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  • Ridley Scott's "Alien" paved the way for the Sci-Fi monster in space movie for decades to come. Jeremy reviews the Original "Alien".

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  • Runtime: 3:56
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  • Xenopuppy Movies
    Xenopuppy Movies 13 days ago

    That moment when you realise Suicide Squad got a better review than Alien

  • Krishen That Nerd Seethiah

    I love Alien more than Aliens

  • kobathedread
    kobathedread 17 days ago

    The older I get, the more critical I am of Alien's flaws. The lifeboat only taking 3 people rather than 7, that's convenient or inconvenient, the ship is a Health and Safety nightmare with water everywhere. It's even dripping. I appreciate it adds to the general eeriness and effect of the ship resembling a haunted house in space but is completely unrealistic when you think about galactic travel. Then there are the crew members talking arguing about their share, something which would be finalised before heading off on a long-haul space journey. Little things but they do add up.

    Why is there a cat onboard? I'm not even allowed a cat in the house I rent.

  • Luis Davila
    Luis Davila 25 days ago

    Oh OK,well add an explosion,space battle,and a duel,then the Alien attacks,

  • Michael John
    Michael John Month ago

    Jeremy, please review Blade Runner

  • Adam Frank
    Adam Frank Month ago

    How the **** is this not awsometacular

  • Nick  Sketch
    Nick Sketch Month ago

    Alien Movies Ranked:
    1: Aliens
    2: Alien
    3: Alien: Covenant
    4: Prometheus
    5: Alien 3
    6: AVP: Alien Vs. Predator
    7: Alien: Resurrection
    8: AVPR: Alien Vs. Predator Requim

    • Nick  Sketch
      Nick Sketch 15 days ago

      Oh, thank GOD!

    • MG3
      MG3 16 days ago

      Only thing is while they both have xenomorphs in them as well as predators the 2 avp are not actually cannon with either franchise

  • Mr. Keyser Söze
    Mr. Keyser Söze 2 months ago

    Must be why he finds There Will Be Blood and Drive overrated.. To each their own I guess.

  • SiemenSchuermans
    SiemenSchuermans 2 months ago


  • The Master Grief Collection

    Sooo divergent and suicide squad are just as good as alien apparently?


  • Valentine Wolf
    Valentine Wolf 2 months ago

    Why does Jeremy sound like a drunken person?

  • Blackstar Arch
    Blackstar Arch 2 months ago

    Life was pretty good... my all time favorite space monster movie is: Aliens when the Marines come to town

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 2 months ago

    Sorry, Jeremy, but there are no boring moments in Alien.

  • Alkhazred1
    Alkhazred1 3 months ago

    "Good time no alcohol required?" My very first dislike to Jeremy Jahns video. 97% acclaim on Rotten Tomatoes, the film was universally praised by critics. But OK, IMHO is IMHO.

  • Lucas Kambeitz
    Lucas Kambeitz 3 months ago

    Alien - Awesometacular
    Aliens - Awesometacular
    Predator - Awesometacular
    Predator 2 - Good time no alcohol required
    Alien 3 - Good time when your drunk
    Alien Resurrection - Dogshit
    AVP - Dogshit
    AVP 2 - Dogshit
    Predators - Won't remember in T-minus a day
    Prometheus - Good time no alcohol required
    Alien: Covenant - Buy it on Blu Ray

  • Mike M
    Mike M 3 months ago +1

    The complaints you have about the beginning of the movie about it moving slow and nothing going on, speaks to your moronic generation and the lack of patience you have. Its called establishing atmosphere. Go watch fast and furious or something

  • Mh Arif
    Mh Arif 3 months ago

    you really don't know what you are taling about

  • renderz
    renderz 3 months ago

    Oh wow, I just saw a review I admire lose any credibility with me.

  • Miguel Coelho
    Miguel Coelho 3 months ago

    i wouldn't give it awesometacular either. But it still could be a little higher.

