This incredible animation shows how deep the ocean really is

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  • 45bullshark
    45bullshark 1 hour ago

    6k dislikes, for what? The video has nothing that should offend anyone.

  • Duppsy Daisy
    Duppsy Daisy 1 hour ago

    How would this work on the flat earth model? Just curious....

  • Mahmood Muhenned
    Mahmood Muhenned 1 hour ago +1

    Is there anyone mentioned that miles and feet is NOT AN INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM

  • Eric Loeffler
    Eric Loeffler 2 hours ago

    I have a serious fear of the ocean. We don't know what's down there. Just thinking about whats in there scare the hell out of me

  • dornk the panda
    dornk the panda 3 hours ago

    I bet all the comments saying "USE METRIC PLOX!" That Cthulhu is down there.

  • Prince mona
    Prince mona 5 hours ago


  • Fire Venox
    Fire Venox 5 hours ago

    Its weird that we know more about space than the ocean

  • Master Malum12
    Master Malum12 5 hours ago +1

    6000 people who watched this video were english.

  • Tuatha DeDanaan
    Tuatha DeDanaan 7 hours ago

    So much of this is so wrong. Just one example.
    Sperm whales dive to more than 4,000 feet, not 1,640, and they commonly hunt at 3,000 feet or deeper for an hour or more. There's even video of one at 1,960 feet, looking at an ROV.

  • Extreme Gaming
    Extreme Gaming 8 hours ago

    godzilla should be in there

  • NitiBoiTOYS
    NitiBoiTOYS 8 hours ago


  • Antonio Langa
    Antonio Langa 8 hours ago

    if water was absolutelly transparent and you were on a boat, you would feel like in a plane in the middle of the ocean

  • Aaron González
    Aaron González 10 hours ago

    Did the challenger people make ir out alive

  • Anton Gruba
    Anton Gruba 10 hours ago

    wtf feet? r u not from earth?

  • Just Another Army
    Just Another Army 11 hours ago

    Not as deep as this pussy....

  • Raging Gamer
    Raging Gamer 11 hours ago +1


  • RiinoPlays
    RiinoPlays 11 hours ago

    5-10% of the ocean? More like 1-3% ..

  • anzz midas
    anzz midas 12 hours ago

    Awesome.. Thanks alot for the video.. So satisfying with answers.

  • The Prancing Pony
    The Prancing Pony 12 hours ago

    Picard is an ancestor of Jean-Luc Picard obviously. 😂

  • Hanh Pham
    Hanh Pham 13 hours ago

    so if you know allthis will will the percentce of the range of our eploraxion is gonna be 100%?P.S: i know that i spell wrong a lot but im 4 years old so don`t juge

  • Liyana Hata
    Liyana Hata 16 hours ago


  • A-mei-zing
    A-mei-zing 16 hours ago

    Still not as deep as how far I went in your mom

  • Mark Alam
    Mark Alam 16 hours ago +1

    Sorry we're not all American and use freaking FT and Fahrenheit!!

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master 17 hours ago

    That was a humpback whale....

  • Swagi Swagievich
    Swagi Swagievich 18 hours ago

    This my hypothesis where aliens come from. Not thouthants of kilometers from space, but just come out from the sea.

  • Cocoa Gamer Girl
    Cocoa Gamer Girl 19 hours ago

    Make more sciencetific Vids like this

  • JelloItsMe
    JelloItsMe 20 hours ago

    Why are people SERIOUSLY arguing over which system of measurement is better? Will it make a difference? The length of an object won't change bc you're using feet or meters. It's not that serious...

  • Gonken88
    Gonken88 21 hour ago

    I'm a bit biased against science channels that don't use the metric system...

  • kenneth keen
    kenneth keen 21 hour ago

    So where is the Ocean? I came here to see Led Zeppelin and ended up wasting time on backward retarded illiterate wanky yanks!


  • kenneth keen
    kenneth keen 22 hours ago

    OK the guy is from Pakistan and worships cows and cannot use the word "and" because it is too difficult. Farrenheit? That does not exist any more, surely. I can't understand why anyone would mention things in "farrenheit", what use is this to anyone? Is the man paid to do this in shingels or clay markers? How did he ever come to hear about the Titanic? This happened almost a century after his units were abandoned for standard units of measurement. Very strange.

