Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

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  • mrgamemoodi
    mrgamemoodi Hour ago

    People buy Iphones to show off

  • photography on the cheap

    why did Steve have to die

  • Josefina Hilomen
    Josefina Hilomen 3 hours ago

    And that's why I have S8 the queen of water and dust it's also dustproof

  • iszilluminate
    iszilluminate 4 hours ago

    Samsung is way better then iPhone, cause iPhone is just selling thier brands, for Samsung is upgrading more efficiency on every expact. So iPhone no matter how slick but still the worse to have it. Samsung is always the best phone.

  • Rosie Higgins
    Rosie Higgins 5 hours ago

    My dad brought be a samsung galaxy s8 plus today and I am thirteen, please don't say i am greedy, i never asked and i am SUPER grateful to my dad, i was crying! Apple users do buy Iphones to show off definately but i think the new samsung has really shown a comparison against the iphone as always. Team samsung lol👊

  • Michael Vourdoubas
    Michael Vourdoubas 6 hours ago

    Apple sucks... All the company's products are Chinese crap!!! SΛMSVNG RUL3S!!!!!

  • Michael Vourdoubas
    Michael Vourdoubas 6 hours ago

    Wait!!!! S8 has the same as a5 2017?!?! IP68..... Well I have a5 2017 and that's how I know....but shouldn't a 500$ extra smartphone have a little higher resistance?

  • chaima torkhani
    chaima torkhani 6 hours ago


  • Khushal Pawar
    Khushal Pawar 9 hours ago

    Mujhe Kya Aap Samsung Galaxy S8 plus de sakti ho please my number is 9595 406 972

  • 100,000 subscribers with no Video?

    Can I take my s8+ in the pool

  • niamul ahasan
    niamul ahasan 9 hours ago

    vai if you dont need this phone give me

  • Vishnu Madathil
    Vishnu Madathil 10 hours ago

    I PHONE BACK cover NOT REMOVE That's why water is coming out

  • Hamza Amir
    Hamza Amir 11 hours ago

    Watching on my black s8 plus

  • Ferksway
    Ferksway 11 hours ago

    His name is apple and he has a Samsung t shirt

  • Mike Johansson
    Mike Johansson 13 hours ago

    It's harder to see if the screen changing in the iPhone cause the display is more black then Samsung. Try with white background on both

  • Camosi
    Camosi 14 hours ago

    Call ur self EverythingTechPro

  • Dedi Kyle Kalotee
    Dedi Kyle Kalotee 14 hours ago

    Samsung S8 winnners❤👍👍👍👍

  • Shawn Cheng
    Shawn Cheng 14 hours ago

    shit iPhone if Steve jobs alive.

  • Fretzy Gahman
    Fretzy Gahman 15 hours ago +1

    Im in the shower rn using an s8😂

  • Adam Rey Mhtr
    Adam Rey Mhtr 17 hours ago

    He so hot.. We should do s8 waterproof in a bed

  • S Productions
    S Productions 18 hours ago

    Secretly waterproof? R yu fucking spasticated. They are both waterproof yu twat head

  • BeastlyGamer Dude
    BeastlyGamer Dude 19 hours ago

    iphones are fuckin cheap, SAMSUNG FOR LIFE

  • Peapy Reapy
    Peapy Reapy 21 hour ago

    Niggas over here with there s8 and iphone 7 and im just here watching on my spacetime continuum t9 and my Ucomputer 8. Bitch dont even start

  • Lianna Mathew
    Lianna Mathew 21 hour ago


  • AOT Alemán
    AOT Alemán 22 hours ago

    I only care about your chest and arms

  • Harry // Taco
    Harry // Taco 22 hours ago

    This was not fair, you left the iPhone in the water for so much longer in the beginning

  • ÂnoÛar Âudiitorèé Da Firenzê

    don't try this shit i just lost my iphone 7 last week because of water

  • Jadon Thurstonk
    Jadon Thurstonk 23 hours ago

    Most of these people in the comments are like Apple sucks but they never had one 😑

  • Sudhi Suma
    Sudhi Suma Day ago

    Even though iPhone lost I still love it

  • Uriel Gomez
    Uriel Gomez Day ago

    What was that noise at 4:19 LOL uhh

  • PapoYT 29
    PapoYT 29 Day ago

    como siempre samsung lo mejor de lo mejor 😉✔💯💯

  • Tyler Green
    Tyler Green Day ago

    On every Apple video that I see there are floods of Samsung users that spam the comments with constant hate for Apple phones. It's like the whole community of Samsung users are elitists that feel they are superior just because of their phone. It only shows immaturity.