  • The Bird That Knows What's Good

    Alien is very good, if not great, but I do agree it gets unnecessarily slow at times

  • The Likely Lad
    The Likely Lad 3 months ago

    fantastic film way ahead of its time. To be at the cinema watching this for the 1st time. Crazy shit

  • Michael Myers999
    Michael Myers999 3 months ago

    I love alien but in the alien vs aliens debate aliens is the superior film

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor 3 months ago

    I was very young when Alien came out it is by far in the Top 10 greatest horror Sci Fi films ever made case closed! It is still till this day a masterpiece in film making.

  • Imperfect Channel
    Imperfect Channel 3 months ago +5

    Alien > Aliens

  • Jonathan Cuthbert
    Jonathan Cuthbert 3 months ago

    Alien was good. But its definitely not awesometacular. I get that the slow scenes are there to build tension, but there wasnt a big enough payoff. Alien ends with the xeno just being sucked into space.Theres no big showdown. Predator had an amazing final act where both arnold and the predator had their moments of triumph. The alien on the other hand was just stuck in a crevice at the end, it gets out, ripley hits a button and boom,done. All that tension and slow build just for that. It was too little too late.

  • Nick  Sketch
    Nick Sketch 3 months ago

    3 Best Action/Sci-Fi Movie Sequels
    Termimator 2 Judgement Day
    Rambo 2: First Blood

  • Invader 9 Productions
    Invader 9 Productions 3 months ago

    This movie is Awesometactular. In my opinion, it's one of those rare perfect movies. I personally prefer it over Aliens.

  • LordDanko
    LordDanko 3 months ago

    Don't agree with you but respect you opinion. I love the establishing shots

  • Cinestesia Anime
    Cinestesia Anime 4 months ago

    Quiet camera shots of gear and helmets and empty seats is the kind of building up that you can't find in movies anymore man... and I'm 27...
    Holy shit, I'm 27! :/

  • SickLikeAids
    SickLikeAids 4 months ago +2

    Based upon this review we all find out Jeremy lives under a fuckin rock & watched Alien for the first time in 2012 lol!! Fuck this guy & his opinions.

  • Vangeris
    Vangeris 4 months ago

    0:14 You're welcome

  • JoeJoeRunya
    JoeJoeRunya 4 months ago

    Not only did you say there were "slow" parts, but you didn't mention the amazing practice effects....

    Bad review lol

  • Pedro Areias
    Pedro Areias 4 months ago

    So this dude likes shity movie's with easy predictable action.

  • marco mazzi
    marco mazzi 4 months ago

    you're not a real reviewer

  • Oscar Johnson
    Oscar Johnson 4 months ago

    Wow lol Jeremy is the person who came up with the movie "Life"

    Jeremy: Bacteria can go after them now for all I care

  • SCharlesDennicon
    SCharlesDennicon 4 months ago

    Mate. It pains me to have watched that video. I kinda enjoy what you do, and this makes you sound like a moron. ^^; I seriously hope your opinion about the movie has changed in the past five years...

  • Oddball
    Oddball 4 months ago

    Dat thumbnail doe

  • Silver King
    Silver King 4 months ago

    Alien: C+
    Aliens: A+
    Alien 3: F-
    Alien 4: B+

    • Silver King
      Silver King 4 months ago

      Prometheus A+ as it adds so much more to the lore and mythos

  • Optimus Wev
    Optimus Wev 4 months ago

    Slow? Grow up. This is a good sign not to go by your reviews, shocking. Plus my god your f-ing annoying to watch, keep your hands still haha

    MYT MIC 4 months ago

    When are people going to admit this film is boring?

  • WolfsbaneFilms
    WolfsbaneFilms 4 months ago

    Jeremy's Alien impression never gets old

  • Tantz Aerine
    Tantz Aerine 4 months ago

    It probably doesn't technically qualify as such, but The Abyss is my favorite yet.

  • clay
    clay 4 months ago

    It's not for everyone. Some people don't like the slow scenes but that's just how Ridley Scott is. He likes showing off the locations and giving people a sense of the world and making you feel like you're there.

