What will humans look like in the year 5,000?

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  • To celebrate the premiere of Extant: Season 2 on Syfy, paleoanthropologist Dr Matthew Skinner predicts how the human body will evolve in future habitat scenarios.
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  • Harambe Is still alive
    Harambe Is still alive 22 hours ago

    Holy fuck... this dude is retardet af BOI xD

  • Zed Danger
    Zed Danger 23 hours ago

    So were mermaids??

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Day ago

    4 year old animations right here

  • Roblox Otaku
    Roblox Otaku Day ago

    Its sad that we will not be there to look at themπŸ™

  • Alan D'Auria
    Alan D'Auria Day ago


  • Farahin Lapirin
    Farahin Lapirin Day ago

    thank god im pretty

  • Terminal Insanity
    Terminal Insanity 2 days ago

    life doesnt adapt to the environment. The environment adapts life to suit it. It'll outright kill everything except what can survive it. Whatever manages to survive the environment gets a chance to breed and propagate the traits that allowed them to survive.

    Sticking a person in a waterworld wont cause humans to develop webbed hands. You'll have thousands of generations of deaths until some day by accident someone is born with a mutation with a webbed hand, and maybe that gives him an advantage enough to survive where the otehrs died. But you've really got to ask, why would so many generations of humans be subjecting themselves to this process? They wouldnt. So we'll never have webbed hands...

    Unless maybe you get some genetic hacking going with CRISPR

  • Eloi Dumas
    Eloi Dumas 2 days ago

    k but evolution doesnt happen in humans anymore... there is no reason that a person with non-webbed feet would die before passing on that trait... like pretty much all humans get to reproduce now so this whole idea that humans will change drastically over a couple thousand years makes no sense.. even people with bad immune systems get treated and recover so theres no reason that we will eventually get a better one overall.. anywhore yeah

  • Termo VOLTAGE
    Termo VOLTAGE 2 days ago

    It's weird how this guy can say global warming will make us turn into fishes, and then has the audacity to talk about a possible ice age. Proving this guy has absolutely no idea what's gonna happen in the future. Because I can tell you right now the earth ain't gonna warm up and have an ice age at the same time. It's one or the other, and I personally believe the earth warming up is bull shit, the earth is getting colder.

  • UKFreedomFighters
    UKFreedomFighters 3 days ago

    ~My name is Dr. Sumguy and im going to waffle for the next 2 minutes!~

  • Da Derps 2
    Da Derps 2 4 days ago

    Lets forget about Netflix and Technology and become fish.

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi 6 days ago

    I don't think these physical changes will be drastic because we will create technology to overcome our environmental changes.

  • KAOR40
    KAOR40 7 days ago

    5000 years ago we looked the same as today...
    This is not time enough for such difference...

    • Hayden Case
      Hayden Case 5 days ago

      How do you know that fore sure? have you been to the future or are you just think that.

  • Zz Top
    Zz Top 7 days ago

    NONE of this can happen without natural selection which basically never happens any more but would take sooo much more time

  • DinoCoat the Gaming Tyrannosaur

    Or they look like theropods

  • Elieos Asfenny
    Elieos Asfenny 8 days ago

    1:02 What's that film's name

  • sunny fernandes
    sunny fernandes 10 days ago

    Total crap ...scientists are mad people

  • Bhaskaran M
    Bhaskaran M 10 days ago

    welcome to star trek

  • Joshua Devindra
    Joshua Devindra 11 days ago

    In 5000 years, we'll look nearly identical to us right now. Evolution takes way longer than a few thousand years

  • RexManFly
    RexManFly 12 days ago

    This guy is retarded lmao 1. Evolution happens over the span of millions of years 2. Humans don't really evolve anymore since we've basically eliminated natural selection.

  • New Route (personal account)

    Um, in 3000 years? Evolution isn't that fast.

  • stuffguy666
    stuffguy666 12 days ago

    my only question is how much crack did you fucks smoke to come up with this bullocks science?

