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  • MDPGaming
    MDPGaming 2 months ago +1

    Both goalies carried their teams.

  • Edward Holahan
    Edward Holahan 3 months ago

    Beth 182 miracles happen!

  • aerobat97
    aerobat97 3 months ago

    3:08 Karlsson isn't a Predator, he's a Senator

  • George Vila
    George Vila 3 months ago



  • Dangle Bubby
    Dangle Bubby 3 months ago

    Free Stanley cups giveaway on my channel everyone, just leave a comment and you could be a winner. :)

  • George Vila
    George Vila 3 months ago

    Senators goalie Craig Anderson, is a truly magnificent and brilliant goalie. In my book, he proudly deserves to be called KING. Not that other piece of garbage out there in New York, who isn't even worth 2 cents, referring of course to Henrik LOCUST. The germ of Manhattan.

  • TheSnapback
    TheSnapback 3 months ago

    You are going to lose, sens.

  • 7Revelations7
    7Revelations7 3 months ago

    Sens are finding ways to win.. just might be their year.

  • Mae Lleffo
    Mae Lleffo 3 months ago

    Let's Go Rangers !!!!

  • The Master
    The Master 3 months ago

    Ottawa, 2017 Stanley cup champions

  • Chloe Proulx
    Chloe Proulx 3 months ago +1

    Mike Hoffman is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Legit Wolf
    Legit Wolf 3 months ago +5

    Bring home the cup Ottawa!

    • Sens4Lyfe6
      Sens4Lyfe6 3 months ago

      thats the goal my friend... lets do it!

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill 3 months ago +1

    This is gonna be a tough series, many people didn't think much about Ottawa but they are incredibly underrated. We gotta earn this series. LGR

  • Ogilthorpe
    Ogilthorpe 3 months ago

    Ottawa got lucky. Canadians were not so fortunate.

    • danrg26
      danrg26 3 months ago

      Mâchoire you didn't watch the game its obvious lol could have been easily 4-1 ott

  • SugarPebbles28
    SugarPebbles28 3 months ago

    Revenge for the Canadiens <3 #GoSenators!!

  • Aaron Daniels
    Aaron Daniels 3 months ago +7

    Not a sens fan but I hope they win just to shut the doubters up.

  • yotta93 meister
    yotta93 meister 3 months ago +2

    Rangers literally don't deserve Lundqvist it's almost embarrassing

  • Chess, Math Master!
    Chess, Math Master! 3 months ago +3

    That is how you beat the king!

  • Chess, Math Master!
    Chess, Math Master! 3 months ago +2


  • Jerome Aceti
    Jerome Aceti 3 months ago +2

    The Rangers are a one man team: Lundqvist. Without him, the Rangers would either have lost against Montreal or wouldn't've made the playoffs

    • Duncan W. Lievi
      Duncan W. Lievi 3 months ago

      Jerome Aceti lundqvist underperformed during the regular season.
      as for the one-man team argument, you could say that for karlsson too.

  • Pix Burgh
    Pix Burgh 3 months ago +1

    its good seeing Ottawa succeed. besides the preds they're the underdog team

  • sportsfan 95
    sportsfan 95 3 months ago +6

    Senators in 7 games. Everyone called me crazy for picking them against Boston.

  • Incomplete Pastry
    Incomplete Pastry 3 months ago

    Karlsson is finally getting the recognition he deserves! Go sens!

  • Marcus Williams
    Marcus Williams 3 months ago

    Habs fan here, we've had our differences with the sens in the past but in all honesty, they beat us in a series, we beat them in one. on top of that Habs got the better of them in the season this year in a heated rivalry. having said all that I have great respect for Ottawa going into this series. good job boys, take these clowns out. GO SENS GO!!!!

  • marcus813
    marcus813 3 months ago +1

    I picked the Sens to win this series, which makes me a bit of an outlier.

  • Cris Ford
    Cris Ford 3 months ago +1

    GO SENS GO!!! GO SENS GO!!! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨👏👏👏👏👏👏🚨🚨🚨🚨

  • jumpyg1258
    jumpyg1258 3 months ago

    What was with the distracting music overlayed on top of this video?

