GoPro Motorcycle Gyro Video Moto GP Style

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  • Hello im the SKY
    Hello im the SKY 9 days ago

    oh holy shit
    u doing that on 160 k/h ?

  • Mr Jn
    Mr Jn 14 days ago +1

    Sir where country is this?

  • DxR Spinzyy
    DxR Spinzyy 15 days ago

    this guy and max wrist need to have a race

  • Juvemountain
    Juvemountain 17 days ago

    this is cool!

  • M2M
    M2M 21 day ago

    too good man

  • Lfb Productions
    Lfb Productions 21 day ago

    If this was me. I would already be dead

  • ggszone
    ggszone 23 days ago

    How did you mount go pro? With the suction cup or screwed to the tank support?

  • Niaz Morshed Adil
    Niaz Morshed Adil Month ago

    where you mount camera? how can i fix it like U?

  • Justin Colavita
    Justin Colavita Month ago

    as a motorcyclist, this video terrifies me. I see all these crazy videos and I wonder when the day will come where i feel confident enough to take turns like that, but the day has yet to come. Also from the footage i recorded on my bike, i look like i'm going wayyyy faster than it feels in real life, so that def adds some scariness to the video

  • zajebisty kotek
    zajebisty kotek Month ago

    when the limit of the speed is 30 and u have 160 NOICE

  • Omar Tariq
    Omar Tariq Month ago

    TFW you're meant to be working but end up watching biker videos!

  • Sanjana P.
    Sanjana P. Month ago


  • MotomanMike
    MotomanMike Month ago

    i love these angles

  • Sir Sandy Eide
    Sir Sandy Eide Month ago

    This video represents your confession for a great fine from Police! If you want racing...go on racing fields! Or these are too small for your ego and you don't want spend money to rent it?

  • KiaKK
    KiaKK 2 months ago

    At 1:28. Do't you afraid a sportcar/sportbike could coming from the opposite direction with the same speed like you? As I see in that part of the turning road You could realize anything a little bit late. Am I wrong? Take care of you man!

  • Evolution : Machine to Man

    Awesome dude, you are developing very fast. 61k congrats.

  • somedays
    somedays 2 months ago

    hoffentlich bald tot, wer so fährt..

  • Γιάννης Θ
    Γιάννης Θ 2 months ago

    quick shifter, ναι ρε αυτά είναι

  • Frederick Young
    Frederick Young 2 months ago

    great video

  • Kurt Bunker
    Kurt Bunker 2 months ago

    If I was Deadpool, I would do this all day. But I'm normal and fragile so I'm just gonna stay home and watch you do it.

  • Mr. MoonMan
    Mr. MoonMan 3 months ago

    i bet these guys cant geow hair on theyre ball, cause hair dont grow on steel

  • David Herrera
    David Herrera 3 months ago

    Disculpe mi ignorancia.
    ¿Quien es el conductor?

  • whereeaglesdare675
    whereeaglesdare675 3 months ago

    Hello, could you suggest me the best export frame rate/bitrate etc etc?

    • SuperBike Racer
      SuperBike Racer  3 months ago

      whereeaglesdare675 1920x1080p 80fps superview PT off

  • Виталий Panzer
    Виталий Panzer 3 months ago

    it's like island of man, not MotoGP :D

  • storyteller Lyndon
    storyteller Lyndon 3 months ago

    I enjoyed it and subscribed your channel pls sub back

  • Hai Bui
    Hai Bui 3 months ago

    Just checking if you are still alive, and to say thanks so much - I learned a lot from your skills.

  • Nguyễn Huy Khải
    Nguyễn Huy Khải 3 months ago

    I love you,

  • Emre 600rr
    Emre 600rr 3 months ago

    how did u record sound ?

  • Patrick Fielder
    Patrick Fielder 3 months ago

    What's the name of this camera? I want to buy one and record my rides. What all will I need to buy to get it ride ready?

  • Marcel Jon Mendoza
    Marcel Jon Mendoza 3 months ago

    hi Bro!. do you mind making a video about how you did this footage?. looks great!

  • Diegoo Racing!
    Diegoo Racing! 4 months ago

    modelo GoPro? model GoPro ( spanish sory )

  • Yoyong Liadi
    Yoyong Liadi 4 months ago

    hi... what gyro setup do you use?

  • Компот Channel
    Компот Channel 4 months ago


  • Christopher Paparisvas
    Christopher Paparisvas 4 months ago

    how did you mount the go pro?