  • SuperNintendo Chalmers

    Why would we have more hair to stay warm when we wear clothes everyday?

  • Duurlanddaani
    Duurlanddaani 12 days ago


  • Laryz
    Laryz 12 days ago

    thank god i wasn't born in 5000

  • Emily Hope
    Emily Hope 12 days ago

    Okay this is just bullshit

  • Ashely Yu
    Ashely Yu 12 days ago

    In this case...I'm real glad to be dead by then

  • Atom Nous
    Atom Nous 12 days ago

    You forgot we have technology and science to prevent the bad genes from dying

  • Xxtictoc1216xX
    Xxtictoc1216xX 13 days ago

    bruh got that makeup off your face

  • Xxtictoc1216xX
    Xxtictoc1216xX 13 days ago

    brittle as fu cause well be on mars

  • Neuronwhisperer
    Neuronwhisperer 13 days ago

    "absorb vitamin d from the sunlight" - after 30 s I didn't think it could get worse. it did though

  • bluekeet
    bluekeet 13 days ago +1

    all this is bullshit, since we don't live in water or swim 24/7 i doubt this will happen.

  • BtheDestroyer
    BtheDestroyer 14 days ago

    tfw this guy has no clue what evolution is. We wouldn't just magically get new features because we don't selectively breed as a species.

  • Riya
    Riya 14 days ago

    Conclusion: *you might look like anime*

  • Mr Carter
    Mr Carter 15 days ago

    What was the point of the third example human being so big. Ruined all credibility at that point.


    white Scientists are animal fuckers

  • iChest123
    iChest123 15 days ago

    We're not getting webbed hands and feet.

  • Weiqiang Chen
    Weiqiang Chen 15 days ago

    Bullshit! 3000 years would not be long enough to turn human into frog stuff!

  • King Nothing
    King Nothing 15 days ago

    LOL! There won't be a year 5000

  • anarky4321
    anarky4321 15 days ago

    that may be the worst prediction about anything ive ever heard in my life

  • Roland Lawrence
    Roland Lawrence 16 days ago

    what a croc of speculative crap. There are plenty of regions that are well above 1000m. The more pressing discussion is that with gene therapy, what kind of designer mods are we going to want and have? That will be a far bigger thing. This guy is just in love with aquaman.

  • phapnui
    phapnui 16 days ago

    Humans have been in present form (physically and mentally) for 100,000 years and despite technological changes we are still like monkeys in trees trying to work something out. Evolution doesn't work by humans growing web feet because they need to, or birds developed wings to fly, otherwise that would have already happened with tribes diving in oceans for thousands of years. It is by "mistakes" in a gene that makes it beneficial for survival. And these changes take hundreds of thousands of years to manifest in the general population.

  • katumbu gola
    katumbu gola 17 days ago

    this what happen if idiot wanna be scientist

  • Angel Muffin
    Angel Muffin 17 days ago

    This is totally not true. It will take millions of years for the evolution to make a 'water' habitat. Humans were not meant to live underwater and never will. You don't suddenly start growing webbed fingers and feet. It will take millions of years to develop a water habitat for humans. Life won't be possible for humans to live in a water habitat. Sure, humans might evolve, but it won't go so far as to live underwater. Otherwise, life would not be possible. Humands were NEVER meant to adapt to LIVING underwater, and never will be. Soon, all humans will be gone because they will not be able to evolve to living underwater. Humans will not all of a sudden change to fish. Human are not fish and never will be. You obviously don't know about the evolution. And, even if it did happen, it would happen in millions and millions of years before the Earth becomes a 100% water habitat.

  • Angel Muffin
    Angel Muffin 17 days ago

    YouTube will probably be replaced by some enhanced entertainment company in 5,000 years and Youtube won't be anything then. Technology will evolve, so they will make it so you cannot see these websites or will be replaced with something totally different. Therefore, people 5000 years from now will probably not see this or even speak English.