    IHT CTT 3 months ago +4

    Go Senators! I'm rooting for you guys because everyone was counting you guys out and thinking the Rangers are definitely going to win just like people are counting the Blues out. Glad you took game 1.

  • Fook Orf
    Fook Orf 3 months ago

    From these comments youd think Bobby Orr put it past someone in OT. Cheap bounce goal, only way they could beat HL last night.

  • Andrew M.
    Andrew M. 3 months ago

    GO SENS GO!!

  • jmarrone_ 66
    jmarrone_ 66 3 months ago +1

    Islanders win PGA tour

  • Sudsy Sutherland
    Sudsy Sutherland 3 months ago +1

    Edmonton coach has also done a tremendous job, as well as putting out his former team the San Jose Sharks in the 1st round, San Jose went to the cup finals last year. I think coach of the year is gonna come down to Babcock & McClennan.

  • Bball Ball
    Bball Ball 3 months ago +5

    If NY can stop taking penalties, and get into a rhythm theyll be fine... I still feel like Montreal is a harder team than Ottawa

    • Beth -182
      Beth -182 3 months ago

      Bball Ball What was that again..? Welcome EFC

    • Bball Ball
      Bball Ball 3 months ago

      i mean, our coach puts staal and holden for a big part of the game... ottawa has only lead for a very little portion of the series in game. so if ny can make adjustments in game 6, ottawa is playing with history in game 7 against lundqvist

    • Beth -182
      Beth -182 3 months ago

      Bball Ball sure..

  • Demo_115
    Demo_115 3 months ago

    Really hope dzingle doesn't go to Vegas

  • Mercurywheeler
    Mercurywheeler 3 months ago +2

    Such a lucky goal, even tho I´m in favor of Ottawa in this one. Wouldnt blame Henrik for this one, its pure luck, Rangers need more goals.

    • Gazeroni
      Gazeroni 3 months ago

      It's Hank....They're all lucky - just gotta get pucks on the net.

    • Demo_115
      Demo_115 3 months ago

      Mercurywheeler he's scored that goal 3 times in the last 2 months it's almost like he's practiced that shot or something 🤔

  • Jeff P
    Jeff P 3 months ago


  • Алексей Алёшкин

    king Henrik crazy super goaltender!!!!!

  • Genesis
    Genesis 3 months ago +3

    Gotta feel for Hank, we had our chances last night and we couldn't pull through. Gotta give credit to Anderson too. He was great as well. What the Rangers need to do is cut down on the penalties and be more aggressive.

    • Hyper! CS:GO
      Hyper! CS:GO 3 months ago

      I love the difference between a Rangers fan and a Bruins fan. Bruins fan: Refs throwing the game, giving us all these penalties. (Take no responsibility and blaming ref.) Rangers fan: Rangers need to do is cut down on the penalties (Taking responsibility for team action and not blaming refs.)

    • Genesis
      Genesis 3 months ago

      I know that, definitely liked what I saw from Anderson last night. If he keeps playing like that then we have our hands full.

    • Demo_115
      Demo_115 3 months ago

      Genesis goalies are gonna be good this series, it's clear only the craziest shots are going to beat hank. GO SENS GO

  • Jose Zapata
    Jose Zapata 3 months ago

    thanks for recording it you guys are better than the other posts they don't repeat the plays like you guys good job

  • Welcome to The Show
    Welcome to The Show 3 months ago

    Seems like the Sens need the refs to give them a power play to score

  • Patrick Kane
    Patrick Kane 3 months ago +1

    Erik Karlsson is a legend.

  • Donald is your buddy.
    Donald is your buddy. 3 months ago +9

    I always dislike seeing empty seats at a playoff game. Screw you buddy ,,,you could have just giving them away.

