Insurance Scam Backfires on Scammer

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  • routt ookc
    routt ookc 1 hour ago

    people gonna have to learn in these instances to keep the "I GOT A CAMERA" to themselves for a few minutes.

  • Din Desconchado
    Din Desconchado 2 hours ago

    Saints row

  • WhiskersMctabby
    WhiskersMctabby 11 hours ago

    I wouldn't have told them I had a camera. I would've waited for the police to get there and then told the police officer that I had a camera.

  • shyraze1987
    shyraze1987 12 hours ago +1


  • Laurie Kroening
    Laurie Kroening 13 hours ago

    She should never blurred out the eyewitness guy's face. Should has shown the world what pieces of shit they are and who they are

  • Lex Python
    Lex Python 15 hours ago

    LPT: If you carry handcuffs in your car, you can cuff yourself to assholes like this. Just make sure you can take them, first, or knock them out.

  • manthedestroyer
    manthedestroyer 16 hours ago

    It was miracle!!

  • guy udk
    guy udk 21 hour ago

    wait , why did he throw himself on parked car? xD he thought hhe will brake his leg or what? xD hahha so many dumb ppl in this world xD

  • DcCapitalGamers
    DcCapitalGamers 22 hours ago

    Was the moped even turned on at any point?

  • ao el
    ao el 1 day ago

    why blur their face though?

  • Dappy
    Dappy 1 day ago

    poor guy, lucky he survived that

  • john white
    john white 1 day ago

    Shot at first like light

  • TheJynxtherat
    TheJynxtherat 1 day ago

    That was freaking funny!!!

  • John York
    John York 1 day ago

    I have a dash cam, NEVER TELL ANYONE THAT YOU HAVE THEM ON CAMERA, let them lie to the cops then you can destroy them with the video.
    I had a guy with an old stick shift mercedes roll back into me, saying I was tailgating him for a while, cop saw the video and things got bad for him quick.

  • Rusty S
    Rusty S 1 day ago

    I would have waited till the police showed up, then showed it to them.

  • Tawny Owl
    Tawny Owl 1 day ago

    *Arbeit macht frei*, suburb trash.

  • igloo productions
    igloo productions 1 day ago

    Should have kept her mouth shut about the camera until police arrived. Then she could have nailed his ass to the wall. Think before you speak.

  • Abliskarian
    Abliskarian 1 day ago

    Hello is this the police?? Yes there are these IDIOTS

  • Limerick's Finest
    Limerick's Finest 1 day ago

    Ha ha ha what a couple of dickheads Darwin awards all round lads 😂

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 1 day ago

    Next time, don't tell them you have a camera, ya dumb limy. You let them talk to the police then you show the COPS the camera footage.

  • Veils Lifting316
    Veils Lifting316 1 day ago

    He probably left thinking women drivers are the worst... at foiling his scam :)

  • Philip O'Carroll
    Philip O'Carroll 1 day ago

    Uhuh looks to me like scripted video scams Youtubers.

  • Chris Teet
    Chris Teet 1 day ago

    Love how when the woman said she had a dashcam they were like "oh crap!" and ran like the cowardly pricks they were.

  • Jakethemase
    Jakethemase 1 day ago

    why blur out the license plate?

  • jigglymig TheMighty

    should have ran them both over. the world would be in a better place with these people not in it

  • wyly
    wyly 1 day ago

    omg internet connection problems

  • TheTeacherUSC
    TheTeacherUSC 2 days ago

    She shouldn't have told them about the camera until the police showed up. Probably scratched or dented her car and they would be responsible.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 2 days ago


  • Bq B
    Bq B 2 days ago

    I would've came out and beat his ass for causing unnecessary damage to my car

  • Bq B
    Bq B 2 days ago

    Women... Always overwhelmed by their emotions and can never handle a situation calmly

  • Abubakar Ahmed
    Abubakar Ahmed 3 days ago

    "omg these idiots" hahahaha

  • Rahiem Gordon
    Rahiem Gordon 3 days ago

    When she hit you with the "Where were you last night?" 0:10

  • John Quack
    John Quack 3 days ago

    This is the funniest clip... I would of called the cops and then have them in handcuffs... And show them the video....

  • Le Succ
    Le Succ 3 days ago

    "Oooo yeah, I'm gonna get money to get my new motorbike!"

