Ellen DeGeneres On Prank War With Matt Lauer, New Season | TODAY

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  • Mark-Leon Thorne
    Mark-Leon Thorne 3 months ago +1

    What is it about Matt Lauer that is so hot?

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
    Bellatrix Lestrange 5 months ago


  • BiyatchZAPPY
    BiyatchZAPPY 10 months ago +6

    i would die if i dont get to see ellen in her show!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • TejasTigre2012
    TejasTigre2012 Year ago

    Something definitely fake about Ellen Degenerate's behavior.

  • Three Aces
    Three Aces Year ago


  • Azucena Castro
    Azucena Castro Year ago +1

    Lol I loved what she did to him recently at the Met Gala

  • Buzz Zu
    Buzz Zu Year ago +1

    I was so bothered by the guy at the window

  • Valeria Reyes
    Valeria Reyes Year ago +2

    I don't want ellen to change

  • A Google User
    A Google User Year ago +1

    Her outfit is amazing

  • mimi fons
    mimi fons Year ago +2

    3:25 WAIT....... THAT BACKGROUND

  • Norvilia Etienne
    Norvilia Etienne Year ago +10

    This interview shows that she's only human. A great one, but only human like the rest of us. She will be missed dearly when she retires.

  • daniel vance
    daniel vance Year ago

    the prank war is not over it just started. ;p

  • M Kam
    M Kam Year ago

    She wore the same outfit she did when they asked her about when she'd retire LOL love it

    • Whales123
      Whales123 Year ago

      It's cause it was on the same day. Lol

  • Delilah Borden
    Delilah Borden Year ago

    today show monday7 Dec

  • Delilah Borden
    Delilah Borden Year ago

    Monday 7 show

  • Anthony Redmond
    Anthony Redmond Year ago +2

    any body else who would love to see ellen prank ant and dec

  • Aj Soverns
    Aj Soverns Year ago +6

    Ellen is amazing and knows the meaning of true empathy... Enough said.

  • Idunn Arnadottir
    Idunn Arnadottir Year ago +1

    Haha i love Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Beatriz Almeida
    Beatriz Almeida Year ago +12

    I love Ellen so much!!! I don't want to imagine how it will be when she retire!

  • mmmjava
    mmmjava Year ago +5

    I love Ellen. She is a wonderful human being. With that being said, I wish her stylist would stop with the grandma jackets.

  • mmmjava
    mmmjava Year ago +4

    I love Ellen. She is a wonderful human being. With that being said, I wish her stylist would stop with the grandma jackets.

  • lwnaALiraq
    lwnaALiraq Year ago +7

    She is successful because she is sincere to her work, she made fun of almost everything except her career......

  • Leah Rodgers
    Leah Rodgers Year ago


  • Leah Rodgers
    Leah Rodgers Year ago


  • Leah Rodgers
    Leah Rodgers Year ago +1


  • Leah Rodgers
    Leah Rodgers Year ago +19

    Ellen you make me laugh and smile you mean the whole world to me

    • Rick T
      Rick T 8 months ago

      Leah Rodgers me too..

  • Heather Tavolazzi
    Heather Tavolazzi Year ago +1

    Best prank war of 2015

    • Josh Berman
      Josh Berman 3 months ago

      Heather Tavolazzi what other prank wars were there

  • sweetypop hea
    sweetypop hea Year ago +32

    i dont want her to get old :'( i want her immortal

  • ShanesVlogs
    ShanesVlogs Year ago +1

    +Colin Poole ED are her initials, so she can use it

  • Colin Poole
    Colin Poole Year ago

    Also I think it has to be "Ed" because "ED" is already taken by the Viagra/Cialis folks.

  • BaeMaejor
    BaeMaejor Year ago +163

    I can't even imagine the day Ellen retires :(

    • 韻儒 huang
      韻儒 huang 4 months ago

      oh even thought of that is hurts

    • FireCrystal
      FireCrystal 9 months ago

      Oh god, please don't get me started 😭

    • Danny Philipsen
      Danny Philipsen Year ago

      I can't even imagine the day when Ellen isn't around anymore!

    • bahamutskingdom
      bahamutskingdom Year ago

      +Johnny Rogel No one could imagine the day Oprah retired. The day Donahaue retired....but it comes to pass.
      It is never sad for me, as I know what was gained from the show, and from the people. That lasts here in myself. When the kids come along, I pass it to them. So really.....folks like Ellen never really retire or go away.

    • Johnny Jr
      Johnny Jr Year ago

      don't think about that.

  • living herrera
    living herrera Year ago +15

    the last show of ellen will be 2090

    • living herrera
      living herrera Year ago

      +ThoseRoyalGamers you are right she is in her 50's but maybe we are gonna die before her...

  • tuusav
    tuusav Year ago +6

    Ellen I love your jacket!

  • Rae Elite
    Rae Elite Year ago +48

    Such a cool & relaxed conversation, Only if i can put into words, how much i love Ellen.

    • Dani Dakota
      Dani Dakota Year ago

      +Mae Nashtivad well,you just did

    • Andrew Joyce
      Andrew Joyce Year ago

      +Mae Nashtivad i no you love ellen so much,how about me?

  • Lea-Kristin
    Lea-Kristin Year ago +35

    Ellen is unbelievable ❤️

  • Nolita Mia X
    Nolita Mia X Year ago +10

    i love ellen and i watch her show every day

  • EagleZtoTheGrave
    EagleZtoTheGrave Year ago +81

    Ellen is a legend...

  • Jennie Kerfuffle
    Jennie Kerfuffle Year ago +130

    Ellen is one of the few people who can say things that normally are taken as insults, but still sounds incredibly kind.

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