5 Things OKAY in Japan (but illegal/rude in the USA)

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  • CardiaX
    CardiaX 10 hours ago

    I don't see how saying "excuse me" and/or raising your hand to get a waiter/waitress's attention is rude. I've had to do it multiple times because sometimes the place is busy and the people forget you're there. I'm normally quiet as well so the eye contact thing isn't always the easiest thing to do for me because it feels super awkward staring at someone. XD

  • Fairlight CMI
    Fairlight CMI 14 hours ago

    1:46 of course it's not rude at all! Only Americans think it's rude to call a waiter. And that's why restaurant service in America is awful, although Americans think it's great.

  • swiftyrich
    swiftyrich 16 hours ago

    What does he say in Japanese when he shouts he's ready to order? I caught sumimasen... But I can't quite understand the rest of it.

  • MikoyCreator
    MikoyCreator 1 day ago

    And this is why humans are such extraordinary species

  • Giovanna Botan
    Giovanna Botan 1 day ago

    Most of this things are okay in Brazil too, but is kind of rude making noise while eating and get drunk at office parties.

  • Alaskan 420
    Alaskan 420 1 day ago +1

    20+ years ago I found out that it's illegal to wear anything displaying the atomic bomb while in Japan. they didn't like my shirt with a picture of the atom bomb that said "Made in America, Tested in Japan"

  • TruthBy Design
    TruthBy Design 1 day ago

    Whats the legal alcohol limit for driving in Japan? .8% abv here.

  • IsaRat89
    IsaRat89 1 day ago

    I have done some time as a waitress and it would be a huge time saver if people didnt get offended to be called/call out. That way I would actually be able of focus on something and do it perfect (like preparing napkins, cleaning a table ect)

  • Sophia June
    Sophia June 2 days ago

    I grew up in America and my family always told me, "Elbows on the table shows you are engaged in the conversation and event and you enjoy the food. Hands in your lap shows you are reserved and hiding something."

  • Johan Iswara
    Johan Iswara 2 days ago

    another happy couple, in Japan...

  • Eternalfangz
    Eternalfangz 2 days ago

    I call attention for waiters and waitresses alot

  • Skyler Durden
    Skyler Durden 2 days ago

    Drinking in public is totally legal in Las Vegas :)

  • I hate G+
    I hate G+ 2 days ago

    is she wearing contacts?

  • Kidsnd274
    Kidsnd274 2 days ago

    During exams, I take a piece of paper and go ham.

  • MondoBeno
    MondoBeno 2 days ago

    I'd avoid the drinking if you're a foreigner. If you get drunk and get arrested, you'll be sorry. Japanese courts have a 99% conviction rate.

    LOL IM TRASH 2 days ago


  • Missy Rogers
    Missy Rogers 2 days ago

    I've only found your channel two minutes ago and I already miss
    Cardboard Grace :'(

  • Dvons cool
    Dvons cool 3 days ago

    you should do the same thing for usa

  • bloodisnotblue
    bloodisnotblue 3 days ago

    but.. people go to bars with coworkers...

  • bloodisnotblue
    bloodisnotblue 3 days ago

    if I'm with the fam I feel fine with slurping

  • Dex Wolfe
    Dex Wolfe 3 days ago

    white european caucasian women have no self respect what sooooo ever......

  • Medley Chaos
    Medley Chaos 3 days ago

    His accent is so fucking adorable wtf xD

  • Ray Ray Aaron
    Ray Ray Aaron 4 days ago

    oh yeah we would always have Asian students who raised their hands in the dining room this confused us at first

  • Tine Ivarsson
    Tine Ivarsson 4 days ago

    Hummmm nor is it uncommon for staff and bosses in Canada to party together... so North America is not all in the same stewing pot!
    And same goes for companies in Sweden and other EU countries!
    Or placing an order or or paying a tab at the restaurant in Canada or Sweden..

  • s Al-O
    s Al-O 4 days ago

    I miss them :(

  • Jack Raiden
    Jack Raiden 4 days ago +2

    this was such a funny video XD for some reason saying "excuse me" sounds rude but saying "sumimasen" sounds polite, at least to me XD maybe I watch a lot of anime XD Great video! I learned a lot! :D

  • Сергей Наталичев

    Здесь был я.