    *Sees dash cam*

    "I'm outa ere"

  • Angel Irizarry
    Angel Irizarry 4 days ago

    she shouldn't have said that there was a camera

  • helication2
    helication2 4 days ago

    the accent though :) i love it

  • Alexis Hutchinson
    Alexis Hutchinson 4 days ago

    That's y u don't say u have a camera until the cops show up

  • PlayerWolf88
    PlayerWolf88 4 days ago


  • Tonethebone 500
    Tonethebone 500 4 days ago


  • family moments with cindy4 c

    good thing she had a camera

  • Tobias Wratislaw
    Tobias Wratislaw 4 days ago

    She handled that really well, what a pair of cunts.

  • Körte Csutka
    Körte Csutka 4 days ago

    Ez hülye.😆

  • Rolfathan
    Rolfathan 5 days ago

    Huge reminders I feel the need to give:
    1. Get a dash cam. Actually, get two, one for front window, one for back window. Scammers will catch on and try the back eventually, or you might actually get rear-ended but they'll claim you "backed into them."
    2. Don't tell them you have a dashcam, like this woman did. Giving them the chance to run off. Just call the police. Then just ask the crooks "what happened?" to keep them chatting a preoccupied, so they won't notice the dash cam. Then when the police arrive, try to let the police know what is REALLY going on and that you have real proof.

  • kepeti86
    kepeti86 5 days ago

    This is fake

  • Geo Rockmann
    Geo Rockmann 5 days ago

    Why are the face pixilated?

  • deanplayer69 metalplayer

    Stupid bitch! You see how fast him and his buddy took off when she mentioned she had a camera in her car! Lmfao!

  • Sirllortedlov
    Sirllortedlov 5 days ago

    i like how they thought it was a brilliant plan to have a 2nd guy record footage or be a witness to the accident but then as soon as he finds out she has a camera...he shits his pants and runs the wrong way LOL

  • Koloman Puska
    Koloman Puska 5 days ago


  • Anderson Ferreira
    Anderson Ferreira 6 days ago

    Coisa de brasileiro, certeza.. kkk

  • Grassy Ranks
    Grassy Ranks 6 days ago

    Sort of reminds of of Better Call Saul, just a bit grimmer

  • polpacco
    polpacco 6 days ago

    I do not uderstand why people always tell the scammers that they have a camera...I would not say anything until the police arrive...XD

  • Aeious Killhound
    Aeious Killhound 6 days ago

    I will shoot that refugee asshole at 0:10 ...

  • Valerie Montanez
    Valerie Montanez 6 days ago

    That is such a terrible thing to do to someone. That poor woman was so upset.

  • 8NightKillers
    8NightKillers 6 days ago

    Anyone else think that she should not have pointed out the camera and let the police arrive and then mention the camera?

  • Jason's Journeys
    Jason's Journeys 6 days ago

    This is why it's good to spend $40 and buy a dash cam.

  • MrZelegor
    MrZelegor 7 days ago

    xDDDD That jump!
    By the way, i think it's just a prank, it can be real.

  • Tomas 001
    Tomas 001 7 days ago

    Fasza lassan olyanok lesznek mint a románok azok szoktak ilyet csinálni

  • István Szabó
    István Szabó 7 days ago

    az ilyen barmot még a mentőben is ütném

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac 7 days ago

    Video cameras should be mandatory on all vehicles. This is absolutely crazy and you can't even defend against it without video.

  • Kata Klizma
    Kata Klizma 7 days ago

    Hogy főkapta mán a szél a motorost! Az ügyvéd úr is meglássa! Ájhétjú Ájmerika!

  • Tomi Szix
    Tomi Szix 7 days ago

    One thing that I don't understand. How would this behaviour be beneficial to the guy that threw himself onto the car? What was his/their goal???

  • Starfuego
    Starfuego 7 days ago

    It's obviously an advertising to britains buy dash cameras.

  • Wade
    Wade 7 days ago

    I didn't know Beavis and Butthead were doing scams now
    You can clearly see CORNOLIO running away

  • Skumberg74
    Skumberg74 7 days ago

    Wow, did he recover fast!? :)

  • Fresh Men
    Fresh Men 8 days ago


  • ZI
    ZI 8 days ago

    I think it actual backfired on her. Her car got scratched and maybe dent from the jump and the motorcycle. Not only that but they ran away because she told them about the dashcam.

