I Know You From The Internet // Chris & Brittany Ep. 2

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  • Part of a three episode series!:

    Episode 1: tvclip.org/video/IQN1ED64A1s/
    Episode 3: tvclip.org/video/vhi1kn9eRN8/

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    Into Night, Uptown Break, Body Of Evidence, Hello Boys, Running Scared
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

    SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

    Footage provided by VideoBlocks

    Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam
    Directed by Derrick DeBlasis @djdeblasis
    Written by Brittany Ashley & Chris Reinacher
    Brittany Ashley @britt27ash
    Chris Reinacher @chrisreinacher
    Claudia Restrepo @clauddog
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  • Runtime: 6:01
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Comments: 710

  • Joann Jaison
    Joann Jaison 3 months ago

    Nice going Buzzfeed, you lost both Brittany AND Chris. Now they're doing their own channel together.

  • mimikkyu
    mimikkyu 3 months ago

    chris left too lol.... but no one cares that buzzfeed is monetizing over his work (this is BOTH their work, not just britneys). britney broke her contract but chris left. he should def be getting money from this but idk the rules ant getting money if you break a contract.

  • girlzeyeview
    girlzeyeview 3 months ago +1

    Shazam for people! Now that is brilliant. Creepy, but brilliant.

  • Alejandra Elizondo Amarillas

    Seeeeriously, go watch Chris Reinacher "Why I left Buzzfeed".
    Best one yet and Brittany is included!

  • Adriano Pagliarini
    Adriano Pagliarini 4 months ago

    -Yeah, it`s cuz you`re not looking for
    -Yeah...what ?

  • Bangtans Guard
    Bangtans Guard 6 months ago +1

    a girl once saw me in the train and she literally clinged on my arm and said "you are xxx right? I also like xxxxx (we have the same interests) and i have always stalked you on instagram" we talked and i told her that i really liked her makeup XDDD that was so funny and i didnt expect this at all lol

  • sgtmian
    sgtmian 7 months ago

    brittany, i miss you!

  • Moley P
    Moley P Year ago


  • Shalom Lira
    Shalom Lira Year ago

    I loved it

  • Juses Crus
    Juses Crus Year ago

    two of the best buzzfeed employee's and good actors :'( noooo what a worrrrld!

  • Dimas Surya Alam
    Dimas Surya Alam Year ago

    Brittany :-(

  • Jack Whiteley
    Jack Whiteley Year ago

    tbh Ashley was one of my FAVORITE Buzzfeed employees. And to be fired for a minor role on another mini-series that most people haven't even heard of (didn't we all think America Ferrera was done/retired in all honesty?) is pretty cruel, especially when that series did nothing but promote positivity for women and people alike. Buzzfeed has really shown its true colors- that it is indeed WAY MORE about money than it is is about enforcing a liberal agenda in a comical way. I hope they realize the mistake they made and I hope it shows in the numbers. Trust me- this news won't be kept under the wraps.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Year ago

    Is it true that chris got fired too? Why?

    • Your Mom
      Your Mom Year ago

      No he didn't get fired but I think he quit after Brittany was fired

  • Maria Manabat
    Maria Manabat Year ago

    Buzzfeed, you lost a lot of my respect. Smh -_-

  • Judah Drury
    Judah Drury Year ago


  • AlfBiology
    AlfBiology Year ago +1

    90% comments about Buzzfeed drama, come on, I like Brittany, but can we talk about how funny was the video instead?

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear Year ago

    Where's Chris Crocker when you need him #LeaveBrittanyAloneBuzzfeed #bringbrittanyback

  • Emma Crowe
    Emma Crowe Year ago +1

    Chris that laugh XDDD

  • Bridget Ortiz
    Bridget Ortiz Year ago

    I love this team

  • big loko
    big loko Year ago

    pretty fuckin kreepy

  • Momo Rollman
    Momo Rollman Year ago

    -i live in Montana- xDD BRU WE HAVE STUFF HERE i cant omg

  • Evelyn Ferretiz
    Evelyn Ferretiz Year ago

    Well, buzzfeed lost a good employee.

  • joonkt90
    joonkt90 Year ago

    Brittany = Favorite!

  • Bitternerd
    Bitternerd Year ago +1

    I love Chris' little "HAH"

  • Celina Nina
    Celina Nina Year ago

    we want brittany back

  • Jagabee
    Jagabee Year ago

    Chris left too :(

  • Cygnus !
    Cygnus ! Year ago

    it's disgusting how they make ongoing profit on videos such as these with people starring in them when they don't even work for buzzfeed anymore nor carry any relation to that corporation.

  • N CC
    N CC Year ago

    Does anyone know WHY they fired Brittany?

  • OptiMYST1C
    OptiMYST1C Year ago

    I do absolutely love this series.

  • Later Date
    Later Date Year ago

    I wanna marry both of them they're perfect

  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson Year ago

    Brittany Ashley, you perfect person I will miss your videos. I am so disappointed in buzzfeed.

