Alien Covenant Trailer 2 REACTION

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  • rorschach162
    rorschach162 3 months ago

    I miss Ash and Bishop.

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 3 months ago

    Maaan...These couples are Lame...Grace the way you said that was so funny

  • Valeshia Lloyd
    Valeshia Lloyd 3 months ago

    hey girl did you know ripley is not in prometheus and not in covenant bcause her ship came 10 years later and if she was on the covenant wouldn't she wouldve shared her experience with both crews so stop putting ripley into the prometheus and alien covenant just stop bcause u need to watch the original alien movie from 1979 not avp ur messing up the time line and don't go there with starting alien movies like that

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 3 months ago

    sooo sweet wheat and the horror of a great slasher movie gore gore gore and scream!

  • Kevin Ripas
    Kevin Ripas 3 months ago

    Alien rose? Hahahhaha

  • dangerd Baskin
    dangerd Baskin 3 months ago

    That be cool at the end a predator ship fly by or a predator is alright there

  • David Bryan
    David Bryan 3 months ago

    Long time fan of the franchise. I agree the whole couples thing is lame. Also agree that we don't need another Ripley. However, I think the directors cut of Aliens is better than theatrical. Also, the look on your face when the Alien appeared was awesome.

  • Chris Serna
    Chris Serna 3 months ago +1

    Grace has beautiful lips.

  • trey Stewart
    trey Stewart 3 months ago

    this is gonna be lit!!!!

  • Kenbone
    Kenbone 3 months ago

    you're right, the original alien was a 7ft guy in a costume lol

  • the1theycalled 0
    the1theycalled 0 3 months ago

    The couple thing is kinda cliche but the Covenant crew is suppose to colonize the planet so its understandable.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 3 months ago

    "David planting the wheat"..? I think any cultivated vegetation & buildings came from "engineers", not "David" or "Shaw".. why do people jump to conclusions..?

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Welcome to the next generation of "I'll just stick my head on top of the alien egg to see what happens"

  • Wootzi GamerStyle
    Wootzi GamerStyle 4 months ago

    ur hair

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 4 months ago +1

    Wow Grace you look kinda hot here, its your hair it looks abit different, wait, have you just had sex!?

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 4 months ago

    bachelor...funny...i remember back in the day on the dating game,the bachelor that got picked was actually a serial killer......awhhh.....

  • Zen Kitty :3
    Zen Kitty :3 4 months ago

    Gotta admit, the acting looks amazing

  • Steven Goutzioulis
    Steven Goutzioulis 4 months ago

    Yes It has been a Longgggg Timeeee.....!

  • hgchnhgc
    hgchnhgc 4 months ago

    you know trailers are meant for the casual viewer right?, and to get the casual viewer in the theater.

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown 4 months ago

    Grace you look like you just woke up! 😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    The setup of couples makes it a valid date movie in some way. And of course the plot is a colonization mission... which is also accurate cannon for a prequel. What I wonder: will Newt be in the movie?

  • Black Swordsman チョウ

    A couple on a TV doesn't automatically point to stereotypical reality TV shows, don't generalize them. I think the fact they're in couples makes it even more interesting and helps us as the audience feel more emotionally invested than if they were just scientists. Not that they need to be in couples, I just think it was a good touch.

  • Flyboy
    Flyboy 4 months ago +1

    Wait how is Michael fassbender in this wasn't he in Prometheus

  • Legendary Boss Battles
    Legendary Boss Battles 4 months ago

    this movie looks so good, can't wait to see this movie on my 4k TV on directv

  • ToxicWastoid
    ToxicWastoid 4 months ago

    The movie looks like shit. Not seeing it in cinemas.

  • sebastian langley
    sebastian langley 4 months ago

    so good <3
    much pref than trailer 1

  • zomeister
    zomeister 5 months ago

    You're a girl that can pull it off, looks good with and without make up.

  • master wayne
    master wayne 5 months ago

    they should make the simulant the hero of these things

  • knowsmebyname
    knowsmebyname 5 months ago

    I was really looking forward to this and it looks very disappointing. I really enjoyed Prometheus and thought they had plenty of room for a great story. Wasted hope it appears.

