Cat vs beanbag filling.

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  • fabulousprofound
    fabulousprofound 5 hours ago

    it's 2017 and i think they are still vaccumming all of that...

  • AudemarsontheWrist
    AudemarsontheWrist 13 hours ago

    Plot twist these people are just high as fucK

  • Xale
    Xale 2 days ago

    This new brand of litter is weird.

  • Angelina Mohamad
    Angelina Mohamad 2 days ago


  • Linda Beacham
    Linda Beacham 2 days ago

    Really Stupid REALLY 😕

  • Hayley Williams
    Hayley Williams 3 days ago

    My daughter had a beanbag... Had. Now they're banned. Have fun cleaning up. I still find tiny beans from time to time 😂

  • Vicki Corliss-Malone

    they are still finding little white beads every were (four years ago!!!!)

  • MC Galvy
    MC Galvy 4 days ago

    This is what a happy couple looks like I feel.

  • 85nikki96
    85nikki96 5 days ago

    A fun couple.

  • Recycle Bin
    Recycle Bin 5 days ago

    you picked this song for a non advert? really?

  • 0ookii0
    0ookii0 8 days ago

    Now is cleanin time!

  • Cookie Cream
    Cookie Cream 8 days ago

    Cat: "wow this is the coolest litter box yet!"

  • LPSKitten Greece
    LPSKitten Greece 8 days ago


  • Chiazuki
    Chiazuki 9 days ago

    I came and looked for "OMG DIS IS ANML ABUS"

  • Marielle M
    Marielle M 11 days ago

    Such a funny video !

  • Brenda Maldonado
    Brenda Maldonado 13 days ago

    I would not clean that mess.

  • Gabriela Maria Barbu

    sooooooo cuteeeee !!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriela Maria Barbu


  • Dandy Lion
    Dandy Lion 24 days ago

    Noo your cats waisted perfectly good floam slime

  • Vincent Visser
    Vincent Visser 28 days ago

    so funny

  • crazyperson_emily
    crazyperson_emily 1 month ago

    2:10 best face ever 😂

  • Jayden Addis
    Jayden Addis 1 month ago

    I would take a shit in there tbh

  • Katie Lach
    Katie Lach 1 month ago

    Now how many times did they need to empty the vacuum cleaner before they finally got it all up lol

  • Protagonist
    Protagonist 1 month ago

    Cat logic: Wow this is one massive toilet

    CANDI K 1 month ago

    teaching about water displacement?

  • Çändy thë fløwër føx

    how the hell do u clean all that up???

  • rabidstingray 14
    rabidstingray 14 2 months ago

    That's not safe for the cat

  • Eric13
    Eric13 3 months ago

    How did you clean that

  • Rishab Mazumdar
    Rishab Mazumdar 3 months ago

    what if some of it gets in the cats ears ??

  • Hellfire Hunter
    Hellfire Hunter 3 months ago

    I has exams tomorrow welp I'm screwd

  • SlytherinMcFluffle
    SlytherinMcFluffle 3 months ago

    He is so cute like jet black against snow white is so pwitty!

  • Jessica Laccino
    Jessica Laccino 4 months ago

    SO CUTE!

  • Esco Feline
    Esco Feline 4 months ago

    this is animal endangerment

  • Cinaet Scott
    Cinaet Scott 4 months ago

    I wonder what happens when that precious little cat inhales those beads.

  • Mr. Fluffy
    Mr. Fluffy 4 months ago

    He or she looks like my cat Franco

  • GoldenCatRingsWings / GCRW /

    Cat: Wow this feels fun! But soon it'll become my litterbox.

  • Yandere-Hanna
    Yandere-Hanna 4 months ago

    OMG! So cute!!! I love cats!!!

  • Kamila.Maz
    Kamila.Maz 4 months ago

    Tell me someone watched this without smiling cmonnn

  • Gavin Suttie
    Gavin Suttie 4 months ago

    that cat looks like my kitten Ren.

  • Black Balloon
    Black Balloon 4 months ago

    ... those are so dangerous for animals! What are you thinking??

  • Ichthusk
    Ichthusk 5 months ago

    That's a nice cat-shaped blob of black you got there!

  • Phangirl___
    Phangirl___ 5 months ago

    Okay, so I'm on this part of the internet.

  • Kim Auger
    Kim Auger 5 months ago

    I would worry my cat would inhale those little Styrofoam beads

  • Toontown Music Videos!

    im surprised the cat didn't use the bathroom in it

  • Aaron Herondale
    Aaron Herondale 5 months ago

    this is so pure

  • SwaggerBlazing Fire
    SwaggerBlazing Fire 5 months ago

    so adorable <3

  • TheOcelotGirl
    TheOcelotGirl 5 months ago

    Im not sure what to say about this.

  • Dragon Dog
    Dragon Dog 5 months ago



    how u gonna get the beanbag filling out of the bathtub

  • Disabled Dabber
    Disabled Dabber 5 months ago

    My cat would for sure go to the bathroom in that!

  • Madeleine Coffey
    Madeleine Coffey 5 months ago

    I'm laughing too hard at this

  • EverythingGuru
    EverythingGuru 6 months ago

    So funny 😂

  • Jimin is growing taller everyday so he can get jams

    Cat: what am i doing with my life?

