The Alien Timeline in Chronological Order

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  • cloverfield911
    cloverfield911 14 hours ago

    How Come the Engineers never EVOLVED in 4 billion years

  • Arch Prophet
    Arch Prophet Day ago

    so its like star wars future in the past and presequels in modern times.

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B Day ago

    Thanks, I hope people actually WATCH THIS. So many people are all messed up with the timeline in their heads. There are people that are; "No No No, there all in order as they are made". They think it's some kind of Harry Potter thing.

  • H. Ellis
    H. Ellis 2 days ago

    I absolutely HATE Newt...and her stupid way of talking. she almost ruined a really good movie...

  • SunTheGamer 74
    SunTheGamer 74 2 days ago

    5:09 admit it that queen chestburster looks a bit cute

  • Mary Hart
    Mary Hart 2 days ago

    I like the whole franchise. Glad a timeline has been established.

  • Alberto de Victoria
    Alberto de Victoria 3 days ago

    Wey-Yu have enough money to design more "faces", but The international organization of technology (ILO) promotes the regulatory agreement for the manufacture of synthetics in the year 2038. For humans to recognize a synthetic, very few designs are allowed.
    That's why David and Walter have the same exterior design.

  • Banana Hammock
    Banana Hammock 3 days ago

    Annnnnd ... The fly in the ointment to this timeline are the AVP movies. So think about this .. If it was David who eventually engineered the egg-laying Queen alien , how did the predators have an egg laying queen thousands of years in earths past which they used for their hunts ... Once again, a franchise screws up its own timeline for the sake of making money. I was disappointed with alien covenant. It will be the first alien movie that I will NOT own ...

  • Brotherhood Of Steel

    alien isolation takes place between alien and aliens why cause the game say that ripley the ll is looking for her mother ripley the l and cant find her but does find out a xenomorph got on the ship

  • darkspd31
    darkspd31 5 days ago

    TIL alien movies have one of the dumbest, most repetitive plots of all time...

  • Dr Memes
    Dr Memes 5 days ago

    What about avp

  • untouchable360x
    untouchable360x 5 days ago

    only alien and aliens are in the timeline. Prometheus, Alien convenant, alien 3, resurrection are in another universe or spin off.

  • Gamer549
    Gamer549 5 days ago

    shouldn't this start with the first alien movie?

    • Gamer549
      Gamer549 5 days ago

      just in case, i mean the movie "alien"

  • Momon Imong
    Momon Imong 6 days ago

    Wаtcсcch Аliеn оnlinе herе =>

  • w00tse
    w00tse 6 days ago

    Now that I see it again, isn't there grass in the background of the engineer at 0:34? Grass is a lifeform and it has DNA, just sayin.

  • Sierra Whiskey
    Sierra Whiskey 7 days ago

    All the creatures are xenomorph. Its name simply means an unknown form.

  • Loli H
    Loli H 7 days ago

    how about alien vs predator?

  • James C
    James C 7 days ago

    Alien isolation needs a sequel so BAD.

  • Vinny Russo
    Vinny Russo 7 days ago

    Narrator seriously needs to put the Crack stem down!!

  • Matalink
    Matalink 7 days ago

    are Predator vs aliens movies part of alien?

  • Johnny Laredo
    Johnny Laredo 7 days ago

    I don't know if some how this is more confusing , hard to understand to mix up .

  • Vcreator
    Vcreator 7 days ago

    I think you should had mentioned alien isolation,it had a nice part in the alien story

  • al
    al 8 days ago

    I don't know, but the voice of this guy's reminded me of Bitwit, yeah the computer tech guy.

  • TheMiz
    TheMiz 9 days ago +1

    how about alien vs predator ?

  • NicProfication
    NicProfication 9 days ago

    so....did Walter really died?

  • The Black Knight
    The Black Knight 10 days ago

    Alien and Aliens are the only ones that should be considered canon, the rest are bad fan fiction.

  • Joshua Aquino
    Joshua Aquino 11 days ago

    For now you can't finalize this timeline just yet. There's said to follow up another Alien film after Covenant that should tie up to the first Alien film.

  • MrJoey6590
    MrJoey6590 12 days ago

    02:48 Where I would recommend picking the story up from.

  • Shura Yashamaru
    Shura Yashamaru 12 days ago

    the only thing i didn't get is IF the the engineer ship in Alien is the same from Prometheus and Covenant, how did it end up on LV 426 from Planet 4 ? Did David go back for it ? he left with the Covenant ship ... or is the engineer ship on LV a completely different ship what just also happened to be infested ? i just assumed it's David's ship because the eggs on it are huge, like the ones David bred, not small like the modern xenomorph's ...

