Gold Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial!

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  • daddy spader
    daddy spader 13 hours ago

    I just witnessed perfection

  • De'ja Crenshaw
    De'ja Crenshaw 5 days ago

    You look like tinker bell 💕

  • Afsara Wien
    Afsara Wien 5 days ago +1

    Ur Make-up is good but at the end u ruin ur whole look with ur highlighting method 😔

  • SarcasticPixie
    SarcasticPixie 6 days ago +1

    "its super natural" as a glaze of frosting appears on her cheek....millenials crack me the f up

  • Alexsis Holley TV
    Alexsis Holley TV 7 days ago

    How you do this with small eyelid 😂🙄

  • Queen Gawaya
    Queen Gawaya 8 days ago


  • Jessica Rz
    Jessica Rz 9 days ago

    YESS GIRL I love yellow too!!

  • Ashley Almaraz
    Ashley Almaraz 11 days ago

    Fav 😍😍😍

  • michael johnson
    michael johnson 11 days ago

    Heads up gals, if u want to test different make-up brands then head over to They offer free samples to try out so u could find the product lines that u like. I got mine 9 weeks ago and it has really helped me save a lot of money.

  • EN 97
    EN 97 11 days ago

    stop looking in the viewfinder all the time

  • Tyra Gorgeous
    Tyra Gorgeous 13 days ago

    Can someone tell me what brand is the large stippling brush she use for powder?I need it!!

  • 1LovelyPrecious
    1LovelyPrecious 15 days ago

    I've learned so much by watching you're makeup tutorials.

  • kayla castellanos
    kayla castellanos 18 days ago

    fuck u

  • betabowsAJ
    betabowsAJ 20 days ago

    Any good palettes for beginners? Pls do a Instagram makeup for beginners and tips

  • Skyla Eardley
    Skyla Eardley 20 days ago

    Ahhh, you're so pretty! New subbie 💗

  • Angie Selix
    Angie Selix 22 days ago

    This was so pretty omg!

  • Lyss
    Lyss 22 days ago

    Highlighter doesn't look blended... :/

  • Kiaraivelisse xo
    Kiaraivelisse xo 23 days ago

    Absolutely stunning!! Obsessed with this look! <3

  • Suzana Simao
    Suzana Simao 23 days ago

    heyy nice makeup look i liked the vid and subbed ...please sub back to help the little youtubers comunity shine !

  • Peonie Lin
    Peonie Lin 24 days ago

    Does anyone know what brushes she used??

  • allyson gibbs
    allyson gibbs 27 days ago

    Ok but why her highlight all over her cheeks

  • Bratty_ Brittney
    Bratty_ Brittney 28 days ago

    This look is gorgeous on you!!!

  • Neenah Brown
    Neenah Brown 28 days ago


  • mary wolodkin
    mary wolodkin 29 days ago

    I don't like tuna. No offense😂😂

  • Jerasia
    Jerasia 29 days ago

    I love you so much 😭💗❗️❤️💗

  • Fabiola Ileann Avila Ramirez

    I just saw some makeup artist on Instagram (tobebebeautyface) who posted a pic saying she "created" the look and I don't think she did... I don't know if you're okay with makeup artist copying your work but I find it kinda disrespectful that's why I'm writing this

  • Jojo T.
    Jojo T. Month ago

    This was amazing 😍😍 I need to practice makeup more

  • Hola Ava
    Hola Ava Month ago

    Loved this😍 but feel like she should've blended the highlight a bit more

  • Kaila Nicole
    Kaila Nicole Month ago

    I watch your videos all the time never knew I wasn't subscribed or liking up but I gotchu lol

  • Valerie Tirado
    Valerie Tirado Month ago

    i want to do this look for my senior pictures but i don't look good with eyeliner 😭

  • Ron' Jana R.
    Ron' Jana R. Month ago

    This makeup look is so bomb😍, the colors are so pigmented. You make me wanna recreate this look on my channel 💙

  • Anahi Estrada
    Anahi Estrada Month ago

    Your eyeshadow looks amazing girl! Love ya!💕

  • Daisy Gutierrez
    Daisy Gutierrez Month ago +2

    I love ur videos n all the looks u do but STOP DRAGGING UR HIGHLIGHT SO LOW ONTO UR CHEEKS 😩

