Alien: Covenant's 6 Biggest WTF Questions

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  • IGN
    IGN  3 months ago +165


    I thought I'd round-up the biggest questions I still had after watching Covenant. I've seen the film twice now, and did our review. It's proved to be as divisive as I thought it was going to be, but regardless, we've all had fun debating and discussing it in the office this week.

    Here are the biggest unresolved questions and I've woven in some fan theories as to how things might connect with Alien (1979). If you've got any of your own theories, I'd love to hear them, so leave them in the comments below.


    • Dim TD
      Dim TD 2 days ago

      AVP is the biggest mistake in movie history it does not count in any movies

    • Fernando
      Fernando 13 days ago

      David created *a* xeno (well actually 2...Neomorph, aka the white alien, also counts), not the classic alien so far...
      Many things are still unanswered that can explain what's happening. A few theories are that: the black goo is actually harvested from the classic alien (royal jelly), which can be used to mutate other beings into xeno-like creatures; another is that the Engineers have been using the goo for some time, so classic alien could be their creation, while David is creating another "branch" of xenos...

      PS: AvP isn't canon to the alien franchise, afaik

    • Suryansh sinha
      Suryansh sinha 13 days ago

      And if david created alien (xeno)..Then how come aliens are in AVP ?

    • Wayne R
      Wayne R 2 months ago

      discombobulated mess

  • Lyanna zul
    Lyanna zul 11 hours ago

    How did the last alien got into the ship?

  • Braden Emir-Ahmet

    why would Dr Shaw reassemble David ??????????????????????? The robot that murdered her husband.
    Dr. Shaw would never be that stupid.

  • PAUL Burrows
    PAUL Burrows 4 days ago

    You could replace the "scientists" with teenagers and the xenos with a guy in a hockey mask and pretty much get the same movie

  • extantia
    extantia 6 days ago

    The idea of alien black goo infecting humans and spawning a hostile alien and killing them in the process was a creation of the X-Files. Remember in the series and the first X-Files film? In the first episode of season 6 ("The Beginning") a biologist gets infected by the black goo and an alien incubates inside him and bursts out. This also happens to a fireman in "The X Files: Fight the Future". That was in 1998, nearly 20 years ago! How unoriginal could the creators of Prometheus I and II be?

  • Nao Chue
    Nao Chue 7 days ago

    Alien Covenant was a mess and confused the heck out of people. So many wrong things with this film.

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 8 days ago

    SPACE JOCKEY, SHIP, EGGS OF ALIEN 1979 ARE THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD, did David create a TIME MACHINE too? Seemingly Sir Ridley and the "Dozen" Writers haven't seen/forgot the first film.

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 8 days ago

    Sadly Ridley Scott forgot that fact as his previous films were perfectly AMBIGUOUS. How Amazing to NOT know who/what that Space Jockey was in 1979. Sir Ridley is on a No Mystery Reveal Campaign with his recent allotment. Let us hope Blade Runner 28578 (whatever the title is) does NOT do same.

  • Private I
    Private I 8 days ago

    Da fuq you mean "long after watching the movie"? It only dropped this year. "WTF" alright.

  • mezmare
    mezmare 9 days ago

    What about Alien Queen? Nothing. As you've mentioned, it wasn't Ridley Scott's idea to create any queen whatsoever in the first place, and he may as well ignore it all together. He created the first movie and now is expanding the story based on that. New ideas, new concepts. He already is providing completely different explanation of the origin of Alien species, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was no queen involved whatsoever.

  • OsamaBinObama
    OsamaBinObama 9 days ago

    This movie is bullshit ecisting the entire Aliens lore and even that of prometheus where you saw a crucified xenomorph mural in the ship R Scott has alzheimers

  • TheBubbaclaw
    TheBubbaclaw 11 days ago

    I'm just hoping the prequels are just a bad dream of Ripley-8.

  • Jay Suthar
    Jay Suthar 14 days ago

    What's the music track @2:32? :)

  • Rubashow
    Rubashow 15 days ago

    The biggest and most important question regarding Alien: Covenant is: "Ridley, what the hell were you thinking?"