  • Triluxor
    Triluxor 12 days ago

    Why does the game that appears in the details of the video appear as Fallout 4?

  • movierr111
    movierr111 12 days ago

    Game over man, its game over

  • idealist4life
    idealist4life 13 days ago

    BUT WAIT, I think you missed something. How many years wa Ripley in Status the 2nd time, when she ends up crashing on the prison planet?

  • Pendragonthegreat
    Pendragonthegreat 14 days ago

    Alien 3 and Resurrection are not cannon to me

  • Abraham Contreras
    Abraham Contreras 14 days ago

    Poor Jones

  • H.Drizzle
    H.Drizzle 14 days ago

    Alien 3 and 4 should not be canon (seeing as how Fox considered letting Blomkamp retcon it completely) because they are terrible. Even if they are officially considered canon, please don't watch them. They completely ruin the point of Aliens and Covenant goes one step further to desecrate the lore.

  • David Alvarado
    David Alvarado 15 days ago

    So what about predator, why did they make alien vs predator. Btw why did predator lose, he was a badass

  • tough tooth 76 Casado
    tough tooth 76 Casado 15 days ago


  • Ruben Olguin
    Ruben Olguin 16 days ago

    Okay, im new to the whole alien franchise.
    My first film ever seen with anything to do with Aliens was AvP. was born in 93 so take it easy lol. Didnt even know the originals existed.
    Im falling more and more for them though with these new ones coming out; Can someone pls explain to me How AvP even became a thing? Like where the hell does the Predator even come from. I wouldnt mind a movie explaining that too. lol

  • Turboflyer Jeams
    Turboflyer Jeams 19 days ago +1

    Those idiots again and again hahahahahah!!!!

  • wtx122e
    wtx122e 20 days ago

    when does the Predator start hunting them

  • ItsSuperRedize
    ItsSuperRedize 21 day ago

    What about alien v predator

  • Sean Pipatkhajonchai
    Sean Pipatkhajonchai 22 days ago

    At least add Alien Iso. It was serviceable.

  • Milos Kostic
    Milos Kostic 23 days ago

    In version of Alien3 i watched, Runner bursts out of the some kind of ox.

  • Andrew Chong
    Andrew Chong 23 days ago

    what about the Predators?

  • Chris Pallares
    Chris Pallares 23 days ago

    what about the xenomorphs that are pets of the predators?

  • indra nugraha
    indra nugraha 24 days ago

    So this is david fault

  • Dillon Vaughan
    Dillon Vaughan 24 days ago

    Alien: When a space crew discovers the importance of quarantine

  • Zamal
    Zamal 24 days ago

    so earth died from explosion too?

  • Zamal
    Zamal 24 days ago

    itsa all robots fault

  • královna jadranka tatranka

    i have in the movie cove no dog why ?

  • královna jadranka tatranka

    the robot in the first alien is robot from prometheus and covenant this is teori

  • josh aguilar
    josh aguilar 25 days ago

    What about alien vs predator? Is that just a spinoff?

  • ChaseTaylorDM
    ChaseTaylorDM 28 days ago

    So you're telling me that the prequels came before the other movies? Tell me more...

  • sammo singa
    sammo singa 29 days ago

    where is the Predator ??

  • Food Nepal
    Food Nepal 29 days ago

    where are predators?

  • J. H. Eden POTUS
    J. H. Eden POTUS 29 days ago

    how does avp timeline fit into this cause according to that story they were bringing aliens to earth back during since way back

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 29 days ago

    Covenant was a huge disappointment. Felt like I was watching a bad version of the 1st Alien movie again! Terrible writing and nothing creative like Prometheus. They shouldntve killed Shaw. Guess they couldnt afford her anymore

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 29 days ago

    Yo thanks exactly what i was searcing for

  • Angel Gutierrez
    Angel Gutierrez 29 days ago

    wait but what about the predators

  • Ferlian Satria
    Ferlian Satria Month ago

    i wonder why people think that human were created by engineer on purpose. I rather think that human accidentally created from engineer fragments body who died after drink some black goo poison. maybe like punishment after doing some crime. he ordered to committed suicide in the lifeless planet (earth). after the engineer died his fragments body transformed into human. and yeah. it was accidentally. the engineers does not recognized that they prisoner body would become another creature. that's why the engineers want to wipe all the humans because they don't want there's another creation who has intelligence like them. they considered this as a mistake.

  • Nash Fung
    Nash Fung Month ago

    BRAVO. BRA!!! VOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vladiatör Ahmadinejad

    Alien "Isolation"?
    I'm not a nerd, so I'm only following the FILMS.

  • Augusto Ortiz
    Augusto Ortiz Month ago

    What movie comes after covenant then?

