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  • Apollogamer
    Apollogamer 18 days ago

    Fargo season 2 was best of all three, first was close second but third was good but not great.

  • noofa sa
    noofa sa 20 days ago

    what is the actor's name at 0.48 ( the cop )?! anybody knows!!

    DARK DRAGON Month ago

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  • Danikajoy O Flannagan

    what the hell kind of accent are they using?

  • michael yasser
    michael yasser Month ago

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  • khalil naudeer
    khalil naudeer Month ago

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  • Emilie asmrose
    Emilie asmrose Month ago

    I prefer season 1 . actors : Billy bob thornton, Martin Freeman.

  • FaZe_TraK _
    FaZe_TraK _ Month ago

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  • n1coassass1n
    n1coassass1n Month ago

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  • TeamHacking
    TeamHacking Month ago

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  • TheDoctorwho747
    TheDoctorwho747 Month ago

    Hey guys my friend wants to watch Fargo so I'd like your opinions on which season should I show him first 1 or 2 given that it really doesn't matter which order you watch. Now personally I loved 1 bit 2 was a masterpiece so my concern is should I start with masterpiece or loved? Cuz if watching 2 first would than make watching 1 after not be as good? Please let me know what you guys think

  • Khalid Mahammend
    Khalid Mahammend Month ago

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  • karan kalavadia
    karan kalavadia Month ago

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  • Микае л
    Микае л 2 months ago

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  • sphynxboy2006
    sphynxboy2006 2 months ago

    This whole series is AWESOME. Watching Season Three now. Brilliant.

  • rashmi kain
    rashmi kain 2 months ago

    somebody tell me what Fargo means or stands for ?!?!?

  • Sait Saglam
    Sait Saglam 2 months ago

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  • HeadshotMachine™
    HeadshotMachine™ 3 months ago

    Fuck todd

  • Tsik Saitama
    Tsik Saitama 3 months ago

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  • Hellzyead
    Hellzyead 3 months ago +2

    I watched this show ... AND IT FUCKING LED NOWHERE!! There were UFOs, wannabe mafia douchebags, and some would-be Chuck Norris Indian -- BUT IT DIDN'T ADD UP TO ANYGODDAMNTHING!!! Do not waste your time.

  • unclePaz 90
    unclePaz 90 4 months ago

    am i the only one that is highly dissapointed that they lied to us and its not really a "true story"

  • wayofthegun
    wayofthegun 4 months ago

    is it wrong that Jean smart does it for me ..she's old but I would hit it ..sexy milf

  • Shotana Studios
    Shotana Studios 5 months ago

    The new alternate music in this trailer sucks compared to the original.

  • peshmerge44
    peshmerge44 6 months ago

    that cop is mollys father right?

  • Δημητρης Τερζης

    song in 1.03 please. thank you!

    • Connor Hodgson
      Connor Hodgson 6 months ago

      Δημητρης Τερζης darude - sandstorm

  • Tim Gantumur
    Tim Gantumur 7 months ago +1

    It looks soooo bad. Who the fuck made this trailer really messed up.

  • Kshitij Birdi
    Kshitij Birdi 8 months ago

    anyone know all those tracks used?

    • Zbieram na srebrny przycisk yt bez filmów
      Zbieram na srebrny przycisk yt bez filmów 6 months ago

      I watched Fargo full movie here https://twitter.com/fab35ba241e676298/status/824452700960026624

    • xImAlex_ I Builder
      xImAlex_ I Builder 6 months ago

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    • Chris H.
      Chris H. 7 months ago

      If that's the case, then peace to you.

    • Kshitij Birdi
      Kshitij Birdi 7 months ago

      Chris H. no that's not so I like that track and I've got no problem sitting in my living room listening to it, plus I've got no idea what illegal thing someone could do with a track

    • Chris H.
      Chris H. 7 months ago

      Because on the surface, it seems like you want to use the song for some illegal purpose. It's not like you're going to be sitting in your living room and listening to the track.

  • captain The
    captain The 9 months ago

    Take a picture and add a filter, the filter refers to its point in history, add truly wonderful and intelligent and creative writing, along with quirky actors and you have something unique. I thought season 1 had something that couldn't be repeated....I just love it when I'm wrong!

