Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?

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  • Quick Questions explains what alcohol does -- and doesn’t do -- to your brain cells. Enjoy this episode responsibly!

    Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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  • Rednassie
    Rednassie 5 days ago

    How do you guys find these sources? I couldn't find any scientifical sources about this being correct

  • elina jo
    elina jo 17 days ago

    My ex boyfriend had an accident. He overdosed with Xanax and was unconscious with vomit in his lungs for almost one hole day.. Against all odds he survived, but as you can understand he is a vegetable since then. He can move his head and
    grab with his hands but aside from that he cannot move much at all.. He
    does not understand much at all either, he cannot speak or remember who
    anyone is etc. He is surprised and doesnt understand what happens when
    he burps or sneezes. It took him around 6 months to get back the ability
    to feel emotions. He is left with a lot of convulsions after the
    accident too.

    My question is, What happens to the brain in an accident like this when
    the brain does not get enough oxygen for a long time? Which parts of the
    brain gets damaged first? And which parts of the brain have the ability
    to recover the best in comparison to each other?

  • moosi2a
    moosi2a 19 days ago

    Thank youuuuu <3 ur so cute.

  • victor chike
    victor chike Month ago

    be specific....methanol would kill you

  • Chrome Master
    Chrome Master 2 months ago

    Hey how come you didn't talk about schwann cells and how alcohol dissolves the myelin sheath?

    I learned in high school biology that high blood-alcohol levels disrupt saltatory conduction by dissolving the meylin sheath and can cause permanent damage by killing schwaan cells making the neuron more vulnerable to other things since alcohol is a natural solvent for fat.

    Or is it that blood-alcohol never approaches the levels needed to dissolve your brain fat?

  • Joyce Kelly
    Joyce Kelly 2 months ago

    Is that selfish? Am I risking too much?. My job require relearning and hard studying from year to year, month to month. As director engineer of new civil technologies, if I make a mistake people inevitably die. However, I drink like crazy, regardless of long term effects on the brain. Could that indicates less, idk, inteligence? I know I sound stupid. But the fickleness of ethanol long haul consequences scares me.

  • puroboludeo1
    puroboludeo1 3 months ago

    Yeah but you actually lose around seven thousand brain cells a day... Alcohol may just make that massacre wider...

  • Guava
    Guava 3 months ago

    I want to kill all my brain cells and starve myself cause I'm not smart enough to go to school and I'm only 15 I wish I died!!!!!!! )::

  • Tuxcz
    Tuxcz 3 months ago

    Nice, I can drink without having a bad feeling now, thanks!

  • TheINfinityWarden 775
    TheINfinityWarden 775 3 months ago

    so basically achohol fucks up your brain liver stomach and kidneys and that's exactly why I don't drink

  • OpticSmurfable
    OpticSmurfable 3 months ago

    What are consider large quantities? 5 bears in 1 hour?

  • Dranreb
    Dranreb 4 months ago

    bleach definitely can

  • Cannon2017
    Cannon2017 4 months ago

    The part about catching on fire is true it's called spontaneous combustion which science doesn't understand completely but they found out that in mostly every case the person who randomly caught on fire was either smoking or drinking at the time.

  • Mark Angelot
    Mark Angelot 5 months ago

    Who else is watching in 2017?

  • LootFragg
    LootFragg 6 months ago

    Here's why drinking alcohol is good:

    It lets me feel less aware and cautious, so it increases my enjoyment of positive environments like parties.
    It lets me feel like I'm not only listening to music, I'm feeling it.
    It reduces my musical ability but increases my enjoyment of playing music. The sweet spot is at about two long-drinks for me.
    It disables my focus. I wander around looking at things without being efficient about it. I like that.

    There's a shitload of bad stuff about alcohol but I feel like heaps of comments revolve around not understanding why people drink alcohol in the first place. It's a drug. Drugs don't inherently destroy lives, but they have the potential to do so. Getting shitfaced at a party doesn't have a causal effect on becoming an alcoholic.

    Alcohol can be used to desinfect wounds, having a positive effect on overall health while not being healthy itself. That's the picture you should get. It's an evil used to counter different evil. Understand that you won't magically become a party person when drinking if you're not a party person by default. You will also not kill everyone around you and not remember a thing. You're usually quite aware of what you're doing unless you really numb yourself out by force with a large overdose.

    Low amounts are generally considered safe, so I recommend you try it and see if you like it or not. Do it at your own pace, in a safe environment, like all drugs. Don't get peer pressured into drinking if you don't want to. Don't drink because last time at that wicked party you made out with Stephanie and the music was amazing and all your friends were having fun and you want that feeling back. Alcohol is no magic.

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    HowToBasic shortness

  • Rushi
    Rushi 7 months ago

    time to black out

  • -
    - 7 months ago

    Ignore this video, I'll try it myself

  • Mitsuki Hiyori
    Mitsuki Hiyori 7 months ago

    Im worried about daddy because he gets drunk maybe 1-3 times a week when im there but idk how mych he drinks when im with mom, and now hes forgetting things and im scared 😭

  • Katie B
    Katie B 8 months ago +1

    Very surprised that you didn't mention Korsakoff's...