  • Jii-El
    Jii-El Month ago

    Where's Alien: Isolation? thats pretty much on point

  • The Gamer King
    The Gamer King Month ago

    the girl from covenant is used to create the alien queen and the rest of the covenant crew is used as alien food or veseles

  • Bjorn Ervig
    Bjorn Ervig Month ago

    Alien 3 & 4 are retcon!

  • Leszek Halama
    Leszek Halama Month ago

    Ridley Scott he is a fool.

  • Jack T
    Jack T Month ago

    IGN has no legitimacy talking about alien anymore

  • Messi Milan
    Messi Milan Month ago

    I have not seen the Alins Movies should i?

  • Jonathan Barker
    Jonathan Barker Month ago

    It is cool with the Alien timeline . Since have not much on the reviews of Alien ; Covenant , But I still want to see the movie ,And learning about the Engineers which seems to have a interesting back story .

  • T Studios
    T Studios Month ago

    What threw me off was the fossilized space jockey in 'Alien'. At that point, I needed a video to explain there was a second generation of eggs created; but the science isn't exact, so it was as clear as a fogged up mirror. I had thought the original films took place much further in the future, and Prometheus much closer to our present day (within 1 or two decades, not several more). For those interested, fan theories abound:

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +1

    Am I really the only one who wants to know where do Aliens vs Predator fit into all this?

  • Derpster
    Derpster Month ago

    Alien vs. Hilldog.

  • Kellie Jo Green
    Kellie Jo Green Month ago

    how does aliens vs predators fit in??? Can someone plz explain.

  • Daniel Nyman
    Daniel Nyman Month ago

    alien in covenant was a protomorph not xeno tho. still don't know where/how the xeno comes to be.

  • greatavielite
    greatavielite Month ago +1

    SO Where does the alien vs predator fit in?

  • adilson lima
    adilson lima Month ago

    there is a planet full whit the black glue
    and somewere another engeneer base with the same stuff
    not mencioning the predator knows how to breed them

  • shawnqueze
    shawnqueze Month ago

    awesome how these movies go back further when new ones come out

  • Xenomrph
    Xenomrph Month ago

    Alien Resurrection takes place in 2381, FYI

  • 재밌어게임
    재밌어게임 Month ago

    Аliееen moviеeе hеееrе =>

  • Ben Munn
    Ben Munn Month ago

    The alien timeline explanation helps because I don't understand the connection between alien vs predator, Prometheus, alien covenant, and the original alien movies

  • Mike Swn
    Mike Swn Month ago

    Why no one wants to make a Alien tv series????

  • Atomic Dalek
    Atomic Dalek Month ago

    Let's just say that all the alien movies are backwards

  • werewolfx51
    werewolfx51 Month ago

    achievement unlocked: KIIIIIILLLLLL MEEEEEEEE..............

  • Schwanzus Longus
    Schwanzus Longus Month ago

    Well there were spoilers about Covenant (haven't seen it yet) but not a single word about what Ripley and the mercs found on earth after landing...

  • Mikhail Dc
    Mikhail Dc Month ago

    Good job 👍

  • David Quezada
    David Quezada Month ago

    but where does super Mario fit!?

  • L Dog
    L Dog Month ago

    If weyland dies in prometheus how is he in Ripleys alien movies?

  • Orlando Rangel
    Orlando Rangel Month ago

    what about TED 2021?

  • Trần Lê Nhật Quang

    Watch Аliеn оnline in hd quааaalitу hееrе =>

  • thomas crow
    thomas crow Month ago

    The "xenomorph" was actually a protomorph in covanent and not the real deal

  • skyzeero
    skyzeero Month ago

    According to, the Engineer did not sacrifice himself 4 Billion B.C., but rather in 93 A.D.

  • Blitz Nimbus
    Blitz Nimbus Month ago

    What about Predator?

  • santanoexiste
    santanoexiste Month ago

    what about alien vs predator 1 and 2?

  • Noah Ross
    Noah Ross Month ago

    iv only watched Prometheus and alien convenant

    THE RED ARMY CCCP Month ago

    i just watched the first alien movie and i cant belive they found the enginiers nice :D i didnt know that i only think humans found them for the first time on that planet in prometeus

  • Stealthlooper
    Stealthlooper Month ago

    is Alien Isolation even considered canon?

  • suraj rock
    suraj rock Month ago

    wat about predator

  • tracey harris
    tracey harris Month ago

    wait then how did the alien in alien vs Pedator end up in Alaska before Prometheus?

  • Justin Bradley
    Justin Bradley Month ago

    This is pretty well done, I kinda guessed it would be exclusively the movies

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