  • ANewHope
    ANewHope 9 months ago


  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly 9 months ago

    jesse plemons ruins great tv shows

  • Derek Nelson
    Derek Nelson 10 months ago

    Peggy Blumpkin!

  • Ambidextrous voter
    Ambidextrous voter 10 months ago

    This show is overrated. Especially the second season. It always includes a bunch of stuttering dim witted characters who drag out the episodes to an hour. The amount of time spend on this couple of morons with their meat shop is excruciating.

  • grand master flash
    grand master flash 11 months ago

    this looks bad. ted danson come on.

    • Tempestuous Goth of industry and the MULTIVERSE!
      Tempestuous Goth of industry and the MULTIVERSE! 8 months ago

      it was bad; another critically acclaimed mess that was all over the road, and then suddenly, fucking ufos?!?! corny as fuck. this show had good moments, and i liked the hanzee character, but this show ruined itself. the narration at the end ruined that stupid "true story, but fake, but we'll try to force you to think its real anyway?!

      ruined the greatness of season 1

      but of course for having this opinion, you get bullied online and shamed for having an actual opinion instead of sucking an "artsy" directors dick; must not watch

    • Tempestuous Goth of industry and the MULTIVERSE!
      Tempestuous Goth of industry and the MULTIVERSE! 8 months ago

      it was bad; another critically acclaimed mess that was all over the road, and then suddenly, fucking ufos?!?! corny as fuck. this show had good moments, and i liked the hanzee character, but this show ruined itself. the narration at the end ruined that stupid "true story, but fake, but we'll try to force you to think its real anyway?!

      ruined the greatness of season 1

      but of course for having this opinion, you get bullied online and shamed for having an actual opinion instead of sucking an "artsy" directors dick; must not watch

    • grand master flash
      grand master flash 10 months ago

      ok. thanks.

    • SPooner
      SPooner 10 months ago

      lol its actually probably the best show on television right now i highly recomemd watching it. this trailer doesnt do it justice. its not a comedy

  • anarchitect
    anarchitect 11 months ago +2

    when is hulu gonna add this dang nabbit*@(&@**

    • Emerald Slizer
      Emerald Slizer 7 months ago

      anarchitect I just finished season 1 and in an add it says it's coming back spring 2017

  • Jack D. Ripper
    Jack D. Ripper Year ago

    Unlike Season 1, they DIDN'T stick the landing...

  • Iris M
    Iris M Year ago +1

    This was great!!! hope there will be a season 3..

    • Darren 88
      Darren 88 9 months ago

      Iris M actually it's set in 2010

    • Iris M
      Iris M Year ago

      +Joshua Takahashi
      Awesomme can't wait to see it!!

    • TheicMoggy
      TheicMoggy Year ago

      there is. set in 2009. Ewan McGregor (dual role) and a woman from Gone Girl film were already cast.

  • EagDesert
    EagDesert Year ago

    Seems like this show wants to be a torture porn. Obviously, not much like the film. They could have done something better with this idea than mimicking every other crime drama on TV right now.

  • edmond the goat trashverdyan

    season 2 is great but i think season 1 was better

    • Alister Vieira
      Alister Vieira 23 days ago

      Season 2 was horrible.

    • srinivasa Raghavan
      srinivasa Raghavan 7 months ago

      Finallу I'vе fоund full Fаrgо movie hеre => https://twitter.com/db41c91865a7c4228/status/795842777275777024 ЕЕЕЕХТЕNDED ТRАILER Fargo Sеriеs 2

    • DEUUEAUGH! aka Twat
      DEUUEAUGH! aka Twat 7 months ago

      edmond the goat trashverdyan Oh Yah, you betcha!

  • Corey Moore
    Corey Moore Year ago

    wouldn't it be cool if Marge appeared in Season 3

    • TheicMoggy
      TheicMoggy 9 months ago

      Yes along with Carrie Coon from Argo, and that girl from 12 Cloverield Lane

    • Darren 88
      Darren 88 9 months ago

      Joshua Takahashi really?

