How to Make a Japanese Breakfast

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  • Zazaproductions G
    Zazaproductions G 4 hours ago

    actual breakfast is luxury breakfast

  • Yongeni's Channel
    Yongeni's Channel 16 hours ago

    luxury breakfast is eating Korean food for breakfast.

  • Le Huyen
    Le Huyen 23 hours ago

    Wow and in Korea, Martina said she can't handle seaweed soup, kimchi, rice, fish for breakfast. I guess they have become more Asian

  • Mukbang Kids
    Mukbang Kids 1 day ago

    0.43 omg ikea lök sweden for the win

  • Joanne Salas
    Joanne Salas 1 day ago

    Fried rice, spam, & fried eggs

  • Jsmith Yashu
    Jsmith Yashu 1 day ago

    as far as I remember I have never eaten a breakfast in 4 years. just on those days when I'm with my family. I usually eat once at night you can say around 11-01 cuz when I come back I cook for myself which becomes very hard for myself after work. Once I had a cook he made me food from coconut oil and I hate coconut oil. I fired him on the same day😂

  • Matthew Mata
    Matthew Mata 2 days ago

    I always eat 2 eggs over easy and a toasted butter croissant with tea for breakfast...and dip the croissant in the runny egg yolk mmmmmm

  • Oosee Oosee
    Oosee Oosee 2 days ago

    فول وتميس

  • momotyannnikkori
    momotyannnikkori 2 days ago


  • kristin orourke
    kristin orourke 3 days ago

    I make fried eggs with white rice or I make scrambled eggs with bacon and bagel with cream cheese and also fruit on the side

  • Bili Chitwood
    Bili Chitwood 3 days ago

    Live in Texas, I usually have a breakfast burrito made with a bit of sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, seasonings, and topped with sliced avocado and salsa verde. Yum!

  • votv__
    votv__ 4 days ago

    Watching this while eating potato smiles with sriracha ketchup and cream cheese banana bread. Ughhhh I want something savory like the Japanese breakfast. My favorite breakfast is eggs Benedict. I love when it's made in interesting ways, like with avocado or Mediterranean style.

  • bts army
    bts army 4 days ago

    my idea of a luxury breakfast would be a big bowl of porridge with peanut butter bananas and alpro vanilla yogurt ❤👌😍😍

  • bts army
    bts army 4 days ago

    sometimes don't eat breakfast or lunch cause I'm not that hungry and just eat dinner (I replace my meals with pepsi max and ik it's unhealthy )but I normally have golden syrup oats and put alpr vanilla yogurt in it and top it with a banana

  • Frumpy Sims
    Frumpy Sims 4 days ago

    that looks so healthy!

  • lydia martin
    lydia martin 4 days ago

    Toast and vegmite

  • grace martin
    grace martin 5 days ago

    Regular day- nothing
    Special day- lots of fruit and gluten free toast

  • Anahi Garibay
    Anahi Garibay 5 days ago

    well I'm mexican that means my mexican mom make papas con chorizo and spicy tamales with beans and rice and a spicy sauce to put on your food. I would love to eat chinese breakfast for a change because it looks so cool when people eat with chopsticks and dio their food in different types of sauces and they have side dishes of pickled radishes and kimchi or a cup of tea or coffee or maybe soda. it would be cool to change my breakfast , but as long as I live with my mom I'll keep eat this and I love it🍜🍲🍱🍣🍥🍘🍚🍙🍛

  • Sharron Perez
    Sharron Perez 6 days ago took me so long to realize they were referring to Tim Hortons, wow.

  • Devin Wintz
    Devin Wintz 6 days ago

    i live in america but the town i live in has a very large japanese and korean population so for breakfast i will usually eat tofu fried in a little soy sauce some kimchi bean sprouts and white rice but whenever I'm at my boyfriends house his mom makes kimbap

  • Erin Quek
    Erin Quek 6 days ago

    i eat toast and soft boiled eggs

  • Lucy Grayson
    Lucy Grayson 6 days ago

    This looks SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! This is part of the reason I want to live in Korea or Japan, to learn how to cook the food, have more structure in my meal times and wake up excited to cook.