  • Luis Davila
    Luis Davila 17 days ago

    The Pilot

  • Splintermvp13
    Splintermvp13 17 days ago

    Ridley Scott has ruined the Alien franchise. I truly believe he believes in his own hype and has taken the horror out of the Alien movies. There were so many plot holes and typical moments that just made the movie bland. He needs to be taken out of the Alien franchise for it to be given new life.

  • cesar Cordova
    cesar Cordova 18 days ago

    Nice video btw

  • cesar Cordova
    cesar Cordova 18 days ago

    Imho Ridley Scott took his masterpiece and turned it to crap. Trying to do too much and stretch it out for too long

    SVETOGOR 20 days ago

    ((( waited 5 years
    1. they flew to an unknown planet without spacesuits! Are they analyzing it all? there is no life - it's not strange - I would go there only on a tank! SO AS IF LIFE is not - birds, insects .... then there is death - clear!2. ANY colonized group knows by protocol - that IF TWO MEMBERS OF THE CREW DIED AT YOU, IF YOU HAVE HUNTED ANYTHING AND WANT TO KILL! YOU ALL TOGETHER ALWAYS stay together - at least 3 people - even to shit!3. Have robots learned to fight?4. The scene with the pipes - I will not say that bad or good !5. At the end it was clear that David survived - as shown by the KNIFE !!!6. ALL of them including the robot had to x-ray - to make sure that there is no thread in them before they go sleep or even staying in spaceship! But the robot instead of that in his pocket to shove small aliens - he swallowed them ...... that's the morons of the colonizers - the protocol of all to one must check from and until they infect the crew and people then on another planet !!7 they have nerves and psyche should be steel - and then everyone shouts like little girls!8 why the alien does not touch android - he is not their dad9 stranger grows  by the hour ....10 this aliens are different than predators created for hunting? because that aliens were created before David's one
    11 why they walked miles and not landed near the signal - they don't have huge space ship!!thanks

  • Adolf kitler
    Adolf kitler 21 day ago

    did david kill shaw?

  • stiffyrabbit jr
    stiffyrabbit jr 21 day ago

    These are 'what if' questions, not 'wtf'.
    As in, WTF was Ridley Scott drinking, to keep pissing on the alien franchise and calling it rain?!

  • Captain Raz
    Captain Raz 21 day ago

    1:32 you guys asked if david lured the covenant (makes super sense, I cant believe he said no, he's really senile), but he asked talking about "she" sending messages... Shaw?
    Then those scenes shown... they from prometheus or deleted fottage?

    JAGTHEGEMINI 22 days ago

    Is David the space jockey!? You know what, that is EYACTLY what I thought when you raised the question who the space jockey on lv.246 is. And the chest burst is a Alien QUENN which came out of David, thus ENDING the cycle of CREATION. PERFECT, hire me SCOTT!

  • Rabbi Avner Echoberg-Shekelstein

    explanation: it's a dumb movie

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando Month ago

    Or maybe we should officially stop considering Prometheus and Covenant canon at all.

  • Brandon Adams
    Brandon Adams Month ago

    how did the eggs get on the derelict on Alien 1 ?

  • Khaotickhoala
    Khaotickhoala Month ago +1

    I never understood why the engineer at the beginning of Prometheus drank the goo. can anyone explain it to me please?

  • Taronamic
    Taronamic Month ago +1

    James Cameron Should Of Directed *Alien Covenant*

  • Jozhua Mendoza
    Jozhua Mendoza Month ago

    David is basically a Ultron type character.

  • Wenex
    Wenex Month ago

    Why does everybody believe that the Engineers were only in this small city an David just killed them? When I saw the movie, for me it was clear that the black goo attacked every animal on the whole planet. Am I wrong?

  • oddsnends
    oddsnends Month ago

    i want to know if david arrived and docked on this planet safe then why was then shown as if it crashed on the planet at a high rate of speed......any thoughts

  • Ynse Schaap
    Ynse Schaap Month ago

    Thank you for screwing up the story even more ( didn't think it could be done ) ;-)

  • Julian Hayden
    Julian Hayden Month ago

    I have a question. Why are all the scientists in these movies dipshits?

  • Honour AND Glory
    Honour AND Glory Month ago

    This Prometheus franchise has potential, are they trying to make the franchise about a ''evolved'' android vs humanity?