    • The Woodpecker
      The Woodpecker 3 months ago

      Donald is your buddy. Its all about that money man never gonna happen

  • Aaron Kimmel
    Aaron Kimmel 3 months ago

    Yeah go sens!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Cosley
    Andrew Cosley 3 months ago +36

    It would be cool 10 years later to see a Ducks/Senators rematch in the finals. I'm a Ducks fan but I'm rooting for OTT to come out of the East. Love seeing Bobby Ryan playing good hockey and how can you not root for Craig Anderson?

    • Jacob_V_ 24-7
      Jacob_V_ 24-7 3 months ago

      Andrew Cosley was thinking that

    • Matthew Bush
      Matthew Bush 3 months ago

      Patrick Roll Boston fan or Canadian fan?

    • Matthew Bush
      Matthew Bush 3 months ago

      Andrew Cosley ikr man good luck to your team I'm at Ottawa fan

  • Ryan Muray
    Ryan Muray 3 months ago +8

    Erik Karlsson is not human, simply amazing that he does this each and every game, every shift. Deserves the 2017 Norris big time. Can't wait for Saturday, Go Sens Go !!

  • john jeffries
    john jeffries 3 months ago

    Doesn't matter, west coast takes the cup this year...

    • Beth -182
      Beth -182 3 months ago

      Pix Burgh oilers

    • Pix Burgh
      Pix Burgh 3 months ago

      no way. nobody would beat the pens or caps and only the ducks would beat the sens or rangers

  • madratthemighty
    madratthemighty 3 months ago +61

    Karlson deserves a Stanley Cup for his absolutely unreal performance this season.

    I'm not even a Senators fan, but this man is out of this world.

    • El Cuñado
      El Cuñado 3 months ago

      Agreed and if he was even average defensively he would be the 2nd best player in the league challenging Crosby for 1 but his defense is that bad.

    • Raimondo Aceti
      Raimondo Aceti 3 months ago

      Imma leafs fan, but I couldn't agree more with you!

  • [something clever]
    [something clever] 3 months ago +1

    flukey win, but the Sens deserved this one. Rangers couldn't get out of the zone, Hank was alone [again]. but whatever. hope they bounce back in GM2, LGR!!!

    • yotta93 meister
      yotta93 meister 3 months ago

      [something clever] literally half your goals in the Habs series was pure luck sit down this would of been 6-1 if not for your goalie as usual the Rags get dominated and its close

    • Jeremy Aucoin
      Jeremy Aucoin 3 months ago

      It's the new King, he obviously intended to knock it in off HL's helmet

    • [something clever]
      [something clever] 3 months ago

      +Jeremy Aucoin the goals were flukey, they worked for those flukey goals. what's confusing m8

    • Jeremy Aucoin
      Jeremy Aucoin 3 months ago

      Lol not sure how deserving a win while having over 40 shots works with being flukey

    • [something clever]
      [something clever] 3 months ago

      +Mr500248 "but the sens deserved this one."

  • UvReflexes
    UvReflexes 3 months ago +24

    Karlsson is a beast.

    • Incomplete Pastry
      Incomplete Pastry 3 months ago

      that's not how PEDs actually have to train for them to work, unlike Karlsson who doesn't

    • Sneaky Games
      Sneaky Games 3 months ago

      Justin L Keith in Chicago might be 30-40 mins per game

    • Rotten Roy
      Rotten Roy 3 months ago

      Hes on steroids and Im a sens fan

  • rumich hg
    rumich hg 3 months ago

    all about caps n pens

  • Zeke Attentatore
    Zeke Attentatore 3 months ago

    i hate my mother. she is a school worker #realestate #nhl

    • FlamSalad
      FlamSalad 3 months ago

      the most irrelevant comment ever made

  • Aubrey Ngwenya -Sitshela -Mntimande-Nungunde

    Would anyone blame me for crossing over from Habs to be a Senators fan GO SENS GO
    Montreal Canadiens is an overrated team .....

