Alien Covenant Trailer Reaction

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  • VioletIsBulletproof
    VioletIsBulletproof 25 days ago

    The movie sucked. You follow scientists/spacetravelers do the dumbest shit.
    I watch all scifi movies..cuz i love scifi..but this one just depressed me.

    ALSO: both movies (life and covenant) follow the same stupid theme: contain the breach with a person inside..then feel sorry in the most inconvenient time and open the door to "help" the person and fuck up and have a breach and get everyone killed. seriously, all these issues could have been solved so quickly.
    In terms of life: they should have gotten the guy out immediately....cuz the thing hadn't even figured out how to get out of the first contained area...they had at least a minute to get the guy out (which would have taken less than 30 seconds)...but no, the idiots decide to leave him in there until the alien escapes from the first contained area...then go in, and get themselves killed. The whole thing was beyond stupid and frustrated me.

    /rant over

  • Steven Moreno
    Steven Moreno 2 months ago

    you always hating. Like something for once smh.

  • Bottom Boy
    Bottom Boy 2 months ago

    Maybe u didn't watch Alien carefully, hon, but Lambert died in a very misterious way... involving an alien tail which looked phallic. So...

  • freidrick mace
    freidrick mace 2 months ago

    The alien movie was stupid I honestly didn't enjoy it that much the scene she watched was very enjoyable in the movie

  • Jiren The Gray
    Jiren The Gray 2 months ago

    You don't get it Grace the shower scene is a wonderful psycho tribute....just kiddin it's freakin stupid

  • Graham Kennedy
    Graham Kennedy 3 months ago

    Don't believe the people saying this has been distanced from Prometheus. This is full-on sequel to Prometheus, and it's all the worse for it. Terrible movie. The Xenomorph is there, but it's reduced to a generic monster.

    Oh, and super spoilers...

    ...seriously spoileriffic...

    We find that David the Prometheus robot created the classic Xenomorphs. Yeah. It's THAT dumb.

  • 04av6
    04av6 3 months ago

    Who gives a shit about one woman's opinion. She got bad taste

  • WendyLeslie
    WendyLeslie 3 months ago

    the engineers were the best in prometheus for me personally, looks like theres none in this 😤

    IEATPLANETS YESIDO 3 months ago

    Did you forget the tail comes up between the legs of the short haired blonde chick in Alien? I viewed it as a nice bring back scene. Also, they have-like in Prometheus-most likely been taking readings of the planets atmosphere prior to landing and would already know if it was breathable....

  • hgchnhgc
    hgchnhgc 3 months ago

    I bet she's religious... (mentions jesus and doesn't seem excited about a movie that appeals to atheists) XD

  • Gra Piken
    Gra Piken 3 months ago

    I agree with the critique to some degree... The character of Ripley in the original Alien film was a stickler for adhering to protocol regarding quarantine rules, in order to protect the crew of the Nostromo. All that reality has been thrown out the window to cater to today's thrill seeker, stretching credulity.

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 3 months ago

    Good observation, what is he thinking? Other people screwed up my idea, why cant i? 0.o

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 3 months ago

    Everything About alien is sexual.

  • Brian Carpenter
    Brian Carpenter 3 months ago

    Grace is so hot

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez 3 months ago


  • Gary Coleman
    Gary Coleman 3 months ago

    The crew of the Covenant are Terraformers/Colonist. They are supposed to be reproducing ASAP.

  • Piper Chamberlain
    Piper Chamberlain 4 months ago

    The Xeno is not supposed to "be sexual". In fact 'Alien' is not a sexual movie itself. There is just an underlying sexual metaphor (which literally means that the content may arguably make a statement about something without explicitly exploring the topic itself). So the fact that they're bringing that sexuality to the forefront just seems forced and completely out of Character in terms of how Xenomorphs usually behave. That whole shower scene looks like some cheesy scene you would see in an obscure low budget 80s slasher. Or snakes on a plane.