  • La Canción del Arjé

    Such an idiot! 😅😑🙄

  • Akka V
    Akka V 8 days ago

    Looks fake af

  • Russ Contractor
    Russ Contractor 8 days ago

    Lesson learned. Never mention about the camera. Let police decide. That would have been real fun.

  • Larry Wolf
    Larry Wolf 8 days ago

    How the hell are you yelling "Oh my God!" instead of laughing your ass off at such a pathetic attempt???

  • Anthony Salvador
    Anthony Salvador 8 days ago

    0:10 Shooting stars of this please xD

  • A. Sam.
    A. Sam. 8 days ago

    You should not tell them about camera. First, call the police.

  • You Tube
    You Tube 8 days ago


  • TheClimb511
    TheClimb511 8 days ago

    I wouldn't have mentioned the dash camera UNTIL the cops arrived.

  • Viper Tactical
    Viper Tactical 8 days ago

    Why the heck did she tell him she got a camera

  • tatripp
    tatripp 8 days ago

    I wish she didn't tell them that she had the camera. Then they would get in some serious trouble in court.

  • SilverCrow
    SilverCrow 8 days ago


  • Pasechnik
    Pasechnik 8 days ago

    Scooter driver is a good artist.... scam artist. The lady driver is a bad artist.... she should have waited for cops and then point to her dash cam.

    I was in an accident some time ago and recorded it how it happened. Only when other driver started to blame me I gave the copy to insurance company..... surprise, surprise..... mother f....r. It took insurance company 10 minutes to call me back and say who was at fault....

  • Mau PS
    Mau PS 8 days ago

    I would've waited for them to call the cops, then show the cops the footage and let justice take place

  • Booon Noob
    Booon Noob 8 days ago +1

    Insurance scammers damage people's vehicles and get away with it when they find out you have a dash cam.

    Instead of saying that you have a dash cam to them, why don't you just wait for the police to come and then show the police the evidence. If they break their back but they damage your vehicle, then they are responsible for the damages. You are not responsible if they look like they are attempting suicide. you can just end up suing them for their own stupidity.


  • Ashley H
    Ashley H 8 days ago

    When Jin's dad is a ceo

  • LegendaryMartin
    LegendaryMartin 8 days ago

    this can only happen in britain

  • Atoms Molecules
    Atoms Molecules 8 days ago

    LOL I hope someone finds out who that jack off stain is, show his mug everywhere so we know who the retards are.

  • M Tatro
    M Tatro 8 days ago

    She should never had said anything about the camera until the cops showed up

  • Just About Anything
    Just About Anything 8 days ago +1

    She should have played along until the police arrived, that would have been funny.

    VIDEOS CHISTOSOS 8 days ago


  • Logan Wolfbane
    Logan Wolfbane 8 days ago

    What she should have done is let the police come and have him take her to court then provide the footage. Fucked gets arrested, no cash, great time.

  • john turdbucket
    john turdbucket 8 days ago

    seems fake to me.....just saying

  • MegaCozzy
    MegaCozzy 8 days ago

    Bull shit

  • YaGottaBeKidding
    YaGottaBeKidding 8 days ago

    "...There's these idiots!" That says it all!

  • Debivis
    Debivis 8 days ago


  • noob rider
    noob rider 8 days ago

    You have to be a special kind of stupid if you think this is real....

  • danielgr86
    danielgr86 9 days ago

    Hahahha I absolutelly drive over him...ask for insurance now scumbag

  • TheBetoTorres31
    TheBetoTorres31 9 days ago

    That's the way you end in Tuco's house.

  • Rupert Stringfold
    Rupert Stringfold 9 days ago +1

    SOCIALISTS going wild nowadays!

    JONKTUBER 9 days ago

    LOL he is so bugged.

  • Vincent Oliver
    Vincent Oliver 9 days ago

    The whole video smells of an attempt to produce a viral shoot, I am not convinced by any of it.

  • jázmin Szabi
    jázmin Szabi 9 days ago

    Azt a szinjatszos kocsogot

    MR. UJUJU 9 days ago

    да они просто гении подстав

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