Patch, the one-eyed horse competing in Kentucky Derby, is 'lovable underdog'

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  • Cali Girl
    Cali Girl 3 months ago +1

    Awe...Patch is a beautiful horse and looks good on the track!šŸ“

  • Boomer Tanker
    Boomer Tanker 3 months ago +1

    Holy shit that's terrifying to look at. Put an eyepatch or something on it; sheesh.

  • Sonya Wright
    Sonya Wright 3 months ago +2

    Inhumane for a half-blind horse to race. They just said that peripheral vision was important to a horse. So, they are forcing this horse to run unprepared. I am surprised that this is allowed by whoever monitors horse racing. So sad for Patch.

    • Birmingham Finest
      Birmingham Finest 2 months ago

      according to sonya wright people if u have a disadvantage ur not allowed to do what u love,to be hand fed the best feed every day,get bathed and groomed everyday and waited on hand and foot and to do what ur born to do is inhumane..lmao..just cause u have a mouth or fingers doesnt mean u have a clue..of course im sure ur a clinton fan whos obviously oblivious to clear facts...oh btw the horse has won races and came 2nd...not bad for a mistreated forced to do what he doesnt wanna do horse huh

    • DaebakMonkey
      DaebakMonkey 3 months ago

      Maybe so but he isn't owned by your family. If a horse gets enough experience racing with a disability, they can race just like other horses and just as well. Racing him wasn't the best idea though because he has barely any experience.

    • DaebakMonkey
      DaebakMonkey 3 months ago

      Why is it Trump's fault?

    • Groundhog666
      Groundhog666 3 months ago

      Bernie said horses should not have to run and should be guaranteed a living wage. It's Trump's fault this horse has to race.

    • Shadowofthewire
      Shadowofthewire 3 months ago

      Sonya Wright There have been plenty of horses to run that are either blind in one eye or without an eye. Patch's connections have commented time and time again that it has not impacted his training. He is a fine ambassador to all who have eye disabilities. No need to be so sour.

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