  • veda E
    veda E 4 months ago

    Brother, can you please share a pic of the gopro in your bike as per this video so as to give the exact location of where the camera is mounted.

  • john doe
    john doe 4 months ago

    in hate fast thing

  • Williams Moreno
    Williams Moreno 4 months ago

    Very good!

  • ian gatmaitan
    ian gatmaitan 4 months ago

    how to do you mount your gyro? any suggestions?

  • Rattius Finkius
    Rattius Finkius 4 months ago

    How did you keep the wind noise so cut down? What is your setup?

  • mini dwarfdude
    mini dwarfdude 4 months ago

    I'm 16 and getting a moped next month. Can't wait until I can get one of these!

  • Dutchnoskillz
    Dutchnoskillz 4 months ago

    Bro this video, i love this so much. i can litterly watch 24hours of this footage for sure! that sound of that bike and the downshifts are so darn wonderfull....... sadly i can start for my motorcyle next year. after 2 years of exerpeince i can drive any bike.

    • Lua_Lua
      Lua_Lua 4 months ago

      I have advice for you, you can use this video as your background by using Wallpaper Engine for just €4 on steam.

  • mmdirtyworkz
    mmdirtyworkz 5 months ago

    Awesome, like the gyro!

  • ATCrogerwilco
    ATCrogerwilco 5 months ago

    thats how my uncle died. A fucking cow was crossing the road and he hit it going about a 100 mph

  • Warren Moses
    Warren Moses 5 months ago

    drop a gear and disappear 👊

  • TheSerhio314
    TheSerhio314 5 months ago ограничение скорости 50,для пешеходов видимо...

  • Gideon Higher Self
    Gideon Higher Self 5 months ago

    Whenever I saw a car, I was in panic. How did the camera keep it's verticality during the entire driving?

  • forest beach
    forest beach 5 months ago

    Hi everybody can you please give me some suggestions on how to verify with videotape and a go pro hero 4 silver my 1299S when it intermittently and randomly and unexpectedly stalls out? Every time i take it to the dealer they said they can't duplicate the problem and Ducati of North America video taped my bike with no problems. But my 1299s still stalls out on me in congested stop in go traffic all the time and when I feather the clutch and drive between 0 to 15 mph on the street or freeway. However I'm an amateur and I just purchased a hero 4 go pro silver camera do you have suggestions on how to mount it to the 1299S gas tank ? I'm concerned with losing the camera what type a suction mount the go pro hero 4 camera? Should I use the 1 leg big suction cup or 3 leg suction cup or mount the camera on top of my helmet I want to hear the bike shutting down in my video, and I want to show myself stuck in stop n go traffic on the freeway or the bike shutting down on the street as I slow down to make a turn or come to a stop. Or mount camera or under my chin mount? Or on top of helmet mount. I want to see the road speed displayed on the dash to verify the bike stops when I drive 0-15 mph. I want to show the lights going off when the bike shuts down at night when I drive at night. I want to show me pushing the start button and going into neutral gear to restart the bike in the video. What I should I use and what can I use in case the suction loses its grip to keep the camera from damaging the motorcycle and the camera in case it falls thanks advance for everything. The dealer said prove the 1299s is stalling out with video verification because they claim everything is checking out A ok on the computer test sheet with Ducati engineers and Ducati video tape that they won't show me What would you do? Thanks in advance for everything. I have adobe creative suite I don't know how to use it for editing any suggestions?

  • Keiyalon Stephens
    Keiyalon Stephens 5 months ago

    Great footage

  • Łukasz Wu
    Łukasz Wu 5 months ago

    Dumb sucker - utilization.

  • CzarnyBobek
    CzarnyBobek 5 months ago


  • mateusz florkowski
    mateusz florkowski 5 months ago

    kurwa nie umiem skuterem jeździć... fuck i dont know how to scooter drive...

  • Maxime Fandard
    Maxime Fandard 6 months ago

    this is a gsxr 600 or 750 or 1000 ??

  • Zdzichu Rączka
    Zdzichu Rączka 6 months ago

    Stable camera on a motorcycle - now we can make autopilot for it :) .

  • zniesmaczony
    zniesmaczony 6 months ago

    When's that fucking spring coming....

