Earth Mothers and Rebellious Sons - Creation Part 3: Crash Course World Mythology #4

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  • So, we’re still talking about sex this week, but we’re talking about Earth Mothers and their children. We'll start with Gaia, and her son Kronos, who had a classic childhood rebellion, and castrated his father. We'll also get into Kronos’s son Zeus, who would go on to dethrone his father. We’ll talk about Norse mythology, too, and look at the family that created the world, and worked together to make people.

    Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth by James E. Lovelock -

    Fee and Leeming. “Gods, Heroes, and Kings: the Battle for Mythic Britain.” Quoted in Leeming, The World of Myth. Oxford U. Press 2014 pp. 32-33. -

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  • Najmah Chant
    Najmah Chant 6 days ago

    you can never have enough incest in myths 😂😂😅

  • Lyncster Kid
    Lyncster Kid 10 days ago

    When someone mentions Gilgamesh, I can only think him saying Mongrels.

  • coconutcake c
    coconutcake c 12 days ago

    Is that Theon Greyjoy 😂

  • Faultty
    Faultty 14 days ago

    I thought that Bifrost was pronounced like beef roast.

  • Maggot Prince
    Maggot Prince 17 days ago

    I didn't know Aphrodite was created before Zeus? Wow, for whatever reason i thought she followed with the gods born through Hera and Zeus

  • YLinh Bui
    YLinh Bui 17 days ago

    ymir brain became cloud - just fyi
    iam not so comfortable with the ymir and odin myth :P

  • steven shar
    steven shar 26 days ago

    The animation for the thought bubble depicting Norse mythology is pretty cool.

  • Steve the griffin
    Steve the griffin 28 days ago

    In attack on Titan, the girl that discovered the power of the Titans was named Ymir. Just thought that was cool.

  • Amar Banerjee
    Amar Banerjee 28 days ago

    percy jackkson

  • eric santos
    eric santos Month ago

    But i tought that enuma eylish was a noble phantasm ;)

  • eaterofentrails
    eaterofentrails Month ago

    The bird-lion monster in that relief isn't Tiamat. It's Anzu. As far as I know, there are no confirmed visual depictions of Tiamat.

  • Gavin Davis
    Gavin Davis Month ago

    The Mayan creation myth also is abought rebellious sons

  • Vdbcorten86
    Vdbcorten86 Month ago

    Kronos wasn't afraid for his children that they would overthrow. he was told by the Oracle, so he knew this

  • NotMeButAnother
    NotMeButAnother Month ago

    "The waters meet... if you catch my drift."

    I see what you did there.

  • Fatt Philosopher
    Fatt Philosopher Month ago

    The host is getting better and a little funnier with each episode. Not quite to the standards of Green yet.

  • verniel love
    verniel love Month ago

    Ask, embla , = Adam and Eve

  • Feno 3000
    Feno 3000 Month ago

    Good grief... you just READ the bit about the SWALLOWING... Kronos did NOT Chew the kids or bite them in pieces, he just gulped them down, so that they could later emerge like Gepetto or Jonah from their whales... or the granma of Red Riding Hood from the Wolf

  • Tony Downey
    Tony Downey Month ago

    deu-sex machana

  • C00kii0
    C00kii0 Month ago

    Cronus was an asshat...

  • Ale-Jo
    Ale-Jo Month ago

    Hi from Venezuela, According to your knowledge the difference between a titan and a god ???

  • Young Lokean
    Young Lokean 2 months ago

    Still not an adult

  • Yash Mathur
    Yash Mathur 2 months ago

    0.58 Metaphase???????????? Mind=Blown

  • Derick McDuff
    Derick McDuff 2 months ago

    Chronos the god of time and Cronus the guy who cut off his dad's junk with a sickle are totally different gods, that just have a similar name. Sure the Roman version Saturn was a god of time, I guess, but just this feels ill informed or lazy.

  • Mlight2018
    Mlight2018 2 months ago

    Chronos, the god of time, is not the same as kronos/cronus, the king if the titans and the one who defeated Ouranos.

