5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader

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  • Grahamiam
    Grahamiam 2 hours ago

    In America the only breaks we get are the times we get to go from class to class and lunch

  • YouTuberance
    YouTuberance 5 hours ago

    Period 1: 8:00-9:08
    Period 2: 9:14-10:31
    Period 3: 10:37-11:52
    Lunch: 11:52-12:22
    Period 5: 12:28-1:36
    Period 6: 1:42-2:50

    We have 7 classes but only 5 classes in a school day, so there are alternating A,B, and C day scedules. Each day of the week has a completely different schedule. A,B, and C day schedules are on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but we have a 7 period , all class schedule on Mondays and Fridays.

    Also I only included one lunch schedule, but in reality there are 3 different lunches. "A" lunch is 10:31-11:01, "B" lunch is 11:07-11:36, and "C" lunch is 11:52-12:22. B lunch is in between a class so that means you stop halfway through, go to lunch, then return to class. What lunch you have all depends on your teacher.

    Lunch is also a different time on Monday and Friday, following the 7 period
    Even if you've been assigned "A" lunch on Monday, wednesday, thursday, and Friday because of your 4th period teachers lunch schedule, your Tuesday lunch cycle could be A B or C depending on your 3rd period teachers schedule considering you don't have 4th period on Tuesdays

    This schedule changes constantly with 1 hour delays, standardized testing, school events, holidays, etc.

    And my friends laugh at me when I ask what class we are supposed to go to next.

    We start school on July 26th and get out May 24th.

    • Grahamiam
      Grahamiam 2 hours ago

      YouTuberance u start in July!!!!!!!! Wtf

  • I hate my life
    I hate my life 5 hours ago

    Even some 3th world countries are better in education than the US lmao

  • Cookiez Monstez
    Cookiez Monstez 8 hours ago

    7:40am-11:00am (lessons)
    11:00am-11:20am (break)

    Typical highschool schedule in Malaysia. no wonder our educations are in low quality. We don't get much rest. With the problem of our government keep on changing our educational systems. Make the most of pupils look dumb af

  • Shreya Dutta
    Shreya Dutta 18 hours ago

    try preparing for medical or engineering entrance exams in India. It's hell.

  • Akseli Ruokonen
    Akseli Ruokonen 22 hours ago

    Now days in school we drown in immigrants

    • Andrew Bernal
      Andrew Bernal 20 hours ago

      Akseli Ruokonen We also have more whites in school...

  • Simo Hurskainen
    Simo Hurskainen 1 day ago

    I live in finland and here the education is not the way you expecdet. We don't get alot of homework we are just living norman life but we are not lazy when speaking about school. Maeby other countries are worse in school cause they are lazy.

  • Eelis Autio
    Eelis Autio 1 day ago

    umm... im from Finland and live there and we have about 10 tests a year

    • Grahamiam
      Grahamiam 2 hours ago

      Eelis Autio I live in America and I have a test a week for each class

    • amyrah_myra
      amyrah_myra 12 hours ago

      woah in Malaysia , i only have 4 test a year

    • Rahul Arya
      Rahul Arya 15 hours ago

      Eelis Autio lol
      we have 5 tests a week . welcome to the bullshit Indian education system .

  • Whatever123idnc
    Whatever123idnc 1 day ago

    6:45 - 9:25 4 lessons
    9:25 -10:05 lunch break
    10:05 -12:40 Another 4 lessons
    12:40 - 13:00 praying time

    Typical Highschool day in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • God-fearing Conservative

    #6 its a majority white country

  • Alphin Jude
    Alphin Jude 2 days ago

    09:40 - 11:00 lesson
    11:00 - 11:10 break
    11:10 - 12:30(pm) lesson
    12:30(pm) - 01:30(pm) lunch break
    01:30(pm) - 02:50(pm) lesson
    02:50(pm) - 03:00(pm) break
    03:00(pm) - 03:45(pm) lesson

    Typical school day in India

    • amyrah_myra
      amyrah_myra 12 hours ago

      you have 3 break ? in Malaysia , 730-930 learn 930-10.0 recess 10.0-1200 learn 100-140 lunch break 140- 300 learn (when i was in private middle school )