  • farel12345
    farel12345 6 months ago

    następny co chyba jechał na dziwki, bo kamerę na sztywnym chuju zamontował... poza tym widać, że się śpieszył.... zdrowo napalony :)

  • bastian
    bastian 6 months ago

    What country is it?

    LEON DUKE 6 months ago

    not your video my video from my camera

    LEON DUKE 6 months ago

    sorry for my English ,I mean when I see the video on my pc I hear only the wind I hope to understand

    LEON DUKE 6 months ago

    would you like to send me some details because I just bought the gopro hero 5 and the sound from the wind is terrible, thank you for your time. Leon boogeyman is my facebook profile

    LEON DUKE 6 months ago

    hi, iwould like to ask you how the wind is not sound to the video

  • Rezza Ghazali
    Rezza Ghazali 6 months ago

    very nice recording. what kind of gimbal and mounting did you used?

  • João Anflor
    João Anflor 6 months ago +2

    Where is this. it looks like Greece but you are driving left side.

  • Ilias Anthopoulos
    Ilias Anthopoulos 7 months ago

    The video speed is not normal

  • Giomar Jaramillo
    Giomar Jaramillo 7 months ago

    what mount is this?

  • Kumar Kshirsagar
    Kumar Kshirsagar 7 months ago

    I just observe one thing. When u downshift gear, u give more throttle. Is there any specific reason behind this?

    • Aman
      Aman 9 days ago

      its called rev matching, and you need it on any motorcycle with 200cc+. the idea is to avoid the jerk while downshifting.

      you must have noticed, when you downshift and throttle, your rev goes up. here to avoid a sudden jerk, you can rev while downshifting and get a smooth engine brake.

      if you keep your clutch pulled in while downshifting and maybe drop 2-3 gears, it harms your engine and clutch. rev matching helps you utilize engine braking better and sounds bloody cool in my opinion!

    • Kumar Kshirsagar
      Kumar Kshirsagar 6 months ago

      That will be hi5 situation with road ;)

    • Abinash Parija
      Abinash Parija 6 months ago

      +Kumar Kshirsagar do you ride a motorcycle? If yes then do as i say, take your bike upto 60kmph then violently shift down to the first and see what happens. Then imagine that happening at 270kmph.

    • Kumar Kshirsagar
      Kumar Kshirsagar 6 months ago

      lock up?

    • Abinash Parija
      Abinash Parija 6 months ago

      Kumar Kshirsagar to rev match while downshifting so that the rear wheel doesnt lock up.

  • Barry Wind
    Barry Wind 7 months ago

    After looking at gyroscopes I finally get it. Slow down before the curve and maintain speed through it and turn it on coming out, let the gyro effect keep you on the course.

  • DrCupid
    DrCupid 7 months ago

    Every turn he takes makes me feel more like his bike is gonna tip and he's gonna fall and die

  • Kazakh Rider
    Kazakh Rider 7 months ago


  • Sergey Anonimov
    Sergey Anonimov 8 months ago

    That's some proper riding, wish we had such winding roads in Russia ))

  • John d
    John d 8 months ago

    Was that fast , did any one else think there going vary fast ?

  • ωilQu
    ωilQu 8 months ago +1

    yeah 300
    per hour ;p

  • daniel yusak worang
    daniel yusak worang 8 months ago

    Man may i know where did u put ur go pro mounting for this angle?

    • Sir Leoni
      Sir Leoni 8 months ago

      daniel yusak worang probably on the chest ( on the upper abs)

  • A MOTO
    A MOTO 8 months ago

    I want one of these mounts but cant find it for sale

    • Mile Spasenoski
      Mile Spasenoski 7 months ago

      i was looking 3 weeks for it, but they cancelled it? i mean the gyro =>

    • SuperBike Racer
      SuperBike Racer  8 months ago

      yes i am also looking for a second one but cant find

  • John Stots
    John Stots 8 months ago +1

    I often go flashing on that road. Watch out for my dirty mac and erection next time you are there.

  • Prof 14
    Prof 14 9 months ago +1

    ciao,ho saputo che mi hai segnalato e quindi ti chiedo umilmente SCUSA per il disturbo

  • SAO Kirito san
    SAO Kirito san 9 months ago

    this would be inpossible here in romania, roads have so many defects

  • The Pokemon Empire
    The Pokemon Empire 9 months ago

    Which one were you riding? Amazing video quality and audio by the way! I love the turns it feels like i'm actually riding the motorcycle.

