charles 23 days ago

    just highlaa

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe 25 days ago

    Good if you want to listen to a Spanish radio show.
    Bad if you want to listen to Bob Markey.

  • thierry simond
    thierry simond 26 days ago

    Tros bein

  • Adhe Budhianto
    Adhe Budhianto 27 days ago

    he is a legenda reggae music ..
    one love for Rastafara
    # Bob Marley

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams 28 days ago

    One love..

  • Badboy Sirait
    Badboy Sirait Month ago

    Best is the best

  • Dato Saxvadze
    Dato Saxvadze Month ago


  • Heri Choxq
    Heri Choxq Month ago


  • hadi suwarno
    hadi suwarno Month ago

    bob marly is my love

  • Andrija Knapić
    Andrija Knapić Month ago

    Great songs and great personality we all should be better after that music.

  • music
    music Month ago

    Torino 1980...... io c'ero

  • hassan islam
    hassan islam Month ago


  • Bu Nan
    Bu Nan Month ago

    bob marley good

  • tonny junior
    tonny junior Month ago

    Só ele sabe fazer reggae como ninguém!!

  • rafael gamer
    rafael gamer Month ago

    a história desse cara é foda
    pena que o governo envenenou ele

  • dado parus
    dado parus Month ago

    kmu memang juara ....kmu terbaik dari yg terbaik

    REGGAE LIVE Month ago +1


  • Juliana Palmieri
    Juliana Palmieri Month ago

    Bobby Marley lembranças boas ....quem nunca ouviu não sabe o que perde na vida

  • Yonas Essak
    Yonas Essak Month ago +1

    i love Bob marley

  • Jerome Paysan
    Jerome Paysan Month ago

    graziémilé bob

  • vinicius Ribeiro
    vinicius Ribeiro Month ago

    Silva no sale

  • Alice Azenha
    Alice Azenha Month ago

    Thanks for the music

  • Nadir Firmansah
    Nadir Firmansah Month ago

    best memo marley....

  • Rita Beatriz Diaz
    Rita Beatriz Diaz Month ago

    Bob Marley maravilloso

  • David Adams
    David Adams Month ago

    William morrrison

  • Lachlan Byrne
    Lachlan Byrne Month ago

    Love Bob Marey

  • Veiro
    Veiro Month ago

    No Woman ,no cry... No Marley , We cry... :(

  • Verinalda Veri
    Verinalda Veri Month ago +1


  • renato silva Monteiro

    bob Marley é top

  • Jj Samplee
    Jj Samplee Month ago


  • Jj Samplee
    Jj Samplee Month ago


  • Mattias Allenby
    Mattias Allenby Month ago


  • GIA Skred
    GIA Skred Month ago


  • Nelson Urrutia Moya

    reggae para el alma

  • Workalemahu Degene
    Workalemahu Degene Month ago +6

    stand up on the right
    dont give up Tha faith
    carry up the cross
    don't give up the faith
    never fight the fight
    That fight in the night
    come out walk in the light
    you will see HIM fight the fight
    just sit back relax
    get your pop corn n soda
    see every thing shaking
    before the lion of Judah ,,,,Jah

  • Deepak Sahoo
    Deepak Sahoo Month ago +3

    The Legend of all Legends...Bob Marley

  • Katielly Fagundes
    Katielly Fagundes Month ago +2

    eterno bob

  • Davey Jones Locker
    Davey Jones Locker Month ago

    what a music...🙌🙌

  • Felipo Didier
    Felipo Didier Month ago

    Toujours aussi plaisant de l écouter !!!!!💕

  • Buthole
    Buthole Month ago +16

    He wrote songs about peace, love and equality

    Teens only know him for smoking weed.

    • Akiko Fujishima
      Akiko Fujishima 3 days ago

      My son is 11 and knows Bob for peace, love, and equality. I got into Bob big time as a teen (I was more equipped to understand him then), and I knew him for his words, his message, not "weed"... Though I understood that cannabis was part of his religious following, it brought him closer to Jah. "Weed" is not the "bad thing" that people label it as. Bob was one with the world and he had a message, and shame on those too deaf to hear it.

    • Natty Taffe
      Natty Taffe Month ago

      Glen Washington

  • Arvizu Perez
    Arvizu Perez Month ago

    luv all this songs .remind me of high school.good old times.with my first honey with this songs.r.I.p. I still luv him.he's always in my heart.ESPEACIALLY. his songs💘💘💌thx.🌷

  • joeri desmet
    joeri desmet 2 months ago

    Joeri D D

  • tracey mace
    tracey mace 2 months ago

    The legend

  • Catherine Mcmartin
    Catherine Mcmartin 2 months ago

    Powerful music! One love

  • reggaeking
    reggaeking 2 months ago

    Bob Marey *l, if you want to see some good roots reggae music and rare footages of Marley, Peter Tosh and other legends, feel free to check channel

  • sirley conceição
    sirley conceição 2 months ago

    Its good music and quality.

  • Robert Kirkland
    Robert Kirkland 2 months ago

    same old stuff . i wish he would bring out some new stuff

  • Andre Luis
    Andre Luis 2 months ago +1

    muita fumaça ......
    muitas muitas muitas ..... esqueci ..... kkkkkkkkkkkk lembrei porra , é é eeeeeeeeee. .... muitas lembranças ......