    • TheicMoggy
      TheicMoggy Year ago

      Ewan McGregor was just casted as the lead for S3 in a dual role!

  • Saab Elie
    Saab Elie Year ago

    Why do I get a feeling like it looks like Desperate Housewives!!!!!

  • Adnan Ahmad
    Adnan Ahmad Year ago +1

    are these really true stories?

  • Jester James
    Jester James Year ago +2

    Am I the only one that wishes season one's story and cast continued onto season two?

    • Travis Yanez
      Travis Yanez 11 months ago

      I kno what you mean like you wish they didn't kill them off so early or left room for interpretation if they both died or not etc. So that they could follow on with the 2nd season and have a similar fucking great story, contextual sub plots,  great funny odd dialog and weird characters as in the 1st season. It's mad although I love the film I actually think the 1st series managed to pull it off better and was more interesting overall in my opinion. However I might give the second season a watch now I hope it's worth it.

    • Filip Hoset
      Filip Hoset 11 months ago

      The two best characters from season 1 died, so yes

    • Pavle Banjac
      Pavle Banjac Year ago


  • gogo cat
    gogo cat Year ago +2

    Mc Damon had too much fries

  • Leonardo Schmidt
    Leonardo Schmidt Year ago

    was a bit uncertain after the first episode but this season nails it. lets just appreciate the perfection of season 1 AND 2 :D

  • DashN
    DashN Year ago

    They're gonna film season 3 here in Alberta! I hope I can audition for a role!

  • wanderer1955
    wanderer1955 Year ago

    Owwwwwkayyyyeeeee SO the flying saucer then? And this is supposed to be a true story??? Like yeah right!

    • wanderer1955
      wanderer1955 Year ago

      +Ben Robertson It wasn't false advertising, the flying saucers ACTUALLY appeared in the episode with no explanation as to why.

    • Ben Robertson
      Ben Robertson Year ago

      +wanderer1955 They only say that to continue the Coen brothers tradition of falsely advertising their films as fact, just cuz they can

  • Laurie Coulthard
    Laurie Coulthard Year ago

    Shit trailer

  • Traviss33
    Traviss33 Year ago

    awsome serie

  • Emiscary1
    Emiscary1 Year ago +1

    Wow, it's amazing that the previews totally gloss over the single mos idiotic aspect of the series.

    Almost like they wish they *hadn't* shoehorned D grade X-files fan fiction into the 2nd season for no good reason...

  • Jeevan Nathan
    Jeevan Nathan Year ago

    The aliens were us from the future.. revisiting the past to watch what actually happened in '79... and give poor Betsy a glimpse of the future... eventually being a part of the time cycle. Why the aliens would be interested in this particular events unfolding on planet earth? WE ARE THE ALIENS...oOoOo...oOoOo...

  • James Shannon
    James Shannon Year ago

    And kids that's how I met your mother.

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez

    00:54 who dat? nice ass.

  • andyinoregon
    andyinoregon Year ago

    Actor Jeffrey Donovan's transformation from the USA series "Burn Notice" to Fargo 2's Dodd Gerhardt is the acting stretch of the year. But then it's hard to find an actor who doesn't do their very best work on FX programs like "The Shield," "Justified" and now "Fargo."

  • Pichuuka
    Pichuuka Year ago +11


    • Mob Pod
      Mob Pod Year ago

      Uh, since this is set in 1979, not there.

  • CyberPolarBear
    CyberPolarBear Year ago +3

    Not as good as season 1 but equally brilliant!

  • Luis Busch
    Luis Busch Year ago

    Isnt there Martin Freeman in the series?!

  • vlaerenko
    vlaerenko Year ago

    Just finished season 1 which i liked a lot!
    Second season doesn't look as good as i hoped...70's too colourful for the setting to start with.

    • Prometheus Max
      Prometheus Max Year ago

      I was just in your mindset when I finished season 1 but It turned out season 2 is a masterpiece and undoubtedly outshines season 1. And that says a lot.