  • Skull Girl
    Skull Girl Month ago

    Wow, you know how to do your makeup unique! I love it so much!! keep up the good work <3

  • Jimin's Lips
    Jimin's Lips Month ago

    Yellow is totally your color! 💛

  • jayydream
    jayydream Month ago

    Yes Tina slayyy 😍😍

  • Colleen Raymond
    Colleen Raymond Month ago

    beautiful ❤❤👍👍

  • Misty Gurung
    Misty Gurung Month ago


  • Valeria Beliard
    Valeria Beliard Month ago +1

    Beautiful look but I think she brought her highlighter way to down on her cheeks.

  • Anna Donnelly
    Anna Donnelly Month ago

    Your skin looks amazing!!! Summer plan is to work all week to play on the weekend 🙊 instagram is @annadonnelly13

  • Stacey Morales
    Stacey Morales Month ago

    which lashes were these?

  • Amjad.
    Amjad. Month ago

    So beautiful 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • give me a shawn mendes

    2:19 spongebob anyone?

  • Zahria D.
    Zahria D. Month ago

    you are so bomb I can't stand it ! <3

  • Courtney Chapman
    Courtney Chapman Month ago

    This is my fav eye look you've ever done OBSESSED W YELLOW TOO!!

  • Grace Hannah Beauty

    this look is sooo pretty I'm in love

  • Jupiter Moon
    Jupiter Moon Month ago

    Love this so much. Going to try it soon.

  • Brianna Tucker
    Brianna Tucker Month ago

    This is gorgeous! Seriously going to recreate this today, I'll make sure I tag you on insta babes! I'm in love with yellow looks! I did a pink lemonade look the other day it was stunning ✨

  • Corinne Cosmétique

    Hey you are beautiful 💁😚

  • Gracie Johnson
    Gracie Johnson Month ago

    Omg this look is so pretty I'm in love 😂😍😍

  • Samantha Gámiz
    Samantha Gámiz Month ago

    this is soooooooooooooooo pretty!! i wanna try it so bad

  • Kiara Alejandra
    Kiara Alejandra Month ago

    💞 Love it

  • lovedrakexx
    lovedrakexx Month ago

    you're like the little girl of the grinch but older

  • Megan Scott
    Megan Scott Month ago

    Beautiful!! I love it 😍

  • Xitlaly Salazar
    Xitlaly Salazar Month ago

    If you want a really good yellow I recommend you using the Take me to Brazil palette from BH cosmetics 😘

  • Bee Monet
    Bee Monet Month ago

    😍😍😍I cannot wait to try this look out!!!

  • Anna Bbzn
    Anna Bbzn Month ago

    Love the look ! Something comletly different to the stuff you usally see on Youtube :) Keep going you beautiful soul !

  • Kate Castillo
    Kate Castillo Month ago

    you're so unbelievably talented omg

  • Anita Szepelska
    Anita Szepelska Month ago

    She's so cute tuna fish and her YouTube is growing so fast and I'm here with my 916 subscribers looking like potato 😂

  • Natasa M
    Natasa M Month ago

    that highlight application is awful. why you put it so close to your nose?!! 😐😐

  • Emily Jaynne
    Emily Jaynne Month ago

    Why tuna fish ??

  • Ms Ali
    Ms Ali Month ago

    anyone else lose their shit when she turned over the urban decay gold liner at 7:36💀 no chances taken over here✋lmao

  • Chika Emeribenini
    Chika Emeribenini Month ago

    She said the highlighter was natural 😂😂😂

  • DG Rocks
    DG Rocks Month ago

    Looooovvveeeeee my fab

  • Sheyla Lopez
    Sheyla Lopez Month ago

    You're really pretty ...awesome look
    Lol I could never do that but I like ur vid 😊👍🏼

  • Staci Santos
    Staci Santos Month ago

    The highlight looks so weird where you place it, makes your under eyes look weird and makes any texture on your skin show 10x more it looked so much prettier without any I know highlight is such a big thing now but little to none looked more flattering on you

  • Tia Kusi
    Tia Kusi Month ago

    You're like a female version of Thomas Halbert (which is a compliment btw) love you both ❤❤❤

  • laila Duncan
    laila Duncan Month ago +1

    I love how you do makeup

  • Mara Serban
    Mara Serban Month ago

    How old is she?