  • 遊佐雅彦
    遊佐雅彦 6 days ago

    ご自分のお宅での食べ方はご自由ですが 一言 人前でぐちゃぐちゃ混ぜるのは絶対ダメです 残飯じゃないんですから それぞれのおかずの味を味わって下さい。お願いします。

  • Kellsee Seecharan
    Kellsee Seecharan 7 days ago

    Every day over night oats luxury French toast

  • nassher
    nassher 7 days ago

    Rice is very friable.So please wash the rice softly with bare hands!!
    This is the best way.

  • Abhimanyu Sinha
    Abhimanyu Sinha 7 days ago

    I eat a boiled egg bc I leave for school at like 7 and my parents think I eat breakfast at school but honestly I hate the breakfast at school it's all oily I might have one of the school sandwiches but unless it's a jam sandwich it's always something disgusting like coleslaw sandwich (the chutney sandwiches are still ok)

    Anyway my idea of a luxury breakfast is pancakes bc I love sweet stuff

  • Narwhalsyn
    Narwhalsyn 8 days ago

    I have nothing for school and summer cereal woooo

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 8 days ago

    im philipino and i eat rice and some adobo or shrimp filipinos usallay eat rice for every meal

  • Althea Datulayta
    Althea Datulayta 8 days ago

    Leftover on weekdays and Bacon and eegs or Waffles or pancakes on weekday because momma got more time

  • Mairin Andrzejewski
    Mairin Andrzejewski 9 days ago

    I hate eating breakfast. But if I ate what you guys are eating I would probably enjoy it a bit more.

  • Cotton Lucy
    Cotton Lucy 9 days ago

    i also eat japanese breakfast 🍚🍱 i grew up with it

  • Marita Lindholm
    Marita Lindholm 10 days ago

    Japanilainen ruoka oli todella hyvää. Tuleekohan tuosta munakkaasta yhtä hyvää suomalaisilla munilla?

  • anummasa
    anummasa 10 days ago

    in answer to your questions what do you usually have for breakfast and what else would you like? its mostly my girlfriends cunt but I would really like Naomi Campbels for a change

  • Breanna Slender
    Breanna Slender 12 days ago

    watching this for like the fifth time, never gets old!!!! <3 <3

  • Rainbow Ang
    Rainbow Ang 13 days ago

    The way that martina eats(seperately) is what usual japanese will do(tradition) this is beacause it doesnt spoil the unique personal taste of each food has, and you can taste the different level of umami (it will spoil when u mix all of them together just like wasabi and shoyu) but some ppl still mix (non-japanese especially its still good!)

  • PilorPie
    PilorPie 14 days ago

    pho. everyday. pho.

  • Jimin's Abs
    Jimin's Abs 14 days ago

    I wake up at 6-7am in the morning somehow, then after my morning "routine" I make a fried, sunny-side up egg that has salt and sesame oil on it. A slice of toast with the slight glazing of butter. The egg on top. Pop the runny yolk and spread it around and then eat. Ah, delicious. Thats what I call breakfast but I make cereal when I wake up late or stay in bed for an hour then decide to get up...

  • Nothing Is real
    Nothing Is real 15 days ago

    A luxury breakfast 4 me is all the fixins!! Hashbrowns, eggs, sum ham... choccy milk.... but I usually just have NOTHING

  • Daisy Gigi
    Daisy Gigi 16 days ago

    I wake at 10:00 but I still eat breakfast I usually eat rice and scramble egg with soy sauce. I'm Laotian which means I'm Asian.

  • TheJK
    TheJK 16 days ago

    hummmm going to the dinner is so litttttttttttt

  • SpicyNuggets
    SpicyNuggets 18 days ago

    DFAC chow and my will to live

  • bye bye
    bye bye 18 days ago

    ㅇㅣㄹㅂㅗㄴㅅㅣㄱ ㅇㅏㅊㅣㅁ ㅁㅓㄱㄴㅡㄴㅂㅓㅂㅇㅡㄹ ㅇ ㅙ ㅎㅏㄴㄱㅜㄱㅇㅓㄹㅗ ㅆㅓ ㅂㅜㅇㅅㅣㄴㄷㅡㄹㅇㅏ

  • Kai Lim
    Kai Lim 18 days ago


  • Natalia Abdel Fattah
    Natalia Abdel Fattah 19 days ago

    I usually have homemade peanut butter with bananas and maple syrup. I add soy milk to my coffee and maple syrup to sweeten it. When I'm out of maple I use agave or coconut sugar.