  • Chica Chu
    Chica Chu 6 months ago

    awwwww iz zo cyyyyyyyyyte

  • Cuavr
    Cuavr 6 months ago

    The only reason I clicked was because I thought it was a slime video

  • Jackst
    Jackst 6 months ago

    I bet that sucked to clean up because they stick

  • ninjakat
    ninjakat 6 months ago

    All I keep thinking is that you can make slime with that bean bag filling 😂

  • cemetery drive
    cemetery drive 6 months ago

    My cat would try to eat all the little beans and die.

  • Ckmk Knott
    Ckmk Knott 6 months ago

    why is the water dispenser thingy bobber in the middle

  • Ckmk Knott
    Ckmk Knott 6 months ago

    now try cleaning

  • FPSWordle
    FPSWordle 6 months ago

    What a cute kitty : )

  • Merlinoar
    Merlinoar 6 months ago

    I'm dying

  • Taliban frmSSVB
    Taliban frmSSVB 6 months ago

    Lol they prob had a hard time cleaning up that

  • crazy geco
    crazy geco 6 months ago

    one cat

    faces his worst nightmare

    will he survive this horrifying experience

    featuring mr fluffy pants

    coming june 2017

  • Warriors #dubnation #LeBum 3-5 trash

    980,000th view

  • Anonym way !!
    Anonym way !! 7 months ago

    90% of the comments:

    For the cat it seems like a litte box... blablabla

    10% of the comments:

    How the hell u cleaned that mess up?!

  • Percy Does Gaming
    Percy Does Gaming 7 months ago

    PETA would not be proud

  • Geoffery The kitty cat


  • Ali Vanessa
    Ali Vanessa 7 months ago

    This made life so happy and cute!!!

  • VoiD_Rehab
    VoiD_Rehab 7 months ago

    Bet it was hell cleaning that

  • Robin Redbreast
    Robin Redbreast 7 months ago

    Are these people high or just mental?

  • suzyisabella
    suzyisabella 7 months ago

    tipples :D
    me: I can relate cat

  • VocalEdgeTV
    VocalEdgeTV 8 months ago

    I just love hearing you two talk and laugh☺️. Beautiful, really.

  • SpringBLOX Gaming
    SpringBLOX Gaming 8 months ago

    That looks almost like my cat!

  • KittyKabootlez 007
    KittyKabootlez 007 8 months ago

    I'm sure a cat brush would get out all the stuff out his fur. he'll be fine n he won't ingest s single piece of that.

  • Amity
    Amity 8 months ago


  • rchaffer
    rchaffer 8 months ago

    Not going to lie, was certain the thumbnail was used cat litter at first (no offense to your cat)

  • Yee Boi
    Yee Boi 8 months ago

    this video was half not cat we're not here for you we're here for cats you promised cats wtf more cats

  • McDonnell Family
    McDonnell Family 8 months ago

    The cat probably thought it was snow ^ o ^

  • RachieMouse
    RachieMouse 8 months ago

    ☾ Oh my god.....For once....I found a video without people complaining this is animal abuse when it's not! ☽

  • MissNomieMisc
    MissNomieMisc 8 months ago

    Hmmm I Wonder What Else You Could Do With Those Beans... >:-) *hatching evil plans.

  • aint we got fun
    aint we got fun 8 months ago

    Wow 😳

  • Dinah Aousunt
    Dinah Aousunt 8 months ago

    I couldnt watch the video because i kept wondering about the cleaning process.

  • Tris Marshmello
    Tris Marshmello 9 months ago

    aw my heart ^~^

  • Kifyism
    Kifyism 9 months ago

    This is just such a waste. Don't get me wrong, I love cats. But this thing is so harmful for environment. :(

  • Kurose Chan
    Kurose Chan 9 months ago

    I thought the cat was gonna poop in that xD

  • Skyler Animations
    Skyler Animations 9 months ago

    i love its beautiful black silky fur

  • RandomUser043
    RandomUser043 9 months ago

    I do this with my pets all the time. Only they arent cats, they are ferrets. and it isnt beanbag filling, its packing peanuts, and not styrofoam, but made of starch

    hmm, on second thought. this video and i have nothing in common

  • andrew H
    andrew H 9 months ago

    that is actually so stupid. how can you clean up afterwards

  • LadyRavencide13
    LadyRavencide13 9 months ago

    I am so doing this!!

  • Kaylee Pham
    Kaylee Pham 9 months ago

    Sinking into the beanbag filling like I'm sinking away from all of my problems
    (also that kitty is so gorgeous oh my goodness)

  • Colin McGreevy
    Colin McGreevy 9 months ago

    Man, this is just light-hearted fun. Good on ya, people.

  • GalaxyTraveler
    GalaxyTraveler 9 months ago

    didn't put anything in the tub to cover the

  • Rohlíček
    Rohlíček 9 months ago

    wtf :D

  • Sheena Quaid
    Sheena Quaid 9 months ago

    knowing my cat, Oreo he would try and eat it!!! I Don't want to be paying €50 to bring him to the vet

  • nostja nini
    nostja nini 9 months ago

    "*obligatory litter box joke*"

  • DreddPirate D.s
    DreddPirate D.s 9 months ago

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • Jack Griffin
    Jack Griffin 9 months ago

    That's adorable

  • Mary K Pulliam
    Mary K Pulliam 9 months ago

    Now how did you remove the bean bag filling from the tub? ^^

  • VallieMC C
    VallieMC C 9 months ago


  • Ember LPS
    Ember LPS 9 months ago

    so cute

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