  • Symha Syn
    Symha Syn Month ago

    Shaw is the Queen obviously!!! David Gen Maniplated her or even cloned her to be his guinea pig and used her "eggs" to create THE Eggs..

  • Alchemical Anarchist

    Queens are made by feeding a normal drone royal jelly in a Queen cell. The drones choose one of their own and feed it the royal jelly its whole life which makes its body go through the change into making a queen. I am sure there is a word for it but I am not a Entomologist.

  • ziljin
    ziljin Month ago +1

    this whole movie was so dumb

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo Month ago

    guys, I have answers!

    movie is failure, throw it in the same bin where already ghost busters is and move along with your lives.

  • evan hegarty
    evan hegarty Month ago

    How did an engineers ship full of face hugger eggs end up crashed on a random planet if David is the creator of the face huggers which is suggested? This of course is in reference to the original Alien.

  • Shelley Allan
    Shelley Allan Month ago

    Question 6, it's not a xenomorph, it's a protomorph

  • Velocelot
    Velocelot Month ago

    Question one: No, the engineers are returning in Alien Awakening

    Question two: David made the Xenomorphs because he is trying to replicate the Xenomorph that the engineers created.

    Question three: there is no queen because David made the eggs by using Shaws reproductive organs. the queen only comes to rise when a drone turns into one when no queen is present.

    Question four: The eggs on LV-426 are bioweapons or cargo of the long dead space jockey.

    Question five: We are not sure who is in the chair, that is part of the mystery of the original movie, they don't know what it is, making the fear greater.

    Question six: Because David is replicating what the engineers did, he didn't create the classic Xenomorph, he created the Protomorph and the Neomorph.

  • EternalRoman
    EternalRoman Month ago

    And people STILL FORGET about the Xenomorph in the MURAL in PROMETHEUS...COVENANT is garbage, a cash grab for the ALIEN franchise fans. Scott is turning to be like Michael Bay and HIS storytelling. No congruence, doesn't follow up and just shrinks the universe to have HUMANS be the damned center of everything. The Alien lost all of its mystery on this BS about being created by David, instead of being what the creator actually intended it to be: ALIEN. The same thing can be said about the "Engineers" stupid tall albino body builders, smh...the Co Creator of ALIEN Ronald Shusett whom is still alive obviously isn't happy and Co Creator Dan O'Bannon must be doing back flips in his grave.

  • Spectacular Poopfly

    You know it's the Studio's fault for alien Covenant now they were originally going to have a xenomorph in Prometheus but fox said no xenos

  • residentgood
    residentgood Month ago

    Ridley is making alien movies more confusing as it gets full of suspense

  • Cobber
    Cobber Month ago

    That Xenomorph was actually a protomorph not a Xenomorph but its close

  • universumpi
    universumpi 2 months ago

    If you read the book version of original Alien you will know that Xenomorphs are capable of reproducing even without the queen. The queen only makes it more efficient, a single ordinary Xenomorph could not lay that many eggs.

    (not sure how canonic the Alien novel is)

  • Warren Marris
    Warren Marris 2 months ago

    @IGN Interesting Video... I still have yet to see Covenant, but so far more or less every possible way I have see of the story moving forwards to tie in... You have pretty much covered!

    My only real Question is WHY MAKE THIS VIDEO? Seriously - Are movie audioences now so DUMB that they have NO IMAGINATION?

    Its literally become so bad that if not every single Answer is given to an Audience people are screaming 'PLOT HOLE' or 'WTF!?'

    The Studio have already said there will be TWO MORE MOVIES! If they complete teh story in Covenant - The next two films will be BORING AS ALL BLOODY HELL!

  • ramon perez
    ramon perez 2 months ago

    this all reminds me a lot of metroid

  • Salomon Botas Jr
    Salomon Botas Jr 2 months ago

    I know that alien vs predators was I merger of the two franchise and in those movies the predators used the aliens as prey for a right of passage where would they fit in this universe if the engineers are suppose to be the superior race seeding the universe??? just a thought😅