    • MidaeCovers
      MidaeCovers 1 day ago

      lol what school did you go to, jesus. I'm also from Romania, and I never had 7 hours every week. We had two days of 7h, one of 6h, one of 5h and one of 4h during grades 5-8. In high school I had one day of 7h except 12 grade where we only had 6h days and 5h days.
      Between each hour we got 10min breaks, during which we did whatever, whether it was going outside to smoke(in high school), eat, stay in class and study or do our homework for the next class. But compared to USA, we don't have lockers and we don't move around every class, only for like biology, physics (sometimes) and PE. Each class of students has its own classroom and the teachers move around. And there are two shifts, so like, you can either start at 8AM and finish anywhere between 12 to 3PM, or start anywhere between 11AM and 13 PM and finish somewhere between 4PM and 7PM. Also, we only have two standardized tests i think. One in 8th grade that decides whether you go to high school or not and one in the 12th grade, which is like a version of the SATs but you actually have to think and give your own opinions and whatever, none of that grill tests shit.
      Homework is actually given less and less gradually here, at least at my school. In 1-8 i had tons of homework which would take hours and hours to finish but in high school you get like, a few essays here and there and a few exercises, maybe some group projects you have a month to complete but do the night before. It's tiny I mean, we used to do 2 page essays in our 10min breaks. But it depends on what type of profile you're in, i was in philology so we only did like 4 languages including romanian and history, geography, stuff like that.
      Compared to the USA, i like our system better tbh, even though it's shitty af and screwed up

    • BoGDaN Plays
      BoGDaN Plays 1 day ago

      Alphin Jude That's better than it is in Romania. Last year I was in the 7th grade and I stayed at school from 8 am to 3 pm every day (except at the weekend). It's too much, I could almost never concentrate on doing my lots of homework because I was too tired from the 7 hours at school. I hope something will change in our educational system.

  • TheNinjabob1
    TheNinjabob1 2 days ago

    sadly 80% of finnesh students says that their education system isn't efficient and competent enough to prepare them for 21st century competencies

    • Ramadhiansyah R
      Ramadhiansyah R 1 day ago

      Can you provide sources for that statement?

    • Adrian Julz
      Adrian Julz 1 day ago

      Because they're smart enough to realise it. Our students in Australia leave school and become unemployed then blame themselves (and get blamed by society).

  • JJoe
    JJoe 2 days ago

    Also, Europeens. Just saying. Call me racist, but stats don't lie and facts don't care about political correctness.

    • Dejan Vojnović
      Dejan Vojnović 7 hours ago

      JJoe So what?Most Americans in the Us are of European descent.

    • Fuarian
      Fuarian 17 hours ago

      JJoe facts don't care about political correctness because political correctness isn't a fact

    • Trashelli
      Trashelli 1 day ago

      JJoe *Europeans

  • piewiffer
    piewiffer 2 days ago

    3:42 - That's why the US can't do the same. Bigger and poorer population.

  • Dragonmeister
    Dragonmeister 2 days ago

    oh trust me the schools here in finland arent fun and the teachers definetley arent respected among students

  • Mikolaj Wojnicki
    Mikolaj Wojnicki 3 days ago

    I live in Finland and I don't really like that we went through the topics so slowly during primary and secondary school. I literally did nothing all day while getting top grades and I feel like I wasted an opportunity to become a very smart person because nobody pushed me to get better at something.

    • Mikolaj Wojnicki
      Mikolaj Wojnicki 6 hours ago

      I was born in Poland, but I get your point. In Asia the expectations are often beyond reasonable.

    • Rahul Arya
      Rahul Arya 15 hours ago

      Mikolaj Wojnicki Come to India buddy . Then you will realize how a push feels like . feel grateful to be born in Finland

    • Adrian Julz
      Adrian Julz 1 day ago

      I'm an Australian teacher. We teach and teach and teach... and push and push and push.. .and students are far behind where you are and less happy. Look at the research and you understand why. Slowing down education speeds it up. In reality you only need to reach a Year 5 level of reading and writing to be able to educate yourself so the most important thing is to instil a love of learning.
      You're typing in English! My students have studied Indonesian for 5 years and can't understand any of it! I studied it for 8 years and can't understand anything! (Saya Tidak Mengerti - I Don't Understand!) Rote learning, sitting at a desk... for 2 hours a week. Wow.. Adding that up I spent nearly a month of my life in my Indonesian class and learned nothing.
      Plus... nobody pushed you? You have an education now and the internet. Push yourself! You have decades ahead of you to continue learning and the education to be able to do it.

