Alien Covenant SPOILERS Movie Review

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  • Daniel muyumba
    Daniel muyumba 3 days ago

    The real dumb thing about this movies is that they would got on a totally foreign planet and not wear oxygen masks and other protections against unknown micro elements of that environment... I meant you don't fucking know what out there Bitches

  • KissingZombie's Channel

    okay so as a superfan who watched the trilogy at the age of 5... FUCK... this movie is an absolute tripe, what the fuck is Ridley Scott even doing? this isnt Blade Runner, the main villain should be the ALIEN... not only is this a terrible prequel, and a terrible sequel to Prometheus (offing Shaw like that is just insulting)... its also a terrible movie, its Jason X all over, the characters are dumb as fuck, the creatures look like garbage and it is sooo inconsequential to the larger Alien universe... garbage... absolutely dissapointed, I shouldnt be laughing at the stupidity of the main characters in an ALIEN movie... sadly, "blow my whistle, ill do the fingering" sums up my thought about this movie 100%.. make it stop... thankfully it flopped HARD so perhaps now we can get that Blompkamps ALIEN 5?

  • steve richards
    steve richards 5 days ago

    Hate it, hate it, messes with the whole alien timeline, what film were you watching grace?

  • John Lovethatmagic
    John Lovethatmagic 13 days ago

    lol 15:05 "...and 7 years isn't that long..." - It is if you're all alone!
    You can't stop the rest of the crew using the cryosleep, and retaining their youth

  • ScarfLess117
    ScarfLess117 13 days ago

    This movie was a disappointment.

  • Matthew Ruch
    Matthew Ruch 14 days ago

    I finally got around to watching this and had to go back and watch your review. My only gripe with the movie is like you said. THE CREW WAS SO DAMN STUPID!!!

  • René Moncayo
    René Moncayo 16 days ago

    standard recieved english accents works for politics and academics. or aristos. lots to do with class consciousness

  • Life Is Hell #1
    Life Is Hell #1 17 days ago

    When did David release the Virus into Engineer's?

  • Landon Ward
    Landon Ward 22 days ago

    My favorite character was Walter I liked how interacted with the crew and Daniels

  • J.Gomez
    J.Gomez 23 days ago

    Though she was an alien at first glance.

  • Helen Waldeck
    Helen Waldeck 24 days ago

    I love this review, she brought up some great points, very positive.

  • Dan24
    Dan24 26 days ago

    Think the movie should've just been called; "Alien: Incoherent"

  • Dominik Notz
    Dominik Notz 29 days ago

    hey grace, I'm a little confused. how does that all fit into predators? They hunt the aliens already for thousand years before...
    is iit a big blot hole or did I miss something?! Thanks for explaining

    • +TricksterLove+
      +TricksterLove+ 7 days ago

      While there are people who say otherwise, to me, AvP isn't canon. It never was. It started with the comics. They thought of the crossover and it was a hit, so it became films. But it isn't a part of the Alien universe. Originally, Alien and Predator were two different universes that just so happened to cross over because of the comics. And since I have seen a Superman vs Aliens comic before, I don't take comic crossovers with either Predator or Alien seriously.

  • Tanya Doogan
    Tanya Doogan Month ago

    when are you making the bladerunner/alien video?

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez Month ago

    Finally watched the movie, and blade runner trailer played before it. And in that trailer an image of an eye stood out to me because it just seemed to artsy until the that excact same image starts the alien covenant movie. I enjoyed this movie but I'm glad David kills them all cause they are all to stupid to live. Like you don't get why they wait till it's to late to question David. I would have been like what the fuck is going on how does this virus work who built this massive city we are in and what the hell have you been doing all this time.

  • bauhaus
    bauhaus Month ago +1

    I really did not want to like Covenant, because I felt like I was alone is enjoying Prometheus, but dammit it was really good. I really like and was surprised at how human/vengeful David had become. The final scene with Daniels, as she is prepping to go into hyper sleep and David standing over her revealing the sickening truth, you could see the human satisfaction in his expression. Great scene! Looking forward to see how this develops further on down the road. Well done R. Scott.

  • T Powers
    T Powers Month ago

    But it in the first Alien movie they found Xenomorph eggs on a Engineer ship and the corpse of the Engineer was fossilized. So the time periods don't match up at all.

  • Marco Solorio
    Marco Solorio Month ago

    I don t agree at all, I think this movie is shit¡ everything is about michael fast. cmmon is just stupid.