  • Berinz
    Berinz 8 months ago


  • deepmoni hazarika
    deepmoni hazarika 8 months ago

    that's kind of obvious if you consider the hypothesis that beer making is what started agriculture (which was practically the start of human civilization and eventually also led to development of science and technology). if human civilization had started with something that killed brain cells, we would have either gone extinct or evolved to counter this.

    • Ahmed Ali
      Ahmed Ali 7 months ago

      Okay "Salman"

    • Sal
      Sal 7 months ago

      +deepmoni hazarika
       ignore him. He must be an Egyptian medicine student, thinking he's smarter than the whole world because he was forced to memorize long tables of information and because the exam rooms were more crammed than anywhere else in the world. Keep drinking, and enjoy your life. You'll only get one.

    • deepmoni hazarika
      deepmoni hazarika 7 months ago

      so in other words you cannot say that the hypothesis is incorrect and so your earlier statement can be ignored. thanks, that's all i wanted to ask.

    • Ahmed Ali
      Ahmed Ali 7 months ago

      I would not say i have a definitive answer, but this hypothesis is based upon some very weak points.

    • deepmoni hazarika
      deepmoni hazarika 7 months ago

      and you know this how? i am assuming you have some definitive evidence for what you are saying.

  • deepmoni hazarika
    deepmoni hazarika 8 months ago +1

    i learned this from wikipedia about 7-8 years ago- and that's when i started drinking!!

  • hhdhwuus
    hhdhwuus 9 months ago

    why was the outro so damn quiet

  • doodskie999
    doodskie999 9 months ago

    hold my beer

  • Death Phonix
    Death Phonix 10 months ago

    We talked about it in school.And they thought the fact of brain cell dying through alcohol is true. :/ Can I trust u guys and tell them they suck?

    • Sal
      Sal 7 months ago

      Yes. Otherwise, humans would have evolved and stopped drinking alcohol long ago. But the fact is, the start of agriculture itself is credited to our brave brewing efforts lol

  • Tibor Danilics
    Tibor Danilics 10 months ago

    still after a few years of alcoholism, most people are getting stupid

    • deepmoni hazarika
      deepmoni hazarika 8 months ago

      that's because these people develop physical addiction to alcohol

  • Jake Guard
    Jake Guard 10 months ago

    So odd.
    I figured it was true So I stayed away from heavier drinking for sure. come all the morons who sound like they are perm. slurred and what not are also drinkers?
    plus lower grades?

    I mean it's either the alc. or weed. And I think we already established mj doesn't do that.

  • Person Pierson
    Person Pierson 11 months ago

    Cheers to that!

  • Kam D.R.
    Kam D.R. Year ago +4

    Conservatives, and liberals drool.
    Libertarians (not to be confused with liberals) rule.

    • Kam D.R.
      Kam D.R. 9 months ago

      +Black Baron yeah, its bullshit (excuse my french)

    • Black Baron
      Black Baron 9 months ago

      I can, with parents permission. Join the military to go kill people, and very possibly die myself and fire weapons capable of causing explosions killing everyone within 150 feet. And get a license to drive, and vote at the age of 18, but i am not responsible enough to drink. That just doesn't make sense.

    • Kam D.R.
      Kam D.R. 11 months ago

      +John Taylor whats aleppo?

    • Kam D.R.
      Kam D.R. 11 months ago

      do you need to show id

    • Vanix Gond
      Vanix Gond 11 months ago

      Yeah the 21 rule in the states is kinda bullshit really. Especially when you can own a gun at age 18. Here in Belgium it's 16 for beer and wine and 18 for everything stronger than 20%. I still don't see the connection to liberals and conservatives though. There might be some of both groupes who think that rule is bs to.


    Is this why I failed my chem 203, because I showed up to class drunk?

  • Mak3_1t _Ra1n_
    Mak3_1t _Ra1n_ Year ago

    fuck yeah!!!! ima get fucking waisted woooooooooo

  • Tika Powdyel
    Tika Powdyel Year ago

    It may repair ur brain but what about the body parts they'd fracture before it repairs?

  • Jonathan Fernando
    Jonathan Fernando Year ago +1

    Okay, one fact here is just plain wrong: the damaging of dendrites is not responsible for the effects of alcohol intoxication. Alcohol is a potent GABA inhibitor, and has more subtle effects on other neurotransmitters. This is what leads to you becoming drunk. I'm not saying damaging dendrites doesn't play a role (though I've never read anything which indicates it does) but if it does it's minor enough to not often be mentioned in text books.

    • Avinash Reji
      Avinash Reji Year ago

      It says on howstuffworks that alcohol damages tissue and dendrites which cause drunkness

    • Jonathan Fernando
      Jonathan Fernando Year ago

      Oh my god I just started reading the other comments . . . SciShow's comment section is so bad T_T I know youtube comment sections have a reputation for being like this, must on most of the channels I follow they're honestly alright.

  • Lanselot
    Lanselot Year ago +9

    drive and drink don't kids.