  • Grendel Sloth
    Grendel Sloth 3 days ago

    America is far from the best

  • Piko Canavarı
    Piko Canavarı 3 days ago

    America isn't the best. Every nation has it's own faults

    • Forca Barçelona!
      Forca Barçelona! 2 days ago

      Piko Canavarı England is no longer a nation, it's a city now.

  • purpleblake
    purpleblake 3 days ago

    remove psyhcologocal deterring education that focusses on regergotating text books to prove comprehension

  • Sakkepaahdin official

    Free food in school is best.

  • Ren Moose
    Ren Moose 4 days ago

    I go to a school called the dalton school in new york and im sure its better , if not on the same level as Finland schools. Alas, for a much higher price.

    • Sumuuu u
      Sumuuu u 4 days ago

      Ren Moose Have to say, schools here in finland we have still better education than you, because you woudln't even know about finland without this video and we have been studying history of america past 7 years :-D

  • iAmAb0us -
    iAmAb0us - 4 days ago

    8:15 - 9:00 Lesson
    9:00 - 9:05 Break
    9:05 - 9:50 Lesson
    9:50 - 10:00 Break
    10:00 - 10:45 Lesson
    10:45 - 10:50 Break
    10:50 - 11:35 Lesson
    10:35 - 11:25 Lunch Break
    11:25 - 12:10 Lesson
    12:10 - 12:15 Break
    12:15 - 13:00 Lesson
    13:00 - 13:05 Break
    13:05 - 13:50 Lesson
    13:50 - 14:20 Break
    14:20 - 15:05 Lesson
    15:05 - 15:10 Break
    15:10 - 15:55 Lesson

    Typical school day in Helsinki

    • amyrah_myra
      amyrah_myra 12 hours ago

      wow 8 breaks

    • Forca Barçelona!
      Forca Barçelona! 2 days ago

      YouTuberance In some schools they are up to 45 minutes pero la comida es horrible

    • YouTuberance
      YouTuberance 2 days ago

      Wow, you guys actually get breaks. Like legitamite 5-10 minute breaks. In America the only "break" I get is the 5 minute walk to my next class. There is no such thing as "rest time" besides lunch. and that's only 20-30 minutes.

    • Rivando Fernandez
      Rivando Fernandez 3 days ago

      iAmAb0us - you all better than me, i get school at 6:30am and back at 2:40pm, and just get twice of break. Typical school in Indonesia

    • agnes
      agnes 3 days ago

      8:30 - 9:20 Lesson
      9:20 - 9:30 Break
      9:30 - 10:20 Lesson
      10:20 - 10:30 Break
      10:30 - 11:30 Lesson
      11:30 - 12:30 Lunch
      12:30 - 13:30 Lesson
      13:30 - 13:35 Break
      13:35 - 14:45 Lesson

      Typical school day in Stockholm

  • Enzo DiMasi
    Enzo DiMasi 5 days ago

    i'm my town, we have recess from graded kindergarten to 5th grade and only 30 minutes a day. in a much smaller town right next time mine they have recess from grades kindergarten to sixth grade and have two 45 min recesses a day. they have less homework and less school hours. they also perform higher on standardized tests. hmm. maybe we can all learn from them

  • Thyla
    Thyla 5 days ago

    Well i'm moving to Finland.

  • jdsparks100
    jdsparks100 5 days ago

    Haaaha Young Turds at it again. Right there with CNN...

  • Mason Maurer
    Mason Maurer 5 days ago

    And corruption, and equality and overall likability. The only things Americas number one in
    -Highest GDP
    -Strongest military
    -Producer in trash
    -Assholes per capita
    -Egos per capita

  • Fanni Nurmi
    Fanni Nurmi 6 days ago


  • Suicide Angel
    Suicide Angel 6 days ago

    In my college (in India), we have classes 6 days a week and class hours are from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm with a 30 minute break. It really, really sucks.

    • NinjaKing Angel
      NinjaKing Angel 5 days ago

      Suicide Angel in India I had to start from 8:00 am - 7:30

    • J4 Genius
      J4 Genius 6 days ago

      LOL, in my country class hours are from 7:30 to 4:30 😭

  • Spike the unicorn mug

    Damn I wanna live in Finland

  • A4Pablo
    A4Pablo 6 days ago

    thank you Tai Lopez

  • SWProductions
    SWProductions 6 days ago

    I think it's sad that we always have to compare...