  • Benerji
    Benerji Month ago

    Gotta love it when Americans think there's only one English accent 😂

  • Apocalypse
    Apocalypse Month ago

    Please, please stop making these Aliens movies. I just seen Alien-Covenant and it it absolutely horrible. If I were to make a list of my five worst movies of all time, this one will make the list. The plot is ridiculous, the characters are stupid and everything is foreseeable from miles. The first two Aliens were quite good, but since then, it is downhill.

  • silkhead44
    silkhead44 Month ago

    I saw the movie last night before I saw this review and I said to my friend...they ripped off Braniac...great minds think alike grace

  • Rocksteddybelmont
    Rocksteddybelmont Month ago

    this woman explaining this movie is a complete idiot I cannot take her seriously critiquing any other film

  • K. M.
    K. M. 2 months ago

    where's the blade runner-covenant video she's referring to??

  • DamnFineCupOfCoffee
    DamnFineCupOfCoffee 2 months ago

    What? Fassbinder kisses himself? Goddamn Chinese censored version...

  • nuno pumpkin
    nuno pumpkin 2 months ago

    one of worse movies i ever saw, or maybe i'm just too dumn to follow the plot

  • gordianknotsolution
    gordianknotsolution 2 months ago +1

    Such a great analysis of the movie; great job Grace! Did you guys notice how the movie created an explanation of why Geiger's alien design are mechanical, organic and sexual? It made so much sense that David wanted to create something that was actually alive, but still has a mechanical aspect, like himself, and still resembled/honored Shaw.

  • Lordsuhn
    Lordsuhn 2 months ago

    Anyone remember the plot of the Stargate SG1 episode "Menace" where the replicators were created by an android? Very similar plot device here.

  • clonedkeifer
    clonedkeifer 2 months ago +2

    To all Alien fans, just remember Ridley will not let us down, he is just wetting our appetites for what is to come. This movie is just setting up the next one. I still think we got a great movie, simple, suspenseful, kept me on the edge of my seat. I know some did not like the movie but it really is good. I think some peoples expectations were too high. But let's just wait until we get the next one to really decide if this truly bad?

  • Foto Roys
    Foto Roys 2 months ago

    Alien: Creation

  • Edwin B.
    Edwin B. 2 months ago

    i think they didnt want to go back to sleep, because of those random anomalies that damage the captain pod, could happen again in those 7 years, so they could die, if there is another planet with living conditions, i say is not bad idea

  • mass issues
    mass issues 2 months ago

    you would not want to "stay awake" for 7 years on your spacecraft while travelling since there would not be enough food. btw loving your videos, as always.

    • han dler
      han dler Month ago

      We dont know that. If it operates under Passengers logic they have months worth of food for over 2k people. That's enough food for like 4 couples.

  • Evan Gamer25
    Evan Gamer25 2 months ago

    Cool content

  • Vincent Montgomery
    Vincent Montgomery 2 months ago

    The last couple of weeks Grace has been talking about the connections between Alien Covenant and Blade runner yet she never points out what those connections actually are, kinda frustrating.

  • Aset Bilibaev
    Aset Bilibaev 2 months ago

    One(David) is not qualified as a creator if all one's done is took a seed (goo) and put it in earth (body).

  • Kelly Pfeiffer
    Kelly Pfeiffer 2 months ago

    Ridley should have used Styx's Come Sail Away when Tennessee was retracting the Space Sails in the beginning because Tennessee was a big fan of 20th Century pop music and then later at the end of the movie Tennessee could ask Walter when being put back into hyper sleep for Walter to play the same song he played earlier and David wouldn't know what song Walter had played. More entertaining and more exacting than, "help build our house" which is easily deniable and like Guardian of the Galaxy, it makes the use of modern music entertaining and helps out a plot point in the film.

  • DemiRonin
    DemiRonin 2 months ago +1

    I thought David was similar to Mr. Sinister from X-men. He just like to toy with genetics and species. A being who has no sympathy from the genetic canvas which he paints on.

  • acepc2
    acepc2 2 months ago

    What was up with the with the music signal? Like why was the signal going off and why was it music?

  • GimbalLock
    GimbalLock 2 months ago

    This movie was terrible.

  • Thoughts of the Depraved Minds

    How were the Aliens created in the Future when they fought the Predators in Ancient times.