    • Lanselot
      Lanselot 10 months ago

      +MrJamesBig1 nah

    • MrJamesBig1
      MrJamesBig1 10 months ago

      Floris Lans Do you even english bro? xD

    • 35coylee
      35coylee 10 months ago

      kids and drunk don't drive

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali Year ago +3

    This is not true. Alcohol can cause brain damage through excessive levels of glutamate. Your brain reacts to the sedative effects by raising your levels of glutamate. So after binge drinking and then going through alcohol withdrawal your neurons start firing to much and end up dying of excitotoxicity .Scishow i like your channel but would like to see and answer to this.

    • Sal
      Sal 7 months ago

      +Ahmed Ali
      Well, I drink responsibly. And neither that article nor your paragraph suggests that I'm in harm. Neither does the video. So, shut it.

    • Ahmed Ali
      Ahmed Ali 7 months ago

      First of all you are the one making the claim, so it is up to you to back it up and second of all read this article, which says that alcohol does destroy grey matter in some parts of the brain . To much drinking will also lead to an excessive amount of glutamate which can also kill neurons. Some of the neurons can be repaired but alcohol still leaves a brain without normal function. People who claim otherwise are alcoholics trying to find information that fits their sets of belief (so they can drink without worrying). This is coming from a person who does drink from time to time. And even if the damage can be reversed it does not change the fact that alcohol does do damage, and sometimes the damage takes years to reverese.

    • Sal
      Sal 7 months ago

      Ahmed Ali hey wtf? They mentioned it. why should I be running around searching for you?

    • Ahmed Ali
      Ahmed Ali 7 months ago

      Yes i did watch the video. And could you please link me to those studies that show that.

  • dude
    dude Year ago

    In small quantities (1 drink/day for most women, 2 drinks/day for most men) ethanol has a lot of beneficial effects on your body in the long term.

    But drinking more than that, either by drinking a little bit more on a regular basis or by binge drinking a lot at once, does cause lots of damage to the body. And while it doesn't cause any neurons to die, it DOES cause brain atrophy.

  • Тодор Павлов

    How much alcohol your liver can process without problems? And how much alcohol and for what time is considered dangerous or deadly?

  • Jomari Roxas
    Jomari Roxas Year ago

    How Alcohol affects Liver

    • Sal
      Sal 7 months ago

      In amounts recommended by doctors, it doesn't.

    • TwisterLord
      TwisterLord Year ago

      Kills it like that fly you swatted in math class

  • Idglã Reinhard
    Idglã Reinhard Year ago +1

    If stem cells do, in fact, have the potential to turn into any other cell in the body, could them potentially be used to regrow those little hairs inside our years and cure certain degrees deafness? Like when you get old and lose part of your audition.

  • FoxFeather
    FoxFeather Year ago

    Why didn't you mention Korsakoff syndrome? It's VERY fitting to the subject, and frequently caused by alcoholism. That's a huge missed opportunity.

  • Simon K.
    Simon K. Year ago

    Time to drink I would say!!!!

  • IndignantSkeptic
    IndignantSkeptic Year ago +110

    Alcohol damages your brain cells by making you fall down and bang your head really hard.

    • Kari Puusaari
      Kari Puusaari 3 months ago

      The Freebooter actually alcohol destroys brain cells but the brain will repair it self very fast

    • The Freebooter
      The Freebooter Year ago

      Then you get punch-drunk, which is actual brain damage. It does repair itself, albiet VERY slowly.

  • Beck Rockriver
    Beck Rockriver Year ago


  • Dalek Anonymous
    Dalek Anonymous Year ago

    Alcohol is responsible for many unwanted pregnancies.

  • Tine Woodbe
    Tine Woodbe Year ago +2

    Damage, repair, damage repair... why tax your system like that? Just seems stupid to me.

    • Loren Kaylor
      Loren Kaylor 11 months ago

      I like you.  You're amusing.  Like I said earlier, I'm not trying to rationalize anything, I posted a comment with a source.  Anything else is something you've inferred.  I've been on YouTube for years and before today I'm pretty sure my comments were less than 10, but I'm starting to get it.  Are you one of those trolls I've heard so much about? Either way it's a slow day at work so I'll continue to feed you.  You are aware you can drink without getting drunk right?  Nevermind that though.  We've beat the alcohol thing to death.  So let's talk about your claim about my "rationalizing blabber".  Hopefully everyone, in the vaguest sense, rationalizes their actions, otherwise why do them?  I do many things that some consider "unhealthy" or "higher risk".  I ran 3 marathons and 4 ultramarathons last year (including one 100 mile race).  I've had non runners tell me that's too much and not good for me.  Well they weren't there to see the 72 year old cross the finish line.  I usually don't say anything even though many times I know the people eat fast food, drink sodas, and sit most of the day (which I do none of these).  I'm more of a live and let live kind of person.  I rationalize things that I enjoy but recognize it's not for everyone.  Some people hate running.  Whatever.  The world would be boring if we all did the same thing.  So I'll keep doing marathons and trying a new craft brew (maybe even two!) with my dinner because I enjoy taxing my system every now and then. I could give a shit if you drink or don't. But you have this whole life thing completely figured out so please continue to tell me how wrong I am and don't worry about telling me anything about yourself or providing any evidence to substantiate your claims.  I know you probably have a lot of ongoing debates and your time is precious.