  • Vol de Mort
    Vol de Mort Year ago

    Chris has such a great dad look potential. I can see him in ten years in a collared shirt and a lifeless look in his former puppy dog eyes.

  • Brenda Singer
    Brenda Singer Year ago

    Well I'm not going to watch anymore Buzzfeed. That firing was BS. Buzzfeed isn't a tech company, they didn't steal ideas and sell them to a competitor. Done with Buzzfeed.

  • Bob Kuusela
    Bob Kuusela Year ago +5

    Chris tweeted he's no longer with BuzzFeed. The End.

  • samuel tambunan
    samuel tambunan Year ago

    Chris outfit is soooo on point here like damn

  • Raymond Camacho
    Raymond Camacho Year ago

    "'Cuz no girl is going to stick around just 'cuz you're obsessed with her." For some reason that saddened me a little.

  • lit queen
    lit queen Year ago

    My name is Josie .-. She was one of my favorite people on BuzzFeed and I didn't know her name until now

  • Rugie
    Rugie Year ago

    shazam for people aftually sounds really cool

  • Sania
    Sania Year ago +1

    I have this idea: Brittany back, calm cool like...

  • natalie shinobi
    natalie shinobi Year ago

    oh my god this was the most hilarious vid ever...these two should be comedians movies superstars

  • Nadia hanekom
    Nadia hanekom Year ago

    Shazam for people!!! Brilliant

  • Milla Veronica
    Milla Veronica Year ago

    Hey I live in Montana

  • Wjezb
    Wjezb Year ago

    what contract did she brake??

    • KidsHateMe
      KidsHateMe Year ago

      The rule of that you are not allowed to work on projects outside of buzzfeed, and she was working with gaby or something buzzfeed found out blah blah blah

  • Neshmiya Adnan Khan

    Love this!

  • Lizzie F.
    Lizzie F. Year ago

    Follow love and it will flee. Flee love and it will follow.

  • Yurgen Pervana
    Yurgen Pervana Year ago

    BuzzFeedYellow? More like BuzzFeedGay

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Year ago +1

    Chris' laugh at 5:22 hahaha i cried

  • Brad Gelfond
    Brad Gelfond Year ago

    Geting a 007 vibe from Chris

  • Renán Guevara
    Renán Guevara Year ago


  • sunil popli
    sunil popli Year ago

    I Know You From The Internet // Steve Jobs & Brittany Ep. 2

  • Keegan Müller
    Keegan Müller Year ago

    if they fire Kelsi, I'm done

  • Bárbara Novaq
    Bárbara Novaq Year ago

    That's horrible that they still are making money out of Brittany. That's horrible that I'm helping them to do it by watching this because I can't control myself. I mean, that's Brittany!

  • Harvey Kidd
    Harvey Kidd Year ago

    Surely they would be the ones spotted from the internet.

  • Nina Bron
    Nina Bron Year ago

    Wait..wait..wait... Since there's no more Brittany, is there no more lesbian princess? 😭😭

  • Maddie Baldwin
    Maddie Baldwin Year ago

    Love this one!!!

  • Water Melonyous
    Water Melonyous Year ago +1

    When you're the only one who ships Chris & Britt.

    Chritt / Briss

  • Mac The Goalie
    Mac The Goalie Year ago

    How does everyone e know about the contract thing

  • michelleney1
    michelleney1 Year ago

    Wait, brittanys fired?

  • Jillian Eberhard
    Jillian Eberhard Year ago


  • Sofia Vera
    Sofia Vera Year ago

    I love Brittany:(

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood Year ago

    For real.Stopped smoking for a month then just blazed and watched all 3 parts of the series.Truth.

  • Alex Todd
    Alex Todd Year ago

    Find Face is like Shazam for people.

  • Shaumi Kulendran
    Shaumi Kulendran Year ago

    DAMMIT this series is so good! why did they have to fire her?! 😞

  • Hi Nice to meet you

    Wait how do so many people know she was fired? I need a source please

  • Alexis Lawley
    Alexis Lawley Year ago

    Like almost everyone else here, i came just for brittany

  • Viceboys Entertainment


  • Ellie Hollingsworth

    I just don't want to watch a buzzfeed video with Chris but not Brittany

  • charlotte rose
    charlotte rose Year ago

    read the article. www.politico.com/media/story/2016/06/non-compete-agreements-buzzfeed-firings-004600 accept the fact that she was fired. watch the video. appreciate the hard work put into the video. make a comment about the actual content as apposed to just writing about brittany being gone. focus on what's there, and what's not. thank you.

  • Josefine Zanner
    Josefine Zanner Year ago

    I love videos with these two in it:)

  • Pearl is the best.
    Pearl is the best. Year ago +1

    Okay, So you fire her.. And then post videos of her? That's so stingy, She worked so hard and then you guys fire her for simply having her own work..

    • Pearl is the best.
      Pearl is the best. Year ago

      +Alicia Renee Still.. R.I.P Brittany..

    • Alicia Renee
      Alicia Renee Year ago

      Basically what they're doing is making their money back. Since they already paid Brittany for making this content, they're publishing it so that they don't have to post it later, and so they can have all the money they used to pay her back.