  • Xenopuppy Movies
    Xenopuppy Movies 5 months ago

    Let the aliens grow wheat in peace ffs

  • Willie Dunlop
    Willie Dunlop 5 months ago

    thought Prometheus was great, the ending was perfect with the survivors flying off to find where the aliens came from, their planet, that is how this movie should have begun without that, I'm done already. Grace your the best.

  • Guy Mickey
    Guy Mickey 5 months ago

    0:24 first ever LARGE SCALE colonization mission :)
    0:45 why "human" vegetation ?
    1:00 why no birds ? no animals ?? nothing.... (vegetation not enough)

  • Petcov Jason
    Petcov Jason 5 months ago

    damn that last shot was sexy!

  • Diego Bustamante
    Diego Bustamante 5 months ago +1

    let's just poke DA egg and we all gonna be Fine :P

  • Jynxxed
    Jynxxed 5 months ago

    Alien Reality program ha ha.

    Survivor: Alien Edition.

    Who will make it to the end.

    Sorry, you've been voted off the planet. Good bye.

  • RebbieChan
    RebbieChan 5 months ago

    I think it looks good

  • BlueBadgerGamer
    BlueBadgerGamer 5 months ago

    the red band trailer for this is out now.

  • Patrica omas
    Patrica omas 5 months ago

    Hold on I thought this was going into more depth from Prometheus this basically looks like a remake of the original alien except on a planet

  • Zefram Cochrane
    Zefram Cochrane 5 months ago

    "Who's getting the alien rose?"
    Lol. Also, yeah but isn't that the point really? Developing doomed characters. The point is to see if you can do it well. Can you make me care about that dude who's obviously getting axed in the back or is this just another Halloween movie? (Halloween actually made me feel for Michael Myers BTW, probs to Rob Zombie)
    Also, Ripley is coming back. I'm angered by the lack of clarity for these new alien movies. Alen: Covenant is a direct sequel to PROMETHEUS, not the other films. Neil Blomkamp will be directing Alien 5. Which has yet to have any other information beyond yes, Ripley is back, yes, Blomkamp is directing, and yes, it's being made. And also yes it's going to kick some serious fuckin' ass cause Neil fucking Blomkamp is directing (District 9, Chappie anyone? I can take or leave Elysium but I give props to the monster version of Sharlto Copley in that movie, one of cinema's most criminally underrated actors. Chappie, I don't understand all the hate). Anyway I'm done. Watch on YouTube!

  • Daniel ABELOUS
    Daniel ABELOUS 5 months ago

    Grace, i'm totally agreed with your analysis. We do not need an other Ripley. More over, i think there are different types of alien in the film. They don't have the same size, shape or color (even we can think that it grews up along the movie) in the trailer. What do you think about ?

  • chaz Davis
    chaz Davis 5 months ago

    hmmm what if that xenomorph is actually Shaw? That would be messed up

  • Stona Raptor
    Stona Raptor 5 months ago +1

    CGI alien at the end is cancer

  • Charisma Spencer
    Charisma Spencer 5 months ago

    I want a Prometheus sequel. I want to know why they created the humans but then decided they wanted them wiped out.

  • Christopher Daniels
    Christopher Daniels 5 months ago

    This is SO disappointing! It's the same damn "unsuspecting group of people stumble upon a mystery and end up fighting aliens" movie we've seen so many times. We were promised answers to the question "who are the Engineers?" and "Why did they create us?" and from the ending of Prometheus it looked like we were finally going to find out. Now they put out THIS crappy rehash of the same story!? WTF?

  • Justin Leach
    Justin Leach 5 months ago

    Couples is okay..if they had had some singles in there as well. Maybe a young teenage black boy as the protagonist? Or asian or Indian. There could have been so many different takes.

  • Kuro Wanna
    Kuro Wanna 5 months ago

    I think they use the same Star Wars strategy, reboot+ sequal to get more new generation who have never seen alien

  • Max Headroom
    Max Headroom 5 months ago

    The technology should be so advanced that they could just grow the colony in a test tube. The only reason the need the couples to colonize the planet is so that there are people to get murdered one by one like every aliens film.