    • Papik Cantrell
      Papik Cantrell 4 days ago

      Huh. Why? Comparing and contrasting will help reach the best situation by presenting new ideas, as long as the right mindset is adopted. Is that not right?

  • ilove fishes
    ilove fishes 7 days ago

    If you people think USA's school system is bad, then visit an Indian school anytime...

    • ilove fishes
      ilove fishes 5 days ago

      Et Cetera Sorry to hear that m8. Canada is so much better than India, at least education wise...

    • NinjaKing Angel
      NinjaKing Angel 5 days ago


    • Et Cetera
      Et Cetera 6 days ago

      ilove fishes Agreed, I came from Canada to India and I can confirm that the teachers and whole system in India are trash.

  • andy dagamer
    andy dagamer 7 days ago

    we Americans need to change our school system LIKE SERIOUSLY CHANGE YOUR WAYS USA!

    • Adrian Julz
      Adrian Julz 1 day ago

      You wouldn't believe how much it needs to change. According to Geoffry Canada, an amazing US educator, you have about 40 years (probably 35 now) before your country reaches the critical point in education where there's no going back. There won't be enough education to educate the country.

  • Dat Perzon
    Dat Perzon 7 days ago

    2:21 ummm...that is Swedish...

    • PiisamiRotta
      PiisamiRotta 5 days ago

      Jokemon yeah

    • Dat Perzon
      Dat Perzon 6 days ago

      Jokemon ik, but still

    • Jokemon
      Jokemon 7 days ago

      Dat Perzon In Finland we basically have to learn swedish because it is our second language.

  • Paul Hoffman
    Paul Hoffman 7 days ago

    When is the video for 5 reasons why Turks are cockroaches going to come out?

    • BMC
      BMC 6 days ago

      Dont try to deal with Turks man. They are just full of patriotism.

    • Cigdem Karacam
      Cigdem Karacam 7 days ago

      Paul Hoffman wtf, are you okay?

  • Alisa Tiiro
    Alisa Tiiro 7 days ago

    Proud of being Finnish girl

  • Johannes Pusa
    Johannes Pusa 8 days ago

    Why do people always think we don't get assigned homework in the first years of education? (Spoiler alert, we do, in increasing amounts as we age.)

  • brindusataraca
    brindusataraca 8 days ago

    In my old school 70% of the time is spent preparing for tiresome tests unfortunately

  • kcoresys edu
    kcoresys edu 8 days ago

    nice idea!

  • Jenny Penny
    Jenny Penny 8 days ago

    Proud of being their neighbor! 🇳🇴🇫🇮

    • karva myyrä
      karva myyrä 8 days ago

      Jenny Penny i we're in norway just few hours ago

  • Matilda Kallio
    Matilda Kallio 8 days ago

    wow now i'm proud that i'm from finland :D

  • Iida Laukkanen
    Iida Laukkanen 9 days ago

    #suamiperkele mennääks torille

  • Osian James
    Osian James 9 days ago

    We had sex Ed today and we had to learn how to put condoms on dildos

    The uk is fucked

    • A.D Studios
      A.D Studios 4 days ago

      We do that in Australia...... Incredibly awkward....

    • reetta malin
      reetta malin 8 days ago

      Osian James i went to school in finland and we put condoms on bananas

    • Jooseppi
      Jooseppi 8 days ago

      how is that fucked

  • Vulture 74
    Vulture 74 9 days ago

    I wish my country could change the school system to become more fitting and understandable like Finlands

  • Wild Animal Girls
    Wild Animal Girls 9 days ago

    So shouldn't we be yelling " FINLAND IN NOVEMBER ONE Eva ejection "

  • Wild Animal Girls
    Wild Animal Girls 9 days ago

    I'm going to Finland tomorrow to see my family and my baby cousin he is sooooooo cute and never cryes

    • Who?
      Who? 8 days ago

      Wild Animal Girls cries*

  • L.K. Britton
    L.K. Britton 9 days ago

    I'll take one of him, please

  • Sarah Studios
    Sarah Studios 9 days ago

    Wish I went to school in Finland. The teachers here in Australia are okay but a lot of them are strict with no reason. We endlessly scroll our eyes across pages upon pages of writing which we will eventually forget. Our recess and lunch are only forty minutes each and school goes for six hours and fifteen minutes. Someone in my class got a detention for going through the exit door when they were supposed to go through the entry door and I have not had one afternoon since I started high school where I didn't have homework. My room is a mess, I don't have time to go places and that isn't even because of the workload, but because of the pure stress.