  • Lazer
    Lazer 4 months ago

    grace they are there to reproduce they are gonna obviously fuck.

  • Argoon1981
    Argoon1981 5 months ago

    The original Alien design is full of sexual symbolism, HR Giger's designs pretty much consisted of art inspired on the human reproductive organs, on the first Alien Ridley Scott used a similar shot of the tail, when the Alien killed one of the female crew, the creature passes his tail between her legs before killing her, the scene gets black and we ear her scream and make strange breading of sorts sounds on the Ripley hand radio.
    BUT i totally agree this trailer is very bland and the stupidity of the "scientist" crew members seams to be passed along from Prometheus, Ridley Scott is trying to hard to make a new re-imagination of Alien 1 but contrary to James Cameron he seams to have lost his spark.
    Btw he sure loves landscape shots and they are very nice and his films are full of high quality special effects, but if Prometheus and this trailer is any indication, the stories and actor behavior are just not of the same quality.

  • Gregorie Vincent
    Gregorie Vincent 5 months ago

    alien is highly sexual in every aspect

  • daedra gamer
    daedra gamer 5 months ago +1

    well it looks like that you did not watch the first movie because alien did the same thing to the girl in the first alien movie so i don't see the problem that you trying to make

  • pan !
    pan ! 5 months ago

    OK, this is stupid but what was this trailer about again...? was it about Lip's, eyes, and all around gorgeous fac--- OK, my brain needs its blood back.

  • Dylan L
    Dylan L 5 months ago

    Feels like an alien parody of that snake on the plane movie

  • thundermorphine
    thundermorphine 5 months ago

    Looks fucking awful.

  • mauriano baruso
    mauriano baruso 5 months ago

    I just think you are freaking beautiful ! ~ Grace Randalph not the aliens

  • Scotchegz_
    Scotchegz_ 5 months ago

    Can't believe I'm actually saying this, I may owe Damon Lindelof an apology...

  • Isaiah Phillip
    Isaiah Phillip 5 months ago

    Can Ridley Scott just screw off and let Blomkamp make his movie?

  • Eric joker
    Eric joker 5 months ago

    Your getting annoying. I'm blocking this channel

  • Crish Crash
    Crish Crash 5 months ago

    something to keep in mind is that the xenomorph is an opportunist. also an engineered killer. it will take any advantages it can get to chew faces off. right down to the horny couple in the shower.

  • freddy kalolo
    freddy kalolo 5 months ago

    Phallic? Not at all! When lambert died in the original the xenomorph did the same exact thing to her. It's probably a tactic hard wired into its DNA to attack helpless prey that way. As a hardcore fan of this franchise I hope this movie doesn't blow 🤗

  • prakashyadav008
    prakashyadav008 6 months ago

    When she said it should come our from the front not back that time I knew she isn't updated with the new movie and it's premise and storyline

  • Greg F
    Greg F 6 months ago

    You are soooo correct. My thoughts exactly.

  • HoOdEdNiGhT19
    HoOdEdNiGhT19 6 months ago

    lol " it's supposed to be the front".

  • freakystyley4000
    freakystyley4000 6 months ago

    You're a fuckin' hackfraud Beyond The Trailer.

  • nico olsen
    nico olsen 6 months ago

    Everyone has their opinions, but to me, this trailer is AWESOME!! and to me when you begin talking about it afterwards, it does not sound like you understand the universe, talking about truckers. You say that if we are in space, we are just not gonna take you out of the room, if their is a chance there is a monster in there, and they should know it by now that there is a risk of that.. that does not make sense to me. Alien Covenant and Prometheus I think, is suppose to be before the very first Alien movie right(am not sure)?
    Don't kill me now, but this sounded like you saw this trailer, and basically insulted it and making fun of the hole thing. Everyone is different I quess, because I got a feel of a mix of the very first Alien and the the second one(exacly what I wanted). So am just shocked the way you reacted and bashed it afterwards...