    • Tine Woodbe
      Tine Woodbe 11 months ago

      +Loren Kaylor YOU SAID: "I'm off to go wallow in my "shitty life choices" during my European vacation later this month"

      REPLY: Exactly.
      And all your rationalizing blabber and bogus studies will help you pass out... er, I mean, sleep well at night.

    • Loren Kaylor
      Loren Kaylor 11 months ago

      You might want to read over your own comments before quoting others. You didn't link to anything earlier. You've just been grumpy and picking fights with anyone who believes differently than you. Real mature. It seems like your the only one trying to validate anything. I simply made a comment and listed a source. This is another good article by the way.,9171,2017200,00.htmlI never said anything about where I fell in the drinking category. You assumed. I simply thought the study was interesting because it went against the grain of what most people think. I'm not a dumbass, so I'm aware there's conflicting literature on the subject and it'd be easy for you to link to another study showing the harmful effects of alcohol. The fact that you were too lazy to even do that tells me that you're more concerned with senseless bickering over the internet than providing any support for your claim. You like to attack others without presenting anything to strengthen your claim. You're claim is only a belief by the way. There are so many factors at play that there isn't any conclusive evidence one way or the other. I am able to admit that. Have fun being close minded. I'm off to go wallow in my "shitty life choices" during my European vacation later this month

    • Tine Woodbe
      Tine Woodbe 11 months ago

      +Loren Kaylor Oh please, what a loser. You linked the same study that I already noted was later debunked - LMAO!
      Another addict trying to validate their shitty life choices.

    • Loren Kaylor
      Loren Kaylor 11 months ago

      YOU SAID: "The authors wrote: 'The salutary effect of moderate drinking may be overestimated owing to confounding factors.'" Look up overestimated in the dictionary next time.  It definitely doesn't mean what YOU SAID: "WRONG"  Did you know they did a follow up after that study to account for those variables? Probably not.  Enjoy the read.  There's plenty more articles out there to read on it.  I was only trying to make a light-hearted comment.  I was surprised by the study myself and figured most people assumed the opposite.  Way to be a prick about it though.  Enjoy your shitty life of trying to validate yourself from behind a computer screen.

  • Peter The Preacher

    I love this channel, you guys keep the video at a good pace so I don't have to speed it up, subscribed.

  • Sonny Zheng
    Sonny Zheng Year ago +1

    although alcohol doesn't literally "kill" neurons in the brain, it does reduce it's connectivity. Prolonged and heavy use of alcohol has been linked to reduced size of the brain. No, the "braincells" dont necessarily die from alcohol consummation, but you can be assured, they do get smaller.

  • Sir Francis
    Sir Francis Year ago

    Another lie we got told by the temperance movement.

  • mikevlek
    mikevlek Year ago +2

    The liver is the inly organ that can repair itself, right?

    • mikevlek
      mikevlek Year ago

      +NumPad yeah thats what i meant

    • NumPad
      NumPad Year ago

      +mikevlek Every organ can repair itself; that's called 'healing.' The liver is the only organ that can _regenerate_. Most organs replace damaged tissue with scar tissue, but the liver can replace damaged tissue with new liver cells.

  • Jernej Oberžan
    Jernej Oberžan Year ago

    hey, i have question not related to this video: why do wind instruments go sharp when it is hot and flat when it is cold?

  • Austin Henson
    Austin Henson Year ago

    about the people combusting into flames that's actually an account so Bootlegger was given out this phoney Boos and for some reason they were finding people chard up on the streets right next to the phoney boos case and/or bottle. it's just the jest of the story but it's for I tell you

    • Austin Henson
      Austin Henson Year ago

      1 once kaloua 1 once Irish cream 2 once of vodka and fill the rest with milk

    • NumPad
      NumPad Year ago

      +Austin Henson Apparently you don't habla español either.

    • Austin Henson
      Austin Henson Year ago

      Que no halo Ingles

    • NumPad
      NumPad Year ago

      +Austin Henson I'm sorry, I don't think you understood me. Let me repeat myself.


    • Austin Henson
      Austin Henson Year ago

      Look it up prohebision men burnt to death it was a thing

  • Shane Roper
    Shane Roper Year ago

    Before you post these videos, you might want to educate yourself a little more. Basically, anything introduced into the human body that the human body isn't meant to process, will do damage. Brain included. Look into brain spectrometry. You'll see some pretty damaging evidence there.

    • Jonathan Fernando
      Jonathan Fernando Year ago

      Your liver processes nearly all the strange chemicals you consume, including poisons and venoms. Part of its role is processing and eliminating toxins before they kill you. Alcohol is not particularly toxic, but the fact that your liver processes something in no way means that you are meant to consume that thing.

    • Chaplain Fergus
      Chaplain Fergus Year ago

      +Shane Roper
      I drink about once or twice a year maybe, so no, I dont know why you assumed in an alcoholic. Yes being an alcoholic will definitely damage your body, mainly your liver and your heart from the other components of beers and whatnot. But it doesnt permanently brain cells, like you said in your first comment.