  • Mayhemm007
    Mayhemm007 5 months ago

    The couples thing makes perfect sense to me, even more so in light of your reality show comment. This kind of thing seems like a logical progression to reality shows of the future. For all we know, this is actually Survivor season 328.

  • Kyle Emmons
    Kyle Emmons 5 months ago

    Grace you keep complaining about it being couples, it is a colonization mission, stated very clearly at the beginning, the implication is they are to also on the planet to breed if decided its habitable. So I agree couples would be lame unless is was very clearly a plot supported reason as it is, I am sure you spend hours making your videos but for some reason this fact bothers me during your alien reviews. Also Aliens is not a Ridley Scott Movie, its James Cameron.

  • DustOvisioN
    DustOvisioN 5 months ago

    everyone dies..

    KATASTROPHE69S 5 months ago

    who is that @ 2:05 pointing the gun in the air?

  • Mphonik2013
    Mphonik2013 5 months ago

    I am a huge Alien fan saw it the day it came out in 1979 I was a little kid my parents were irresponsible. From the previews the acting is a little lame with the exception of Fasbender and the Aliens!

  • roberto gurrola
    roberto gurrola 5 months ago

    Grace they used cg aliens in AvP

  • Elijah Espinoza
    Elijah Espinoza 5 months ago

    all of this movie looks awesome. the couples aspect brings forth a colonization aspect that we have not seen and I don't see why it's "lame". maybe you watch to many reality tv shows yourself. that might be the problem.

  • Raja Karim
    Raja Karim 5 months ago

    ok I agree about the Ripley thing,done to death.
    David has become as important as

    the couple thing, from as 'real world' point of view. if your both scientists you'd probably want to go on once in a life time adventure/trip/chance.

    I love alien Prometheus. but must disagree about aliens I've never enjoyed it as a real/true alien movie. I think finchers alien3 is the true sequel.
    please tell what's good about 2.

  • Matthew Squibbs
    Matthew Squibbs 5 months ago

    I think David was experimenting with biology, including plants, hence the wheat. But this could also be how the xeno eggs come to be, as vegetation, probably not laid by a queen.

    What I don't understand though, is how/where did David get his new body?

  • Anthony C.
    Anthony C. 5 months ago

    The big one at the end is an "Ultramorph" apparently. So not quite a normal Xeno.

  • scannaunderscore1
    scannaunderscore1 5 months ago

    why have such an ugly main character especially with a bad haircut. sigourney played a good plain jane but she was kinda hot

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 5 months ago

    they are lame

  • BoM
    BoM 5 months ago +1

    My main concern is that as with for instance AVP, we are going to be shown too much of the Xeno itself.. the scary ominous feelings you get from Alien, Aliens and to an extent Alien 3 is the lack of prolonged full body shots out in the open (not to mention in the daylight). The scene in the trailer with the Xeno hanging on to the ship gives way too much visual exposure; to the point that at that part in the movie I highly doubt that we will really find the Alien that terrifying at all. Something the first Alien movie got spot on (as with the first Predator) is the lack of exposure the creature actually gets until the finale.. its much more effective to show glimpses, shadows, just the mouth and other quick half second shots, giving the impression of a very ominous demon like foe hiding in the shadows. On that note the trailer shot of the Xeno darting down the corridor does look awesome; the lighting, the speed and the pace of the shot looks spot on. Overall, I get the impression that Covenant is gonna just show it all off way too soon and by doing so perhaps ruin the feeling of the movie. Lets see though, I really do want to be proven wrong here.

  • Bucky Pinata
    Bucky Pinata 5 months ago

    I cried....threw up a little in my mouth....cried some more...oh the suck

  • Khajiit Is Innocent
    Khajiit Is Innocent 5 months ago

    "he needs more blankets and he needs less blankets!"

  • Honest Opinions
    Honest Opinions 5 months ago

    I love your voice and your Personality!!!

  • Steve L
    Steve L 5 months ago

    I'm OK with the couples, but I don't like the haircut either. I agree with you, why do we need another Ripley? Let Ripley be Ripley.

  • Darktec
    Darktec 5 months ago

    What a bad actress choise for a main role... We need a strong leader with a SPIRIT, charisma and cold mind to make decisions, just like Sigourney Weaver. No wonder this crew will gets killed. Something is not right with Mr. Scott, what happend?