  • wanderer1955
    wanderer1955 Year ago

    I watched the entire series. Erm, can somebody tell what the dam show was about? and please explain in detail the FLYING FREAKIN SAUCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

  • MrMilkyway90
    MrMilkyway90 Year ago

    whats the name of the song in the end of the trailer?

  • Sblinger
    Sblinger Year ago

    fuckin awsum #fargo

  • myfavoritescenes
    myfavoritescenes Year ago +53

    Watching season 1, I thought it was the most brilliant TV show to come in recent years. Most unique, most creative. Entertaining, brutal but also emotional and serious at the same time.
    After hearing they would do season 2 I was like "Oooh.. it is gonna be good, I guess.... but no fucking chance they top this".

    I have never been so wrong in my entire life...

    • jeroen van turenhout
      jeroen van turenhout 2 months ago

      "So when the fish fell from the sky in the first season that was "realism"?" well fish raining from the sky did happen multiple times: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_of_animals#Fish just saying

    • Twig Man
      Twig Man 5 months ago

      Now I'm saying the same for season 3 lmao. I have faith that it will be good but I reeeaally hope it's as good as season 1 and 2, if not better

    • Darren 88
      Darren 88 9 months ago

      myfavoritescenes you know the second season was highly rated than the first

    • myfavoritescenes
      myfavoritescenes 9 months ago

      +DashingNative Typical dumb narrow minded clueless point of view from a person whose criticism is on a level of a 10 year old. This is a wrong show for you, go watch The Walking Dead or something like that. :)

    • DashN
      DashN 9 months ago

      So basically, the writers can't write shit and leave shit open because their explanations would be just as shit. Got it.

  • Jonathan WahChai
    Jonathan WahChai Year ago +1

    Kinda like Dejavu isn't it Ed getting strangle in episode 5 like breaking bad LOL

  • Micael Reis
    Micael Reis Year ago

    Can someone explain to me why season 2 doesn't cast Lester and all the other ones? I thought the story was going to evolve around season one's story line. But now it's more of a True Detective season 2...

    • vaahtobileet
      vaahtobileet 4 months ago

      Maybe because Lester fucking died.

    • Arctic022
      Arctic022 Year ago

      +Micael Reis Both Fargo and True Detective are anthology shows, which means each season is its own story. From the onset, Fargo has been advertised as a limited release series, and anthology was likely the case if the show was going to continue (especially since Season 1 had a few big stars who are likely too busy to commit to another TV show).

      Unlike True Detective though, Fargo Season 2 involves some of the characters from Season 1. It also ties together since Season 2 is based on an incident that is repeated by several "old timer"cops and ex-cops - The Sioux Falls Massacre. So in a way, it does "evolve around" Season 1's storyline, but only loosely so.

      As to why Lester wasn't cast, it was made clear from Season 1that he was a nobody and of no interest prior to the events of Season 1, and since he was killed at the end of the season, his story is complete.

    • Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions
      Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions Year ago

      It's just like TD

  • Jacob VD
    Jacob VD Year ago +3

    Season 1 of Fargo is some of the best TV work ever made in my opinion, Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman, Martin Freeman and Colin Hanks were just tremendous. I loved season 2 as well with Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson! The Sioux Falls Massacre was a great piece of work. But wasn't feeling the whole UFO malarkey.. I just guess I haven't um, actualised fully yet, y'know? Great show! Can't wait for season 3!

  • Dingo D. Manhunter
    Dingo D. Manhunter Year ago +33

    That guy you are referring to as "Matt Daemon" is named Jesse Plemons and he has been in the two greatest television shows of our generation. He was just amazing in fargo and he deserves to be recognized as the formidable actor he is. Ed was a standout character in a show filled with the best characters put on the television screen, so i think it's time that we recognize this guy's talent.

    • anhell32
      anhell32 4 months ago

      +wayofthegun yep....those actors ..man...i wanna see them in other shows they are really great.