    • HypnoTheWolf
      HypnoTheWolf 9 days ago

      Sarah Studios you get forty minute lunches?????? Ours is twenty minutes

  • Arina Anas
    Arina Anas 9 days ago

    moving to Finland guys... SEE YA ✌

  • Cassandra Kintzele
    Cassandra Kintzele 9 days ago

    that video of the cop at 4:01 made me sick to my stomach. so sad that this is the norm in the US :(

    • Matilda Kallio
      Matilda Kallio 2 days ago

      we have only 200 students in my school, in finland (:: there's only like 20 students in my class, and we do not have cops here.
      well, only "scary" thing that happens here is that there can be drugs in the playground. it's kinda creepy i think.
      And one boy from my class is literally super scary :)) Idk

    • YouTuberance
      YouTuberance 2 days ago

      I don't know much about other schools, but I can tell you for sure that we have at minimum 5-10 cops in the building at one time. some are there for traffic, some for fights. I think that may just be because I go to a school with 3,000 people and most schools are smaller

    • Enzo DiMasi
      Enzo DiMasi 5 days ago

      Yetizod1 hey! in my town in the US the police was called on a fourth grader for saying something that may be counted as racist. the police locked the poor kid in a room and questioned him. it was on the news and after that the kids parents sent him to private school

    • Yetizod1
      Yetizod1 8 days ago

      Idiotic. "The norm"? Give me a break. That's an extreme situation if ever there was one.

    • Matilda Kallio
      Matilda Kallio 8 days ago

      Cassandra Kintzele yea it is.. :(

  • mr morgh
    mr morgh 10 days ago

    In Iran The Schools Are Sex Separated [Schools Are Only From Male Or Female] And Also You Have To Learn Islam And Also If Your Parents Or GrandParents Had Died Or Injured In Iran/Iraq War You Can Continue Studying In Best School No Matter Your Grades Are Awful And Also Education In Iran Is Not Free Leading To A Lower Literacy Rate.

  • lyra ginne
    lyra ginne 11 days ago

    how can I move to finland

    • tja ba
      tja ba 9 days ago

      Johan Mattlin no its not

    • Karen Rodas
      Karen Rodas 9 days ago

      lyra ginne. same I will learn Finnish to live their! Also Id love to learn other languages

    • Zipu Fin
      Zipu Fin 10 days ago

      lyra ginne just little paperwork and done no need to visa.

    • Johan Mattlin
      Johan Mattlin 10 days ago

      lyra ginne dont do that i live in finland and everything is shit food,people,jobs

  • Finnish Elevators 06


  • Desdemona
    Desdemona 12 days ago

    3:58 WHAT THE HELL?! What was that about?

  • Jong-Jong Slownely
    Jong-Jong Slownely 13 days ago

    Meanwhile in the Philippines, teachers are given tons of paperworks that they won't even have time to teach. They have to make preparations during night time and weekends, depriving family time. Deadline and submissions of forms are always on the go. Those forms don't really help in improving the Philippines' educational system. I wonder why they still kept on doing that.

  • DavidArchie 1863
    DavidArchie 1863 13 days ago

    Lol New Zealand is 5th in the world in education, schools are average here believe me

    • Tasha Selud
      Tasha Selud 11 days ago

      DavidArchie 1863 HAHAHAHAHAHA I agree 100% lmfao

  • Folly Horses
    Folly Horses 13 days ago

    Torilla tavataan😊

  • I am being cyberbully by a bee


  • JopeTheHiihtäjä
    JopeTheHiihtäjä 14 days ago

    Suomi Finland PERKELE! :D

  • NytVettu68
    NytVettu68 15 days ago

    Suomi mainittu Torillla tavataan!

  • GhostEBI the Ghost
    GhostEBI the Ghost 16 days ago

    Finland is the best!!!

  • Pratyaksha Singh
    Pratyaksha Singh 16 days ago

    Metal detectors and patrolling in school?! Why?

    • Pratyaksha Singh
      Pratyaksha Singh 8 days ago

      Jong-Jong Slownely
      Schools aren't made for that. :(

    • Pratyaksha Singh
      Pratyaksha Singh 8 days ago

      That's tragic. :(
      Terrorism has to go.