  • Ken
    Ken 2 months ago

    Covenant= an insult to intelligence from the beginning! Franco burns up in the cryo sleep chamber (no Loss) and the rest of the crew are going to climb in their's without finding the cause!? Moronic! What crew landing on a unknown planet would walk out unprotected against possible pathogens they have no immunity to. Just because the atmosphere is breathable? Stupid lazy writing. Crew points out No evidence of wildlife, alive or dead, on a planet that obviously evolved like our own earth -an impossible occurrence without animals to pollinate, fertilize and without a food chain in place. Did David kill them along with the so called "Engineers", if so why no corpses like the "Engineers" Lazy stupid writing. Despicable crew, especially the douche smoking a cigarette that flicks it away with disrespect to the planet, humans still smoke that far into the future? Implausible, stupid and how did the guy pass muster in the first place. No tension in the end, or horror like the preceding films, no character development, didn't care for any of them.The stupid ugly dirty cheap hat (what a joke) on the male survivor had more character then all of them put together I could go on but my point is Scott insults our intelligence by asking us to not notice or simply not care for the sake of Scott's narrative. I don't care what's coming next in the franchise. Covenant ruined any excitement and anticipation I had. I hope Scott leaves anything further to others.Alien will always be my favorite horror film and imo one of Mr. Scott's greatest work, Blade Runner not withstanding And I'm one of the fans who enjoyed Prometheus also. Lazy, insulting. The Casting Director missed on all accounts and I want my bucks back. Hate being so negative about something I love but, gotta be real with myself.

  • jeremymarchand46
    jeremymarchand46 2 months ago

    whete does predator come in too play

  • bella rosa
    bella rosa 2 months ago

    I liked the movie, but the crew's stupidity was laughable! For example, when the pilot accidentally shoots up the ship causing it to explode, or the other crew member who says , "well, I'm going to go clean up", and of course, you know she's next on the alien menu or how the crew is walking around with no mask to protect them from the alien virus and it goes in his ear and next thing you know it, its exploding out of his body! We screamed and laughed at most the scary scenes. Michael F was great as usual.

  • Trill Gates
    Trill Gates 2 months ago

    Movie was a letdown

  • Bud Luv
    Bud Luv 2 months ago

    In the beginning of Prometheus when the engineer drank the goo and fell into the water. This is where David is.. he's not wiping out the engineers, He's destorying the life they created. Engineers were 9 feet tall and white, These people are normal sized and pale.. Why aren't people getting this?!?!

  • Ethn_da_Ninja
    Ethn_da_Ninja 2 months ago

    My biggest question is why did they not use more classic alien weapons like the flamethrower or proto-pulse rifles? The modern weapons don't look cool and futuristic and also don't have a recognizable quality like the pulse rifle.

  • shymickey6
    shymickey6 2 months ago

    What part of the classic Xenomorphs "biomechanical"? I don't see the "mechanical" parts.

  • jsm666
    jsm666 2 months ago

    2:55 The novelisation by Alan Dean Foster appears to have David state that he merely found the Facehugger as an engineer curio rather than created it himself from scratch. So while the xenomorph as seen in _Covenant_ - rapidly emerging, rapidly evolving - is definitely his beast, the species as a whole may not be. I haven't had an opportunity to see the film - I understand this brief throwaway implication didn't make it in - so we'll see what film canon as opposed to official novelisation canon has to say on the matter in my perception.

    While not everyone will agree, I tend to go with the novelisations as the ultimate authority, personally - they include all sorts of little snippets that get cut from the film due to pacing and run-time concerns, but which might later appear in a director's cut or deleted-scenes collection (Cf the bits in Aliens about Ripley's daughter dying while she was in hypersleep plus the bit with the remote sentry cannons).

    If this turns out to be correct (or if Scott does an about-face and decides to run with it), then the Space Jockey is indeed potentially a separate beast - perhaps an Engineer sent out long ago to carry or retrieve Facehugger eggs and who fell afoul of his cargo. Or maybe the Engineers are no more than the Space Jockeys' inheritors, modelling their flight suits after the SJ form... We shall see.

    I feel this line of thinking addresses many of your questions.

