Staying at a Tokyo Capsule Hotel

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  • Capsule hotels are dream come true for budget travellers - particularly in upmarket Ginza in Tokyo.
    ► WHERE I stayed:
    ► ADVICE on Budget Travelling Japan:

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  • 名前が変えられねぇ

    “GIN”means silver

  • Nibir U
    Nibir U 1 day ago


  • Japeth Barnett
    Japeth Barnett 1 day ago

    Nobody else was reminded of 5th element by this?

  • TheErinnF
    TheErinnF 2 days ago

    I love this channel! Thank you!

  • Fletcher Cameron
    Fletcher Cameron 2 days ago

    Calpis tastes like Yakult and lemonade together and a wasabi kit Kat is actually very nice. Like a light milk chocolate

  • Shawn Hickey
    Shawn Hickey 5 days ago

    double niggers

  • Shawn Hickey
    Shawn Hickey 5 days ago


  • blossom rosemary
    blossom rosemary 6 days ago

    I think seeing these capsules made me claustrophobic

  • ソラ、春日野神穹


  • MidnightEkaki
    MidnightEkaki 6 days ago

    Well gay couples can get a very cheap love hotel then

  • Fetal Mistaken Mouse

    If there is no hentai magazines im not staying there

  • renragged
    renragged 7 days ago

    Reminds me of being on an Aircraft Carrier. The Capsule Hotel is a lot nicer of course...

  • Benjamin Mella
    Benjamin Mella 8 days ago

    I thought he said cow piss haha

  • Kakashi Ken
    Kakashi Ken 13 days ago

    Who records your vids?

  • Op goldensaver
    Op goldensaver 14 days ago

    1200 dollars for rent for a whole month... not too bad

  • Ta Control
    Ta Control 15 days ago

    Deus ex

  • Lukas T
    Lukas T 15 days ago

    can you lock the capsule from inside so no one can open it from the outside?^^

  • Adrian Hartanto
    Adrian Hartanto 16 days ago

    Drinking cow piss isn't good any time of the day lol

  • You Mad
    You Mad 18 days ago

    Calpis--cow piss

  • T Kalevi
    T Kalevi 19 days ago

    This is like only in Japan

  • Jess dela Fuente
    Jess dela Fuente 20 days ago

    i used to love watching your videos.....not so sure anymore after what you did to that kitkat

  • Juan Farias
    Juan Farias 20 days ago

    I thought he said he drank cow piss 😂

  • Carson D.
    Carson D. 20 days ago

    Does it bother anyone else how he ate the kit kat

  • Frances L. .L
    Frances L. .L 21 day ago


  • Katie
    Katie 21 day ago

    In cars 2 there is a reference in the Tokyo bit to these

  • Kharad Zum
    Kharad Zum 21 day ago

    I just found a deal at that seems way too cheap. 51 euros for 3 nights is this even possible.

  • Nikko Sisowath
    Nikko Sisowath 21 day ago

    Your music is on point brutha man!

  • ProGaming
    ProGaming 23 days ago

    why are you eating a kit kat like that

  • ModernRicky25
    ModernRicky25 24 days ago

    I love wasabi Kit Kat and Calpis

  • Burty Boo boo
    Burty Boo boo 24 days ago

    When he was saying calpis I thought he said cow piss 😅😅

  • Sanchit Dhingra
    Sanchit Dhingra 26 days ago


  • Rafael Montoya
    Rafael Montoya 26 days ago

    JBalvin anyone?

  • Emily Witcher
    Emily Witcher 27 days ago

    i too drink cow piss

  • Gakuto Face
    Gakuto Face 27 days ago

    wass poppin jimbo

    anyone get the reference

  • Starwberry Girlie
    Starwberry Girlie 28 days ago

    when i run away from home...

  • Mo Sun
    Mo Sun 28 days ago

    Nice videos.

  • Michael Phelps
    Michael Phelps 28 days ago +1

    But how is housekeeping done?

  • juan duque
    juan duque 29 days ago


  • Sinamae •
    Sinamae • 1 month ago

    "Tastes like chocolate gone wrong" *takes another bite*

  • gottfer
    gottfer 1 month ago

    is there some sort of flow in the foot bath? I'm not super afraid of bacterias but still kinda looked gross x)
    sorry for my awful engish

  • Scorpio King
    Scorpio King 1 month ago

    cow piss wotah! delicious!