  • Kosh Naranek
    Kosh Naranek 6 months ago

    I wanted Blomkamphs

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 6 months ago

    Alien: Covenant will show the very dark ideology behind everything that
    would lead upto what became the "perfect organism". Something that
    constantly evolves, is immune to disease, temperate etc, something that
    possibly once became revered as a God by a superior intelligent race.

  • Jason Ratz
    Jason Ratz 6 months ago


  • Mark Nobody
    Mark Nobody 6 months ago

    Why do I have a strange feeling the female character is going to running away from the alien in the nude for some reason, you know what never mind forget about that

  • XenoPop
    XenoPop 6 months ago

    Ridley knows what he's doing. The trailer obviously shows more cheap things you've seen before, but the man is a mastermind. The Alien franchise is one of his best franchises he's made. The trailer looks cheap and generic but if you break down certain parts, you think of things like, "How the hell were the eggs made?" or "Why is the Alien coming out of the back?" (called a Neomorph/ Backburster btw). And that's why I think the movie will turn out more interesting and special. Prometheus lacked the great writing and only gave question to the situation, while this looks like people go and something happens and we get the aliens we all know and love. CUZ THERE'S ACTUAL CONCRETE EVIDENCE THAT WE GET THEM THIS TIME

  • Maul Xx
    Maul Xx 6 months ago

    I completely disagree. I like this new direction. It's a better direction. Hopefully it comes together so they can do the full prequel trilogy to Alien as planned.

  • GodZilla 1995
    GodZilla 1995 6 months ago

    it's creepy about the aliens attacks the two Being kill by alien in bathroom in a shower

  • eonay Towa
    eonay Towa 6 months ago

    At 1:06. Since the alien baby is coming out of the back. Does that mean it's not a Chestburster but a Back Burster, spinal burster, or rear burster?

  • Jeremiah Kane
    Jeremiah Kane 6 months ago

    I imagine this planet has an Earth-like atmosphere so humans can breathe the air safely, however if I was part of the crew I'd keep my space suit on, if westerners get terrible diseases from travelling to Africa for the first time I don't want to think about the shit exposure to an alien world could do to you.
    I loved this trailer, the shower scene doesn't bother me this is a colony ship full of couples who are supposed to be having sex & making babies for the future of this colony, but I see your point it is a horror troupe.

  • Dorothy Brostrand
    Dorothy Brostrand 6 months ago

    I think it looks stupid. There was a certain gravitas with the original Alien movies that just isn't present here. It started well, they even started in suits with great atmosphere music but by 3/4 of the way through the trailer I just wanted it to end. The shower scene was completely unnecessary and felt more like Jason or Freddy slasher villain rather than an Alien movie. I wasn't psyched about this to begin with and now I definitely don't want to see it.

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson 6 months ago

    i guess i lost faith in the franchise after 3 &4 i wont judge this precual till i see it i guess this movie can make up for Prometheus's mistake

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 6 months ago

    Lol it doesn't look that exciting to see

  • RedlineMOV
    RedlineMOV 6 months ago

    the trailer was just cheesy and bad but i still have some hopes for the movie.

  • Stephen Hewgill
    Stephen Hewgill 6 months ago

    I find myself becoming more distrustful of trailers as Time goes on. Especially sci-fi. Prometheus trailer looked wasn't. Rogue one trailer looked good...even though most of the trailer stuff never made it to the actual movie. Maybe Adam driver has a valid point...

  • Tone Desh
    Tone Desh 6 months ago

    Hahaha! Your face when you say: "It's supposed to be the front" is hilarious. Love your videos, Grace.

    IT'S DEAD ALIVE 7 months ago

    Not the Sequel I expected at all.....But I'm sure it's only the 1st Trailer . Cool video! : )

  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 7 months ago

    Hey if u want to know there's gana be 2 different species of zenomorghs in the movie

  • Tom Koby
    Tom Koby 7 months ago

    The trailer makes it look like a cheap popcorn thriller with no mind blowing plot like Prometheus.