  • Katie Siverling
    Katie Siverling 19 days ago

    I have an odd mix, cereal, eggs, oj, tea, fresh fruit, and whatever leftover meat is in my fridge.

  • terejov
    terejov 19 days ago

    We have arepas. I love mine with avocado ♡

  • MidnightKat
    MidnightKat 21 day ago +1

    Bagel for reg or if I'm late a fiber bar if I'm having luxuries I'm makein waffles

  • Senaret Haj Tass
    Senaret Haj Tass 21 day ago

    growing up i never really had a habit of eating breakfast and in our family each one of us wakes up at a different time so none of us had the time to eat breakfast but recently I've been going to the gym so i get hungry in the morning but i just eat cereal and if i have the energy I would make an egg and smoked turkey sandwich
    ps: im in 10th grade

  • Sandra Lee
    Sandra Lee 21 day ago

    I am Korean and my mom always set up a grilled yellow corvina (fish) and a bowl of rice and soup such as beef and radish soup, kimchi, and fried seaweed, toasted enchovy as side dish. My dad eats a fish every day. Supposedly the seafood is the key of longevity.

  • Jamie Preston
    Jamie Preston 23 days ago

    I wake up too late for breakfast but I eat Pancakes or Fruity Pebbles !

  • Leo Fragoso
    Leo Fragoso 23 days ago

    huevito con jamon

  • Anna Martinez
    Anna Martinez 23 days ago

    Average=Gluten free, nut free, allergy free air
    Special= I dunno cereal?

  • slocad11
    slocad11 24 days ago

    I live in Minsk, Belarus. I leave for work early, so I usually skip breakfast., but when I do make it, I chop up a potato with onions and fry it with lardons. Hot coffee, a fried egg, and I`m good to go. I see many Belarusian colleagues grab a handful of cookies and coffee, though. They`re fine with that, and sometimes I am, too. Other times, I make American pancakes, bacon and egg. I used to live in Japan for a couple of years, but I don`t recall breakfasts there, actually, My students said that most people have cereal or rice with green tea. I`ve lived in a few countries, but I just accumulate recipes and mix and match.

  • Daniel Hua
    Daniel Hua 25 days ago

    Veggiemine and chocolate milk

  • Cody Goodman
    Cody Goodman 26 days ago

    Peanut butter+bacon+pickle+ toast + Starbucks caramel macchiato

    • Cody Goodman
      Cody Goodman 26 days ago

      That's just also a pb b p sandwich it's da bomb

  • Ayesha Asghar
    Ayesha Asghar 26 days ago

    i uses to eat Phở everyday for breakfast in Vietnam. now in india, morning tea and bread omlete

  • Fiona Tanzer
    Fiona Tanzer 26 days ago

    That should have read topped - not typed!

  • Fiona Tanzer
    Fiona Tanzer 26 days ago

    My breakfast is fresh papaya in one bowl, plain yoghurt and honey in another. Yum! luxury breakfast used to be fresh warm scone with butter typed with crunchy bacon and orange marmalade - more yum (before gluten intolerance struck).

  • Camille Barker
    Camille Barker 27 days ago

    my normal breakfast is like eggs, beans and tortilla with hot sauce hahaha
    luxury breakfast for me is the traditional american breakfast, pancakes, bacon, potatoes, eggs the whole works *heart eyes*

  • Christina Sanchez
    Christina Sanchez 28 days ago


  • Kathi B
    Kathi B 28 days ago

    traditional breakfast where i'm from (vienna) would be austrian style rolls (kaisersemmeln) with butter and either homemade jam or cold cuts, with a wiener melange (coffee with milk and milk foam, sugar if you like) and a soft boiled egg. I usually eat whatever's available, sometimes fruit, sometimes cereal, sometimes bread, but on sundays I often eat the traditional breakfast (except for the coffee)

  • Bridgette Rice
    Bridgette Rice 28 days ago

    When I have enough time, I like to eat grits with goat cheese and an over easy egg on top. When I'm going to work, I'll make hardboiled eggs ahead of time so I have have one in the car with my yogurt, fruit, and coffee. I have an hour commute, so I eat on the way.