    • wayofthegun
      wayofthegun 4 months ago

      anhell32 come on that Omar character is legendary ..the wire was no polish no shine just real shit ..got to the point u was cheering for the police and gangsters at the same time.. that scene when Freeman found out where Marlo was dumbing the bodies ..come that shit is as legendary as the fight scenes in GOT

    • wayofthegun
      wayofthegun 4 months ago

      Dingo D. Manhunter you can't compare reality shows to a tv show that deals with realistic issues makes no sense ..the wire and breaking bad are good shows but trust me the wire was about real drug trafficking and the politics of a urban environment .. breaking bad was way to far fetched to be based of a real life case ..come on they killed a few federal agent in breaking bad ..the last federal drug agent that got killed was in the 80s and the dea destroyed that whole drug crew that committed that murder ..

    • anhell32
      anhell32 5 months ago

      grock robinson my friend...the wire is a masterpiece ....i'm with you.

    • Dingo D. Manhunter
      Dingo D. Manhunter 7 months ago

      Hmmm....i watched the wire when it was still airing but It's not from this generation though. Deadwood, The Wire, Rome, Arrested Development, The Sopranos and in my opinion greatest tv show ever made Band of Brothers were all long done when Breaking Bad and Fargo came on. Breaking Bad is pretty fucking good man, it may not be your favorite show....it's not mine either but it's easy to see why it's heralded as one of the best shows ever made. Realism doesn't automatically mean good television, reality tv shows are realistic but all of those eat dick. Firefly is sci fi and that show kicks ass.

  • Erotic Potato
    Erotic Potato Year ago +14

    best thing made since breaking bad!

    • abhishek singh
      abhishek singh Month ago

      and breaking bad is still the top best show on tv hoe ass kids smh

    • abhishek singh
      abhishek singh Month ago

      u must be around 16 to like nd think got is that good lol it is good and all but its nothing compared to breaking bad dude breaking bad broke nd won all record while it was airing so dnt talk about awards smh

    • Knicks 4 Life
      Knicks 4 Life Year ago

      +Erotic Potato Must not pay attention. How is that so? Have I not been laying out FACTS? Arguing with someone making things up is one thing but when the facts are in your face, you're right, it is like clapping with one hand. Can't argue around that.. True or true?

    • Erotic Potato
      Erotic Potato Year ago

      +Knicks 4 Life i do watch actually, but whatever, agruing with a fanboy is like clapping with one hand

    • Knicks 4 Life
      Knicks 4 Life Year ago

      +Erotic Potato And you I KNOW you don't watch GoT if you wanna say anything about the story, context and characters.... Do I need to tell you how many characters are in the show. How many main characters their are. How long the books are.... Just stop because you clearly don't know what you're talking about. You can't criticize something if you don't know about it.

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 Year ago

    Knew the aliens would be a maguffin.

  • Joseph Giral
    Joseph Giral Year ago

    Excelentissime !!!

  • Michael Akkarakaran

    am i the only one who sees comedy in this?

  • Hoss
    Hoss Year ago +2

    Wow this trailer is awful, the show however is my favourit 2015 show if not of all time, it's brilliant..even better than the first season.

  • AL
    AL Year ago +7

    UFO??? WTF?? Was the writer on drugs, or whoever recorded the event was high?

    • Cryptic strander 2.0
      Cryptic strander 2.0 29 days ago

      He took cocaine before hand

    • Lorne Malvo
      Lorne Malvo 4 months ago

      Alq it's actually based on the news that somebody witnessing ufo.

    • AL
      AL Year ago

      +Theon Greyjoy Well, like any other reported sightings, can you really prove that they are ACTUAL sightings? You can't prove it, cause words mean shit. Brilliant plot writing indeed, but you're hugely mistaken if you think I blame the entirety of the series based on just one UFO. Don't be naive.

    • Kylo R3n
      Kylo R3n Year ago

      You do realise the event is based on actual sightings from 1979? It is called Van Johnson incident. Check it out and pay some attention for a change. This show is much more than a simple "crime thriller". It has been breaking "rules of reality" in several ways before, and this particular event had several hints throughout the season. I can understand you didn't like it, that's fine, but don't come here and blame it on writers, cause they did their job brilliantly. ;)

    • AL
      AL Year ago

      +myfavoritescenes I'm happy to know you are upset by that itch, emo yoda. Oh, to answer your last question, my confidence just grew by a factor of ten with, yet again, your latest reply.