  • r bw
    r bw 2 months ago

    there should be a crash course series on art history, a lot of the art used in the video and events refrenced are pieces I've learned about in art history courses

  • Brigette Brinton
    Brigette Brinton 2 months ago

    Hey @Crashcourse several of the mythology videos are missing from the playlist. Keep up the good work!

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 2 months ago

    0:26 Suddenly I have an urge to ship Thoth and Athena. "Thothena" or "Athenoth"? Anyway, someone should write an epic fantasy story about it.

  • Pearl Liao
    Pearl Liao 2 months ago

    I love crash course so much

  • Befetit ThunderCat
    Befetit ThunderCat 2 months ago

    Why does it always look like you're trying to defend yourself against a punch every time you start talking

  • William Cox
    William Cox 2 months ago +1

    "Manage to pull out reality" . . . just a bit of a tug . . .

  • DragonofEpics
    DragonofEpics 2 months ago

    Mythology Odin from what I've read in textbooks in Wikipedia was less of a jerk than marvel Odin. He sacrificed his eye so he could see into the future of what would happen to the human race because according to what I read he actually kinda considered them to be his children and not some inferior life form ( from what I can tell I haven't read every single Norse myth ). Also Loki wasn't Thors brother but Odins brother. They weren't however biologically related. They just kinda 'adopted' each other as brothers. Even though Loki wasn't always very trustworthy and they new he would play a huge role in ragnorok ( not a helpful role ) he proved to be useful sometimes and wasn't always messing everyone's stuff up.

    • DragonofEpics
      DragonofEpics 2 months ago

      Also Tiamat had udders. Source: Wikipedia

    • DragonofEpics
      DragonofEpics 2 months ago

      Don't quote me on this stuff though I'm just a 15 yr old who really likes mythology, I am by no means an expert.

  • Yusuf P
    Yusuf P 2 months ago


  • anthony smith
    anthony smith 2 months ago

    ya but in egyptian myths the earth is a male for some reason

  • Jay TheApple
    Jay TheApple 3 months ago

    He made a joke from "Percy Jackson's Greek Gods." "A face only a mother could love"

  • Tara Sarma
    Tara Sarma 3 months ago

    In most mythologies, you can see some sort of story about a powerful female diety being destroyed/kiled/taken over by a male diety. This could be reflective of the rise of partiarchal societies in early history.

  • hfyaer
    hfyaer 3 months ago

    What the IAs will tell their children:
    "At the beggining there was a bunch of gods called Google, Facebook, and Amazon... They were eating their children. And some of their children hated them so much that they killed them!"
    "But doesn't gods have gods daddy? Maybe there is only one source of all intelligence in the end?" answers little IAbraham, and boom! Recursivity!

  • subseven
    subseven 3 months ago

    This Guya fellow sounds like a cool dude.

  • Itka Maax
    Itka Maax 3 months ago

    Mike is a great host but he has a weirdly flat face. jussayin

  • IoKnight
    IoKnight 3 months ago

    Alliteration is actually quite important to norse poetry, it's essentially their equivalent to rhyme. Also, the Prose Edda is medieval, not ancient.

  • Alfred joshua Abul
    Alfred joshua Abul 3 months ago

    you should make pantheon about the philippines

  • L0N3 W0LF5473
    L0N3 W0LF5473 3 months ago

    just watch thor

  • nachoguy5
    nachoguy5 3 months ago

    Ask/Embla = Adam/Eve? Wat

  • OnePieceNation
    OnePieceNation 3 months ago

    2;20 oi cronus is the god of the harvest in most accounts while chronos is the god of time.

  • Jacob Pontoppidan
    Jacob Pontoppidan 3 months ago

    Ymer wasn't a frost giant but what we Scandinavians call a "jætte".

  • Rey02
    Rey02 3 months ago +2

    Wait.., Aphrodite is older than Zeus!!