    • Shane Roper
      Shane Roper Year ago

      Getting awful defensive there. Do I sense an alcoholic? I like my beer like anybody else. But the fact remains, over consumption, unless you've got the genes of the Iron Man, will kill you way before your time. You're either not that old, or living in denial, but proof is in death. My father watched many of his friends die in their 40's and 50's due to alcohol consumption. It can make you look sixty when your only forty five. Simple observation will open your eyes to the facts. Not knocking alcohol, but it has to be treated with respect and understanding of what it can do to you if you let it control you. Moderation is key. And lots of water to flush your system and give your body a chance. Enough said.

    • Chaplain Fergus
      Chaplain Fergus Year ago

      +Shane Roper
      Good, now you might want to stop posting pseudo science bullshit online.

    • Shane Roper
      Shane Roper Year ago

      Lol wow! I consider myself enlightened....

  • Ice Clone
    Ice Clone Year ago

    I love real knowledge. Facts.

  • SuperOldschool1994
    SuperOldschool1994 Year ago +17

    Who's watching this drunk?

  • Matthew Ferrie
    Matthew Ferrie Year ago +1

    I'm curious, what is the metabolic pathway for alcohol in the body?

    • Matthew Ferrie
      Matthew Ferrie Year ago

      +Fhie oh, so this explains why people get headaches after a night of drinking

    • Fhie
      Fhie Year ago

      +Matthew Ferrie Exactly. But first the alcohol is actually made more toxic by oxidation to acetaldehyde which causes headaches.

    • Matthew Ferrie
      Matthew Ferrie Year ago

      +Fhie Interesting! So the body oxidizes it to what is basically vinegar.

    • Fhie
      Fhie Year ago

      Alcohol -> Acetaldehyde -> Acetic acid (you pee it out)

      Shall I get more specific?

  • Kam D.R.
    Kam D.R. Year ago

    So lower the drinking age to 18 may actually not be so bad after all.

    • Kam D.R.
      Kam D.R. Year ago

      +Avinash Reji Well, why worry anyway, its not your brain thats being damaged.

    • Avinash Reji
      Avinash Reji Year ago

      They still damage your brain impair abilities

  • Bwizz245
    Bwizz245 Year ago

    Well actually, the fact that alcoholics can burst into flames is somewhat true, as cases of spontaneous human combustion(which is real but really rare) happened mostly to alcoholics/people who had recently consumed alcohol.

    • Chetz
      Chetz Year ago

      Theoretically if you pour enough ethanol of medical or Russian dilution levels into yourself very quickly while being dehydrated, and then you burp on a candle, then the vapourized ethanol could blow up, turning you into a human dragon.

    • metallsnubben
      metallsnubben Year ago

      +Bwizz245 Yes, was thinking about just that! Even though the cause (as I heard it) is theorized not to be from having ethanol in your blood but in your stomach, and in LARGE quantities, as you would expect :)

      I have to say, the fact that spontaneous human combustion is an actual thing that exists is a prime example of how if something is theoretically possible, yet super unlikely, it's still probably gonna happen somewhere...

  • Andres Pratdesaba
    Andres Pratdesaba Year ago +37

    Can you do a video on how alcohol affects the young brain? Like 14-16 years old. I want to know how it affects me. (I live in Switzerland, drinking age is 16)

    • Conner
      Conner 10 months ago

      trust me it is

    • Babula Figerazi
      Babula Figerazi 10 months ago

      +Isaac Alinda Germany its also 16

    • Jan
      Jan 10 months ago

      "non american education system"? That seems like a benefit to me, doesn't it?

    • The Freebooter
      The Freebooter Year ago

      The minimum drinking age (inside and outside) in the UK is 5. That's right, you have to be at least 5 years old here to drink. You have to be 14 to buy from "unlicenced" premises (village fayres and the like) and 18 to buy from licenced premises. Thought i would just put that out there.

      I don't think that alcohol affects brains of children older than 5, so that's why the age limit is there. I think you've all heard of foetal brains and alcohol not being a good mix, as there it disrupts the brain cells from forming properly, hence the 5 year-old age limit, just to be on the safe side.

      And, yes, there are stories of babies being born with alcohol addiction, and most of them are indeed true.

  • Pedro
    Pedro Year ago

    The study of 1985 is to old... and yes you do scrap you neurons, even with small quantities of alcohol...

  • sir MAXX
    sir MAXX Year ago

    So it inhibits brain function and can cause damage.

  • Jen S
    Jen S Year ago

    It can cause brain damage not sure if it can kill brain cells.

    • Jen S
      Jen S Year ago

      Ok. I think I could have figured that out without you pointing out the slight differences.

    • DivideByZero
      DivideByZero Year ago

      The medical term "brain damage" refers to killing cells. So no, it doesn't cause brain damage. It causes nerve cell damage.