  • Titus Oates
    Titus Oates 2 months ago

    One of better and more intelligent reviews of the movie I've seen on YouTube.

  • Logan Wolverine
    Logan Wolverine 2 months ago

    Grace once again you've proven your ability to see past the obvious, make connections and delve into the substance of the content . I also saw the minor flaws of this film (which pushed the narrative ). I was able to look past them to see a good movie with deeper meaning then your typical horror suspense genre. Great review in my humble opinion.

  • Jennifer McMahon
    Jennifer McMahon 2 months ago

    I felt bad I saw the ending coming, which I think they were trying to go for a very Hitchcockian / Psycho effect.

    However it didn't 100% really work on me as stated, but I did appreciate Fassbender's acting quite a bit..

  • Jay J
    Jay J 2 months ago

    Stupidest choice was to enter a biome that's not familiar without proper protection .All plants are poisonous or toxic, we have evolved with them building resistances to them.

    THE MASTER LENS 2 months ago

    @15:29, I really think having children in space would be too much of a liability. Plus many of the cryopods were designed for adults. So the best way to proceed with the procreation was to keep the embryos in cryo.

  • Vincent Dorado
    Vincent Dorado 2 months ago

    spoiler james franco dies

  • John Conacher
    John Conacher 2 months ago

    From the UK : people still talk like that 😄

  • mike neun
    mike neun 2 months ago +1

    James Franco would have been a saving element of this movie if they had kept him alive

  • Erin Grainger
    Erin Grainger 2 months ago +2

    This movie was a complete letdown. If I wanted an alien movie to be an existential diatribe be about creation ..... arrghh

    We want aliens massive scale fighting and they get defeated. What the hell happens here is a writers fantasy that Danes to be more than it is. No personal connection to the Elizabeth Shaw which is where they should have left off!

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 2 months ago +2

    Covenant is a huge disappointing.

  • gary alexander
    gary alexander 2 months ago +1

    Grace, I love all your reviews but I have to disagree here. Now please remember I've been going to the theatre to see these films since Alien, yip I was there😊. And I also really enjoyed Prometheus ( really helps to add the deleted scenes back in ). But to me this one was bottom of the barrel even worse then the 2 Alien VS.
    predator flicks!!!
    Unfortunately I have to kindly disagree. First 40 minutes was boring!!! The rest lacked pacing skills too!!! Scott just crapped all over his own franchise!! Please take it away from him now, and for the sake of the franchise beg, and I mean beg Cameron to create a new Aliens reboot and Aliens continuation story all in one!!! Worse PO to the Alien franchise fans ever!!! Here's how I would grade the films.
    Alien A+
    Aliens A
    Aliens 3. B. ( reedited version)
    Alien 4 B -
    Alien Vs Predator c+ ( even though I hated the idea )
    Alien VS. Predator C -
    Prometheus B +
    Alien Covenant D+
    Just my humble fan boy opinion, but I'm finding no matter what you review I find your method very infectious wonderful un- jaded sense of wonder!

  • SeemsLikeSomething
    SeemsLikeSomething 2 months ago

    I wasn't going to see this in theatres but the spoiler reviews actually piqued my interest and now I know where to level my expectations. BUT!! I don't understand one thing. Maybe someone can help with this...?

    If David created the xenomorphs (aliens), how exactly are there eggs, similar aliens and alien-symbology in Prometheus? Wouldn't that have been before those things existed? The only 2 ideas I have for how this is possible are A) David expanded on an experiment already in the works or B) There's a time travel element.


  • jason harvote
    jason harvote 2 months ago +1

    that android was a head theres no way it could have been fixed especially if shaw wasnt an engineer herself with any materials or machines to make the parts man yhis writer is a sale out crack head how are people buying his books or not firing him?

  • jason harvote
    jason harvote 2 months ago

    and how you say the android created the xenomorph if it was already showed in prometheus that the engineers had created the xenomorphs and were killed by them. alien 1 showed the engineers ship and find the aliens inside of it so makes no sense the android made the xenomorphs.

  • jason harvote
    jason harvote 2 months ago +1

    wo wo wo so it wasnt the creators of humans who made the aliens? but the android instead? lol that makes no sense especially since aliens never posed threat to humans on earth. o and did writer forget that aliens existed before prometheus? in alien vs predator aliens were brought to earth by predator aliens to fight which also says that the creators did not accidently just make humans but maybe predators or they are another advanced civilization. the aliens movie is idiotic and a dead franchise lol.