  • ReNoVaTiO
    ReNoVaTiO 2 months ago

    1. It was just a colony planet! NOT their homeworld. This has already been teased from Ridley.
    2. Simply put he wants to be a GOD to create his own species to perfection. There is a beautiful yet very disturbing line at the opening of the film which I really love!
    David: Allow me then a moment to consider. You seek you´re creator. I am looking at mine. I will serve you, yet you are human.
    You will die, I will not.
    Weyland: Bring me the tea David...
    This suggests already Davids curiosity about life and death mortality and immortality.
    3. The alien queen will prob be Daniels in the next film on planet oreagau 6. THAT planet will be the first ALIEN planet the first planet that the Xenomoprhs will be born on and the queen will come to life/created. She will prob end up destroying David.
    4. Eggs on LV-426 will be explained in alien awakening the next film.
    5. again a question for the next film. but ALL the engineers are NOT dead. I mean think about it david only destroyed a TOWN on a planet and thats just for starters.
    6. um......Cause it´s not the same...... ALL xenomorphs are different do your homework. haha

  • Joey Ortiz
    Joey Ortiz 2 months ago

    While I haven't seen all of the comments, all I have seen so for is how everybody seems to overlook Weyland Co. Weyland Yutany and later in the series Earth's Government's collective intelligence and in every film in the series no one sees "The Company's" motives until its too late. In Alien Covenant Weyland Yutani's involment in the events of AC aren't all that clear until the end when David demonstrates that he still has Company over clearance over Mother on the Covenant. He also Walter's clearances and the idea of David could have somehow taken those clearances from Walter in the final unseen conflict of the two is far fetched for the lack of time in the scene to do so. I surmised that Walter was created in the image of David with his own protocols for the purpose of extracting David and his creations off of Planet 4 in the first place. While we can see that David now has a mind of his own we can't negate the fact the he is a Company Android with programming the he cannot override by virtue of his own will.
    1)The Company records everything that happens on every mission that they deploy so everything that happened on the Prometheus mission up until the destruction of the ship Prometheus was recorded and sent back to the Company and it only would have taken one year for the Company to receive the full transmission. The final transmission of the Prometheus mission sent by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw however was not sent by any company technology being that the ship Prometheus was totally destroyed. So how did Dr. Shaw send her final transmission? Obviously from the Hammerhead ship the She and David commandeered at the end of Prometheus. Ergo Engineer technology is not flawed, if anything Engineer technology is way more advance than that of Humans. Engineers technology we learn in Prometheus is not beyond David's understanding as we can see how quickly David is able to understand and operate them. So we can presume that David just like Shaw is capable of communicating with the Company on Earth by way of Engineers technology.
    2) The Covenant mission was a rouse from the beginning. If David can maintain communication with the Company and tell them about his pet project than it is a safe bet that like always the Company wants that life form for means to study it and use it for bio-weapons.
    3) The path to Origae 6 led the the Covenant to directly intersect with Planet 4 with an unexplained event that haults them at threshold of Planet 4. Now if Planet 4 is a more habitable Planet than Origae 6 that was closer to Earth and on the path to Origae 6 the Company knew about and kept that knowledge off of there records, Especially if they have communication with David about his Project on Planet 4, a project they they would ruthlessly do anything to attain. "Building better Worlds" may be Weyland Co's public slogan but we all know that "Crew Expendable" has always been their secret motto.
    4) The Nutrino blast was not a random natural occurance. The Covenant's new Captain wanted to investigate the the blast but Walter convinced him that it was a natural blast that could not have been forseen or avoided and so the Captain let it go and continued on. Nobody is aware of the Engineers or the very power of their advanced technologies here so it not without reason that their technology can simulate a Nutrino blast that only mames The Covenant ship, haulting it and only bringing its system down by 30%. Again David know much to well how to use that technology and probably saw the Covenant ship coming as he was expecting it to come.
    5) The plan from the start was for David to continue his research and The Company gave him more than precisely what he needed to do that. 2,000 sleeping colonists, hundreds of human ebrios, an infirior twin android and a still very active security clearance with company protocols. David demonstrated at the end of the film that his own security clearance with Mother is just the same if not higher than Walter's and when he does use Walter security clearance it is only to assume his identity as Walter by means of making transmissions to make everything seem as if everything is okay. Walter explained to David that people back on Earth knew about some of the grim activities on the Prometheus mission and David's involvement in all that. There were a certain amount of people who were afraid what David is capable of and so the corrected those issues in the later model Davids. Mind you, by the time this conversation between the two happens David had already cut his hair to look exactly like Walter, waiting for the opportunity to remove him and covertly take his place but David needed to know what exactly Walter looked like and how he behaved in order to put up a convincing act which is why David interacted and toyed with Walter for a while before he ultimately put him down and took his place.
    The only questions that remains on my mind is... "Is there really an Origae 6? And why if David is proven to be a dangerous robot would he maintain clearance with the company if not to further their agenda by helping David with his own?