  • Colin Soileau
    Colin Soileau 4 days ago

    This woman must be a yankee or something. I will say excuse me to the waiter and I am from America. Lmao.

  • That Otaku Girl
    That Otaku Girl 5 days ago

    I'm from Australia and I didn't it that it's illegal to drink in public in America.

  • Killer88sh Psychogaming

    I love japan

  • Al Lleke
    Al Lleke 5 days ago

    What a beautiful couple you are!

  • RcNumbers Mr.Crash-a-lot

    Pffft in Belgium you can drink alcohol beer wherever you want but you cant be drunk. You can drink beer at the age of 16 but people from the age of 14 that look 16 can drink too if they know the right people.

  • Jonistan
    Jonistan 5 days ago

    Last one: ok I'll move to Japan

  • Kristianthedane
    Kristianthedane 5 days ago

    It is illegal to drink in public? What kind of backwater country is USA?

  • JaffaJoker
    JaffaJoker 5 days ago

    in Romania u can drink everywhere and people wont really judge you (unless you are standing near a pile of empty bottles of alcohol)

  • Jack Myoff
    Jack Myoff 6 days ago

    White woman married to the Yakuza....

  • M Cutrone
    M Cutrone 7 days ago

    Very cute couple 😊

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E 7 days ago

    It's totally okay to flag down a waiter too in the US-you can do it politely. lol xD They're a cute couple! :)

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G 7 days ago

    Drinking alcohol in public is okay in certain cities in the U.S - mainly New Orleans and parts of south Louisiana.

  • K&E Photography
    K&E Photography 7 days ago +1

    And they say us brits are up tight, this girl!

  • Glenys Everest
    Glenys Everest 7 days ago

    Japan is just like the UK!

  • Lissette Enriquez
    Lissette Enriquez 8 days ago

    is this like rachel and jun?

  • Connie Ott
    Connie Ott 8 days ago

    I'm American and yelling excuse me to a waiter doesn't sound rude in my opinion

  • Gamer_ 4life
    Gamer_ 4life 8 days ago

    Some places in America you can drink in public

  • RobinoK
    RobinoK 8 days ago

    according to this video I'm more japanese than American lol

  • Galaxy [IW]
    Galaxy [IW] 9 days ago

    Things okay in Japan without even watching this video: Everything else Americans AREN'T okay with.

  • bob jones
    bob jones 9 days ago

    "don't do that, they're gonna spit in our food" this is one the biggest phobias i have😂😂😂

  • elizabeth corrales
    elizabeth corrales 9 days ago +2

    That thing about calling out the waiter I was so surprised it was considered rude in America. I went to visit my American family for a month and stayed with them and once we were out at this restaurant and my little cousin wanted to make his order but the waiter was not coming and he was like "oh man the waiter won't look at me" and I was like "why don't you call out for her..?" And he replied in this smart ass attitude (which I honestly think most Americans have lol idk I feel like they talk in this duh tone) "because I don't wanna be rude" and I was like ?????? Why would you be rude???? I didn't say anything back because my cousin is in that young age where they think they know everything... but then I realized it was actually rude and I was so shocked.
    When I say calling out for the waiter I mean for them saying "excuse me"

  • Indiegirl007
    Indiegirl007 9 days ago +1

    She seems like she is the more dominant personality. Lol.

  • HailSocialite
    HailSocialite 9 days ago

    Miss you guys. So much.

  • raquel cocheres
    raquel cocheres 10 days ago

    You two are so adorable!!!

  • CazadorSirenas
    CazadorSirenas 10 days ago +1

    I absolutely CAN'T STAND the matter about blowing your nose. Do it and get done with it! Do you really prefer to hear people constantly sniffing up their noses? Now that's disgusting, at least to me.