  • Gareth Davies
    Gareth Davies 2 months ago +1

    The film was shockingly bad, a real disappointment. And yes Grace some people do still talk with that accent here in the UK :D

  • Redsam 6
    Redsam 6 2 months ago

    Good to see a reviewer that actually GOT the film, the criticisms I've heard from others are ridiculous. I agree with 90% of what you've said here!

  • Pupper Page
    Pupper Page 2 months ago

    Im pretty sure the cabin being built thing wasnt a code by Daniels. I think she was just having a convenient chat with Walter about it and knew Walter wouldnt forget. In the end when she asked David and he didnt answer she realized it. Besides why would she even make a code before any threats even occured, she wasnt even expecting another Android.

  • Jeffery Miller
    Jeffery Miller 2 months ago

    I didn't even see James Franco in the movie. Did they cut even more?<?<>?

  • Auntkekebaby
    Auntkekebaby 2 months ago

    Fassbender makes the movie.

  • Sir Roach
    Sir Roach 2 months ago

    First off david wasn't creating Xenomorphs he was creating Protomorphs and Neomorphs. Protomorphs being less cautious as a Xenomorph and Neomorphs being more animalistic, no strategy, no caution, just straight up brutal killing and eating of the victims. David let the Protomorph be killed in the end to study it's weaknesses, to further advance it, to ultimately lead towards a more advance version of the species of which is known as a Xenomorph. And secondly David did not wipe out the engineers, he merely wiped out another race the engineers made that was suppose to replace humanity. The engineers for some reason was unhappy with us so they made a race more like them to replace us with.

  • rurutu M
    rurutu M 2 months ago

    the ending was too predictable

  • Richard Koek
    Richard Koek 2 months ago

    The crew was so stupid in its decision making. So there were so many more dumb twists besides the haircutting. Grace, why doesn't a bad script annoy you? The walking away (twice) and getting killed. And the shower scene was so out of touch with the rest. Why would the captain go look for those eggs?! All so dumb.... but i did enjoy it!

  • A Stafford
    A Stafford 2 months ago

    I honestly thought Karine could've easily been a main focal point of the movie. 1/3 third of the movie could've been just her trapped in that med room with the protomorph. Was very saddened that she died, hoped she would make it out of that room.

  • Mystic Paddy
    Mystic Paddy 2 months ago

    Finally a positive in depth review. Too many youtubers are becoming so pretentious. Thank David for Grace, reviews everything fairly and with class. Great movie. Great review

  • Tony Payne
    Tony Payne 2 months ago

    7yrs, 2,000 ppl....resources..would deplete .....i think

  • Thomas h cullen
    Thomas h cullen 2 months ago

    Like the Tom Ford film Nocturnal Animals, Alien Covenant is the means to destroying the Second World War, cancelling its existence. This is because Alien Covenant is a story about the dichotomy of an original needing to destroy its replication, but not having the power to

  • theespressokid1
    theespressokid1 2 months ago +1

    By far the worst Alien film ever AND extremely damaging to the franchise continuity. Braindead crew (come look at this egg, it's safe, take a closer look), predictable deaths and super fast maturing aliens (full size in minutes!), bad hatchet job ret-conning the xeno origins. But the biggest cinema sin: setting up a character in the previous movie only to have them die off camera, as bad as Newt and Hicks dying in Alien 3. Last but not least: Alien Vision! aka snapchat filter.

  • Penguin 101
    Penguin 101 2 months ago

    The whole David plot line is a slap in the face to Prometheus AND the Alien lore regarding xenomorphs being much older (predator franchise, and the mural in Prometheus). I was looking forward to having more of the engineers and their connection to xenomorphs. Also Elizabeth Shaw's fate was a slap in the face too!

  • A Girl Has No Name
    A Girl Has No Name 2 months ago

    Im British Grace, no one talks like that anymore except maybe Royalty. Regional accents kinda rule, the realm. This is an accent that was popular up until the breaking down of the class structure during WW2. Its whats know as a classical British accent, devoid of regional influence.

  • Marc Paterson
    Marc Paterson 2 months ago

    I think it's perfectly clear why David needed to have his xenomorph exit through the stomach rather than the back: the plot demanded it.

  • dlancer2k
    dlancer2k 2 months ago

    You said Walter died, but there wasn't any real evidence that happened.