  • Crechiz
    Crechiz 17 days ago

    Lmfao is this guy fucking dumb. This is the funniest video I ever watch. It takes millions of years for humans to envolve. I'm pretty sure humans 5,000 years ago from now would still look the same. Humans don't envolve that fast.

  • mubashir jutt
    mubashir jutt 18 days ago

    Let everyone be liar and God be true

  • an dra
    an dra 18 days ago


  • theownerpua
    theownerpua 18 days ago

    Thats if the Earth or Humans survive

  • my name is my name
    my name is my name 18 days ago

    this is stupid,billions of people aint gona look like a few individuals

  • Seafight Stag
    Seafight Stag 19 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesnt take this serious? lmao

  • Kayla Dawn
    Kayla Dawn 19 days ago

    We will look the Same, except fatter thanks to fast food and laziness.
    We will no longer communicate with words but with emojies on a digital interface.

    But the fact is we haven't evolved in 10.000 years and monkeys still exist so yeah physical evolution isn't gonna happen.

    ROFLCOPTER 19 days ago

    ...........We changed ourselves from 1000 BC to 2000....we wont Change ourselves in 3000 Years

  • Mist Gamer
    Mist Gamer 19 days ago +2

    Shut idiot we didn't evolve we were CREATED you stupids

  • J88 S
    J88 S 19 days ago

    The world will last in 5000?

  • Bert Saxby
    Bert Saxby 19 days ago

    White people should be sterilized.

  • Jonatas
    Jonatas 19 days ago

    Aint nobody gonna live underwater

  • xDeppy
    xDeppy 19 days ago

    That last one with whiter skin. what if ur black?

  • Nicolas Fredette
    Nicolas Fredette 19 days ago

    "Second" ice age ?... Lol fuck this guy. Why does he imply that there have been only two ice ages ?

  • Heliox
    Heliox 20 days ago

    Species don't go from land creatures to water creatures in a few thousand years. If something arises that requires us to live in water, we'll go extinct. That simple

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer 22 days ago +1

    Thank goodness I'll be long gone bye then because I would not be able to put up with myself because I would be so ugly

  • c u t T u c
    c u t T u c 22 days ago

    This might trigger scientist or professors

  • Bryjns
    Bryjns 23 days ago

    I was born in the wrong generation

  • TheIrongutz
    TheIrongutz 23 days ago

    Typical science, getting it wrong again

  • 0422Juls
    0422Juls 23 days ago +2

    Did u know that if u train ur pupil to stay small underwater, u can see clearly?
    U don't need a "third eyelid"
    There are people in the world who can do this according to national geographic

    ....also...I highly doubt enough people swim in water enough to have to evolve into part fish things
    ...or will even want to start swimming that much
    Lol this scientist want to be a mermaid XD

  • Chandan Bhowal
    Chandan Bhowal 24 days ago

    I am not an expert on biology, just a mere UG student, but most of this is bullshit. That's not how evolution works. Not a single of the adaptation mentioned here can happen in 5000 years.
    Not only that, humans wouldn't really need to adapt that much because they would be using technology to make up for the requirements for survival.
    I am skeptical about this video.

  • MrKyle513
    MrKyle513 24 days ago

    0:20 global warming... 1:26 global ice age.. WTF LMAO

  • MrKyle513
    MrKyle513 24 days ago

    I stopped watching at 0:20 because global warming is total bullshit. Thumbs down.

  • SpitF1re
    SpitF1re 25 days ago

    its not "we will get new Nictitating membranes".... our old Nictitating membranes will get bigger....

    TIBORGAM 25 days ago +1

    Lamarckism detected ...

    With researchs like this, I will be glad if at least we are not extinct in 500 years ...

  • Brighter Tomorrow
    Brighter Tomorrow 26 days ago +1

    This is beneath theory haha
    Lame and wrong on everything.

  • Shafiraatika Mohdzin
    Shafiraatika Mohdzin 26 days ago


  • Aimee Louise
    Aimee Louise 27 days ago

    big lot of white

  • SeattleSoundersFCFan
    SeattleSoundersFCFan 27 days ago +2

    3,000 years from now, there will be NO visible differences whatsoever that you can see with the naked eye. Evolution takes millions of years for the simplest of changes. This is a very wrong video.

