2 Chainz goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  • 2 Chainz and Joe La Puma go Sneaker Shopping at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and take a look at the high-end side of the footwear game.

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  • Reza Bahadur
    Reza Bahadur 4 days ago

    wtf, howd he get moonrocks at retail

  • Yewgui Brim
    Yewgui Brim 4 days ago

    why is this shitty nigga so arrogant? fucking piece of nothing. "trueeeee"

  • kalico125
    kalico125 9 days ago

    Why are all the old videos titles "No"?

  • John Marston
    John Marston 9 days ago

    This nigga looked so nervous in there 😂😂

  • Lynterra Jones
    Lynterra Jones 9 days ago

    😂 he GOT ON MY NERVES at 5:35 "im not finna be all like how these look on my feet" but i actually really like him as a person on here suprising. MAD AF HE GOT YEEZYs damn near for free vs what reg. ppl have to pay

  • KeshKoKid
    KeshKoKid 9 days ago

    Only 2 Chainz can sound like he's rapping all the time even though he's not.

  • DjShawty Swag
    DjShawty Swag 10 days ago

    2 Chainz gimme that gold prophet isa chain ok thank u I appreciate I guess

  • Quentin Basil
    Quentin Basil 12 days ago

    talking about he's ballin and only spent 600 hahahah

  • Neil Concepcion Gamer58

    Yo guys are idiots why would you buy a shoe that resells when you can get the retail for cheaper? What's the difference when it resells? Smh.. same shoe

  • Gio Castro
    Gio Castro 14 days ago

    When i saw 2 chains in the thumbnail i was expecting him to yell 2 chaaaains out loud in the intro idk why 😂

  • lunchladyboytoy1
    lunchladyboytoy1 14 days ago

    Yeezys for dogs jump on that shit Adidas!

    RΔDICΔL βΣΔST 16 days ago

    2 chainz is actually pretty chill

    CODY TRAN 16 days ago

    Hold up they selling moon rocks for 225? Where is this store

  • Snkr Hd
    Snkr Hd 18 days ago

    I was done when he said "lil boy you owe me some shoes" 💀

  • Johnny O'Neal
    Johnny O'Neal 18 days ago

    Bruhhhh 225 for the yeezys

  • Fredom Fighterlol
    Fredom Fighterlol 20 days ago

    Grime artists like skepta or stormzy would be so good on this

  • Peophones
    Peophones 21 day ago

    3:36 anyone can tell me what is the name of the leather shoe with blue sole?

    MARIAH HARRIS 22 days ago

    Imma spray anti fungus spray all inside of them
    ~2 chainz

  • Trey Robinson
    Trey Robinson 23 days ago

    i wish I had money to buy most of the shoes

  • Mazen Alziq
    Mazen Alziq 23 days ago

    wtf yeezys for 225

  • Lorenzo Dawkins
    Lorenzo Dawkins 23 days ago

    2 chainz with the CASH

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 24 days ago

    Jesus Christ it's a good deal

  • cyrvsjacob
    cyrvsjacob 25 days ago

    Wait hold up, those yeezy's the grey ones/first pair they showed, it sells for $200, but then retails for double that price? Nigga what

  • Nqyshe
    Nqyshe 25 days ago

    I love 2 chainz he a simple, well-spoken, direct man

  • Bat Gamer
    Bat Gamer 28 days ago


  • classified WPE
    classified WPE 29 days ago

    Trappy is the most lit dog ever... unless 21 get a dog

    ITZYA OG 1 month ago

    He called 2 chainz but he has 6

    WAR MACHINE 1 month ago

    they should do the rock goes sneaker shopping

  • eb
    eb 1 month ago

    everybody talkin bout they would buy all the yeezys if they could get them for retail yall stupid af them bitches ugly as a mf miss me with that shit imma be rockin my 45$ vans that be lookin nice anyways 😂