  • Steve Chiu
    Steve Chiu 2 months ago

    Just watched the film, and I think I noticed a continuity error. Didn't Waterston stab David in the jaw with the nail necklace? Because I presumed that would be the tell when she was looking up from the cryo chamber. Except they show David's jaw from underneath at the end, and there is no wound there. Just wanted to see if I somehow added a stabbing to the film that didn't take place.

    • Rical Lam
      Rical Lam 2 months ago

      Just one of those inconsistent plot holes. I was looking intensely for that too. But hay, even the one laying down don't find it, who are we to disagree..... which brings ANOTHER problem which my friends raised.... does it mean David transferred the conscious to Walter's body?

  • Ian Langohr
    Ian Langohr 2 months ago

    I was also feeling some comparisons to Scott's Hannibal. Both David and Hannibal are the genius psychopaths, enjoy making fine art, anatomy drawings, as well as doing grotesque things with corpses.
    Also both David and Hannibal cut off their hands. Not sure if I'm reading too much into the parallels.

  • 40jonah
    40jonah 2 months ago

    they do still talk like the character "David", meanly people with a good education, and English private school.

  • Christopher Parrish-Taylor

    The links between Covenant and Bladerunner can't be denied. David and Roy Batty even share a line. When David is assaulting Daniels he says "That's the spirit!" it reminded me of when Batty says the same line to Deckard when he's chasing him through Sebastian's apartment. The nail Batty puts through his hand is even similar to the one Daniels puts into David's jaw. I always felt that Bladerunner and the first Alien film took place in the same universe.

    • Rical Lam
      Rical Lam 2 months ago

      I would think it is bad story telling.... telling a Bladerunner story in an Alien universe

  • JB 360
    JB 360 2 months ago

    Alien and Aliens are still the best. I liked Prometheus better than Covenant.

  • luxneji
    luxneji 2 months ago

    I saw it again and the haircut stuff, no-one saw him until they knew they was bad, except for Billy Crudup

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV 2 months ago

    David was totally channeling Roy from Blade Runner when Daniels stabbed him with a nail and David responds, "That's the spirit!"

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV 2 months ago

    I would've gone crazy if I had to be conscious for 7 years in that depressing ship. I'd jump into cryo despite the risk.

  • Whatupthoo 321
    Whatupthoo 321 2 months ago

    You can't have baby's in the ship because lack of baby supplies and baby food.

  • Henry Feil
    Henry Feil 2 months ago

    I really liked Waterston and McBride, especially Mcbride, I'd like to see more dramatic acting from him. But I think Fassebender deserves an Oscar nomination for this film.

  • Stewart B
    Stewart B 2 months ago

    Thanks Grace, you really are awesome. I just saw the movie (2017-05-24) and really liked it, and that is based on me seeing the original LIVE in 1979 and it is still my #1 movie of all time. I just appreciate the breakdown and I appreciate the passion that you bring to movies. Keep it up Grace.

  • James Tarr
    James Tarr 2 months ago

    I thought it was the other way around. I thought the acting captain was an atheist (explicitly stated or did I imagine it) because he was making decisions on logic and didn't feel the need for a big Franco send-off.

    I also felt it was a cheesy way to get rid of the Engineers (which many didn't like). What, all Engineers live in a single city on this planet?

    Anyone notice that they opted for a smooth water landing, yet the ship actually touched the floor of that lake? I mean they literally waded to shore. Why not just land on land?

    The cliche sex scene literally made me roll my eyes.

    I thought that chick would surely have noticed that hole she made in David's neck with that spike, especially looking from that angle from having to lie down in that stasus chamber. David's series can't heal right?

    Plus, didn't they notice that the android didn't repair itself and needed "stitches" The only explanation is that extensive damage cannot be repaired that way, but having the equivalent of a jugular ripped out of you imo is extensive damage.

  • jalpafett
    jalpafett 2 months ago

    It was utterly Magnificent. But, I am a romantic, philosophical, type.

  • kristiqn stefanov
    kristiqn stefanov 2 months ago

    They weren't talking about Mery Shelly, who wrote Frankenstein, Grace. Instead it was Percie Shelly, her husband, who wrote Ozymandias. That's what they are quoting and it symbolizes an outsider looking at a king's fallen domain.