  • Zenpai mN
    Zenpai mN 28 days ago

    Who wants to be a big foot

  • allseeing stye
    allseeing stye 28 days ago


  • AncientEsper
    AncientEsper 28 days ago

    I think we will incorporate technology into our bodies, if not taken over by them. We'll either be cyborgs, or human consciousness has already transcended into computers, and therefore evolve into robots overnight (relatively speaking)

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 29 days ago +1

    Okay two things. First, evolution takes millions of years, not a little under 3,000. Hell, our DNA has barely changed in 10,000 years. Second, humans don't adapt to the environment anymore. We adapt the environment to us. We kinda broke evolution.

    REAL MADRID 7 Month ago

    The funny shit is this NIGGA has the nerve to say all this bullshit with a straight face on

  • Yuz Kappy
    Yuz Kappy Month ago

    So we become albino fishes with small jaws?

  • CBarber22
    CBarber22 Month ago

    What's with all the white people? The world is trending pretty fast toward light brown

  • Cian Mansfield
    Cian Mansfield Month ago

    Maybe a volcanic winter is the answer to global warming. If only we could find a way to manually initiate a volcanic eruption large enough but controllable enough to lower global temperatures to combat GW. Granted this would be a pretty extreme solution to the problem.

  • Taco!YT
    Taco!YT Month ago

    im happy we do not have webbed fingers and toes right now, that would be weird....

  • adnan elev
    adnan elev Month ago

    Evolution doesn't exist. It is a term proposed by a man who was religiously ignorant. Out of love for this world, people have created a fantasy world that's considered ridiculous by the religiously educated people. The so-called evolution makes changes to the anatomical structure of the body and the brain, that's to say, the transformation of apes into humans. If ape turned to man, why are there apes. We haven't seen apes to humans. Besides, people who talk about life in the years 3000,4000 or 5000, are not religiously educated and don't believe in the coming Hour ( The Day of Judgement ). Their love for this world is great, to the point that, they will pass away while trying to earn millions or billions of dollars and trying to build houses, so that they can lead a luxurious life but the reality is that, no matter how much wealth you acquire or work hard, your place of rest will be under 6 feet of dirt.

  • lord of them stale memes

    But none of this would happen because we've broken evolution

  • ferry dane
    ferry dane Month ago

    Wtf is this shit? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • NOAH Govea
    NOAH Govea Month ago

    Matthew looks like a person in 1000 years

  • Charan
    Charan Month ago


    there solved.

  • Clayton Tickle
    Clayton Tickle Month ago

    Not much would change but we'd live underwater

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account Month ago

    humans can't survive even till 500 years from now

  • Jose Maldonado
    Jose Maldonado Month ago

    why why why does this dude look like grant thompson the king of random with a bigger forehead and no hair or bald.

  • Deadeye Lincoln
    Deadeye Lincoln Month ago

    What if aliens are just the future humans visiting the past?

  • Varad Guitars
    Varad Guitars Month ago

    btw bad editing

  • Ariz Trad
    Ariz Trad Month ago

    Water world? Just the coasts will be underwater. Wtf.

  • lousyacrobat
    lousyacrobat Month ago

    they spent like an hour coming up w this sht and probably smoked a ton of weed.

  • Gabe Likes Stuff
    Gabe Likes Stuff Month ago

    b s

  • DarkCold
    DarkCold Month ago

    this is so dumb all humans would just die in these condition

  • Isak Eliah
    Isak Eliah Month ago

    In year 5000 we will look the same cause our enviroment is nothing like in the stone age we will probably look the exakt the same when our rase gets ereticated

  • salem ammar
    salem ammar Month ago

    we are going to be ugly

  • proudpilot777
    proudpilot777 Month ago

    these poeple arent ugly when we were still apes than they find us ugly too

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