  • eddie centeno
    eddie centeno 1 month ago

    "Trap you see something you like" lmao

  • Dante Lyons
    Dante Lyons 1 month ago

    the first person on this series that I've seen have a total of less than $1,000

  • Spencer Tracy
    Spencer Tracy 1 month ago

    bruh i want a dog like trappy

  • Naja Alaric
    Naja Alaric 1 month ago

    when 350's was only 200 bucks

  • T Baby
    T Baby 1 month ago


  • Sean Orion
    Sean Orion 1 month ago

    How did he get those for retail😩😩

  • SteezyMF
    SteezyMF 1 month ago

    picked the right shit. #fax #truu

  • Jesus Villalpando
    Jesus Villalpando 1 month ago

    It's sad how the dog looks like he has a better life than me

  • Trey Biller
    Trey Biller 1 month ago

    Moon rocks for $225 whhhaatttt

  • El Bandido
    El Bandido 1 month ago

    Holy moly, 2 Chainz' dog just stole my heart

  • Nate dizzle
    Nate dizzle 1 month ago

    yeezys were so cheap compared to now

  • Damian Alberto Cordero Hernandez

    wait a minute , he bougth the yeezy​ for $225 dollars 🙊, where Is the store? i will have to go 🤓🙊

  • FlossyHD
    FlossyHD 1 month ago

    2 chainz lowkey got that stank ass, bunion foot.

  • Daniel Abraham
    Daniel Abraham 1 month ago

    I like that he is polite. Most new rapper like 21 savage etc would just say gimme dem .. Good manners cost nothing in the end.

  • Brendan Brown
    Brendan Brown 1 month ago

    Get Lil Dickey on here

  • daddy hypebeast
    daddy hypebeast 1 month ago

    This shop sells yeezys for $225. Tell me the name if this ship asap

  • Jay Sanchez
    Jay Sanchez 1 month ago

    That's my spot , they got hella rare bape there

  • Alex Gærtner
    Alex Gærtner 1 month ago

    How tf does 2Chainz speak better than half the rap scene.

  • kim golding
    kim golding 1 month ago

    yall saw yellow bone thot lol

  • D'Angelo Taylor
    D'Angelo Taylor 1 month ago

    2 Chainz dog look sweet

  • Butter Bubble
    Butter Bubble 1 month ago

    5:48 did he say "hentai fungus"?

  • Buster Lykken
    Buster Lykken 1 month ago

    Why is the amount theyre paying higher than the total please explain?

  • Kemba Walker
    Kemba Walker 1 month ago

    Y'all ain't got nothing in there for no dogs?

  • Bobe Kryant
    Bobe Kryant 1 month ago

    Trappy is the reason why I love 2Chainz

  • Quinn Bennett
    Quinn Bennett 1 month ago

    y the yeezys so cheap

  • Dpd I Challenges I Funny moments I Vlogs and more

    is it just or is it the more famous the person the less they spend

  • Ulysses Villarreal
    Ulysses Villarreal 1 month ago

    Jordan's are trash

  • Andrew The Boy CLUTCH
    Andrew The Boy CLUTCH 2 months ago

    was it just me or did i see the ovo 10 on the bottom said oyo

  • Abdul Hakim Norazman
    Abdul Hakim Norazman 2 months ago

    Song at 5:52?

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks 2 months ago

    Cash out

  • A noble dog
    A noble dog 2 months ago

    Moon rocks for only 225 WHAT

  • IIYoderiteII
    IIYoderiteII 2 months ago

    Joe from complex is the so cringy he's to old to wear this stuff

  • Christopher Aizen
    Christopher Aizen 2 months ago

    S/o to 2 Chainz for giving back to his high school

  • brian alvarado
    brian alvarado 2 months ago

    doesn't like wearing shoes that everyone wears ...... But he's got whack yeezys on SMFH fucking clown with shit music

  • dbg17_ Gorillaking38
    dbg17_ Gorillaking38 2 months ago

    How is he two chains when he has on like 10 chainz

  • Vishnu Lachansin
    Vishnu Lachansin 2 months ago

    i love how they say yeezy 200 goes to pay fucking 1000+ i hate lies.