    ELECTRORAVETECHNO707 7 months ago +1

    HI 🙋 SEXXXY BABE !!!

  • whiskey 4
    whiskey 4 7 months ago

    notice any masonic symbols or bible quotes or numbers in this trailer?

  • Dave Sobani
    Dave Sobani 7 months ago

    Funny about the tail bit , as its near identical to a scene in The Original.

  • Blair B. A
    Blair B. A 7 months ago

    I was disappointed in the trailer. I wanted to see Dr. Shaw.

  • jason leslie
    jason leslie 7 months ago

    I think its great trailer. yea u may not want to laugh at the trailer but it should be interesting.

  • Pupper Page
    Pupper Page 7 months ago

    Let's not judge the movie before it comes out 😂 as long as it keeps me in suspense and has good characters with tense moments, it'll do! I mean seriously, Dr. Shaw was a cool character (might still be alive) . So is David. And it looks like we have a new main character in the beginning of the trailer. She looks like the perfect character for this. She truly captured a face of fear, and desperation when she ran for the backburster or whatever else was chasing her, and shot the gun. They are bringing in a "different" alien breed to the movie as well so As a fan of the franchise, I'm excited to see it!

  • Jim D
    Jim D 7 months ago

    That's OK, Jesus was born in the Summertime.

  • Dali Elephant
    Dali Elephant 7 months ago

    I did not particularly like your reaction to this trailer. Seems more like you were riffing on some aspects you didn't like rather than giving a fair analysis of the alien franchise and a possible tie in between this film and Prometheus. Many people are upset with Ridley Scott for coming up with another "alien monster fest" instead of the "Prometheus 2" we all wanted. I have faith in Scott and believe he will both provide a new piece to the alien universe while giving a teaser in reference to Elizabeth Shaw and David towards the end of the movie. Naomi Rapace was on set for a few weeks so we can expect to see her. I think Alien covenant will be better than most of us expect.

  • Carl HIRST
    Carl HIRST 7 months ago

    Well dont watch it then.

  • Venom Kills
    Venom Kills 7 months ago

    Grace, I think you was to hard on this trailer. It looks great. I just don't think your a fan. If your not a fan go in open minded. I get it you critique, but what about just having fun.

  • Venom Kills
    Venom Kills 7 months ago

    Movie looks great

  • kevin texter
    kevin texter 7 months ago

    Does everyone forget the Alien was a mix a horror and sexual images ? that was the creep factor I Mean Ash was pretending to have oral sex with Ripley with a magazine.

  • Kai Marcad
    Kai Marcad 7 months ago

    "It's supposed to be the front!" I laughed so hard!! XD

  • Serenade314
    Serenade314 7 months ago

    L l

  • David Litner
    David Litner 7 months ago

    i wonder if she still doesn't know that was the red band trailer...

  • Marco Creen
    Marco Creen 7 months ago +1

    Ridley Scott is way overrated. Almost all of his movies have such loopholes in certain scenes and bad montages (Gladiator and The Kingdom Of Heaven being "the feathers on the hat" regarding this) it's not even funny.

  • Steve Chaput
    Steve Chaput 7 months ago +1

    I'm one of those folks who liked Prometheus, but admits it wasn't what a lot of folks wanted. This doesn't ignore that film but has more of the feel of the first two classic movies which is what most folks seem to,want. Admit I could have done without the shower scene, but you can understand the marketing folks jumping on that. Love your reaction videos and breakdowns.

  • Quinzell Williams
    Quinzell Williams 7 months ago +1

    50 shades of Xenomorphs lol

  • Sinpatty
    Sinpatty 7 months ago

    went onto the planet without helmets, maybe they scanned the atmosphere and air and detected that it was breathable

    • Sinpatty
      Sinpatty 7 months ago

      this is alien. no one checks for bacteria, do you wonder why everyone died in Prometheus ?