    That said, Jeremy, this actually IS my favorite monster/horror movie. It's also my favorite movie in general.

    Btw, you look so young in this video. You're getting old, dude. Hahahahha 😂

  • David Santiago
    David Santiago 4 months ago

    alien and aliens are hands down what made space horror and survival games .
    many movies copied off them and i cant say 1 is better than 2 or 2 better than 1.
    they both kind of differ in action and survival.
    great movies of all time

  • Bifty Fraubit
    Bifty Fraubit 4 months ago

    its not a fuckin monster movie you dumb shit fuck you!!!

  • Bifty Fraubit
    Bifty Fraubit 4 months ago

    i don't know how this guy has more then a million followers his like michael bays adopted son reviewing movies if it doesn't have an explosion its "boring"

  • bmaster461603
    bmaster461603 4 months ago

    Come on John. You must be trolling.

  • Adam Sandler
    Adam Sandler 4 months ago

    this movie IS boring. Aliens is way better and predator is better than both

  • Alperen AYMAN
    Alperen AYMAN 4 months ago

    When after Suckmamn's review this really looks disappointing... it's not just typical "monster movie" Jeremy...

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 4 months ago

    Just skip up too the chest burster scene watch from there it's good after that but I think it was slow to build the suspense and then it hits boom chest burster you just don't see it coming. Alien a classic Aliens classic action Alien 3 I don't know what the hell it was spouse to be Resurrection dog shit Alien vs Predator dosnt count two different movies put into one Prometheus confusing watch it a few times.

  • Pedro Portillo
    Pedro Portillo 4 months ago

    I really like this movie, it deserves its status as a classic. The set designs and imagination in this movie have not been matched to this day. With that, said I do have problems with the characters in this movie. In my opinion, over half of them are unlikable people. Ripley, Parker, and Ash are the only ones I either cared about, or enjoyed the way they portray their characters. But the others weren't that likable. Dallas is an asshole, Bret is kind of a dumbass, Kane is there only for the face huger and chest burster scene, and Lambert is completely useless. Now I understand that Lambert is supposed to be a reflection of the fear the audience is feeling, but I think they went overboard with that; especially when she gets Parker killed. But again, and I must reiterate, this movie is still AMAZING and worthy of a classic status. This is just my opinion on a very specific part of the movie.

  • Sam Mitman
    Sam Mitman 4 months ago

    ALIENS, then ALIEN... my fav space horror/sci-fi movies.

  • rare movie
    rare movie 4 months ago +1

    i came here after watching stuckman reviewing this movie in 2017 hahha

  • Garrett Knowles
    Garrett Knowles 4 months ago +1

    I stopped trusting Jeremy johns after he gave suicide squad an excellent rating. Most of his reviews are incredibly biased and have no thought put into them, yet he still makes a living from what he does . Alien is an A+ film, everyone knows that . Gigers Sexually terrifying Art, the amazing cinematic facades , the creature , the story

  • Lizano
    Lizano 4 months ago

    This movie was way ahead of its time. Absolute masterpiece! I love the unanswered questions the film provided, especially the space jockey.

  • Angry Buddha
    Angry Buddha 4 months ago

    When this came out, it was scary AF!!!! This has been copied a ton... you may just numb to suspense and originality

  • Mk. 38
    Mk. 38 4 months ago +1

    (Impersonation of the Alien squeaking)

  • Thomas Garrett
    Thomas Garrett 5 months ago

    I agree with this review 100%, but I probably would have rated it slightly higher. Definitely a buy it on Blu Ray movie

  • Cancer Itself185
    Cancer Itself185 5 months ago

    0:20 Life (2017)