    • Moi Moi
      Moi Moi 9 days ago

      HypnoTheWolf wow i havent even seen officer

    • HypnoTheWolf
      HypnoTheWolf 9 days ago

      Pratyaksha Singh there are countless shootings and bomb threats all over schools in America, some areas worse than others. My school only has two or three officers patrolling the area, but some schools have like ten, plus metal detectors and regular drug/weapon inspections ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Pratyaksha Singh
    Pratyaksha Singh 16 days ago

    Finland is wonderful! ❤
    I'll visit one day.

  • Pratyaksha Singh
    Pratyaksha Singh 16 days ago

    Here in India, I used to take tests almost every day in my previous school. It was quite pathetic, and when it comes to competitive examinations for medical, engineering, CA and law, 1 million people take the exams every year (1 million each - massive population, you see). Helluva competition, stress and kids going crazy. A lot of them also take SAT. Every year, a new academic record is made, but there's almost no place for exploration. Almost every parent wants their child to become either a doctor, lawyer, engineer or chartered accountant. Whooshhh...

    • Anjali Mate
      Anjali Mate 13 days ago

      Pratyaksha Singh you're right... whoossh..

  • Philipp Hatch
    Philipp Hatch 17 days ago

    No Child gets left behind kein Kind bleibt zurück finland 👍 Deutschland Selektion nach der Grundschule Kinder werden aussortiert abgestempelt👎 Gute Lehrer die etwas beibringen Finland 👍schlechte Lehrer die keinen book haben und alles auf die Eltern schieben deutschland 👎 gute pisa ergebnisse finland 👍 schlechte pisa ergebnisse deutschland👎ja ich weiß es ging um usa vs finland Schule aber auch die Deutschen Schulen sind beschisen können sich vieles abschauen damit die Idioten zu halbwegs gebildeten Leuten werden. 😊

    • Alex Chill Adenan
      Alex Chill Adenan 6 days ago

      MeiLiRose _ Und dont even get me started on Soziale Selektion! Das ist ja auch noch ein Thema für sich!

    • Alex Chill Adenan
      Alex Chill Adenan 6 days ago

      MeiLiRose _ Selektion ist nicht sinnvoll für Kinder die keine Macht haben für sich zu entscheiden. Sie werden mit 10 nach der Fähigkeit bewertet still zu sitzen und Informationen aufzusaugen, was ja auch noch von DER FÄHIGKEIT DER LEHRER abhängt. Die meisten Lehrer sind sowieso das letzte, da sie immer denken mit ihrem eigenen "Stil" Kindern Sachen beizubringen was zu extremen Chaos führt und es dann vom Glück abhängt, welchen Lehrer man gehabt hat um dann auf das Gymnasium zu kommen. Wie erklärst du mir, dass verschiedene Klassen auf der einen Seiten zu 70% auf das Gymnasium gehen gehen oder andere, mit eigentlich gleich "unschuldigen" Kindern zu 5% auf das Gymnasium gehen. Kinder werden anhand dessen, ob sie Glück mit den Lehrern, und die Lehrer ihnen Spaß am Unterricht beigebracht haben selektiert.

    • MeiLiRose _
      MeiLiRose _ 10 days ago

      Philipp Hatch also ich muss sagen so blöd finde ich meine Schule jetzt nicht😂 und die sogenannte "Selektion" ist durchaus sinnvoll, wenn sich die Leute dran halten würden und ein Hauptschulabschluss noch etwas wert wäre.

  • christian issa
    christian issa 17 days ago

    We don't have much home work in finland

    • christian issa
      christian issa 9 days ago

      Queeneh YT in finland i wad at 6th class and we had 2 hours per day school but other days were 4 hour or 3

    • Queeneh YT
      Queeneh YT 9 days ago

      starlight sky how is that bad?In America it's 8:00 to 3:00 or 8:00 to 4:00. Also at my previous school i had projects to finish and start on every single day after my Christmas break. That was at a private school. Apparently at public school it gets harder than that XD.

    • christian issa
      christian issa 9 days ago

      starlight sky what was your average this year mine 9.6

    • starlight sky
      starlight sky 9 days ago

      christian issa in Ireland u spend evenings with homework! they should be out enjoying there evenings out not stuck inside, great idea here with parents is bringing homework to beach fresh air much needed that inside from9 am to 3pm in school then homework another 2 hours!! learn in school not pile on pressure x

  • Pikku Jannu
    Pikku Jannu 18 days ago

    in Lielahti, Finland in MY school One Guy had a kitchen knife and my friend got almost stabbed by him

    • Emma Ritala
      Emma Ritala 15 days ago

      Pikku Jannu siitä oli juttu Aamulehessäki

  • Aarne Ålander
    Aarne Ålander 19 days ago

    "No homework till high school" sadly that's not true. I have personally been getting homework nearly every school day after I started school.

