James Blake - Radio Silence - Later... with Jools Holland - BBC Two

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    "What's wrong with his voice?"

    Ask Woodkid (and all the other singers who crafted "weird" voices in the recording studio but couldn't reproduce the effect live)...

  • MrMusicdot
    MrMusicdot 5 months ago

    his voice sounds like shit

  • poop alover
    poop alover 7 months ago

    purer version. that simple

  • agustin oviedo
    agustin oviedo 7 months ago

    That trap part just kills this song imo

    • Stefan Burnett
      Stefan Burnett 6 months ago

      agustin oviedo it might be trap-"influenced" but it's definitely not trap

    • agustin oviedo
      agustin oviedo 6 months ago

      i was talking about the part that drops after the 3:20 mark. if that doesnt sound like trap influenced to you maybe you should get your ears checked...

    • Stefan Burnett
      Stefan Burnett 6 months ago

      I see where he's coming from, but yeah, he's dead wrong

    • maskei
      maskei 6 months ago

      What a dipshit, digital hi hats do not equal to trap.

    • Stefan Burnett
      Stefan Burnett 6 months ago

      maskei I think he means those quick hi-hats around 2:00

  • Tiago Fonseca
    Tiago Fonseca 8 months ago +4

    fuck. This guy. I swear he's gonna be remembered. So talent, so unique.

  • Emma Havelin
    Emma Havelin 8 months ago

    Love this for a sad song 🤗🤗.

  • El Amirino
    El Amirino 10 months ago

    This song reminds me of my former relationship, its as if he's written for me! Beautiful!

  • Declan Wall
    Declan Wall 10 months ago

    incredible performance
    a lot of the comments are saying he struggled but I only noticed maybe 2 hiccups, the rest is just it sounding different to the album track or an artistic change in the voice he sings with which is the case 99% of the time with live performances
    he held all the right notes and held so much emotion in his voice at the same time
    I'll say it again, incredible performance

  • Balkis Afifa Boussetta
    Balkis Afifa Boussetta 11 months ago

    It very difficult to perform this song live. so he did his best ! I love you no matter what James.

  • LePetiteRare
    LePetiteRare Year ago +2

    I can't believe that she don't want to see me,
    We lived and loved with each other so long.
    "Bill Whiters - Hope She'll Be Happier"

  • henri crousteau
    henri crousteau Year ago

    does he uses any kind of falsetto?

    • Mikael
      Mikael 10 months ago

      all the time!

  • joch zacahua
    joch zacahua Year ago

    i love this song

  • MrJamininja
    MrJamininja Year ago

    This man can do no wrong!

  • Paloma Marin
    Paloma Marin Year ago


  • RhythmsOfTheRedeemed

    sounds like a James Mcmorrow rip off really.

  • Henri Pascal
    Henri Pascal Year ago +1

    The lyrics are from one of Bill Withers' Greats- Hope she'll be happier with him. Check out his live performance of them in Zaire 1972

    • Liam McAlorum
      Liam McAlorum 9 months ago

      Henri Pascal nailed it brotha, its the best version

  • Adamski51
    Adamski51 Year ago

    This is music for sexually abused boarding school boys

  • xevissimo
    xevissimo Year ago +1

    I can't believe that you don't wanna see me

  • L0r3nz194
    L0r3nz194 Year ago +1


  • pumakel1
    pumakel1 Year ago

    Please put more uk tour dates please please

  • Angela Zuluaga
    Angela Zuluaga Year ago

    "Just please... more time." WOW

    CVEITCH Year ago +6

    Shoutout to Jon Risinger on the drums.

  • Duncan Toms
    Duncan Toms Year ago

    Anyone know the name of the other keyboardist?

    • Pharaoh A.
      Pharaoh A. 10 months ago

      Duncan Toms Rob McAndrews

  • Discobiskits
    Discobiskits Year ago

    Modern Soul is my favourite on the album

  • Amy Nero
    Amy Nero Year ago +1

    honestly i wasnt 100% sure first time listening. but after a few listens i thought "why not play with the vocal lines?" i got the impression he was singing from both perspectives & wanted the vocals to show that. anyone that's heard all 3 of his albums can tell his voice has improved heaps so more power to him for trying new things :)

  • Vanilly77
    Vanilly77 Year ago


  • Jack Nolan
    Jack Nolan Year ago +1

    world keeps turning - bill Withers. - is it just coincidence?

  • Leï Onizuka
    Leï Onizuka Year ago


  • Diana Mariska
    Diana Mariska Year ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO I can't stand seeing James Blake so sad

  • Drummer Kindo
    Drummer Kindo Year ago

    What a talent James Blake is

  • junkiefairie
    junkiefairie Year ago


  • Daniel Martinez Dowsett


  • harrywaller
    harrywaller Year ago +5

    I liked it, but a shame the cleaner started hoovering at 2.23

  • R Molas
    R Molas Year ago

    his voice sound like a fart

  • Leonardo Akauan
    Leonardo Akauan Year ago +1

    i love this, almost made me fall asleep

  • Kai Rabai
    Kai Rabai Year ago +1

    what happened James? This isn't like you.

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith Year ago +4

    James Blake is so good that when he doesn't sound 100% everyone blames the BBC 😂😂 amazing, sort it out BBC, he's a legend

  • penny jane
    penny jane Year ago

    This Song is so awesome. This "i cant believe that you don't want to See me" Sounds like he wanted it to Sound different like that

  • Ben Remember
    Ben Remember Year ago

    an inspiration !