  • Jonathan Pelham
    Jonathan Pelham Year ago +1

    This channel is a shitshow, this guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

    • FearlessP4P1
      FearlessP4P1 Year ago

      site a study showing the validity of your claim or fuck off

  • Erin
    Erin Year ago +6

    Can you please do a clip about how alcohol damages your poor liver so I can show it to my alcoholic boyfriend?

  • Crimson Frost
    Crimson Frost Year ago

    My friend said to me no matter how much he drink, ha cant get drunk. I think hes just overexaggerating it while ha has very good liver and enzyme systems :3

  • Evan Olden
    Evan Olden Year ago

    Myth busted, I have always wondered if drinking could damage my brain. Of course that doesn't mean i will overdue it because alcohol can lead to other things.

    • DivideByZero
      DivideByZero Year ago

      It won't cause brain damage, but it will damage your nerve cells, which will affect brain activity.

  • MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    ok,so I think I should change the question,is alcohol bad for my body? if so then how much is safe to be consumed? since its legal and all I want to know more detail.

    • Sal
      Sal 7 months ago

      ScrubChannel, then why are you commenting?

    • DivideByZero
      DivideByZero 9 months ago

      +ScrubChannel Because your comment seems to say that any amount of alcohol is bad.

    • DivideByZero
      DivideByZero 9 months ago

      +ScrubChannel Every substance known to man is deadly in high quantities. However, all are completely fine in low enough doses, and some can be beneficial too. Examples include alcohol, which has been shown to reduce chances of heart attack and stroke.

    • DivideByZero
      DivideByZero Year ago

      +TheDeathRises Actually, thats wrong. An alcoholic drink a day can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Any alcoholic drink. That could be a glass of wine, a shot of vodka, or a a can of beer.

      Though some are better choices than others.

  • Faraday S.
    Faraday S. Year ago

    But what helps dendrites be repaired?

    • metallsnubben
      metallsnubben Year ago

      +Christian Cohn According to another comment, to be medically called "brain damage" something has to actually kill neurons... If that is the case (which I am definitely not sure about) then it mightn't necessarily be a contradiction between that fact and the video :)

      With that said though, they should've emphasized in the video that you absolutely do sustain permanent decrease in brain function, big or small, from becoming different degrees of drunk, even if the cause of it isn't in removal of neurons but rather disabling their proper functioning. Otherwise for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, infants being born with mental deficiencies because of mums drinking during pregnancy, shouldn't be a thing in the same way, for instance

    • Christian Cohn
      Christian Cohn Year ago

      +Fay Sprader But this video is wrong though. Excess consumption of alcohol does permanently damage the brain according to many more recent studies. This video only chose to reference a single study from decades ago that was later discredited. Rather than try to search for several more recent studies together. You'll be ok to drink a little on your own but if you're getting really drunk and even worse drinking so much you black out, it's definitely not good for you. Although it's not bad enough that a single night will change your abilities noticeably. You'd have to be doing it on a regular basis.

    • Christian Cohn
      Christian Cohn Year ago

      +Fay Sprader Probably the glial cells. They might be able to repair minor external damage to neurons. There are various types and they each fill a support role to neurons.

    • DivideByZero
      DivideByZero Year ago


  • Sarken
    Sarken Year ago +5

    No, SJWs do.

  • Roger McKay
    Roger McKay Year ago

    This guy sure looks like he drinks too much.

  • Кокайн
    Кокайн 2 years ago +14

    Alcohol can cause quite severe brain damage. It restricts absorption of vitamin b1, which can result in Korsakoffs (severe intelligence deficits and INABILITY to remember) and many other bad things.

    • Jameson Segler
      Jameson Segler Year ago

      You're not wrong, but you are inaccurate. Korsakoffs requires habitual, long-term alcohol abuse, it simply isn't seen in those people who haven't been alcoholics for a considerable length of time.

    • DivideByZero
      DivideByZero Year ago

      If you get drunk daily, your brain cells wont be able to repair themselves effectively.

    • icyboy771z
      icyboy771z Year ago

      +Кокайн Lol i think its just hogwash, yes you tend to forget things (When you drink), but your memory would be okay the next day or day after..and it doesn't make anyone stupid, some of the most intelligent people I know are alcoholics..

    • Matthew Ferrie
      Matthew Ferrie Year ago

      Sounds like an interesting research topic! :)

  • 314rft
    314rft 2 years ago

    I got a SciShow ad on a SciShow VIDEO!

    • metallsnubben
      metallsnubben Year ago

      +314rft Yo dude I heard you liked SciShow so I put some SciShow in your SciShow so you can SciShow while you SciShow

  • MrGaryg20047
    MrGaryg20047 2 years ago

    I been sober for many years now and it takes about 12 years for the brain to repair its self and as for myself I have some brain damage from alcohol which I can tell and if you been drinking alcohol for a long time you can damage your brain from the advice I received from psychotherapists and substance abuse counselor and you can destroy your liver and if you are drinking please quit.

    • z121231211
      z121231211 2 years ago

      +MrGaryg20047 "12 years"!?, god damn how long were you drinking heavily? That sounds like 10+ SD/day consistently for years.