  • Vizu
    Vizu 21 day ago


  • Ok k
    Ok k 22 days ago

    but we Finns have The most School shootings per capita ....

    • Marko Forsblom
      Marko Forsblom 13 days ago

      Every school shooting (those three) has been made by someone who is not connected to the school. Those people came from the street and did what they did.

  • atheist lebanon
    atheist lebanon 22 days ago

    finnish pple..u are sooooo lucky😆😆...this is unfair in the 6th grade i used to stay up late to finish my tests and hw and they didn't care if we had 3 tests at the same time😵😵

    • Aarne Ålander
      Aarne Ålander 19 days ago

      atheist lebanon Hehe don't worry the fact that we wouldn't get homework before high school is total bullshit. The only year that I didn't get more than twice a week was when I was in first grade. After that we get more and more every year

  • XantheFIN
    XantheFIN 26 days ago

    One to highlight was the to the exams at vocational school.. our teacher was cool and let us use books on many test as "it's not usable to memorize all but usable to be able find information we need"... or something like that. :p

  • MiIkKa VaHtErIsTo
    MiIkKa VaHtErIsTo 26 days ago


    • Nightingale
      Nightingale 8 days ago

      It's short for Finnish!

    • Disa Lysti
      Disa Lysti 19 days ago

      MiIkKa VaHtErIsTo eiku se tarkottaa suomalaisia. Finns=suomalaiset

  • Chad Waldron
    Chad Waldron 26 days ago

    They have a homogenous population and their educational system has been in place for more than a century.

    RAPGOD PLAYER 27 days ago

    In short words we are just a bunch of retard oh wait me no becouse i have beca for a college i know no university but meehhh something is something

  • bts. army
    bts. army 28 days ago

    moi syomalaiset👋

  • Annika P
    Annika P 29 days ago

    I'm from Finland 👋

  • Kaedi Kaedi
    Kaedi Kaedi 29 days ago

    no wonder america full with bunch of retards, look at their president

    • Carey Robinson
      Carey Robinson 28 days ago

      Kaedi Kaedi I'm from America n it's not full of a bunch of retards. the only retards in America are the rich n ungrateful n think there better than everybody (which is mostly white people) n the politicians that run this country. those are really the reasons lots of foreign people hate America cause of the misperception that goes along with it. but truth is us grateful n don't have that we're better than every country mentality are just normal people just trying to get by n take it day by day

  • Just a Commentator
    Just a Commentator 1 month ago

    collage is free in finland'

    • Yetizod1
      Yetizod1 7 days ago

      Ok, but that's not free...especially not when the tax rate is double or triple what it is in the U.S.

    • D
      D 9 days ago

      Class 1-9 is free in Finland eccept if you go to some kind of special school. Collage is also free isnt it free in USA?

    • Just a Commentator
      Just a Commentator 20 days ago

      Dilly Vesper ya but still you don't have to pay for the collage to get into to you just have to pay taxes

    • Dilly Vesper
      Dilly Vesper 21 day ago

      Just a Commentator it is not FREE (taxes).

  • Just a Commentator
    Just a Commentator 1 month ago

    american educations is shiiiiiiit im from finland

    • John Rendon
      John Rendon 29 days ago

      Just a Commentator I understand

  • Priya J
    Priya J 1 month ago

    In my opinion European countries should not be compared with big populated countries like USA, India n China because European countries are so small compared to these countries. Most of the European countries are not multi cultural. Isn't it. You can't compare apples and oranges

    • Mike Schacht
      Mike Schacht 28 days ago

      Priya J I definitely agree about it not being fair to compare the whole of the US to a country the size of one of its states. However, the point stands that there is still a lot to learn from other countries and a lot of policies that work for them could work at the state level. Also, most European countries are VERY diverse and take in a lot of immigrants.

  • Athul Anisoya
    Athul Anisoya 1 month ago

    finnish heavy metal rocks fucker

  • Game Erica
    Game Erica 1 month ago

    My old teacher actually started almost every class with a story that happened. He's still my favourite teacher. Also, hyvä video. Minä pidin siitä ;)

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 1 month ago

    I wanna go to Finland. Let me go!!