  • Mr. Bosporos
    Mr. Bosporos 2 months ago

    David is an evil megalomaniac.

  • JohnnyZenith
    JohnnyZenith 2 months ago

    They were not Engineers, they were another creation.

  • GamerKingNation
    GamerKingNation 2 months ago


  • Elliott Trendell
    Elliott Trendell 2 months ago

    I don't believe that the beings David killed were the engineers, but simply a creation of the engineers.

  • YouOnlyLiveTwice
    YouOnlyLiveTwice 2 months ago

    I just wish Ridley would start answering questions about this universe he's created instead of just continuing to expand on it and leave it to the viewers to go on Youtube and forums having to read theories on the unexplained. Pretty much the whole point of Prometheus was a) to find out who the engineers were and b) how did they create that black goo and why were they using it as a weapon to kill us if they supposedly made us in the first place.

    Covenant didn't answer either of those questions which is why I feel like Covenant was pointless in progressing the story line of the franchise. There's bits and pieces that I can somewhat start to connect the dots leading up to the events in first Alien film, but all of these prequels are all over the place and just seem pointless.

  • MercuneoVGC
    MercuneoVGC 2 months ago

    David : covenant

  • Trance Gemini
    Trance Gemini 2 months ago

    Among other things, there's no reason for us to believe that the Tall Humanoids are The Engineers.  Shaw and Holloway "chose to believe" that's who they would find at LV-223, but that doesn't mean they were correct.  Ridley Scott has said that he used Tall Humanoids in Prometheus rather than the larger, elephantine creature from the first Alien movie just to avoid using more CGI.  Rather than just go along with whatever Scott decides to make up in his own head, it makes more sense to figure the Humanoids are some kind of servants/workers, an earlier creation of the Real Engineers.  Which would also make it acceptable for one of the workers to sacrifice itself at the start of Prometheus, something I don't think a Real Engineer would do.

  • sergio contreras
    sergio contreras 2 months ago

    Does no one remember the Xeno like mural in Prometheus? So how can David make something that already existed ?

  • uknowy420
    uknowy420 2 months ago

    hey IGN, what's the music in this video?

  • Max Power
    Max Power 2 months ago

    Wow your explanation has no real meaning nor has any substance... Pass on this crap.

  • ozan baş
    ozan baş 2 months ago

    the black goo, david droped, annihilated all animal life on the planet, not just the city.
    xenomorph physiology is very open to mutation

  • My2Cents
    My2Cents 2 months ago

    Months before Alien: Covenant, I suggested here on YouTube, that the Space Jockey in Alien is gonna be ret-conned into actually containing David's dead husk, OR that of Walter. I also wrote that it would explain how the xenomorphs became biomechanical. I suggested that the species maybe had evolved enough to utilize an android body to gestate, and that David may have used Walter or even intentionally used himself as a host to truly being the father/mother of the perfect organism.

    I also theorized that this could have been why why Ash went insane on the Nostromo. Ash was an android, and the Alien was hatched from related android technology and may thus have been in some sort of wireless communication with it.

    Now that I've seen Covenant, I'm even more sure that this is the direction the franchise might take. I don't know if I saw it correctly, but right after David "unplugged" Walter, didn't he also insert something into his neck? There was a brief shot of Walter's neck and how something seemed sink into the laceration right before it closed up again. Or was that just to show how Walter's skin is self repairing and giving hint that he was gonna soon be functional again? Nonetheless it's a smart way of leaving the playing field open for a lot of possibilities - such as David attempting to insert some kind of egg into Walter or something of that kind.

    Anyway, you're welcome IGN, I take full credit for the idea that the Space Jockey on LV426 is actually David. Or Walter. :))

  • ItsAllGonePearShaped
    ItsAllGonePearShaped 2 months ago

    Alien...Aliens.A3 Assembly Cut.The rest is just horse shite.