  • Alex Moulds
    Alex Moulds 5 months ago

    Jee he must hate 2001 for being slow

  • Kasey
    Kasey 5 months ago

    I cant fucking comprehend how everyone loves this movie so much. It was objectively bad. I dont say that lightly. Most of the criticism people give this movie (boring, cheesy, ect.) are not the reason it is bad. I never say a movie is bad because it is too slow, or the effects arent good enough. This movies script was just terrible. Laughably bad. The people really didnt feel real to me. They felt like standard incompetent horror movie characters, who just make stupid decisions to move the plot forward. There was so much unnecessary nonsense, especially after things got going, and near the end of the movie.
    (the random cat that is just aloud to roam free on a spaceship, and then after jumping out while a group of three people are hunting down the alien, "oh, you go off by yourself and find the space cat now while there's a murderous alien lurking on the ship, which is the reason we were all together instead of wandering by ourselves in the first place" said the monotone crew members with no emotional investment in their current situation.
    Dont even get me started on the self destruct sequence. Why in the fuck did they need to blow up the ship in the first place? THEY DIDNT! There was absolutely no reason to go through all the trouble of setting up a self destruct sequence in the first place. (if your going to escape the ship either way, why blow it up?) not to mention the arbitrary cut off for when you're aloud to deactivate the self destruct! A whole 5-10 minutes spent setting up the self destruct, then running back and forth, then "oh no i have 30 seconds to shut off the self destruct that i didnt need in the first place before i have five minutes to escape!"

    Holy christ this movie was bad. Honestly, Alien vs predator, a cheesy, mediocre horror movie spin off, was better than this pile of shit. Not because it was slow, not because the alien looked cheesy as hell, not because of any reason other than Alien is just a badly written movie, with bad acting...
    Rant complete.

    • Kasey
      Kasey 5 months ago

      "Oh, alien face hugger, melts through guys helmet and shoves cock down his throat, lets not take any possible precautions"
      "Oh, alien face grabber came off guys face and died, lets not inquire any further or take any possible precautions"
      "Oh, guy who just woke up after having alien face hugger cock down for his throat for hours and feels a little sick, lets not inquire any further or take any possible precautions"

    • Kasey
      Kasey 5 months ago

      It always astounds me that no one seems to give bad movies the same criticisms i do. To me any movie with a decent script is good. Slow romantic dramas, fast paced action movies, suspenseful horror thrillers, abstract artful nonsense, they're all good to me. But if you cant make it seem like the decisions these characters are making and the dialog these people have are conversations and decisions made by real people(if that is in fact your goal), your movie is bad. I dont care what kind of situation the movie is about, i just want REAL and intelligent characters. This is a quality that "Alien" did not deliver in the slightest.

  • Luiz Palombini
    Luiz Palombini 5 months ago

    lol.... you are too young to review Alien. Masterpiece flawles masterpiece

  • Kikanator96
    Kikanator96 5 months ago

    Just saw the film. 100% agree with you.

  • Colin Holbrook
    Colin Holbrook 5 months ago

    if you had reviewed it on the day it was released, it mite had got an AWESOMETACULAR.

  • Tim Koppenhafer
    Tim Koppenhafer 6 months ago

    This was.... really annoying.

  • Garrett Knowles
    Garrett Knowles 6 months ago

    I stopped watching these after his review of suicide squad , movie was a train wreck

  • Ben V
    Ben V 6 months ago

    Honestly I like Alien more than Aliens because it felt a lot more serious and grounded. Aliens was great but just a bit too cheesy for that universe, in my opinion.

  • Brenton Taylor
    Brenton Taylor 6 months ago

    "Bacteria can go after the people at this point." Wow, Jeremy kinda called that shit with the new movie. 😂

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 6 months ago

    Great movie a true masterpiece by Ridley Scott

  • Josh F
    Josh F 6 months ago

    Artsy movies aren't really Jeremy's thing. He said so in his reviews for movies like drive. Alien is pretty artsy at moments so I'm not surprised he didn't love it as much as a lot of us do.