  • Matt Webb
    Matt Webb 2 months ago

    "I luh the wuuuns I always luh the wuuuuns I will always luh the wuuuuuuuns"

  • Gabe Grau
    Gabe Grau 2 months ago

    this man 2 chainz brought his dog 😂

  • Saurav Lal
    Saurav Lal 2 months ago

    This is by far my favourite sneaker shopping with complex video. Period. His choice of sneakers is insane.

  • kick
    kick 2 months ago

    Shout out to him for doggin the dudes that be trying the shoes on 😂😂😂

  • kick
    kick 2 months ago

    Titty Boy too bout it

  • Jayems94
    Jayems94 2 months ago

    What's that jacket he's wearing?

  • Xupreme Zay
    Xupreme Zay 2 months ago

    Who else thought 2 chains would spend like $10000

  • Gabriel J McCullough
    Gabriel J McCullough 2 months ago

    How the hell are those retail

  • Tylerg808
    Tylerg808 2 months ago

    I thought he would be talking like the those other rappers who don't make sense when they talk like desiigner who made up his own language, but 2 Chainz is a really educated guy so much love and respect to 2 Chainz

  • SeventySeven
    SeventySeven 2 months ago

    $225 for moonrocks? what

  • The G.O.A.T Lavar Ball

    This nigga on a budget

  • Simon Iverson
    Simon Iverson 2 months ago


  • Deon The Vine God
    Deon The Vine God 2 months ago

    2 chainz dog richer than us

  • Igotsthesauce And the fuego ayy

    Why don't you do one with drake

  • Iynniis
    Iynniis 3 months ago

    id on first track?

  • Cleto
    Cleto 3 months ago

    2 Chainz is so laid back, dude never has beef with anyone in the rap game

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago

    2 Chainz really using a dog as an accessory

  • TheDarkWest-SideNiggaEmpireRapAndFreestyleLord0344

    Im Not american So what I dont get is his Total is like 570 but he has to pay 630

  • Mark MB
    Mark MB 3 months ago

    anyone still wish yeezys were this price lol.....

  • AGfoerver Andalways
    AGfoerver Andalways 3 months ago

    Mayor of Atlanta nigga please

  • courage confidence
    courage confidence 3 months ago

    that you call fashion

  • Talha Khokhar
    Talha Khokhar 3 months ago

    If only

  • ershnaberfganna smith
    ershnaberfganna smith 3 months ago

    trappy is huge 3:39

  • Sophia ????????
    Sophia ???????? 3 months ago


  • James Whitley
    James Whitley 3 months ago


  • Tito Xen
    Tito Xen 3 months ago

    wtf cant belive he buy ovo yeezys retail price? WTF

  • Mycah Alem
    Mycah Alem 3 months ago


  • Ethan Kissoon
    Ethan Kissoon 3 months ago

    the only reason I try on my shoes is to see if they fit

  • Za Kid
    Za Kid 3 months ago


  • jay cook
    jay cook 3 months ago

    "Luh duh ones"

  • PattyC8ke97
    PattyC8ke97 3 months ago

    Bruh got a 14 and a 13 😂what? I've seen half size difference if not full

  • Micah Bisharah
    Micah Bisharah 3 months ago

    sneakerheads!! what are the shoes at 4:10-4:12?

  • TY BanDzz
    TY BanDzz 3 months ago

    "When u on stage u not suppose to look like the guy that's lookin at u" - 2chainz💯

  • Lenashia West
    Lenashia West 3 months ago

    my boy 2 chainz came in with the dog. SAVAGE

  • MineChoppz Gaming
    MineChoppz Gaming 3 months ago

    If the yeezys are 200 I'm shopping there

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