    • Pearl is the best.
      Pearl is the best. Year ago

      +diana leu :l

    • diana leu
      diana leu Year ago

      +Pearl is the best. i'm mad too :\

    • Pearl is the best.
      Pearl is the best. Year ago

      +diana leu Still. I'm mad cause Brittany was great..

  • ambrocal
    ambrocal Year ago +7

    I watch these only for Brittany :D, no Brittany, no watch :D

  • runrockwater
    runrockwater Year ago

    i dunno why but brittany is always boring to me

  • Natalie Vuong
    Natalie Vuong Year ago


  • George Washington


  • Inspired By You
    Inspired By You Year ago +2

    It's annoying seeing "why are you putting out Brittany content if she's fired?" I want to see comments about the actual video so let's sum it up. These was prerecorded and probably filmed weeks to months ago. Buzzfeed owns it and probably put a lot of money into it. If you reread that last sentence it says *Buzzfeed* owns it, not Brittany. Chris also put a lot of work into it. They aren't just going to throw it out because you guys are upset someone who breached their contract is in it. Get. Over. It. If you're so upset she's in it, don't view it and they'll get less money. Just enjoy the video.

  • love13
    love13 Year ago +41

    bring her back! I want my lesbian queen

  • Luna Lore
    Luna Lore Year ago

    Anyone else going to talk about that turtle neck? Nope? Just me?

  • Delaina Lorac
    Delaina Lorac Year ago +15

    Okay hold up. Didn't Gabby and Allison have a youtube channel together while they were still working for BuzzFeed? And Doesn't Steven still work for BuzzFeed while he has his own channel? So why did Brittany get fired for appearing in another video?

    • Delaina Lorac
      Delaina Lorac Year ago

      +peebles2sarah yeah, makes sense

    • peebles2sarah
      peebles2sarah Year ago

      +Delaina Lorac yeah i'm not sure why they did it. I'm guessing they got the people that were bringing in the most profit to sign it maybe??

    • Delaina Lorac
      Delaina Lorac Year ago

      +peebles2sarah oh that makes more sense, but it'd be kind of weird if that was the case. I mean, if they all have the same job then they should all sign the same contract. And I just remembered Kelsey used to be or still is one of the girls from Crazy Bartender

    • peebles2sarah
      peebles2sarah Year ago

      As far as I know, Brittany and a few others signed a different contract stating that they would only work with buzzfeed. I don't think everyone has signed it. I saw a list of those that did but can't recall/find it now

    • Chayan Roychoudhury
      Chayan Roychoudhury Year ago

      Did Gaby and Allison really leave?

  • Lowkey NYC
    Lowkey NYC Year ago

    Lowkey NYC

  • Another Awkward Cosplayer


  • Sophia Jang
    Sophia Jang Year ago +1

    NOOOOO!!! Tiny dogs and cigs don't mix!!!
    Sorry. Had to do that.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +1


  • Isexuallyidentifyasanattackhelicopter

    Wasn't Brittney Fired ?

  • Moltakfire
    Moltakfire Year ago +2


  • Sanskar Wagley
    Sanskar Wagley Year ago

    It sucks Brittany was fired, but she broke a contract. That's the entertainment business.

  • unholy child
    unholy child Year ago +8

    Is it just me or does Chris look like a young Little finger?

  • Mia Gibbs
    Mia Gibbs Year ago

    It's my birthday 😂 sorry so random 😀😁😂

  • bleach my ass
    bleach my ass Year ago

    Is Brittany fired? I hope she's not though, I really love her

  • Hylie Lang
    Hylie Lang Year ago


  • cephir909
    cephir909 Year ago

    there is a russian app that is supposed to shazam peoples faces by crawling social media for pictures for comparison. problem: what if you did porn at some point?

  • renos constantinou
    renos constantinou Year ago +2

    Brittany 4 ever the best

  • Eliza Schuyler
    Eliza Schuyler Year ago

    can people stop saying "deal with it" ? we are in pain .

  • Fuzzybucket
    Fuzzybucket Year ago +2

    for all you retards in the comments saying "she broke her contract, deal with it" - yeah she did, but Buzzfeed wasn't legally obligated to fire her. They could have just given her a warning. The fact that they fired her shows a callous lack of heart and complete lack of care for their employees.

  • rochion
    rochion Year ago +2

    Brittany and Chris always looks high in every video

  • Manisha Mishra
    Manisha Mishra Year ago +2

    #bringbrittanyback ... I wanna keep watching these videos... :(

    • Manisha Mishra
      Manisha Mishra Year ago

      obviously. I commented , coz i can.

    • Ash
      Ash Year ago

      she violated her contract. they arent just going to unfire her because of our comments.

  • Jolie Fas
    Jolie Fas Year ago

    Why did she get fired

  • Joseph Reyes
    Joseph Reyes Year ago

    Omg who got fired?

  • kill me
    kill me Year ago +2

    all my friends are heathens take it slow |-/

  • Joel Bulger
    Joel Bulger Year ago

    Love it great video

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