    • Aubrey Ngwenya -Sitshela -Mntimande-Nungunde
      Aubrey Ngwenya -Sitshela -Mntimande-Nungunde 3 months ago

      Formed in 1992 but guess who advanced
      to the 2nd round obvious mighty Senators
      Rangers smoked the overrated Habs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • BadassRussian
      BadassRussian 3 months ago

      TheSnapback Technically the Senators was founded in 1992. And having 0 cups for a long period of time means nothing for the future.

    • TheSnapback
      TheSnapback 3 months ago

      Go to hell. You are going to lose and I will laugh when you do. We are a strong team, and Thursday we did horrible. I can agree that the offense was slow, and that game was bad. Henrik was 10x better than Anderson, though. He saved so many hard ones, that the game could have been 6-1 if it wasn't for him. Anderson saved some good ones but definitely not as good as hank.

  • Edward Holahan
    Edward Holahan 3 months ago +5

    Honestly based on the performance of sens in the first round against the bruins, there's no doubt they could beat my men the New York rangers to go to the eastern conference finals

    • Beth -182
      Beth -182 3 months ago

      Edward Holahan but can they beat the pengs?

  • RC Insight
    RC Insight 3 months ago +16

    I'm starting to think that the sens may very well be a underrated team. I was not expecting them to take game one, but after watching this I think they may very well have a chance to win the series. Either way, GL to u sens

    • Noah Roller
      Noah Roller 3 months ago

      +Percy Hitsugaya you're right, probably 2

    • Percy Hitsugaya
      Percy Hitsugaya 3 months ago

      Nicholas Roe That makes no sense lol

    • Nicholas Roe
      Nicholas Roe 3 months ago

      RC Insight I predict rangers will take it in 3

  • Nataniel Casears
    Nataniel Casears 3 months ago +4

    Look I ducking love the Ottawa senators But NY has gotta take some advantage on playing teams like these WTF 21 Shots in the first quarter? LUNDQVIST IS ONE PLAYER WTF IS WRONG WITH OUR DEFENSE?! ID DEFEND BETTER THAN GIRADI JUST SAYIN

    • Demo_115
      Demo_115 3 months ago

      Nataniel Casears quarter wtf how did Tom Brady's soft ball sport end up here?

    • Nataniel Casears
      Nataniel Casears 3 months ago


  • Long_claw96
    Long_claw96 3 months ago +93

    I swear Ottawa are the one team that's over looked in the NHL and now their getting a rapid fan base building bigger than ever win that Cup Senators

    • Beth -182
      Beth -182 3 months ago

      Justin L Born in raised a sens fan in Ottawa..

    • Cam Feloney
      Cam Feloney 3 months ago

      Long_claw96 same with the predators

    • wearespartens
      wearespartens 3 months ago

      To me I really want a Canadian team to win the Stanley cup especially on the year of our 150th birthday

  • estheti films
    estheti films 3 months ago +37


  • Colinb95
    Colinb95 3 months ago


  • Riz P
    Riz P 3 months ago +77

    Make Canada proud Ottawa.

    • Shindler39
      Shindler39 3 months ago

      The reason of the empty seats was probably because of the flooding in that region, this is a huge story now, my apology.

    • Beth -182
      Beth -182 3 months ago

      President Donald Trump 2-0 now

  • Mindplague
    Mindplague 3 months ago +25

    That Dzingle goal in slow-mo.. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

    • Mercurywheeler
      Mercurywheeler 3 months ago

      It landed right on the tape, love the slow-mo.

    • Jeremy Aucoin
      Jeremy Aucoin 3 months ago

      I am certain you would have corralled it just as perfectly while simultaneously blowing kisses to your adoring fans?

    • MDPGaming
      MDPGaming 3 months ago

      Mindplague it was easy for him to rip it top corner since the puck wasn't laying flat.

  • Zeke Attentatore
    Zeke Attentatore 3 months ago

    i hate my mother. she is a school worker #nhl

  • luca mancini
    luca mancini 3 months ago +1


  • Emmy MUA
    Emmy MUA 3 months ago +5

    Right on guys keep up the hardwork!!

  • Joey Schultz
    Joey Schultz 3 months ago +1

    Let's go boys.

    Just keep saying, "whynot?"

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