  • hulkcrusher69
    hulkcrusher69 2 months ago

    I love how nobody acknowledged that David is a fuckin robot and his hair grew somehow... Why even make that a thing, what would be the purpose even if to make him more human. Does it like push out of his head family guy Play-Doh Peter style or what the fuck lol. And how did his hair go from blonde to black enough to the point for David to be indistinguishable from Walter. Why was the captain such a dipshit? I mean how in anyway what he did seem like a good idea? Oh so you just found David talking to a neomorph over the dead body of your friend and was like that's normal. And David's reaction to him killing it and then following him through his frankin stein laboratory of horrors and then proceeds to walk down the steps to his inevitable idiotic death by hovering his face over a egg that David was like nah it's totally cool it won't harm you. Get the fuck out of here. And why did it seem like all these muthafuckas like just met a few days ago on J date or some shit. Very miniscule reactions to their partners deaths and then others were like more than half of our crew is dead, you know what we should do? Go fuck in the shower? Yessss that's so what I was thinking! -.- So much dumb shit in this movie and nothing was answered other than the origin of the xenomorph and the majority of us already put that together just by watching the trailers.

  • Austin Cole
    Austin Cole 2 months ago

    I didn't hate it but it has it's flaws I think Prometheus is slightly better. Aliens will always be my fav but I think they need to do a movie where Ripley faces against xenomorphs and kills David in the end.

  • mrKWJones
    mrKWJones 2 months ago +3

    Grace, they did have a code word. It was the cabin by the lake... when David didnt respond to her at the end... thats when she found out

    • Voeris
      Voeris 2 months ago

      She should've asked before, as soon as she saw him tbh... Man I saw this twist coming from MILES away. I mean zooming into the nub (from the missing hand)? COME ON It's almost insulting to the audience.

  • C0pe
    C0pe 2 months ago +1

    2:42 No David can create, Walter can not

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis 2 months ago

    I enjoyed the opening on the eye and David's "That's the spirit" call back to Blade Runner. The cinematography and casting I thought were pretty good. Overall the echoes of Blade Runner and Alien/s drowned out the original elements for me. I also thought it was quite famine and feast with exposition. There were points crying out for more subtlety and a few points for me that were damaged by the ambiguity. Overall I think where Prometheus left me hungry for another sequel Covenant, whilst visually stunning felt a bit luke warm in terms of stakes.

  • Armand Rodriguez
    Armand Rodriguez 2 months ago

    The whole David and Prometheus thing needs to be a different franchise than Alien.

  • Ron P
    Ron P 2 months ago

    Didn't see the Engineers as a misdirect just because David decided to turn their WMD against them to wipe them out. That was David destroying Man's creator ... and now he embarks on destroying his creator's with his own creations.

  • Philip Sim
    Philip Sim 2 months ago

    I think we should be able to accept that once famous and brilliant directors from the 1970s and 1980s can be 'have beens' and churn out awful movies which they attempt to hide by 'intellectualizing' them. Alien Covenant is just a bad movie, period. It was not even entertaining. No need to find excuses for it.

  • Jay Jinn
    Jay Jinn 2 months ago

    Alien Covenant gave the conventional monster movie and more of the same in the Aliens series, which has been done to death. Alien Covenant was just OK, from a scale from 1 to 10, it was a 5. Watchable, but a coin toss. Many may elect to wait for the DVD. This movie had none of the intrigue nor anything thought provoking like Prometheus.

  • deliman7203
    deliman7203 2 months ago

    The storyline totally sucks! B-movie writers.

  • Jiren The Gray
    Jiren The Gray 2 months ago

    There's probably not enough resources on the ship for a whole crew to survive awake for 7 years ....there again it's a big ship so I dunno 4 sure

  • ashfaque mahmud
    ashfaque mahmud 2 months ago

    foul movie

  • K-Alpha
    K-Alpha 2 months ago

    I'm not as softly spoken as Michael Fassbender or Peter O'Toole but I think I have the same accent

  • breakingdan
    breakingdan 2 months ago

    This movie went all Ex Machina at the end but David in Prometheus wasn't this villainous. The biggest problem I had with it was this, never mind all the little practical mistakes littered throughout the entire movie and dumb decision making from each character. I just hated how they didn't give a good enough reason to why David turned this bad and used Shaw as an experiment. It was ok overall, but damn it was it disappointing. I was so interested in seeing what was to become of the engineers and how some are good, others bad, but it showed them for a second and wiped them all out lol. What the fuck! The more I think about it, the more I think it sucked. Fassbender was excellent though, I guess that's the silver lining. Ugh

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