  • n. tomas paredes c.
    n. tomas paredes c. 2 months ago

    ndá i hupytýhai👌

  • Sally Mann
    Sally Mann 2 months ago

    Bob Marley lives on n his music. It will keep on living. It will never go out. One love. Peace out Dine Nation

  • Adam Daniel
    Adam Daniel 2 months ago

    peace and harmony my brother greeting from malaysia

  • Raymond Mention
    Raymond Mention 2 months ago

    bravo bob

  • Serena Grandesso
    Serena Grandesso 2 months ago +1


  • Bradley Cuthbertson
    Bradley Cuthbertson 2 months ago

    ya mun!!

  • hasan ali
    hasan ali 2 months ago +1

    no women no cry

  • Thiago Almeida Do Nascimento

    ouvir o Marley é se desligar um pouco desse sistema de vampiros

  • Markus Schmid
    Markus Schmid 2 months ago +2

    Best Music EVER😎😨😱👽👽👽👽

  • Leonor Acosta zuniga
    Leonor Acosta zuniga 2 months ago

    la música es vida

  • pandas in the world
    pandas in the world 2 months ago +1

    Tweaking in heaven

  • Silva Sativa
    Silva Sativa 2 months ago

    I love Bob marley,, NO women NO cry,, good,,

  • cristian  fernandez
    cristian fernandez 2 months ago


  • Scot Lintern
    Scot Lintern 2 months ago

    the legend

  • Alfredo Stomeo
    Alfredo Stomeo 2 months ago

    Bob Marley la sua immortalità è per sempre

    LUIS ANSELMO 2 months ago +3


  • Arielly Nicacio
    Arielly Nicacio 2 months ago +1

    O melhor!! #BobForever

  • Marc Chamarian
    Marc Chamarian 2 months ago

    Bob Marley you ´re the best

  • Jarmila Baptista
    Jarmila Baptista 2 months ago +3

    Give thx 4share LoveMusic :) ...KING <> BOB MARLEY, ONELOVE 4ETERNITY! <3

  • Abdellah Abdellah
    Abdellah Abdellah 2 months ago +4

    recuerdos de los viejos buenos tiempos...

  • vasile stoica
    vasile stoica 2 months ago

    Piesa a fost preluata apoi de Boney M in anii 75 si interpretata in stilul caracteristic,fiind de departe la fel ca originalul.

  • vasile stoica
    vasile stoica 2 months ago

    Nu plange femeie,nu plange.Piesa de top din anii 70 a lui Bob Marley

  • ronald palomino
    ronald palomino 2 months ago

    71k vistas y 496 likes ....lul

  • sAida iman saida
    sAida iman saida 2 months ago +8

    may love bob marley❤❤❤❤

  • Paul Vance
    Paul Vance 2 months ago +9

    He's a legend

  • Admin13
    Admin13 2 months ago +3


  • pombo '-'
    pombo '-' 2 months ago +4

    paz e amor

  • Brian Lima
    Brian Lima 2 months ago

  • Matt Howell
    Matt Howell 2 months ago +3

    Awesome ....thanks for this!

  • Alaina Krissansen
    Alaina Krissansen 2 months ago +8

    Thanks for the music x

  • Thomas Sankara sankarisme future politik africaine

    Marie Jeanne et bop Marley la légende ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

  • Melyssa Martinez
    Melyssa Martinez 2 months ago +21


  • Cloud 420
    Cloud 420 2 months ago +7

    давно пора!

  • Leandro Zuim Zuba
    Leandro Zuim Zuba 2 months ago +29

    Bob Marley só me traz lembranças boas!!!!!! show.......

    • Dam Dave
      Dam Dave Month ago

      Leandro Zuim Zuba

    • Badsha Islam
      Badsha Islam Month ago

      Leandro Zuim Zuba
      so nice boss

    • qwertyuiop Poiuytrewq
      qwertyuiop Poiuytrewq Month ago


    • mebarkia smail
      mebarkia smail Month ago

      Leandro Zuim Zuba Giulio kQpkcrydab😬😕😯😈😇😯😈😅😉😆😆😂😕😬😇😁😅😉😑😅😢😕⌚👒👜👡💄👔👘👠👗👖🎒👕💄👜📘📕🔌🔋🔬💣📚📖📰🎶🎵〽🎺📀📼🎧🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎷🎹🎷👒👜👒👜👒👢👡👒👜👒💲👒💲👒👒👚👗👖👔👗👖👡^$$#1123467123456890!@$##&))-87787777# 0goyave j wwee dolmen
      nvxwiguane 1234569008& kd

    • Leandro Zuim Zuba
      Leandro Zuim Zuba Month ago

      O próprio! Quem é vc?

  • Ivo Dezaeyer
    Ivo Dezaeyer 2 months ago +2

    aminajirani love you xxx vriend Shatje ik nu slapen en muziek luisteren

  • Ivo Dezaeyer
    Ivo Dezaeyer 2 months ago +2

    ivo LOVE you nog

  • Antifa FIGHTER
    Antifa FIGHTER 2 months ago +6

    peace and love

  • Eliecer Ramos
    Eliecer Ramos 2 months ago +5

    Diosss no avia ni nacido cuando este Sr estava sonaoo pero parece q ya mis padres lo tenian en sus genes q cmo me encanta escuchar sus canciones ...saludos desde PANAMÁ

  • Gueye

    9ice songs

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