  • giuajo
    giuajo 9 months ago


  • yarpen1987
    yarpen1987 9 months ago +2

    i like this. No stupid music or commentary, Just pure awesome, good quality ride. This is what i need when the season ends :) thx!

  • kevin yoo
    kevin yoo 9 months ago

    hey, noticed theres a boost gauge? what are some pros and cons of a turbo bike for you?
    is there significant weight addition affecting your leans? what rpm range do you feel your boost? etc

  • BigBluoBlk Bhola
    BigBluoBlk Bhola 9 months ago

    Question about rear tire size? Does it make a big difference on cornering if you're running a 200 instead of a 190?

    • SuperBike Racer
      SuperBike Racer  9 months ago

      i also check 200 and has more stability but 190 is faster on turnings, i prefer 190/55

  • javiera sanchez
    javiera sanchez 9 months ago

    muy bueno.

  • I am La
    I am La 10 months ago

    Bro...this is freaking awesome cam shot. You had me mesmerized. It was like watching a video game. The best part about it was we could see your throttle control. Where can I get one of these for my backup Gopro for my channel.

  • Sr.Google
    Sr.Google 10 months ago

    2:34 max 30km/h,and he is at 157km/ were going like 7 times the speed limit xD

  • MastuuChief
    MastuuChief 10 months ago

    how do you get your audio to be so clear? do you directly plug a mic into the gopro then put the mic in your helmet?

    • SuperBike Racer
      SuperBike Racer  10 months ago

      yes i am using external mic and use it under the tail

  • Tejx
    Tejx 10 months ago

    You're a fucking legend mate, keep posting those videos!

  • momthegreatest
    momthegreatest 10 months ago +32

    Which road you use regularly?Will ask my wife to go for walking in that road...

  • Gilmar Lima CWB
    Gilmar Lima CWB 10 months ago

    what suport gopro used in video ?

  • Delonte Rankine
    Delonte Rankine 11 months ago

    dude you need a R1 like right now

  • Swat440
    Swat440 11 months ago

    why would you ride like that? just for the adrenaline? it doesnt take skill at all jsut pull the trottle like a maniac. just a little bit of misfortune and you are dead. what a lame way to die, sry

    • Swat440
      Swat440 7 months ago

      hey Kids take a seat please

    • dannyvr91
      dannyvr91 7 months ago

      "doesn't take skill at all" lol

    • majorpainful
      majorpainful 10 months ago

      @ swat440 >faggot.

    • Swat440
      Swat440 11 months ago

      join the isle of man, you can satisfy your adrenaline needs there

  • kuuhgv
    kuuhgv 11 months ago

    I want a gyro mount, too.

  • immanuel legend
    immanuel legend 11 months ago

    Nice ride. Where were you?

  • ale fuentes
    ale fuentes 11 months ago

    buena tomaa

  • gogo cat
    gogo cat 11 months ago +85

    dude u still alive ?

  • Killer Modz
    Killer Modz 11 months ago

    U were goin 200 mph

  • Azriel Stephen
    Azriel Stephen 11 months ago

    Which place is this?

  • Moncif Gourrami  naim
    Moncif Gourrami naim 11 months ago

    está loco

  • Lenoxion Kix
    Lenoxion Kix 11 months ago

    Nice dude but I didn't see you pulling the clutch when shifting up dose this one have a automatic shifter?

    • immanuel legend
      immanuel legend 11 months ago

      Quickshifter allows you to upshift without closing the throttle.
      For a quick upshift you don't need the clutch on any average bike as well.
      If you close quickly the gas while you are upshifting you'll see that it happens without pulling the clutch; that allows you to change gear in a shorter time. Moreover if you do the same operation by opening the electric circuit (quickly move off/on the "stop engine" switch) you can also leave the throttle fully open which gain you some more fractions. Actually this operation risks to be not so quick because the switch normally is not so smooth; that's why in old races pilots used to have a simplified on/off button, very easy to push.
      In my case I'm also used to downshift without clutch but this take a little more practice since it requires a little gas in the precise moment of the shift (otherwise you risk compromising the gear).

    • Lenoxion Kix
      Lenoxion Kix 11 months ago

      Though so

    • SuperBike Racer
      SuperBike Racer  11 months ago

      Yes i am using quickshifter for upshifts

  • 501stTom
    501stTom 11 months ago

    Can someone explain to me how the camera stays in that position? Or is he stabilising the video after recording?

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