    • Marco Creen
      Marco Creen 7 months ago

      What about bacterias and shit.

  • Jack Sin
    Jack Sin 7 months ago +1

    grace i want to shoot hot jizz all over your face

  • Otto Beumelburg
    Otto Beumelburg 7 months ago +1

    Completely agree, Grace, 100%. You said it better than me, it just looks cheap.

    People here seem to be missing the point. Of course the phallic tail goes back to the franchise, that's why it's so lame presenting it in a stupid shower scene, fucking subtle much? I see no originality, no true horror, nothing that even reminds me of Alien, but whether that's the fault of the trailer or the move remains to be seen. I completely side with Grace, wanted to say so because she seemed outnumbered.

    • I'm Your Huckleberry
      I'm Your Huckleberry 7 months ago

      Otto Beumelburg Agree with you, Prometheus was a pretentious mess and this looks like it has gone the other way and back to basics too much? a mix of both would have been nice, then again Ridley Scott is riding on past glory for me, have not really enjoyed a film by him since Gladiator, will be passing on this.

  • Pablo Hernández
    Pablo Hernández 7 months ago

    To be honest I liked Prometheus. And to be honest, again, this just looks stupid. Come on, Scott!! After The Martian? Really?!??!

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson 7 months ago

    I am glad somebody agrees with me about this movie it doesn't look good as it should it's like an okay movie but could be better the movies probably going to be very bad due to the fact their commercials are always better than the movie this movie looks like it's going to be very corny and not as good as the original alien movie you are right they should have went with the trucker thing butt I guess Ridley Scott is trying something new if you ask me it looks better than previous by 1% Ridley Scott is driving his career into the ground

  • Sam Rodriguez
    Sam Rodriguez 7 months ago

    The problem with what I'm getting out of this trailer is that there is absolutely nothing we haven't seen before in Alien. We've had some awful Alien movies (3-4) through the years directed by other directors... but finally Scott is at the helm and all I see is pretty much a rehash of everything we already saw in the first Alien. At least Alien 2 (Aliens) broke new ground because we got to see the queen alien, and instead of Truckers in Space it was Commando's in space getting their asses kicked by the alien horde... which we hand't seen before. Alien 2 is one of the rare instances in cinema where the sequel almost surpasses the original, but that's thanks to the masterful sci-fi-fi chops of James Cameron. Instead of a suspense horror movie, it was a kickass sci-fi roller-coaster which actually expanded the story and the Alien universe. Alien 1-2 had classic horror, suspense, and action tropes but they were done with class and panache, and you were engulfed in the story. This feels like I won't see or experience anything new. I expect more from Scott. I actually liked Prometheus. Although there were some weak points in it, I got to experience something new from the Alien universe or at the very least, a new perspective on the familiar. And prometheus felt like serious sci-fi, not sci-cheese. There was cool new tech, we got to see how the space-jockey room functioned and how that race of aliens perished in the contaminated ship. This Covenant film trailer feels like it's gonna be another crappy Alien movie like 3 or 4 bringing nothing new to the table. I seriously hope I'm wrong. I'm actually looking forward more to Prometheus 2. That story of the master race of aliens still has legs in my opinion. How many more times do we need to see the Alien hiding in the dark gruesomely picking the crew off one by one until the climax at the end when the final crew member outsmarts the alien and kills it. If I want to see that, I'll just watch the original Alien!

  • Remington Raffety
    Remington Raffety 7 months ago

    The shower scene with the tail was homage to the Veronica Cartwright death in the original Alien... and have you looked at H R Gigers work? You'll understand the "phallic" references.

    • Remington Raffety
      Remington Raffety 7 months ago

      I could see what you're talking about, but disagree. The whole reason Alien was so successful is that it pushed a boundary, the idea that horror has to scare women. The writer Dan O'Bannon had an idea that the most terrifying thing for men back in the 80's would be "Gay oral rape" hence the Facehuggers and a female protagonist, Ripley. Sorry, I could go on and on about this subject. Good review though.