  • Migz Zaro
    Migz Zaro Day ago


  • Kian Romero
    Kian Romero Day ago

    Winner is Samsung

  • Kian Romero
    Kian Romero Day ago

    IPhone die

  • Luke Aguillard
    Luke Aguillard Day ago

    My iPhone 7 with a crack on it (not a hairline crack) lasted 15 min in a lake cause my brother threw it in and it worked just perfectly

    The way we found it was we called it and looked for the light under water😂😂

  • Luke Aguillard
    Luke Aguillard Day ago

    "Hello it's EverythingApplePro"

    *wears a Samsung shirt*

    That's a uglyyyyyy shirt

  • ThatOneRainbowLlamaThatFarted Lol

    Apple is slacking, they just keep releasing bigger iphones every year, samsung actually changes lots of things on their phones. Btw im watching this on my s8 lolol

  • virus killerism
    virus killerism Day ago

    fuck thats waterboarding torture for iphone and Samsung S8! what a terrant you are you faggot!

    NALAYAK Day ago

    No more Bacteria on the Phone Screen.

  • amer abo Fatma
    amer abo Fatma Day ago

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    Ednbevhejenev ecxee

  • jacek jedruszczak

    Cool test ... can you get more? Jumping to ice water? :)

  • It's MSK!
    It's MSK! Day ago

    Of course it is worse than the s8(which is shit) and that is only because he took the red one to the test.

  • رياض المالكي

    العربي يضغط لايك

  • Luca Grimaldi
    Luca Grimaldi Day ago

    HAHAHA this shows again how shitty Iphones are 😂

  • Abdulrahman Nasralla

    Watching this on my S8

  • Septian Erlangga


  • Mythical bro Hgh

    Keep pressing 4:20 XD

  • Jesse Adkison
    Jesse Adkison 2 days ago

    He was saying feet but the depth he was showing was in METERS the iPhone is rated at 1 METER for 30 minutes. The galaxy is rated at 5 FEET NOT METERS for about an hour...

  • Boujee Boi
    Boujee Boi 2 days ago

    I'm strictly iPhone I'll never buy a Samsung

  • Jairo Vivas
    Jairo Vivas 2 days ago

    i´m watching this on my galaxy s8 under the water

  • Aaron Clorox
    Aaron Clorox 2 days ago

    Samsung can do whatever they want to their phones,,,,I would never buy a droid shit phone. Apple for life.

  • Ayush
    Ayush 2 days ago

    All you Android geniuses are forgetting that the iPhone wasn't designed to be submerged that deep for that amount of time. Nonetheless, all the fanboys from Apple and Samsung arguing are immature pussies anyway.

  • Хозяин Горбушки

    WOW 😳 🔥🤙

  • Michael Brennan
    Michael Brennan 2 days ago

    A couple grand worth of tech, that's some BALLS guys!

  • Aaron khan
    Aaron khan 2 days ago

    Hi, the IP68 rating means a device can go for only 1.5 metres for 30minutes deep and NOT 5 metres.

  • Rapidzkilla -
    Rapidzkilla - 2 days ago

    If you have galaxy give this a like and if you are iphone comment

  • VTT andaman
    VTT andaman 2 days ago

    samsung s8 is best

  • Davidmxhn
    Davidmxhn 2 days ago

    I got an s8 ad before this

  • Syed Murtaza
    Syed Murtaza 2 days ago

    but who is the winner iphone 7 or S8 🤔

  • Aryaraj Vala
    Aryaraj Vala 2 days ago

    which colour is samsung galaxy s8 plus

  • Deepen Majumdar
    Deepen Majumdar 2 days ago

    Looser iphone 👻🍎

  • Mitha Natsir
    Mitha Natsir 2 days ago

    this is why I picked up the galaxy s8

  • It's ya Girl
    It's ya Girl 2 days ago

    Exactly, the iPhone loses, and I don't get why people say iPhones are better than Samsung galaxies

  • Christopher Henriquez

    What a man

  • PuffOrange Juice
    PuffOrange Juice 2 days ago +1

    "EverythingApplePro" *Wears a Samsung shirt*

  • tribhuwan kanwar
    tribhuwan kanwar 2 days ago

    Same thing happened with my iphone 7 and it's heating so damn fast .