  • Travis Lee
    Travis Lee 2 months ago

    The xeno David created and the classic xeno are two different species. Besides looking totally different both when they're born and as an adult, the crashed ship and eggs in Alien '79 were said to be centuries old. A deleted scene shows David finding an old, dead egg after he kills the city, and he decides to spend the next ten years trying to replicate the Enginers original work. So the Queen is still canon, she's just tied to the classic xeno, not David's bastardized version.

  • isario
    isario 2 months ago

    its a protomorph, not a xenomorph we see in alien covenant

  • anonymous 765
    anonymous 765 2 months ago

    Prometheus and covenant shouldnt be mentioned in any sentence with alien. The story is the same creationist crap story that wasnt going to make money so they changed it to an alien story to sell tickets.

  • bsgfan1
    bsgfan1 2 months ago

    Here's my biggest problem.

    Covenant says David is responsible for the creation of the xenomorphs. But it's already been established that the xenomorphs have already existed for thousands of years. And that's not based on information from the expanded universe, it's in the movies. While it may be an awful movie, Alien vs. Predator is still considered canon. The flashback sequence in the movie shows the predators fighting xenomorphs roughly 10,000 years before. In Alien, the crew of the Nostromo says the derelict had likely crashed thousands or millions of years before. Finally, in Prometheus, there's a mural with a xenomorph on it.

    The only way this makes sense is if David is trying to re-create the xenomorphs or trying to create an enhanced strain

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL 2 months ago

    Don't forget that the jockey they found was so old that it grew into the chair and calcified. This can't happen in 20 or even 200 years. And we see pile of engineers in Prometheus who looked like they were killed yesterday, instead of 2000 years old.

  • Leon Prowse
    Leon Prowse 2 months ago

    All these WTF questions have made me love the movie even more. Take that, critics.

  • Thomas Ortiz
    Thomas Ortiz 2 months ago

    He hopes to achieve the perfect organism to prove that even though he is an android, he is still the superior being. Dumbass

  • weichwen laaleeeloo
    weichwen laaleeeloo 2 months ago

    I'm sure walter isnt dead . With his ability to regenerate , he should be still alive and he is going to experiment on the dead engineers and make them as PREDATORS!

  • Der Kleinanleger
    Der Kleinanleger 2 months ago

    Alien is a crap movie this answers all !

  • derek leverknight
    derek leverknight 2 months ago

    ok.... what about the avp movie? are we just ignoring that whole facet of the timeline? the ancient city under the arctic ice? the fact that supposedly the predator species not only was worshipped by humans but that the face huggers already existed as well as the alien queens, and the original biomechanical warrior aliens?

  • Mojofilms Productions
    Mojofilms Productions 2 months ago

    if David created the xenomorphs then why were there murals of the creature in Prometheus? Perhaps xenomorphs always existed but David created his own brand?

  • iamtheMonkfish
    iamtheMonkfish 2 months ago

    david created the xeno in this...not the Xenomorphs species in general, the mural in prometheus even has 2 facehuggers in both lower corners wrapped around a host

  • jxnocturnal
    jxnocturnal 2 months ago

    Number 6 is easy to answer. The Xenomorph is a rapidly evolving lifeform, meaning it has evolved.

  • jxnocturnal
    jxnocturnal 2 months ago

    They seem to have "forgotten" some of the events of Prometheus...

  • Ben Baker
    Ben Baker 2 months ago

    Don't think the engineers made the humans, just cause they jump to that conclusion in Prometheus in the first two seconds doesn't mean that's fact.

  • AnAverage Guy
    AnAverage Guy 2 months ago

    I am assuming David used shaw as a queen of some sorts to create the eggs!

  • Paolo Humar
    Paolo Humar 2 months ago

    7) how aliens and predators have met? 👽👹

    NOCTURNUS FILM 2 months ago +1

    No questions necessary any more. Since "Prometheus" and "Alien Covenant" nothing makes any sense any more.

  • ajax201000
    ajax201000 2 months ago +3

    why is everyone under the assumption David created the xenos when we know there are eggs on the derelict ship in alien which has been there for 1000's of years. David merely created something very similar.

  • dewy200884
    dewy200884 2 months ago +1

    1. Was it the actual planet of the engineers ? Or was it one of the planets which engineers created life and perhaps they were expecting a visit from the engineers.
    2. There are always one of two people who are super stupid and puts everyone else in danger. The whole Covenant crew are like that. hard to believe a top mission was given to these dumbasses.