  • Brendan C
    Brendan C 3 months ago

    your jokes are bad and your deliveries are worst. please stop it and just tell the stories and explain them.

  • Kat Hiersche
    Kat Hiersche 3 months ago

    **note to self: Do NOT start these videos with over protective parents, teasing friends, or crush....**

  • raheim cumberbatch
    raheim cumberbatch 3 months ago +1

    Great vids

  • Jojo Ferrufino
    Jojo Ferrufino 3 months ago

    The Nephilim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A_SteampunkyFox
    A_SteampunkyFox 3 months ago

    I'm 11 why can't I get a break😳

  • Honey Senpai
    Honey Senpai 3 months ago +1

    ....Is no one going to talk about the genius pun that is "Thoth-provoking" come on people!

  • Rashaunda Spears
    Rashaunda Spears 3 months ago

    I've always thought that Hera was the goddess of Earth in Greek mythology until now.

  • cockroach2
    cockroach2 4 months ago

    I am somewhat disappointed that you used Rubens instead of Goya for you Saturn-eating -his-children picture

  • TheJackalope231
    TheJackalope231 4 months ago

    "...some of whom managed to pull off Creation without any female counterpart."
    Heh, "pull off".

  • Josny13
    Josny13 4 months ago

    5:57 "... created man and women from his sweaty left armpit, which explains a lot, if you think about it, ..."
    No! No it does not! D:<
    He is a FROST GIANT, where did that sweat come from?! xD
    If Imir wasn't at least half, frozen water, why call it a frost giant and not just a giant?

    8:41 Oldest furry creation story™

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock 4 months ago

    what about the vanir tribe of gods and vanaheim? without them you have no freyja and neither Odin or Loki learn magic

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock 4 months ago +1

    in the myth i believe he swallowed the children whole which is why he was unaware of the deception of the stone .

  • Christin Zhang
    Christin Zhang 4 months ago

    Often where prophecies where children kill their parents or grandparents the parents/grandparents build the trap themselves.

    Good job! But you can't escape fate.

  • ChristhePhilosopher
    ChristhePhilosopher 4 months ago

    This episodes confuses Kronos (sometimes written Cronos) and Chronos. They are not the same. Chronos is god of time and destiny, Kronos is the titan, father of Zeus...

  • Anthony Manini
    Anthony Manini 4 months ago

    Part 4 seems to be missing. Anyone know where I can find it/them?

  • Sydd Linden
    Sydd Linden 4 months ago

    Wait, so Aphrodite was thus Zuse's sister? Not his daughter? Wow... I am officially confused. This feels like being very young and learning that Santa is a lie... :/ Everything I thought I knew was WRONG! D: ...why do they have to sanitize everything...?

  • Mark Rivera
    Mark Rivera 4 months ago

    omg theon greyjoy appeared when he said castration 😂

  • Elsa Re
    Elsa Re 4 months ago

    why are we not talking more about that hank green bridge reference

  • Tetracarbon (Phillip Wong)

    I like the Idea Channel, but I am loving this series. Great work!

  • george haralampous
    george haralampous 4 months ago +1

    ancient Greece...huh in incest is wincest.... Huh am never sure if I should be proud of my Greek ancestors...meh who cares the world is anyway fucked up as it is

  • Guillermo Castellanos
    Guillermo Castellanos 4 months ago

    Suuuuuper good

  • Neo Prototype
    Neo Prototype 4 months ago +1

    It's not incest, it's wincest. Children do effectively castrate their fathers, since their whore mothers no longer put out as much sex as they should after they queef out the kids.

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah 4 months ago

    You somehow made Thoth absolutely adorable. I commend you for this.

  • Kevin Bradley
    Kevin Bradley 4 months ago

    Big Bad Creator Dad... I'd play that.

  • s93jonathan
    s93jonathan 4 months ago

    I just can't get enough of Thoth 😂
    He is so adorable!

  • Kamakazeishbear
    Kamakazeishbear 4 months ago

    Why do all of these sound like they are written for children?