  • Crypto Coin
    Crypto Coin 2 years ago

    Now explain how the neo-cortex works, because alcohol has long-term effects on societies which explains the mental states of the Scottish and Irish as ancient alcohol guru's! If a pregnant woman intakes alcohol, as in wine, it affects the development of the fetus brain. You have much to learn about the effects of alcohol. In Asia alcohol is sold cheaper than cold drinks in 7 eleven outlets, come and witness the nation for what they represent. Need not forget Bankers on a large scale messed up the global economy being intoxicated in their careers.

  • ennovyrose
    ennovyrose 2 years ago

    how do you explain Korsakoff's, then?

    • ennovyrose
      ennovyrose 2 years ago

      +BuickDoc yep, there's gotta be a catch if they're free, right? ^^'

    • BuickDoc
      BuickDoc 2 years ago

      +ennovyrose Why, it must be the free peanuts at the bar...

  • Brandon Ma
    Brandon Ma 2 years ago

    Why is my hank green?

  • Luckyshots
    Luckyshots 2 years ago +3

    I would assume that when you try to answer a question like this, you would do more research than this.  There has been countless studies done since 1993 that disagree with you.  In fact, even the paper you mentioned that was published in 1993 indicated that there was significant white matter loss in the brain's of alcoholics that "probably" would repair itself. Not to mention it was a study done on merely 20 people. It is now common knowledge that alcohol consumption, especially binge drinking can cause significant brain damage to young adolescents. 

  • zigaudrey
    zigaudrey 2 years ago

    Alcohol is flammable!
    That's true,it cause health risk...And girl will have more problem with that...
    They have more alcohol in blood then boys...Even if they drink the same glass.
    And when you speaking of Alcohol prevent neuron to communicate,that's make sense,they have difficulty to control and reason why there are many people death from driving...

  • JAdHum
    JAdHum 2 years ago +59

    I'm a medical student with two summa cum laude degrees in neuroscience and biochemistry, and I do research with a neuroscientist at Duke who studies the effects of drugs and alcohol in the developing brain, and I can assure you that this video is completely and utterly wrong. The study from 1993 was discredited over a decade ago. I'm actually about to give a presentation in about an hour to undergraduate students on recent research in the way alcohol affects the adolescent brain. There are several published studies finding direct causation between ethanol and neural cell death. In the dentate gyrus, one of the only two areas that continues to experience high amounts of neurogenesis into adulthood, ethanol exposure results in significantly higher levels of caspase-3, which is a protein marker for apoptosis, or programmed cell death. There are multiple published reviews by the National Institute of Health pointing out the plethora of studies demonstrating brain cell death as a result of ethanol intoxication. High BAC results in neuronal death in multiple limbic cortical brain regions as well as the entorhinal cortex, which relays information to and from the hippocampus and the dentate gyrus. Also, the hippocampus suffers severe gray matter loss during blackouts, as it is one of the areas most strongly depressed by alcohol. Alcohol also causes death of neuronal stem cells and impairs neurogenesis, the process by which new brain cells are formed, significantly retarding our ability to learn and remember.

    There is mounting evidence that the brain cannot completely repair itself from alcohol exposure. Multiple studies have found that neurogenesis is permanently impaired in the dentate gyrus following chronic ethanol exposure (even after only a handful of drunk episodes), and behavioral studies have found permanent cognitive deficits in those with a history of binge drinking, even following prolonged abstinence.

    This video is spreading information that completely contradicts the neuroscience community's consensus. I mean, there's literally thousands of published studies and reviews over the past decade finding neuron death as a direct result of ethanol exposure. I'm not sure why you would cite a study from 1993 without doing more recent research.

    • drchen054
      drchen054 2 months ago

      ecL .. no need to be worried. a few times isnt going to change something crazy but if u want to heal youre brain as much as possible, try cbd oil(google) to optimize neurogenesis or brain regrowth on the parts that can. Lions mane mushroom extract (google mushroomshen)can rebuild the sheathing around your neurons for stronger intercommunication (aka clearer, smarter brain aka "limitless pill" effect) exercise, ocassional or full on fruitarian/raw vegan diet(80/20), ocassional water/juice/or dry fasting(google) 1 to 5 days can possibly activate stem cells for tissue regrowth previously impossible with eating.

    • ecL Gengar
      ecL Gengar 2 months ago

      Hey dude, assuming you are really speaking the truth, this makes me very anxious cause i've been heavily drunk occasionally. The part about the brain not being able to recover scares me quite alot. Could you explain to me in detail (assuming you have the time of course) if the damage is really permanent, considering your comment was two years ago and if it is always the case that you get the brain damage or just in certain cases. Would gladly appreciate

    • Gerald Nelson
      Gerald Nelson 4 months ago

      JaDHum-- I agree with YOUR LATEST RESEARCH 1000 PERCENT!!

    • ​ ​
      ​ ​ 4 months ago

      JAdHum .

    • Dbell101
      Dbell101 Year ago

      Would this explain why some alcohols (such as wood alcohol) can cause blindness?

  • MrMikecurran
    MrMikecurran 2 years ago

    Diminished levels of vitamin B1 do to excessive alcohol use can cause Korsakoff's amnesia.  People loose the ability to gain new memories.