  • Bargyone
    Bargyone Year ago

    Fully sick

  • laurie smith
    laurie smith Year ago

    awsome bit of music.....!!!!!

  • Milan Perišić
    Milan Perišić Year ago


  • Slavomíra Nemčíková

    so precious

  • margaret king
    margaret king Year ago


  • Chris Wethey
    Chris Wethey Year ago +15

    Someone give that man some reverb!

  • Mariana Gameiro
    Mariana Gameiro Year ago +8

    In my opinion his vocals here are incredible as always

    ER ZEIK Year ago +2

    james is that you?

  • kfc twigs
    kfc twigs Year ago

    something does not feel right about this performance. it's one of the best tracks on album, but he's too quiet here idk...

    • Just Dan
      Just Dan Year ago

      yea after a few listens i think it mostly is the mixing, the vocals are quite soft wich isnt doing any good too the song as they are the strongest aspect of the song.

  • Just Dan
    Just Dan Year ago

    hm. i can understand its a new song, but there are quite some mistakes here. Also the mixing isn't exactly right is it ? vocals seem to drown a bit in the beginning by the piano. It all gets really good after the first chorus tho, so shit happens but they nailed it !

    • Just Dan
      Just Dan Year ago

      yea, i know ? sorry im a bit confused by what you mean. With the drowning vocals i was talking about 1:15

    • Joe Baxter-Webb
      Joe Baxter-Webb Year ago

      Um, when the piano and drums kick in he stops singing and that vocal part is the loop recorded at the start?

  • Nikita Void
    Nikita Void Year ago

    I'm totally mesmerised by this song, his vocals are on point (can you even imagine how hard it is to keep to all these pitches in one single track while performing LIVE?), the music petrifies every cell of my body, that's the end of me. Thank you, James. Pure magic here.

  • Jack Buckley
    Jack Buckley Year ago +30

    Don't understand why people are saying his vocals are struggling at all? His voice is just a bit softer and quieter compared to the instrumental in this, a great live performance from James if you ask me.

    • Kunst
      Kunst 11 months ago

      I KNOW. I was wondering the same thing.. I listened to the song and scrolled down to see the comments in which I expected more positve regarding his voice and was surprised to see that people felt it was "odd"

  • Khairul Nasri
    Khairul Nasri Year ago +3

    he should have perform the track with Bon Iver

  • Hyunjeong Jeong
    Hyunjeong Jeong Year ago +6

    What's wrong with his voice??

  • AerioNauts
    AerioNauts Year ago +17

    Hm, it's my favorite song on the album but he sings it a little odd imo.

  • Larysa Yamshchykova
    Larysa Yamshchykova Year ago +4

    This and Waves know shores

  • biggestfanofroger
    biggestfanofroger Year ago +6

    I LOVE his new record. But I think he struggled a bit in this live performance

    • PJ
      PJ Year ago

      I like this more, but maybe the fact that I see it adds something. I wouldn't call myself a fan of the album though. His debut is my favourite; this is my least favourite.

  • Discribouille
    Discribouille Year ago

    Added value compared to album is not that big, I'm a bit disappointed... :(

  • stokecity2000
    stokecity2000 Year ago +3

    The start sounds like the theme to Animal Hospital 😂

  • Andres Fantino
    Andres Fantino Year ago +1

    Muy bueno! Su sonido es nuevo y refrescante.

  • chaosinorderrr
    chaosinorderrr Year ago +52

    His voice sounds oddly different o_O

    • Diana Mariska
      Diana Mariska Year ago

      I agree with you. I also think that he's probably still trying to find the best way to perform it live.

    • Joe Baxter-Webb
      Joe Baxter-Webb Year ago

      the two vocal styles he switches between might need different mic set-ups to sound as they do on the album in a live setting?

    • Vinícius Azzolin
      Vinícius Azzolin Year ago

      Maybe, can be 'cause it is a new album and he didn't do so many performances of the song. It takes some time to get it wright, I think. I'm just amazed how many layers his songs have and how he can bring them to a Live performance, with so many loops, vocals and even "noises". Just Incredible. =D

    • Just Yoeri
      Just Yoeri Year ago

      Yeah, it's something different, isn't it. But that's live. I loved the performance though

    • chaosinorderrr
      chaosinorderrr Year ago

      +Lukas Pihl
      I was expecting his deeper voice in the "I cant believe..." parts (like it is in the album) but the thinner and more high tone totally threw me off.

  • Tania Opiopchenko
    Tania Opiopchenko Year ago +22

    i wonder if there is any chance James will suddenly perform in any of post-soviet countries?

    • PJ
      PJ 5 months ago

      Marek G how isn't?

    • Hasham Ulhaq
      Hasham Ulhaq Year ago

      +Marek G yes it is

    • Marek G
      Marek G Year ago

      Poland is not a post-soviet country. But yeah he's good

    • Slavomíra Nemčíková
      Slavomíra Nemčíková Year ago

      he's performing at Pohoda Festival (Slovakia) this summer!

    • hugolena111
      hugolena111 Year ago

      смішно, за стільки років вперше бачу комент на ютубі людини, яку знаю хаха. дуже хотілося б, щоб Джеймса привіз хтось еххх

  • TheDragerboy
    TheDragerboy Year ago +4

    Heard this last night as I was flicking channels. Epic tune, bassline and piano are spine tingling. Just bought the album :)

  • LePetiteRare
    LePetiteRare Year ago +5

    Love loops.

  • john ansell
    john ansell Year ago +13

    Beyond beautiful. What soul sounds like in 2016

  • Miss Mazar
    Miss Mazar Year ago


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