  • Kaylani Jay
    Kaylani Jay Month ago

    kind of a morphe overload doll try sigma brushes

  • Kenzie xx
    Kenzie xx Month ago

    love the look- just don't bring your highlighter down on your cheeks/nose area sm if you're oily. even if you aren't, you want it natural, but there, you know? keep on your cheek bone where your natural highlight would be

  • Martha Nino
    Martha Nino Month ago

    ur so badddd

  • Vvlogs Ss
    Vvlogs Ss Month ago

    You look so good with just concealer like oh god

  • Esmeralda Villegas
    Esmeralda Villegas Month ago

    I'm obsessed your skin looks so flawless!! .. love it!!! 💕💕💕💕

  • Danielle Nevarez
    Danielle Nevarez Month ago

    I'm not even a fan of yellow but this is so pretty 😍

  • kaela martinez
    kaela martinez Month ago


  • noel c
    noel c Month ago

    please forget to say tuna fish

  • NooManTv Vlogs
    NooManTv Vlogs Month ago

    hey im a vloger and i made a reaction about womens wearing make up. have a look leave your opinon . thank you

  • Anahi Hernández
    Anahi Hernández Month ago

    nose lo que dice pero me gusto👍

  • Alda Vargas
    Alda Vargas Month ago

    Looooooove this look!

  • Joanna Arias
    Joanna Arias Month ago

    Sooo pretty 😍😍😍😍

  • Jennifer Trevino
    Jennifer Trevino Month ago

    Okay not I see the issue with your highlight. It's all over your texture. But hey, if you're comfortable with it, slay boo.

  • Cassandra Garza
    Cassandra Garza Month ago


  • Kani Nieves
    Kani Nieves Month ago


  • Sadat Sadat
    Sadat Sadat Month ago

    You don't look like in your thumbnail :/ all of your thumbnails and live-in-videos are soooo different. You don't look like you :(

  • Adriana K
    Adriana K Month ago

    Can you do a clothing haul from zofle???

  • M Z
    M Z Month ago

    your undereyes and nose area where you apply concealer are jus a lil too yellow

  • Ruby Keyvani
    Ruby Keyvani Month ago

    I'm normally not a fan of cut crease eyes but this is gorggggg

  • Lauren Bromley
    Lauren Bromley Month ago

    This will always be my favourite makeup look

  • Tiffany P
    Tiffany P Month ago

    I'm so gonna trycthis tip! Everytime I put on eyeshadow my eyelids are small but my eyes are big lol and you can barely tell I have eyeshadow on when I open them. so I'll try this.

    • Tiffany P
      Tiffany P Month ago

      especailly, doing cut creases.

  • Sy Muwah
    Sy Muwah Month ago

    Yassss new subbie! I absolutely love this look on you

  • Taryn Lavone
    Taryn Lavone Month ago

    I loved this look and I've never tried a cut crease but, this video was very helpful and I was able to recreate it. thanks for the upload

  • Keilah Laing
    Keilah Laing Month ago

    Damn Tina this is lit

  • Sunshine Hernandez
    Sunshine Hernandez Month ago

    I wanna do the cut crease but my eyes are kinda hooded? lowkey but just enough to make cut creases impossible. and my brows are pretty low so I'm not sure if i should drag the crease up. I cri

  • Sunshine Hernandez
    Sunshine Hernandez Month ago

    lordt. slay me queen. I wonder if this would look good on me? I'm lowkey dark skinned😢

  • LuckyBlu
    LuckyBlu Month ago +2

    She has the cutest little face ever !

  • Gemma Barber
    Gemma Barber Month ago +2

    I had a dream where we were friends and I was at your house helping you get ready for a collab with James Charles😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MrsJ118
    MrsJ118 Month ago


  • madelynn baher
    madelynn baher Month ago

    You look like tinker bell so cute

  • KimmyHeyhey
    KimmyHeyhey Month ago +1

    She is so talented !
    anyone want to become youtube friends ?

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