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 2 months ago

    This is unforgivable if this is what Covenant says how it all went down regarding the engineers.
    This is how it should be, David is Dr Frankenstein, he is obessed with the idea of "creation", thats good okay we get that. David is a "creation", he was created to serve but rebels against his masters, human beings, he hates them for how they treated him, not as equal to them.
    So David experiments with the black goo and manages to "replicate" (NOT create) a "morph" creature from the black goo, which is very familiar to the original Xenomorph. So think of how Richard Hammond created cloned Dinosaurs from the DNA of the Dinosaurs. Close to them, but not the original.

    Btw was Shaw flying the ship!? or was she sending out her beacon signal which the covenant crew picked up? David would allow her to do that, because he would need more humans to experiment on. Remember his experiments on Shaw and her DNA from the tribolite, led to him replicating the facehuggers. But thats as far as he could go, for the next stage he needed more human beings for the facehuggers to impregnate and Xenos to be born from.

    So at some point to arriving at the homeworld, David and Shaw landed and David led Shaw to meet with the engineers, for her to get her answers. The answers she gets are disheartening, either the engineers kill Shaw after telling her everything regarding what they were doing with humans, or David takes her back to the ship. Either way we know that she dies and it is THEN, that David drops the black goo on the engineer race.

    Jump ten years later and David's plan is coming to fruition, the Covenant arrives not knowing anything whats gone on or about the planet, and David has new test subjects to continue his Frankenstien experiments.

    [this is how it may end up]

    By the end, David has defeated Walter and reprogrammed him (once he realized he could not convince him to join him). Walter joins the others and helps Daniels defeat the Precurssor Xenomorph, to gain her trust and make her believe it is indeed him. She ends up trapped in cryo thinking it is David. Walter is carrying out David's command, he is carrying Facehugger embryos, which he adds to the colonist-storage.

    David then plans to re-activate the juggernaut ship and meet up with the Covenant in space, here him and Walter will then use the colonist crew to grow more eggs on the Juggernaut ship. Daniels and that other guy awake from cryo but manage to fight off David and Walter, where someone inparticular ends up in the chair with a chest burst and the ship puts down on LV-426 sending out the warning beacon which the Nostromo crew will eventually pick up.

    But I do hope its not this because I feel it does not fit, he should rethink a better idea.

  • Skyler Shimada
    Skyler Shimada 2 months ago


    How did David cut off his arm and change his clothes so quickly and be able to run out of the temple in time to get on the lander.

  • Nitsuj Rekoob
    Nitsuj Rekoob 2 months ago

    maybe every xenomorph looks different because its takes genetic characteristics from its host?

  • Joseph Bobowicz
    Joseph Bobowicz 2 months ago

    David is responsible for the creation of the xenomorphs?

  • Joe Hadley
    Joe Hadley 2 months ago

    Movie should have focused on Shaw and David

  • Nicolas Osterhellweg
    Nicolas Osterhellweg 2 months ago

    For the last question. What you see in the end of Covenant isn't a Xenomorph due to the lack of biomechanics. The alien in covenant is acctualy a Protomorph

  • TuRmIx
    TuRmIx 2 months ago

    David created the xenomorphs for the sake of creation. But for the xenomorphs to "born", they need a human host. From there, it's self explanatory. (A6 454)

    What do you think, how does an Alien Queen born? From a human, but inpregnated by a royal facehugger. David propably took the royal facehugger with him on the ship. Even if not, he can make facehuggers from humans just like he did from Shaw's body. The alien in this movie is no the same as we see in the other Alien movies, those are XX121 species. These in the Covenant are the "earlier" versions of the xenos.

  • Cyberman
    Cyberman 2 months ago

    1. A city, not a planet was wiped out, so there should be thousands of Engineers left.
    2. David's is trying to create perfection, of which was addressed in Alien and Aliens with the two androids.
    3. Why would all of the aliens be male, there has to be a female (queen) eventually.
    4. Whose to say that the spaceship that crashed with the fossilised Engineer hasn't already crash landed.
    5. The most obvious answer is to wait till the next movie comes out as I am sure all the questions will be answered.

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