  • 間瀬昴紀
    間瀬昴紀 29 days ago +1



  • Raven Whilde
    Raven Whilde 29 days ago

    how heavy is this meal? cause once breakfast is done for me it is go, go, go. I know that the energy part is probably pretty good to this meal, but if I need to start moving right after eating i don't know how i would feel. Also around how long does it take to make?

  • Adalis Pabon
    Adalis Pabon 29 days ago

    Yogurt banana strawberry with granola lol simple

  • -TheOnlineDumbSheep- __

    nothing, im depressed...

  • Fuzz Face
    Fuzz Face 1 month ago

    The most Swedish breakfast is whole grain bread with butter and cold cuts, and often some kind of cheese like "herrgård,präst(priest)". And fresh black coffee made in a percolator. But breakfast here is very diverse here, I don't think there's a "breakfast of Sweden". Like in Japan and Korea etc.

  • kenkohobomofolobo
    kenkohobomofolobo 1 month ago

    Breakfast is for the weak my nigga

  • flashfire157
    flashfire157 1 month ago

    I am American but my family is very German and Scottish lol. I normally only eat breakfast on the weekends. During the day I am very busy (I'm a business owner), so I just eat a boiled egg. But when I have time I will eat potato cakes and sauerkraut with some bacon or braunschweiger. If I want to be fancy I will make an English breakfast (where my wife is from). Eggs, bacon, baked beans, sausage, tomatoes.

  • Chocolate Field
    Chocolate Field 1 month ago

    I hate tofu I'm literally scared of it I had a bad experience so gonna have to find something to eat for breakfast when moving to Japan .

  • baby seoul
    baby seoul 1 month ago

    I'm in 7th grade and i just drink coffee for breakfast.

  • Cristi Todoran
    Cristi Todoran 1 month ago

    Paine cu zacusca in pula mea

  • andrew cormier
    andrew cormier 1 month ago

    2 packets of instant oatmeal. 1 banana. 2 eggs + 1egg white omelet. Coffee. Juice

  • Sarah Price
    Sarah Price 1 month ago

    Lol spudgy in the back. He's sooo cute.

  • omg
    omg 1 month ago +1


  • dewdewdewdewdful
    dewdewdewdewdful 1 month ago

    You guys must be super healthy. Good for you guys

  • V. A.
    V. A. 1 month ago

    Lithuanian girl living in Germany here😘 I try to eat something healthy for a breakfast like porridge, green smoothie or muesli with fruits and yoghurt. I think, breakfast is the most important meal of a day. If you eat something bad for a breakfast, it's not a good start into a new day.

    P. S. I just love all your japanese videos! They're so interesting to watch👍

  • Steff Tabalong
    Steff Tabalong 1 month ago

    Martina is such an awesome cook! Please start a cooking channel Martina!!

  • Chrissy Mitchell
    Chrissy Mitchell 1 month ago

    My breakfast consists of coffee with collagen powder, and maple syrup because I'm always incredibly nauseated in the mornings (thanks anxiety) and can't hold down anything substantial ✌

  • Sara
    Sara 1 month ago

    she loves sailor moon, i love her

  • Kimberly Richardson
    Kimberly Richardson 1 month ago

    I wake up at 5am for school so all I have time for is a quick sandwich like with microwaved egg, avocado that I sliced the night before, or some queso fresco which is just cheese.

  • Frost Dawson
    Frost Dawson 1 month ago

    Well, I usually skip breakfast, but recently my boyfriend brings me this type of Chilean bread that I can't get over! I love toasting it then using a bit of ham and mayo and a sprinkle of sugar! a luxury for me is whenever. my family takes me out to a restaurant for breakfast.

  • Aline Mendes
    Aline Mendes 1 month ago

    the "lazy" breakfast for me is smashed bananas with granola and honey + hot chocolate, super fast and easy :)
    Somedays i eat bread with ham and cheese, and some fruits :)

    Brazilian viewer here!