  • Hero Breaker
    Hero Breaker 5 months ago

    3:21 well....who IS getting the Alien Rose?

  • Torus Brusk
    Torus Brusk 5 months ago

    Prometheus what, that movie happened? Well, this most certainly doesn't look like that movie at all . . . F*CK YOU!!!!

  • Sie Fi
    Sie Fi 5 months ago

    Grace is such a cutie pie.

  • Kitty S
    Kitty S 5 months ago

    I hate to break it to you guys, but that short-hair woman's wife James dies... 🌚

  • Highconsciousnessman
    Highconsciousnessman 5 months ago

    After watching this trailer, I want to find out why Ridley Scott made Prometheus in the first place. This looks almost like the exact same film!

  • pj rock
    pj rock 5 months ago

    Whenever she gets a chance,she takes time to make a comment on women's hair 😄

  • HatakexXxKakashi
    HatakexXxKakashi 5 months ago

    yo I don't think the Android from Prometheus was evil at all I think he was just following orders.

  • Greg
    Greg 5 months ago

    Good point about the Ripley surrogate being overused.

  • Internite Land
    Internite Land 5 months ago

    MAN, I know everyone has a right their opinion, but you are SUPER nit-picky, girl!

  • Tzahi Arnon
    Tzahi Arnon 5 months ago

    looks like Jeff Goldblum from the fly movie .

  • Thomas h cullen
    Thomas h cullen 5 months ago

    Based on snippets from the trailer, the sense I gather is that Shaw may emulate Laurence Fishburne from Predators. It feels logical for Shaw to pretend to befriend the Covenant survivors, but to then betray them. Not just that, but it would give the film that big third act twist. Unlike the first trailer, this second trailer had great storytelling and better music. Some of the highlights include Daniels' concern about no birds or animals, and the landscape itself is extremely fantastic..   Do I think Alien 5 would've made more sense? In all honesty, I'm rather indifferent to what type of sequel gets made, just as long as the movie that's made feels like an impressive balance between art and reality..   The xenomorph shot at the end of the trailer is also brilliant.

  • Ezra Sky
    Ezra Sky 5 months ago

    Too bad we aren't getting a DIRECT sequel to Prometheus... instead Ridley had to bow to the shitheads who complained Prometheus was too confusing and had no aliens in it thus Covenant was born. Having said that... this is a good trailer. Can't wait to check it out.

  • Michael V
    Michael V 5 months ago

    David "clearly" planted the wheat did he?; so it wasn't the engineers then?. Could have been either, but it's not yet clear. Sorry Grace, but you should be a little more careful not to bring preconceived ideas to your 'reactions'.

  • Damon Zaleski
    Damon Zaleski 5 months ago

    "You've got an Alien loogie there!" Ha

  • ProperKicks
    ProperKicks 5 months ago

    the vegetation could be for Dr Shaw -- if she survived she would need to eat :) thx for your videos there great

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson 5 months ago

    28 seconds in. Interstellar for sure

  • Alvin Firman
    Alvin Firman 5 months ago

    Honestly I wanted to see a follow up to Prometheus.

  • Dylan Dixon
    Dylan Dixon 5 months ago

    You are the most attractive movie geek ever.

  • evelina länn
    evelina länn 5 months ago

    The new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean dropped! Will you be reviewing it Grace? :)

    ARKA DASGUPTA 5 months ago

    Where the hell is james franco

  • Morry
    Morry 5 months ago

    So for the first large scale colonization effort they took "couples"(i assume for them to multiply) and one of the couples is gay couple, did they think about that?

    I swear that i don't mean to disrespect but its kinda funny lol.

    • E.T. Go Home
      E.T. Go Home 5 months ago

      Qualified people but who are also couples. It's pretty much common sense. Embryos or something similar in the idea. This isn't Adam and Eve.

    • Morry
      Morry 5 months ago

      I see, so instead of sending qualified people they sent couples....but how did you know that they gonna raise embryos?

    • E.T. Go Home
      E.T. Go Home 5 months ago

      Pretty sure they took couples to raise embryos and because couples get along better. The fact that you think that those couples are there to reproduce and inbreed is laughable.