  • rxd 336
    rxd 336 1 month ago

    im finnish!

  • LPSMELLOE2 aka/Livelaughlovemelloe2

    Now I want to move to Finland

    • Saku Olli
      Saku Olli 1 month ago

      Petkuhuiputtaja yes you're right, but its maybe 10 to 20 %. Who like or be even neutral for it. So if you found right people , its okay.

    • Petkuhuiputtaja
      Petkuhuiputtaja 1 month ago

      You really should not. People here are kinda sick of immigrants already if i read the current political climate right. I could be wrong, but i feel very comfy saying that MOST people here don't really like immigrants.

  • Holosexual #1
    Holosexual #1 1 month ago

    Yeah the teacher thing is very true. I loved my teacher in high school but i'm not going to see her anymore unless she buys me cakes again 😅

  • White diamond Da dopest

    lol American educational system is nothing but a load of crap I'm American and I told some of my brainwashed class mates about the Finland school system and how it's the number one school system but they disagreed and said that it seems like Finnish kids aren't learning and said America is number one school system in the world.

    Brainwashed American kids~

  • Appelsiini
    Appelsiini 1 month ago

    I live in Finland!
    I only need to do 5-15 mins of homework per day! Go Finland!

    • XantheFIN
      XantheFIN 26 days ago

      I was needed to do 10min to 60min homework but not daily and sometimes i got done in school partly if i was ahead others. Or slowest ones.

    • Daniel Cheung
      Daniel Cheung 1 month ago

      I can't believe that~~Here in China, every student ( in Grade 4+) need to do at least 30-60 mins of homework per day!

    • jertsulan poeka
      jertsulan poeka 1 month ago

      finnish innebandy im in 7 grade homeworks sucks


    • finnish innebandy
      finnish innebandy 1 month ago

      Appelsiini i remember when i was in 3rd Grade... now youre in my boots

  • Kasper Saarivirta
    Kasper Saarivirta 1 month ago

    i live in finland

  • Isaiah Drone
    Isaiah Drone 1 month ago

    Define intelligence?

  • Saletti
    Saletti 1 month ago

    Bullying is the real problem in Finland for every student. It is like warzone in finnish schools, and teachers do nothing to stop it.

    • BladeNinja10
      BladeNinja10 1 month ago

      Saletti or they do BUT aftermath is kinda ...well bigger warzone.

  • spnews
    spnews 1 month ago


  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon 1 month ago

    Finland and Estonia are the best!

  • alexsXe
    alexsXe 1 month ago

    lol i hate the young turks .. they can suck my balls

  • Sumeyo Hassan
    Sumeyo Hassan 1 month ago

    in sweden none of migrant has low iq they cause the swedish citizen are stupid they run away education smoking a group sex they are sick

  • hekapoo lilyloudhouseislit

    this is really superior

  • iankneumann
    iankneumann 1 month ago

    cant wait for Trump to change our education System here in United States of American


    • iankneumann
      iankneumann 1 month ago

      gäbe he has done stuff for a lot of people bringing Jobs back breaking dumb laws to Business Can come back. leaveing Paris agreement so we can use our coal

    • iankneumann
      iankneumann 1 month ago

      wtf are you talking about him cuting 9 billions dollors out of education. I just want him to fix it

    • HEMBRO
      HEMBRO 1 month ago

      iankneumann Change? oh yeah when he cut 9 bilion dollars worth of eduacation is that a change for you?

  • Ville Rautio
    Ville Rautio 1 month ago

    The "rarely assigned homework until high school" part is bullshit.

    • tja ba
      tja ba 9 days ago

      SpookyGuy007 what do you meen by that at least the Swedish school gets homework or my school do

    • Dilly Vesper
      Dilly Vesper 21 day ago

      Ville Rautio lot of things in this video was colored or lies.

    • SpookyGuy007
      SpookyGuy007 1 month ago

      Ville Rautio Depends on the school and if it is Finnish or Swedish speaking school....

  • Hannu Salmivaara
    Hannu Salmivaara 1 month ago

    students come to school well fed? My sister is going to 8th grade this autumm and she almost never eats at morning. ps. we live in Finland

    • R 2610 W
      R 2610 W 1 month ago

      Tässä ei puhuttu valinnasta olla syömättä, joillaki ei vittu ole rahaa ruokaan

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