    • Beyond The Trailer
      Beyond The Trailer  7 months ago

      They can still keep it classy, dude.

  • The Observant Servant
    The Observant Servant 7 months ago

    I love the choice of song, I'm glad the trailer was made in the flavor of the trailer to Exodus. The Prometheus trailer came out like another sci fi flick, but this looks like it's aiming to be a classic

  • K
    K 7 months ago

    Good morning beautiful

  • PolishGMR
    PolishGMR 7 months ago

    I'll watch it cos I'm a huge fan but I'm not convinced. Since Prometheus I feel like this isn't gonna work and since Ridley Scott also directed that I am concerned. He'll probably try to tie this into the stuff from Prometheus too.

  • Tim The Enchanter
    Tim The Enchanter 7 months ago

    xxx2 trailers are way more funnier... hahaha srry

  • Alex Ashton-Evans
    Alex Ashton-Evans 7 months ago

    Is it just me or does this movie seem like just a remake of the original Alien?

  • Oliver Meléndez
    Oliver Meléndez 7 months ago

    Alien ... aah I was afraid you touched this awkward place ... I just do not know if I should start with this comment. All I'll say that movie will sucks in many ways. When I heard that there was going to be an "alien king" ... that was all I needed to know about it, to know how bad this movie will be. They broke everything, the xenomorph concept, the plot ... even their own concept about horror film ... Ok I prefer stop here. I really loved this universe... and Ridley had to touch it again, why....

    Just do not see that movie, nothing else !!

  • Lee Phillips
    Lee Phillips 7 months ago

    fuck off..

  • black skull
    black skull 7 months ago

    it's true were is there contamination protocols alien 1 they were extra careful or at least tried but now boarding planets is like lite vests hats weird after all that went down think they will play it safe atleast hate when movie makers skip these important details.

  • Alexander Jeans
    Alexander Jeans 7 months ago

    Ridley Scott is one of those directors who seems to be getting worse and worse the longer he goes. It's supposed to be the other way around.

  • Joshua Sheppard
    Joshua Sheppard 7 months ago

    I think sex scene is unnecessary

  • HeikkiP
    HeikkiP 7 months ago

    Come on Grace, the film looks great

  • Armand Napolitano
    Armand Napolitano 7 months ago

    Brave girl! Thank you for your honest opinion, I think exactly the same, this is all so contrived and dumb. Not even the visuals can compare with what Ridley Scott has done in the past. It all comes down with not having a good source material; why not go digging for some good sci- fi stories from authors with some knowledge of science or some imagination!

  • Mattias The Notorious Nilsson

    the Alien also want to have sex with them

  • Heath Young
    Heath Young 7 months ago

    jesus wasnt born on december 25th. that is a church created idea.

  • ExtraRareTrumpSteak
    ExtraRareTrumpSteak 7 months ago

    Prometheus IS a Christmas movie
    Shaw is Mary. Deacon is jesus "perfect" organism

  • Ali Asgher
    Ali Asgher 7 months ago

    Right now!!❤❤❤

  • e val79
    e val79 7 months ago

    i think this looks like a generic straight to vhs horror movie.

  • GagaTeaParty
    GagaTeaParty 7 months ago

    what happened with the 'architects' story crap?

  • Marauder Pictures
    Marauder Pictures 7 months ago

    No thanks. I am afraid that Prometheus proved that Ridley Scott has lost his touch. Very sad. Hopefully, Blade Runner 2049 will be great.

  • Mushroom Head
    Mushroom Head 7 months ago

    That horny alien wanted some action too but accidentally killed them when he got too excited and tried to penetrate

  • Tristan Ruddy
    Tristan Ruddy 7 months ago

    dont understand reaction videos, why watch someone else watch something, when you can watch it yourself

  • stetson41
    stetson41 7 months ago

    The back ! It's supposed to be the front wtf your so thick

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