  • Csapat R
    Csapat R 2 days ago

    pls can I get the s8? I have an s3 :'(

  • Csapat R
    Csapat R 2 days ago

    Is anyone gonna comment about the camera mans face at 2:00 I laughed straight for 5 mins and then came back to watch the video and same omg he is like fuck this dude why do I have to hold his shitty camera?

  • Jho Jho
    Jho Jho 3 days ago

    Sony is the best ! When it comes to water resistance 😝😂😂😂

  • Donnietrix
    Donnietrix 3 days ago

    Apple pro wearing samsung

  • Mountain Durrrr
    Mountain Durrrr 3 days ago

    Anyone else watching on their s8?

  • t4neem
    t4neem 3 days ago

    Which country this video was taken, bro?

  • Ejohnson TV
    Ejohnson TV 3 days ago

    You know water is getting in when it starts to bubble. You see the bubbles when they first put it in. It's coming from the IPhone.

  • MaxAwesomeness GB
    MaxAwesomeness GB 3 days ago

    I wonder how many people bought these phones to watch porn in the bath/shower?

  • Pewmichael #
    Pewmichael # 3 days ago

    Giveaway them

  • Plaza Keio
    Plaza Keio 3 days ago


  • Malik Waseem
    Malik Waseem 3 days ago

    It's totally disgusting.....??????

  • RT Fan
    RT Fan 3 days ago

    I always have to laugh at shitheads that pay EXTREME moneyfor a LOGO and a crippled device. Fuck the iNuts

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 3 days ago

    Who goes swimming with there phone anyway? No one literally no one btw I have an s8 but I will still never throw it some water I even have a life proof case with it?

  • Vash XD
    Vash XD 3 days ago

    *leaves iphone in water for 15 mins*
    Woah it doesn't work im so disappointed

  • Aayush Shrestha
    Aayush Shrestha 3 days ago

    I think u r being paid by samsung to lose iphone nuts

  • o vlogarita
    o vlogarita 3 days ago

    Mai bine mi.l da.i mie

  • Deaquipa PuertoRico
    Deaquipa PuertoRico 3 days ago

    dome video!

  • End Game
    End Game 3 days ago

    "The iphone only has 3ft of resistance" "ok were up to 5ft here for bout 15min" "wow im so disappointed its not working" lmfao fuck did you think mate

  • Iman Hazwan
    Iman Hazwan 3 days ago

    Who that dislike this video is Apple user lol

  • evgeny konov
    evgeny konov 3 days ago

    dear people - let me tell you the truth - both of phones - water resistant only for fresh water. without any chemicals. like chloride (pools), salts (any sea in the world), absolutely nothing.and don't forget - you didn't got any warranty for "waterproof IP68" rating. answering calls in rain? or shower? absolutely yes. taking pictures underwater? forget about it. i tried all of these.

  • Mariusz Sledz
    Mariusz Sledz 3 days ago


  • Johannes Grundström

    Samsung <3

  • Ermal Tahiri
    Ermal Tahiri 3 days ago

    Nothing wrong yet ? 🤣🤣🤣 The iPhone instantly started bubbling under water, #AndroidArmy4ever 💪

  • aziz haboubi
    aziz haboubi 3 days ago

    lol the camera man face

  • Gavin Epperly
    Gavin Epperly 3 days ago

    good thing I have a Samsung galaxy s8

  • Lanzter's Gaming
    Lanzter's Gaming 4 days ago


  • Saud Shehzad
    Saud Shehzad 4 days ago

    I have s8

  • EveryThing ApplePro
    EveryThing ApplePro 4 days ago

    Hii please “feature my channel”

  • rabah ahmed
    rabah ahmed 4 days ago

    Everything apple pro
    Samsund shirt

  • Baba Mld
    Baba Mld 4 days ago

    S8 is the best phone ouuuuuuuu for aple and it ugly locking phones

  • 7ony 2
    7ony 2 4 days ago +1

    Atleast if your s8 is in the water, you can use bixby to manage it lmfao

  • Aubrey Nicole
    Aubrey Nicole 4 days ago

    "Did this thing get water damage??!"

  • Hoc Do
    Hoc Do 4 days ago

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