  • Collin Andrew Sherriff

    1:47 the face when he nuts

  • Gil Jack
    Gil Jack 11 days ago +1

    uhm you can drink in public its just depending on the area

  • Xiuhnan -
    Xiuhnan - 11 days ago

    My culture and Japanese culture are simmular, I knew that... (minus the bowing) but THIS SIMMULAR? I don't think these small little things would be simmular aswell!

  • Heather Hartman
    Heather Hartman 11 days ago

    AWE! Yall have matching clothes! :-)

  • Zoinks Scoob
    Zoinks Scoob 11 days ago

    What an adorable couple!

  • BaconNDCheese
    BaconNDCheese 12 days ago

    the fuck.... Im assuming you're from texas because of that cardboard whatever thing, but waiters spit on your food in texas when you wave them over? That.... is very very misleading and untrue.

  • Blood D. Aaron
    Blood D. Aaron 12 days ago

    that guy is lucky

  • Βασιλινα Χαλτουπη

    the 1,2 and 5 in Greece are just usuall...
    For example if you see someone drinking alcohol in public you will just ignore him.
    If you want to order or pay at a cafe or restaurant you have to raise your hand because if you don't you will just stay there for ever.

  • Lugubrious Mobster
    Lugubrious Mobster 13 days ago

    Self: Excu--Excuse me--Sir--Sir!
    Self: =__= I raised my voice as politely as I could because for the past 30 minutes I haven't gotten your attention just by sitting here and doing the usual, mind you, and it's not even busy right now.

  • MrBananaGaming
    MrBananaGaming 13 days ago +1

    You forgot about loli hentai.... I'm pretty sure that's illegal in the U.S.

  • Abdullah Shaikh
    Abdullah Shaikh 13 days ago +2

    Damn how did u manage to smuggle that hot stuff in japan?

  • Anton Crowley
    Anton Crowley 13 days ago

    Japan rules.

  • timebomber
    timebomber 13 days ago

    number one:INCEST

    number two:TENTACLE PORN

  • teampullmyfinger
    teampullmyfinger 13 days ago

    she's so hot he's so not.

  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan 13 days ago

    idk I live in America but the only thing I found rude off your list was the chewing with your mouth open one

  • cherry2ji
    cherry2ji 13 days ago

    She reminds me of Maiara Walsh

  • sergio rodulfo
    sergio rodulfo 13 days ago

    in Texas it's not illegal to drink alcohol in public. Bars are considered public that's why police can enter when they want.

  • amiesparkle00
    amiesparkle00 13 days ago

    Everybody drinks in public in San Francisco, no bag needed. Took me a while to get used to seeing people drinking beer on the street and bottles of wine while people are picnicking in the parks

  • starlifeforce Juan Martinez

    I'm getting cocaine in Japan.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift
    Peppermint Snowdrift 14 days ago

    I actually went to China during 1997. In China, people hold their rice bowls really close to their faces, so that the rice will be easier to eat. In China, when you cook a meal, your guests are supposed to compliment you by eating noisily, but, if you're complimented VERBALLY by your guests, you must INSIST that your cooking is just the worst in the world, because that's considered to be polite.

  • Yani Wang
    Yani Wang 14 days ago

    there are a lot thing you can do outside of America. In America I feel like I have to be very careful and I am constantly afraid I might have offended someone or been judgemental. why ppl say America is a country of freedom?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 14 days ago

    not only an American, a fellow Texan

  • shugo104
    shugo104 14 days ago +1

    To be honest, it sounds like she never worked in the service industry... ever. She sounds like either she'd been pampered her whole life and someone else has always handled the "adult" job (flag down the damned waiter, we're hungry!) OR she is simply a very timid individual who's bad with basic social interaction. I promise you this - any American waiter would LOVE to be flagged down versus playing the "did my waiter catch my glancing in that direction when I did 20s ago?" game.

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King 14 days ago

    she ugly not beautiful but to each is own.

  • June Llantada
    June Llantada 15 days ago

    What about PDA in Japan?

  • flpninja1
    flpninja1 15 days ago

    you can drink outside in louisiana. new orleans for sure

  • Avi ci
    Avi ci 15 days ago

    Living in Japan currently. Was surprised when I heard the first noodle slurping. Definitely didn't know its a norm here.