  • lunatiksAlterEgo
    lunatiksAlterEgo 5 months ago

    I like the trailer but your right about Catharine, reminds of that ripley wannabee that was in aVp 2

  • lunatiksAlterEgo
    lunatiksAlterEgo 5 months ago

    Danny Mcribe confirmed that there will be actors who will be Alien suits.

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd 5 months ago

    0:34 haha

  • sean b
    sean b 5 months ago

    People that are bitching about the trailer claim down! It's not the final cut cgi will be polished going into the film. One thing about scott is the film may be poor, hopefully not! But the way his films look are in my opinion are some of the best films ever shot! Still a few months untill it's out, that cgi will be brushed up to perfection!

  • Grumpless Grime
    Grumpless Grime 5 months ago

    The "alien" shown at the very last part was a protomorph (predecessor of the biomechanical xenomorph). Well supposedly it was to be more feral, walked on all fours, and less biomechanical in appearance,

  • Max Tyler
    Max Tyler 5 months ago

    I don't understand why they're sending a gay couple on a colonising mission. I'm gay myself so i want more representation but this actually doesn't make any sense to me. what is this gay couple going to bring to a colony?

  • loriparker666
    loriparker666 5 months ago

    R.I.P. Prometheus franchise....

  • matty and mouse
    matty and mouse 5 months ago

    Oh my gosh.. are the aliens going to make crop circles in the wheat too lol

  • Hans Neva Loses
    Hans Neva Loses 5 months ago

    Do I need to have seen Prometheus to understand this movie? This looks really good

    • Hans Neva Loses
      Hans Neva Loses 5 months ago

      E.T. Go Home
      Ok thanks! I'll just watch Prometheus to be sure

    • E.T. Go Home
      E.T. Go Home 5 months ago

      Probably not but it's best to see it anyway to understand better. I figure most things will be implied in the movie so you would understand it.

  • Haze Red Anime
    Haze Red Anime 5 months ago

    That alien at the end of the trailer is called a Neomorph

  • Boom Nation
    Boom Nation 5 months ago

    Who planted

  • kilrasha77
    kilrasha77 5 months ago

    I don't understand why the concept of couples on a colony ship is hard to understand. They are supposed to Discover, Settle and Propagate. That's how you start a colony. Having just watches Aliens you should watch the special edition and see the Hadley's Hope footage and see that they were families as well. It's not at all like a reality t.v. show.

    RAH ZEN 5 months ago

    RIP Bill Paxton the only Ultimate Badass in the Aliens universe!!! They could have done a bang up sequel to Aliens with the Colonial Marines. I mean so many films, tv, and games stole from that movie like starship troopers. Yet they destroyed the Aliens franchise not be Alien franchise. And Aliens is a way better franchise IMO! I mean Fox let Gearbox make an Aliens game they got a lawsuit cause they lied about what was in the game And graphical appearance. Which was a lunch bag let down. And the death of the Aliens franchise. Alien Isolation did better but I just don't care for the Alien terror drama. I want action, memorable characters which this film has not, and suspense. I think when it comes to the vote Aliens is far better than Alien or any of the other Alien concepts. Yet Fox is like let's do away with James Cameron and his state of the art ultimate Badass Aliens. Which is sad really. So let me guess Neil Bloomkamps Alien 5 is on hault permentantley. And there's no talk about another Aliens game worth mentioning. Long live Aliens. Not these other standalone franchises. I told you Fox do a giant cross over of Alien, Marines, Predator, Engineers, Species and you will have the biggest grossing film ever!!! You need someone to write the script???

    I'll watch this movie for the Nostalgia. But from the trailers and teasers it lacks the Aliens element. I know it's a prequel and yet there is one more installment planned for the prequels. Like give it up. Run with the Engineers. I bet if you sent the Colonial Marines in theyd wipe out the Engineers no problem. We need characters like Hudson, Vasquez, Hicks, Apone, Gorman, Frost, Ferro, Bishop the best android. And better than David or Ash or Call. Like really Fox such a departure from the beloved big bank day Aliens... /:

  • 04ra
    04ra 5 months ago

    This is the planet shaw traveled to.

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