  • mangonoodles
    mangonoodles 1 month ago

    I eat Vietnamese soup

  • Hải Minh Trần Phạm

    In my country VietNam, we usually eat pho or banh mi :)))

  • Ilana Hope
    Ilana Hope 1 month ago

    USA- I eat a bagel w butter M-R, and on Friday I treat myself to a Krispy Kreme donut.

  • Meghan Hewitt
    Meghan Hewitt 1 month ago

    NYC here! Typically almond milk + Special K cereal and coffee or if I'm not running late (but I always am) I'll have plain vanilla yogurt + berries of some sort + granola and of course, always coffee

  • Miharu Hamuko
    Miharu Hamuko 1 month ago

    A glass of milk.. Is what I have for breakfast

  • Zauberstab Klick
    Zauberstab Klick 1 month ago

    In Lebanon we have a colorful breakfast. It consists of mana'esh (it's like a pizza but it has only cheese or peppers, mint and onion or a special oregano seasoning called zatar), foul (beans with garlic), black tee (with tuns of sugar), olives, tomatoes and labne (it looks like cream cheese but it's homemade and is salty without chees ^^) BTW I love Japanese breakfast but I'm becoming a vegan so it's very hard to see you eat your Japanese breakfast while I'm sitting here in the heat fasting... :( but hey... I really like watching people eat 😂✌🏼😍❤️

  • burak ayan
    burak ayan 1 month ago

    advise you to try turkish breakfast...

  • Tigerlilycoconut
    Tigerlilycoconut 1 month ago

    Wow that's a lot of food! I'm stuffed just from watching. Sadly I'm one of those who doesn't have much breakfast. But when we lived in Japan, I used to love their omelets. Kinda sweet though which if you've never had, expect he japanese omelets to be a tad sweet.

  • jinxedthings04
    jinxedthings04 1 month ago

    haha this is my exact luxury breakfast! i work at a fish shop so i'm allowed to take a piece of fish, so this is almost exactly what i have for breakfast the morning after minus the pickles/tofu. rice, salmon and miso :)

  • Arathi Rai
    Arathi Rai 1 month ago

    Why is the dog blue?!?!

  • Noufa Althigah
    Noufa Althigah 1 month ago

    in indonesia we usually eat nasi goreng/fried rice with sunny sides egg, or bubur ayam, like a porridge n both are so good! now i wanna try a japanese breakfast it looks so yummy 😍👍

  • Z-Dog Zeko
    Z-Dog Zeko 1 month ago

    gourmet breakfast happens when we have fruit that I can cut into my cereal

  • Cyrus 381
    Cyrus 381 1 month ago

    I don't really eat much in the morning.

  • Beautiful Genius
    Beautiful Genius 1 month ago

    I'm a rising senior. High schoolers goes to Starbucks or Chick-fila in the morning

  • Joseph Phillip
    Joseph Phillip 1 month ago

    Stupid crackers

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 month ago

      Silly Joseph. We didn't eat any crackers in this video. You need to update your food knowledge. ;)

  • Linda Huang
    Linda Huang 2 months ago

    that tim hortons joke killed me

  • Emilie Coats
    Emilie Coats 2 months ago

    Me and my boyfriend live in Korea, South Side, what what, haha. When we aren't together, I usually don't eat breakfast, I never had, even when I was young. My stomach was usually too nauseous in the mornings, and lunches at Korean schools are HUMONGOUS. But when we are together, weekdays it's Roman Meal bread (why can't Korea get on the real whole wheat bread game), jam, orange juice, and yogurt. The boy is French, he can't get away from a typical weekday French breakfast, even when I was visiting his family in France, and I made an egg because I needed protein, they were like ugh, no, haha. On weekends when we have time, it's much more savory, an egg, half a sausage, toast with either Roman Meal or homemade bread if I've had time to make it (or waffles or muffins, depends on our mood), avocado (not all the time), yogurt, and a smoothy with bananas, mangoes, blueberries, some kind of milk, and chia seeds. We tend to eat a huge meal for breakfast then not eat again till 5 pm.

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