  • Toxic gold Joltik
    Toxic gold Joltik 16 days ago

    Wow I snort like that AND I LIVE IN AMERICA

  • youtube_myspace_and_i_will_google_your_yahoo

    i've seen a lot of people say excuse me to the server in america to get the check and order. as for the drinking, often time in tech start ups the coworkers drink together often. whether it's the end of the day, lunch, end of the week, or just regular events. when its outside of work, get plastered. even the CEOs and managers also get plastered too sometimes.

  • Jose Izquierdo
    Jose Izquierdo 16 days ago +1

    The yelling at your waiter bit is kinda weird. I've always been taught that if you need to get your waiter's attention, you have to command your Table Falcon to fly over and swoop by your waiter's head. Then the waiter uses their Restaurant Mallet to try and smack your Table Falcon onto the designated waiter anvil. At which point the waiter comes over and refills your glass of water.

  • henry hache
    henry hache 16 days ago

    LOL...Maybe I just hate fun...

  • Aaliyah Fenty
    Aaliyah Fenty 16 days ago

    her husband is pengggg

  • Joss Dionne
    Joss Dionne 16 days ago

    Come try it OK in Canada. And you're still in America! Better yet, more fun in Quebec, and bars open 'till wee hours. Almost like in Mexico.

  • Roobah
    Roobah 17 days ago

    When I lived in Japan as an American: Watching guys in business suits in the Ginza area turn to a building and urinate on it. Apparently public urination is okay in Japan. In the US, it will get you a ticket or put in jail and at worst, could (in some states) get you charged as a lifelong sex offender depending on who sees you urinating in public.

  • gavvy bash
    gavvy bash 17 days ago

    Whoot go Texas

  • 633r
    633r 17 days ago

    yelling for waiters should be allowed everywhere

  • Iago Fernández
    Iago Fernández 17 days ago

    The point of the USA waiters have such a shitty job and rely on tips obviously make all the difference. In basically ANY other country I've been you call the waiter, maybe you wouldn't do it out loud but you would say something like "excuse me" or even "hey!".

  • Jonathon Stortz
    Jonathon Stortz 18 days ago

    Love This!

  • zenistic
    zenistic 18 days ago

    #1 It is legal to drink publicly in Nevada, Obviously Vegas is notorious for it. Localities can disallow it though.

  • superswaglord1945
    superswaglord1945 18 days ago


  • Tom Whitfield
    Tom Whitfield 18 days ago

    I'm starting to like Tokyo 😅😂

  • Sahar Nawabi
    Sahar Nawabi 18 days ago

    I live in Holland and the last thing about your nose is kinda rude here too. People will look at you weirdly.

  • Kieren Kardos
    Kieren Kardos 18 days ago

    this just shows how terrible Americans are

  • Muhammad Was ACunt
    Muhammad Was ACunt 18 days ago

    An American that's been stationed in Japan for over three years.

    1. Drinking in public is more or less frowned upon and not seen as anything worthy of giving a citation, unless you are intoxicated and causing a ruckus.

    2. In restaurants it's ok to make eye contact and raise your hand, or as the waiter passes by your table to say excuse me. But yelling excuse me is rude.

    3. Slurping as far as I know, is seen like people intentionally trying to act foolish and as if they have no manners; it can definitely be rude.

    4. It's 100% ok to drink with coworkers, just not on the job. Only people I've known to drink with their "boss" is people in the military. Enlisted servicemen drink with officers all the time at gatherings, but usually enlisted and officers stick to their own.

    5. Never heard about blowing your nose in public. If you act as if you are trying to hide blowing your nose then you're fine, or simply excuse yourself and then blow your nose. Sniffing up every 10 seconds is annoying though.

  • Prog Man
    Prog Man 18 days ago

    Interesting, thanks for sharing.

  • JM_savant_
    JM_savant_ 19 days ago +1

    her husband sounds like the only sweetheart and hes really cute to boot🙂

  • ZWar101
    ZWar101 19 days ago +1

    ryosuke is so animated and happy its really refreshing

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