  • kenneth keen
    kenneth keen 22 hours ago

    `sorry but with all these "feet" I ask myself if this narrator is from the 19th century or why does he not mention how many cows could walk hand in hand on the ocean bed? It really is tedious listening to people who make "documentary films" using these units of yesteryear. Who on earth wants to hear about feet? I shake my head in disbelief.

    Are there any scientists out there?

  • Infotainment In Hindi
    Infotainment In Hindi 23 hours ago


  • Vincent Marucut
    Vincent Marucut 23 hours ago

    we could find the bloop and the kraken

  • Samiyah Beauford
    Samiyah Beauford 1 day ago +1

    Mind bloooooowwwwnnnn 😱😧

  • Vince Arthur -SupremeGamer-

    Rimworld theme music ?

  • jtuiletufuga37
    jtuiletufuga37 1 day ago

    Still not deeper than the pussy I drowned in last week.

  • SuperPhiltown
    SuperPhiltown 1 day ago

    The animals down there probably do alot for earth

  • Ryben Montoya
    Ryben Montoya 1 day ago

    En Español, por favor!

  • Yoww Tenth
    Yoww Tenth 1 day ago

    How deep is the ocean?
    i really need to know, cause we're living in-

  • TF2 Axel
    TF2 Axel 1 day ago

    WHO EVEN MEASURES IN FEET, FEEET? Ffs use the metrical system .

  • Busa József
    Busa József 1 day ago

    So basically if there was a civilization of an intelligent race at the bottom of the ocean, and its intention would be to stay hidden from us, we would never know about them.

  • Chameweon Rainbow
    Chameweon Rainbow 1 day ago

    that a lot of MOISTURE

  • MatveyZ Gamer
    MatveyZ Gamer 1 day ago

    The ocean is only explored 5% though???

  • eisen dieter
    eisen dieter 1 day ago

    Ich bin da schonmal hinab getaucht. Bis zum tiefsten Punkt

  • InfinityMusic
    InfinityMusic 1 day ago

    Is it so hard to put the equivalent in the METRIC SYSTEM? Me and a lot of people don't understand what you are talking.

  • canis39
    canis39 1 day ago

    Cuvier's Beaked Whale

    We're really going to pronounce it "koo-vee-air" instead of "koo-vee-ay"?

  • Black man
    Black man 1 day ago

    Just how deep is your mom's PUS?

  • Adyan Saqib
    Adyan Saqib 1 day ago

    subhan Allah

  • Wayne Matthew
    Wayne Matthew 1 day ago

    So if the pressure down there is 378 times greater and yet fish like those are able to swim freely, they could have possibly been giants if they spent their lives swimming up on the surface.

  • The lonely Otaku
    The lonely Otaku 1 day ago +1

    Any scientific channel that doesn't use KMs needs to get out of that cave.

  • Horror World
    Horror World 1 day ago +1

    As an European i hate this crazy units like "feet, inch etc."

  • Saul Moses
    Saul Moses 1 day ago

    What if Aliens are hiding at the bottom of the ocean? :0

  • Facting For Fun
    Facting For Fun 1 day ago

    how to make our voice like you

  • NeHoMaR G.
    NeHoMaR G. 2 days ago

    Good place to hide something.

  • PaPiRiCoSuAvE
    PaPiRiCoSuAvE 2 days ago

    it will take deeper than that to reach atlantis -_-

  • dicecop
    dicecop 2 days ago

    Non-retarded measurements pls?

  • omar ahmed
    omar ahmed 2 days ago

    It was metion in the quran

  • Release
    Release 2 days ago +1

    i bet my dick is longer

  • Traci Stubbs
    Traci Stubbs 2 days ago

    The whale was a hump back not a blue whale

  • Aidan Simpson
    Aidan Simpson 2 days ago

    How would u know all of this

  • RezYT
    RezYT 2 days ago

    Megalodon,Cracken, and some other shits in their somewhere lol

  • Themba Mabona
    Themba Mabona 2 days ago

    ....hmmmm must not trust video that starts out by saying the Oceans of the world hold enough water to fill a bath tub that is 685 miles long.... is that absurdly wrong statistic really the first one you want to throw at folks?.... it's even contrary to any sort of "intuitive" mathematics.... what the devils?!