  • A. Soldier
    A. Soldier 1 month ago

    I'd hate to be a claustrophobic poor person in Japan.

  • KawaiiClover
    KawaiiClover 1 month ago

    I feel in one of those I'd go insane

  • cindybin2001
    cindybin2001 1 month ago

    OH THIS MAKES ME FURIOUS! It is terrible someone made a comment below using profanity and got a whole bunch of thumbs up!!

    johannes Amdahl
    shii, those capsuals looks cozy as fuck
    Reply 128

    AARGHHHH MUST YOU USE PROFANITY?? HOW CRUDE AND OFFENSIVE! Oh this makes me furious! I have ranted against profanity for 15 years online, ever since we got the Internet! Haven't you read a thing I have written?? And what really makes me mad is that your comment gets 128 thumbs up? And nobody even scolds you for using this language? HOW SAD IS THAT?? Shame on all of you for giving that comment thumbs up!

  • cindybin2001
    cindybin2001 1 month ago

    It's terrible they serve alcohol and you drink it! Oh this makes me so mad! I have ranted against alcohol for 15 years online, writing thousands of comments, tons of blogs, even a BOOK about why we shouldn't use alcohol! Alcohol is a drug! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right!

  • Ricky Jenkins
    Ricky Jenkins 1 month ago

    0:28 ginza oh shit you're in trouble where's the empire where's the dragons where's yoji Itami

  • Apricock
    Apricock 1 month ago

    when he said calpis I thought he said cow piss

  • firesoul453
    firesoul453 1 month ago

    wouldn't an alarm wake everyone up in a capsule hotel?

    {DB} DYNAMICBOMB 1 month ago

    if u fart the smell tho

  • 13 dimensions
    13 dimensions 1 month ago

    I wish I can go to Japan 😔😖

  • FrostyFroakie64 #2
    FrostyFroakie64 #2 1 month ago

    Imagine having sex in one of those...

  • TheOkThx
    TheOkThx 1 month ago

    darn it, I miss Tokyo too much..

  • Joe tha Ngyes
    Joe tha Ngyes 1 month ago

    Anyone else heard "cowpiss" instead of calpis???

  • Klutch Leonard
    Klutch Leonard 1 month ago

    Must be a bitch to make the bed in one of those capsules.

  • Faniece Hackney
    Faniece Hackney 1 month ago

    what if it was someone's honeymoon?😂

  • Eramadha Saikiran
    Eramadha Saikiran 1 month ago

    once visit to India you can find how our culture traditions & technical was developed
    these cities must visit complsory

    Jammu Kashmir

  • fat festus
    fat festus 1 month ago

    him:"cow piss"
    him:"calpis, you've never had calpis before?"

  • SexualBreadNinja
    SexualBreadNinja 1 month ago

    I love how Calpis sounds exactly like "Cow piss" because the drink is somewhat milky.

  • videitos09
    videitos09 1 month ago

    I know without any doubt that i would bonk my head waking up in the morning.

  • M3AMG63
    M3AMG63 1 month ago

    At the beginning I thought u said 'cowpiss'....later on I got to know u just meant 'calpis'.

  • Jackson McCarthy
    Jackson McCarthy 1 month ago

    Bruh that one dude who looked at you when you were showing off your snacks

  • BeastBoyGaming
    BeastBoyGaming 1 month ago

    Japan is weird

  • Link watch out Cat
    Link watch out Cat 1 month ago

    Did you see genji

  • Kwaidan Duncan
    Kwaidan Duncan 1 month ago

    i thought he was saying "cow piss" at first XDD

  • Blue King
    Blue King 1 month ago

    You spelled cow piss wrong

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 1 month ago

    Good thing I understand yen is equivalent to a penny.

  • James Gutierrez
    James Gutierrez 1 month ago +1

    cow piss

  • Damiani
    Damiani 1 month ago

    Wasabi kitkats? I wanna try

  • Snoop Shaggy
    Snoop Shaggy 1 month ago

    You ate the kit Kat wrong.