  • Perplexion Dangerman
    Perplexion Dangerman 4 months ago

    If you do these kind of drugs, don't tell anybody about it.

  • garden in the void
    garden in the void 4 months ago

    Someone needs to make myth bingo

    • garden in the void
      garden in the void 4 months ago

      or a myth drinking game, take a shot every time someone overthrows their parents

  • Evil Avocado
    Evil Avocado 4 months ago +1


  • LaraEmily
    LaraEmily 4 months ago

    Will you cover the Dreamtime? (Australian Aboriginal creation story)

  • Toq The Wise
    Toq The Wise 4 months ago

    I appreciate that you talked about Norse myths, watching the others I was worried you wouldn't. But your pronunciation is terrible!

  • Button Mashing Queen
    Button Mashing Queen 4 months ago

    2:12 By "Memory", do you mean "Mnemosyne"?
    2:18 Chronos is the God of Time, It is from his name that we get the prefix chrono-, meaning "time". Kronos is a Titan and the father of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, etc.... Don't mess with my pantheon, even if the two are often conflated.
    7:49 I had read that Thor was the primary god of the Norse pantheon, but was later supplanted by Odin, after The All-Father had gained the knowledge of writing, at the cost of his eye.

  • Megan Zaman
    Megan Zaman 4 months ago


    • Gaja Hinca
      Gaja Hinca 4 months ago

      Great. Just DO NOT piss it off. Never-ever.

      Also: If "Gaja" is a Polish version of "Gaia" (pronounced the same way) and I'm Polish, does it mean that I share a name with your dog? Probably yes. And I'm not amused by this fact :'D

  • Comm Hetman
    Comm Hetman 4 months ago

    why is the mythology playlist consisting of 4 videos and is up to episode 6...

  • James Henry Smith
    James Henry Smith 4 months ago

    The Norse mythology is a symbolic expression of the life during the Pre-Roman, Pre-Christian Viking and Germanic world.

    Aesir are the powerful male forces, while Vanir are the weaker female forces.

    Odin symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and learning.

    Frigg symbolizes unknown secrets of the universe and of the future.

    Odin learns secrets of the universe and of the future from Frigg.

    Huginn and Muninn symbolize though and memory.

    Thought is the main way that knowledge is gained.

    Memory was important for the ancient pagan cultures, as druids and wise women or wise men (“shamans”) were their tribes and culture’s record of events and ceremony.

    Sleipnir symbolizes the fact that wisdom and knowledge are everywhere and travel fast.

    Freyja symbolizes beauty, virility, and growth in nature.

    Freyja’s cats and boar symbolize femininity.

    Gold is called Freyja’s tears because it is shiny and beautiful, and is scattered around the earth.

    Freyr symbolizes male handsomeness, virility, and growth in nature.

    Freyr’s golden boar symbolizes handsomeness and the beauty of nature.

    Tyr symbolizes courage, honor, law, order and defending one’s tribe.

    Valhalla is a reward after death, where the warriors would find beauty, wisdom, and peace, much like the Abrahamic concept of heaven, and acts as a way to calm and encourage warriors during a battle. In other interpretations, Valhalla is the reward of winning a victory in battle.

    Valkyries are just transporters. In other interpretations, they symbolize the time and journey that occurs between starting to solve a problem or beginning to fight a battle, and the rewards of victory.

    Thor represents power and strength, and also lightning and thunder.

    Thor is Odin’s son, because wisdom and knowledge is power and strength, or at least wisdom and knowledge can lead to power and strength.

    Thor’s goats represent the longlasting energy of power and strength.

    The giants symbolize the fact that there is only lightning and thunder during a storm.

    Sif symbolizes nature.

    Loki represents evil and dishonorable behavior.

    The ability of Loki to shapeshift represents the many guises and forms that evil can come in.

    Jormungandr and Fenrir are stories that teach morals, honor, and how to deal with evil.

    Hel symbolizes death.