  • Ryan Agsaulio
    Ryan Agsaulio 2 days ago

    King Crab, Kraken, Mermaids, Atlantis?, Aquaman? build a submarine that can reach 10 000 meters deep lol

  • Ken Jay
    Ken Jay 2 days ago

    Very interesting but James Cameron actually went down into the ocean to raise the bar, saving humanity from the evils of honey boo-boo

  • Aada Pennanen
    Aada Pennanen 2 days ago

    And once again, 3 minutes long video taught me more about the ocean than school ever has

    SCORPION 2 days ago

    Crazy how people don't believe in forms of evolution.

  • Chaitanya Shah
    Chaitanya Shah 2 days ago

    Mean there is change of having new world inside it


  • Юрій Лазебний

    What about the metric system?? Few people in the World understand fucking feet and pounds! Why we must re-calculate all damn numbers?

    Be polite, remake this animation!

  • StinkingFive10
    StinkingFive10 2 days ago

    Stupid system, didn't make anything clearer just harder. Be normal and easy, use metric ffs

  • Clearanceman2
    Clearanceman2 2 days ago

    How deep is your love, how deep is your love, I really need to know...

  • Living Lifeform
    Living Lifeform 2 days ago

    No metric this video is shit.

  • Lisa Wong
    Lisa Wong 2 days ago

    Me : 'How high is the universe'

    Answer : 'Don't know'

  • Penderekki
    Penderekki 2 days ago

    Meters... Please...

  • John Tanner
    John Tanner 2 days ago

    well holy shit

  • Do7a1337
    Do7a1337 2 days ago

    Disliked, talk in Meters

  • Ryan Friedman
    Ryan Friedman 2 days ago

    Eyeless eels, Perhaps a crater of a U.F.O. near Challenger Deep

  • Panic!atthe ChemicalFalloutEmpire

    who else thought mariana was marinara

  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain 3 days ago

    feet confuse me, I love the metric system

    _INFINITE _ 3 days ago


    (me) ಠ_ಠ

  • Ron Mexico
    Ron Mexico 3 days ago

    I am not impressed. I have free dove in deeper pussies.

  • Jørgen
    Jørgen 3 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My balls are wet
    Your name is Sue

  • Ali -iq
    Ali -iq 3 days ago

    برج كليفة اجل ها 1

  • goleo353
    goleo353 3 days ago

    In civilized units please

  • PurpleUnicornCat
    PurpleUnicornCat 3 days ago

    Where's the merpeople at?

  • Naby Villegas
    Naby Villegas 3 days ago

    only 5-10% of the ocean is discovered, you can't tell me mermaids aren't real

  • NateVision
    NateVision 3 days ago +1

    Oh hell nah, I'm out 😐🚀

  • Aden xiong
    Aden xiong 3 days ago

    I did 2400 feet into meters and I got 731 meters, I don't think most submarines can't withstand their pressure hull, even that type 7 c?

  • Random Awesome
    Random Awesome 3 days ago

    And then there's Vsauce demonstrating just how insignificant the depth of the oceans are compared to the actual size of the planet.

  • William Friedman
    William Friedman 3 days ago

    My words are


  • BitQuests
    BitQuests 3 days ago

    Nice freedom units,. >.>

  • MarmalGames
    MarmalGames 3 days ago

    1:00 LANA

  • RAY NL
    RAY NL 3 days ago

    "For scale". The human and the blue whale aren't even in scale...

  • Dr Gun
    Dr Gun 3 days ago

    *I feel small.*

  • freeman's kush
    freeman's kush 3 days ago +1

    If you think thats deep you should meet my ex...

  • philipp seemann
    philipp seemann 3 days ago

    Gonna play Subnautica now.

  • Tired angel
    Tired angel 3 days ago

    this kinda scares me

  • Silverfox Surpressor

    The reallifelore channel have done this video guys just change a little bit..ffs lol

  • Marvo
    Marvo 3 days ago

    Why feet not meters? What a strange strange system.

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