    Oliver Sacks wrote the story of a man with this condition.   "The Lost Mariner" thought he was still a young man and was confused every day about the image of an old man looking back at him in the mirror.  The memories of many years were gone.  

  • Neon Spectre
    Neon Spectre 2 years ago

    Does TV kill brain cells

    • Mistergamer9892
      Mistergamer9892 2 years ago

      Only if you watch Family Guy, or any other modern program past 2010,

  • Haylie McDowell
    Haylie McDowell 2 years ago

    So if alcohol doesn't kill brain cells why can't anyone under the age of 21 drink? I mean they said it themselves, the "damage" is reversable as long as it's in small quantities. If it's not killing brain cells or permanetly damaging the brain why is it kept from minors?

    • Sophia Chau
      Sophia Chau 2 years ago

      Because if a 16 year old just learned to drive and is drunk driving, well SOMEONE is going to end up hurt

    • corwin11412
      corwin11412 2 years ago

      +Haylie McDowell The only reason the drinking age is 21 is because the states didn't want to lose 10% of their highway funding.

    • z121231211
      z121231211 2 years ago

      Because killing brain cells isn't the only damage you can do to your brain. Drugs alter the way the brain works rather than kill the cells outright. Usually by "damage" they mean alter the brain in such a way that it impedes normal functioning (sometimes permanently). Minors are more susceptible to this because their brains are still developing.

      Also, why would you want to do one of the worst drugs? Alcohol is gabaminergic, meaning it's one of the few drugs that has seizure as a withdrawal symptom. And since your liver breaks it down into the much more toxic chemical acetaldehyde it can produce some horrendous hangover symptoms.

  • Donk Rubbler
    Donk Rubbler 2 years ago

    There are so many brain myths. It drives me nuts! The human brain is a lot more complicated than simply left half and right half, and we use the entire damn organ.

  • YoBarett
    YoBarett 2 years ago

    Q: can you time travel
    use your science to prove that we can time travel plz

  • KmarkecGamer
    KmarkecGamer 2 years ago

    Alcohol is relaxant, right? It slows the information transport between neurons. So how come people become aggressive when drunk? Isn't aggression associated with faster information transport between neurons?

  • tim van der Peet
    tim van der Peet 2 years ago

    But why does alcohol effect the brain of a fetus.

  • Влади́мир Пу́тин

    Another video with the boring guy. (NOT green)

  • absojake
    absojake 2 years ago

    How does this explain those MRI scans that show brain damage in alcoholics?

    • z121231211
      z121231211 2 years ago

      +absojake Maybe they tried to quit, causing kindling which means more brain damage. Quitting Alcohol cold turkey can be more brain damaging than quitting on a taper.

  • Natasha Stringer
    Natasha Stringer 2 years ago

    Iv got a question. .... why do we get heart burn? And why dose it course a burning feeling in the body?

  • Jimmy Baez
    Jimmy Baez 2 years ago

    Are there really any serious effects with using marijuana?

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 2 years ago

    Weed is more harmless than alcohol. You can't die form an overdose due to weed unless you have a blunt as large as a fucking warehouse. Alcohol can kill you by liver failure, car accident and murder, by another person who drinks.
    Tell me why weed is considered bad when alcohol causes more damage, I would love to hear Republican pigs' comments.

  • Sydd Linden
    Sydd Linden 2 years ago

    What I've heard more recently is that binge drinking before the brain is fully developed (before age 25) can cause possibly irreparable damage. So basically, the typical college scene is not such a grand idea. Thoughts? Is this also not so correct?

  • Ariza Romero
    Ariza Romero 2 years ago

    what are the health risks of marijuana? I'm seeing a lot of arguments about this in the comments and I was wondering and hoping for an unbiased answer.. 

  • gomezuploaded
    gomezuploaded 2 years ago

    Does weed hurt your body in anyway??

  • Mr Hackett
    Mr Hackett 2 years ago +6

    Why do you douchebags have to always argue that "weed is better" - "no way, weed is for losers" blah blah. Different strokes for different folks. Weed doesn't work for everyone. But if does work for you - go for it. Alcohol doesn't work for everyone, but the same goes, if it works for you - have at it. As long as your choices aren't hurting other people you should have the right to indulge in whatever floats your boat. So stop judging others for not sharing the same vice as you.  

  • Christina Hunt
    Christina Hunt 2 years ago

    So does that mean smoking Marijuana doesn't kill brain cells either?

  • Niko
    Niko 2 years ago +1

    i tough this wideo would just be 5 secs long and about you saying no

    • Zeldagigafan
      Zeldagigafan 2 years ago

      In science, a simple binary answer is never satisfactory, in fact, anything that is a binary answer should be completely disregarded because we aren't really learning anything.

    • Niko
      Niko 2 years ago


  • Kimani Wilson
    Kimani Wilson 2 years ago

    Lmfao im so happy i watched this

  • Wulf of Akina
    Wulf of Akina 2 years ago

    You should do "Marijuana and how it affects you, the pros and cons"

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