  • benverburg
    benverburg Year ago +1

    season 1 was much better

  • Pat Murphy
    Pat Murphy Year ago +18

    This trailer does not match the tone of the series at all

  • busterbluesun
    busterbluesun Year ago

    Best show I'm watching right now!

  • ГК Геоконсалт

    The best fx drama ever produced

  • legion
    legion Year ago

    lol, you Brits and your 25 fps video. Everyone sounds very slightly chipmunky

  • Sektion9
    Sektion9 Year ago +5

    Ok then.

  • Jo Babe
    Jo Babe Year ago

    Best show ever can't wait for the one don't ya know...

  • bandilearo
    bandilearo Year ago +1

    The best tv show right now.

  • sam the man
    sam the man Year ago +2

    this show is a piece of art....period

  • Tara Vera
    Tara Vera Year ago +16

    This series is awesome. At the beginning i didn't have so much hope because of all the disappointments on True Detective season 2, but this is one is great. I watched 7 episodes so far and can't wait to finish it.

    • wanderer1955
      wanderer1955 Year ago

      +Tara Haghighi Dont bother. Poor ending. In fact poor series.

    • myfavoritescenes
      myfavoritescenes Year ago

      I was not just expressing my opinion, I stated out the facts to which you had no replies obviously. 

    • kimoy kalinago
      kimoy kalinago Year ago

      +myfavoritescenes Haha well you're entitled to your opinion

    • John John
      John John Year ago

      +Tara Haghighi all this show does is show how little creativity is left, they use a great movie (fargo) and churn it into a tv series by adding more events. The movie did not need more events because it was great, tv channels don´t need to ruin a movies name by using characters that they make even look similiar to the ones in the movie and by usinjg a movies title all because cretaivity is lacking. A bunch of crap, but hey, people are stupid and will watch it.

    • myfavoritescenes
      myfavoritescenes Year ago

      +kimoy kalinago You haven't watched many TV shows then. :) There are no doubt very well acted scenes throughout the show. But there are also very weak and unconvincing ones. "Best thing on TV" can't have that. ;)
      All that Hardhome fighting momentum was destroyed in the next episode when Jon Snow doesn't even mention it to anyone on The Wall. He could have prolongued or even avoided the obvious mutiny that was building up. That is what I call plot convenience and bad writing.
      This is just one example, there are plenty more.
      The whole Stannis arc turned out to be a clusterfuck just because the showrunners never liked his character and never bothered to do him justice.
      Dany has been the same and boring for the last 4 seasons. And that girl got nominated for Emmy? FOR WHAT? Her acting was average at best. She didn't have a good and natural performance since season 2 scene with Drogo.
      Sansa's character also fucked up completely. Developing backwards instead of forward. I could go on forever really...
      You can like the show, I like it too, but that in no way means it's the best thing on TV. So like I said: FAR FROM IT. 
      If you want to call something "best tv show today", check out Fargo. ;) 

  • Pulsar77
    Pulsar77 Year ago +75

    One of the best tv shows of all time. Season 1 was great, season 2 is an absolute masterpiece. I'm so glad they announced a third season.

    • jeroen van turenhout
      jeroen van turenhout 2 months ago

      I can only agree, the last 3 or so episodes are amazing but the first few were almost a bit boring

    • Space cowboy
      Space cowboy 2 months ago

      Season 3 is a bit slower but the latest episode was the fucking best of the show

    • Pulsar77
      Pulsar77 5 months ago

      Season 3 starts on April 19!

    • anhell32
      anhell32 5 months ago

      Pulsar77 season 3 ...is true??

    • wanderer1955
      wanderer1955 Year ago

      Awwww!! Go on. I want to read whats in your pot noodle brain Mr Takeaway.

  • lycka hi
    lycka hi Year ago +2

    where the fuck is martin freeman??

    • 264aub
      264aub Year ago

      Don't worry...he's back. But not in the way you'd expect

    • BloodWork
      BloodWork Year ago

      +lycka hi I already watched 3 episodes and it's really good, although the first season is hard to top! But it's worth watching!