  • Raspberry Daily
    Raspberry Daily 1 month ago

    What if your your transgendered

  • Christian DC
    Christian DC 1 month ago

    @7:17 I though he said cow piss.....

  • Turkish Gamers
    Turkish Gamers 1 month ago +1

    Garbarius tan gelenler +1

  • Erik Campuzano
    Erik Campuzano 1 month ago

    Why do u have such big calf muscels

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan 1 month ago

    Does anyone know what song that is he uses in the intro? Love the sound of it.

  • Robert Spelciuc
    Robert Spelciuc 1 month ago

    If this was Germany 🤔

  • Joe Lim
    Joe Lim 1 month ago

    lmao 10000 yen is quite small. I usually bring atleast 30000yen out *facepalm*

  • hg5 gordie
    hg5 gordie 1 month ago

    Agh the way he ate that kit kat makes me triggered 😡😡😡😡😡😤

  • Monokuma
    Monokuma 1 month ago

    Quality video my man.

  • Skygerby
    Skygerby 1 month ago

    So this is how it feels to be a clone trooper

  • DC Comic 90
    DC Comic 90 1 month ago

    Japanese people are dogs,
    and they deserve to die like dogs.

  • *dogo the robbo*
    *dogo the robbo* 1 month ago


  • Mario Ramirez
    Mario Ramirez 1 month ago

    Try not to drink cold stuff and drink warm drink n not hot.

  • Joel Hurtado
    Joel Hurtado 1 month ago

    Im from the California and I was like wth 4,000 ? 😂😂 but then I remember that's Tokyo lol

  • Mario Ramirez
    Mario Ramirez 1 month ago

    Hey how did you chip your tooth!?????? You should contact a dentist same thing happened to me when I was 8 yrs old and over time it started discoloring and it turn brown and later dark brown

  • David T
    David T 1 month ago

    at 7:14 I thought he said, "wash it down with some cow piss". Lmao.

  • Pineapple_123
    Pineapple_123 1 month ago

    I feel i'd not cope in Japan as I like to spend a lot but I like to buy things that are cheeper and just the fact that 100 yen is like $1 would throw me off XD

  • king Clay
    king Clay 1 month ago

    did u see akria from persona

  • Tew Pock
    Tew Pock 1 month ago +7

    Maybe they are staring because it's not a footbath.. lol 😂

  • Jake Keith
    Jake Keith 1 month ago

    cow piss

  • Sandaled Lamb
    Sandaled Lamb 1 month ago

    So now I know why Noodle was in that box

  • Murderous Melon
    Murderous Melon 1 month ago

    When I come to Japan to visit on vacation would you be my tour guide lol?

  • Just A Regular Guy
    Just A Regular Guy 1 month ago

    they have cheap vehicle attacks in England now, where any vibrantly diverse person who usually happens to be a follower of the Islamic faith can drive a vehicle into groups of complacent Brits or blow themselves up in a group of people at some shitty concert featuring a degenerate such as, say, idk, Ariana Grande. It's racist and xenophobic of Japan to think it has a right to limit immigration. Japan needs more diversity. Diversity is a strength.

  • Just A Regular Guy
    Just A Regular Guy 1 month ago

    hey, as an English guy, are you ready to start criticizing Japan for it's lack of Islamic suicide bombers and vehicle attacks? Or is vibrant diversity and Islamic mass immigration only something Europe deserves? I mean hey, doesn't Japan need more diversity?

  • Move out The way
    Move out The way 1 month ago

    If there is a fire, you are going to be f****ed up

  • Move out The way
    Move out The way 1 month ago

    It sucks if you're claustrophobic..

  • TBrick
    TBrick 1 month ago

    first i understood cowpiss

  • Cody Hoel
    Cody Hoel 1 month ago

    That place is a rip off for $50

  • Wesley Grace
    Wesley Grace 1 month ago

    I wonder if you would be able to hear me masturbating next to you

  • The Sporks of Destiny
    The Sporks of Destiny 1 month ago

    why would they give you a number deadass knowing its empty?

  • Kevin Burrell
    Kevin Burrell 1 month ago


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