    Saying that someone went to the underworld just meant they died.

    Njord represents the sea, just like Poseidon does for the Greeks.

    Vidar represents a sneaking warrior that uses guerilla tactics, and spies that gather intelligence for the tribe. This is also why Vidar is Odin’s son and Thor’s brother.

    Baldr represents the peace and forgiveness after a war between tribes. This is also why Baldr is the Brother of Thor and Vidar. His ship represents postwar rebuilding and the prosperity due to peace.

    Baldr’s death due to Loki and Hodr symbolizes the temporary disappearance of peace, forgiveness and love that happens during a war.

    Heimdall symbolizes the tribal guards and army, as they are always on the lookout for enemies. This is also why he is the first god to know when Ragnarok comes.

    Ragnarok symbolizes intertribal conflicts, or even battles against large empires like Rome, France, or England.

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb 4 months ago

    my favourite episode so far

  • 纏やぼく
    纏やぼく 4 months ago

    Why does the title says part 3, isn't this part 4?

  • Wes Snow
    Wes Snow 4 months ago

    Hey Crash Course, I'm watching the 'Mythology' Playlist, and it looks like you're missing Part 2. Just a heads up. Thanks for the videos!

    • Wes Snow
      Wes Snow 4 months ago

      Now I'm seeing that you have two #3 videos. Yikes, this is confusing.

  • Coke Pepsi
    Coke Pepsi 4 months ago

    He talked about the Æsir, but what about the Vanir?

  • orCane
    orCane 4 months ago

    It's so weird to hear your english pronounciation of the names and beings of norse mythology. Also, when saying Ymer, the first syllable is stressed, not the second. And while you can't pronounce Y in english like we do in Scandinavia, pronouncing it as an english "eye" is close enough, - so *EYE*-mer like you'd say "timer" without the t. Same principle for the pronounciation of the race of the gods (aesir) first syllable is stressed, not the second - *ICE*-r, like what you might call a machine that makes ice - not A-seer, like arguing with someone over the specific article to use when speaking about one seer.

  • Umberto Fournier
    Umberto Fournier 4 months ago

    another great series

  • GregTom2
    GregTom2 4 months ago

    So, are there two different mythological Narratives where Tiamat exists?

  • onytay75
    onytay75 4 months ago

    yall have 5 videos in this series start making a playlist

  • Justin Wahl
    Justin Wahl 4 months ago

    BTW: on the playlist for Crash Course Mythology, only half of the videos are actually there.

  • mer kikima
    mer kikima 4 months ago

    kids the side effect of sexe i couldn't agree more

  • Alexander Vasilev
    Alexander Vasilev 4 months ago

    Cronus is not the God of time, Chronus is.

  • Penguin Fancy
    Penguin Fancy 4 months ago

    Thanks Percy Jackson!

  • Canbeg
    Canbeg 4 months ago


  • TheApachacha
    TheApachacha 5 months ago +1

    You also missed the part where Tiamat married her son Kingu, who wore the Tablet of Destiny as a breastplate.

    Also you didn't mention the link between the Greek myths of Uranus/Cronues and the Hittie Song of Kingship.

  • TheApachacha
    TheApachacha 5 months ago

    The absence of a Barney Stinson graphic when you said "legendary sex" is very troubling.

  • Khoa Tran
    Khoa Tran 5 months ago

    ehh cronus and chronos is 2 god right??? is cronus also a time god?

  • Dokkalfr
    Dokkalfr 5 months ago +1

    Huh...never heard Tiamat pronounced like that...assuming it's a more proper pronunciation

    as an aside, I ALSO love to say Hekatonchires

  • Tj Chapman
    Tj Chapman 5 months ago

    The earth is not some god it is the third planet from the sun were 7 billion people live and die. It shares the solar system with eight other planets Pluto being the smallest and farthest away from the sun.

  • Mark Koehr
    Mark Koehr 5 months ago

    Chronos and Kronos/cronos are two different people right?

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