    • lycka hi
      lycka hi Year ago

      +BloodWork ahh that's a shame, i liked the serie because of martin freeman, he's so funny. is this season good?

    • BloodWork
      BloodWork Year ago

      +lycka hi Its an anthology Series. It means that the second Season has a whole new Story, which actually happened too. A New cast, New Story. You should try it!

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova Year ago +1

    Season 2 is good man! Ha ha fat Matt! Dude's a good actor

  • Don Tron
    Don Tron Year ago +2

    Brilliant writing and acting by these creators. Could be the best writing around right now. I hope these folks are recognized for this work cause it's too good to go under the mainstream radar.

  • Campy Camp
    Campy Camp Year ago

    such a good show
    the Kristen Dunst character makes me so angry I almost had to turn the tv off

  • flyErr
    flyErr Year ago

    better then season 1

  • Brian Wigglesabit

    How soon on 4!!! I wanna watch it Now,
    so happy Patrick Wilsons in it

  • sda1225
    sda1225 Year ago

    Kirsten Dunst hasn't aged well

  • Rekt Mate
    Rekt Mate Year ago +1

    The native american guy is a fucking badass

  • Ron D'Avilar
    Ron D'Avilar Year ago

    Is this the same Fargo from FX?

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Year ago

    Patrick Wilson is phenomenal in this show and definitely should be first credited, no idea why Kirsten dunst is first credited she's less relevant than most of them. Surprised they managed to keep the quality as good if not better than last season so far as well

  • ople peo
    ople peo Year ago

    the actors have great lines and the events are interesting

  • MegaPtasiek
    MegaPtasiek Year ago

    first season was really good,but the second one is a way much better,its great. 8/10

  • Shipdacheese
    Shipdacheese Year ago

    Season 1 i didnt like at all, this season i only seen 4 episodes and so far i think its one of the best things ive ever seen on tv. All the characters have a personality, they just seem right for the job u know and i like that they get philosophical at times as well. Great season 2 glad i watched it so far, despite the fact that season 1 sucked imo.

    • Shipdacheese
      Shipdacheese Year ago

      +Jon Snow seemed very boring to me the 1st one, i dunno. And while the actors were very good, i dont think they were right for the part. This season also has Nick Offerman! :) As a plus, not because i like this season because of him.

    • Jon Snow
      Jon Snow Year ago

      Don't see how anyone can like this season and not the first. Not because this season is worse but because the style is pretty much the exact same with the same tension building and similar circumstances to last season

  • Vincent Vin
    Vincent Vin Year ago

    i wouldnt watch this if not the first season cause it lacks so much and so many mistake so its hard to believe only kudos for filming quality now is almost like real movie

    • Vincent Vin
      Vincent Vin Year ago

      oh sir I doooo

    • Sektion9
      Sektion9 Year ago

      +Vincent Vin What???! This show is phenomenal, the only mistake is you not watching it.

    • Vincent Vin
      Vincent Vin Year ago

      good for  you and somehow for me its too many mistakes  probably I was having too big expectations but this season looks more close to original movie

    • Reda Ggl
      Reda Ggl Year ago

      +Vincent Vin i love the characters milligan and ted .... and episode 6 was so fucking intense

    • Reda Ggl
      Reda Ggl Year ago

      +Vincent Vin i love the characters milligan and ted .... and episode 6 was so fucking intense

  • Vladimir Kareloff
    Vladimir Kareloff Year ago +1

    The Masterpiece!

  • reno van zanten
    reno van zanten Year ago

    this... this looks pretty bad

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Year ago +3

    Episode 1 title should be "okay then"

  • Slack
    Slack Year ago

    Season 1 was ok, this is slow and plain stupid.

    • Pepe Penninkhof
      Pepe Penninkhof Year ago

      +lurch321 I am loving season 2

    • lurch321
      lurch321 Year ago

      +callum crossley ..............and season 2 has been...............just ok (so far).  Still being optimistic though.

    • callum crossley
      callum crossley Year ago

      Season one was ok? OK!? It was amazing!

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