  • Breast Cancer Yoshi
    Breast Cancer Yoshi 6 months ago

    Never seen this movie. Found a DVD copy at Walmart. Couldn't contain my excitement. Literally 5 minutes before the chestburster pops out of Kane, DVD freezes. Massive imperfection on back of the disk. Gonna go cry now

  • Anton B
    Anton B 7 months ago

    Saw this with my dad and sister when we were little and boy was that a mistake. Let's just say we had to leave the theater before the movie was over.

  • Jo$h
    Jo$h 7 months ago +2

    aliens >> alien

    both are great tho

  • RandomUser M
    RandomUser M 7 months ago +1

    usually I agree with your reviews but after this and suicide squad what the actual fuck.

  • Cosmas Dexie
    Cosmas Dexie 7 months ago +1

    People only pay attention when he criticized the film -.-

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 7 months ago +1

    My favorite of the franchise. I liked Aliens as well, but for pace, tone, slow burn, it is not even close I agree Alien>Aliens. Plus i prefer the horror take instead of Aliens action flick vibe

  • Squash Master
    Squash Master 7 months ago

    Shouldve done a spoiler filled review

  • Rishav Siddhanta
    Rishav Siddhanta 7 months ago

    The long build ups with silence actually works in favor of the movie. It's setting up the tone of how far away from humanity they are and it can make one go mad with the constant horror of something lurking in the shadows. The first Alien movie is a class apart from anything that came after it. It was a state of complete isolation from anything remotely sane and worldly which I believe the movie portrayed perfectly. And when it comes to the creature, it is frightening and yet aesthetically pleasing to look at. Therefore they didn't want to blow their load by showing it too much and make it uninteresting. You almost wanna seek it out yourself and when it appears, it pays big time. Created based on H.R Giger's art, there have never been a thing that is so uniquely spectacular and deeply embedded in our memories like the Alien.

  • Jeremiah Shelton
    Jeremiah Shelton 7 months ago

    This review makes me wonder if there was a time when the "buy on Blu-ray/DVD" rating didn't exist.

  • The Flying Lion
    The Flying Lion 7 months ago

    Predator > Aliens > Alien 3 > Predator 2 > AvP > Alien /Prometheus > Resurrection / AvP2

  • Rui Wei Chang
    Rui Wei Chang 7 months ago +1

    I would buy it on blu ray

    • Dean Strickson
      Dean Strickson 6 months ago

      Rui Wei Chang I would and have! I bought it on blu-ray, DVD a couple of times, Laserdisc, VHS, betamax, videodisc, trading cards, and ViewMaster slides.

  • theflintartist91
    theflintartist91 8 months ago

    Why not a buy it on blu ray?

    • Owen Buckner
      Owen Buckner 7 months ago

      theflintartist91 because Jeremy gets bored easily.

  • Randy Mootooveran
    Randy Mootooveran 8 months ago

    I think it's because of those slow shots that this movie stands above Aliens. It has better characters and aster creatures, but it doesn't get under your skin. Alien is the master of atmosphere; either you come to terms with it or piss off to watch some piece of shit found footage modern day horror movie. I still think it's amazing how scary it remains after all the times I watch it. The sad thing is, we may never get something as near flawless as Alien ever again.

  • Silver Mirai
    Silver Mirai 8 months ago +3

    The dialog is shit, characters are plain and unrealistic, those are my main problems with this movie.

    • KevinR1138
      KevinR1138 7 months ago

      Silver Mirai
      Correct, and I disagree with the reasoning behind your opinion as I think going into a well made yet decidedly pulp sci-fi horror movie expecting Laurence of Arabia etc. is kind of an unreasonable comparison.

      That was the discussion at hand.

    • Silver Mirai
      Silver Mirai 7 months ago

      +KevinR1138 That's your opinion, my opinion as I said is that, it's not a well written movie, but can't say I was completely bored either. That's that. No need to argue about it, after all, art is subjective.

    • KevinR1138
      KevinR1138 7 months ago

      Silver Mirai
      Yes and Shakespeare is even older & I hear tell those are quite well written...this ain't Shakespeare. It's a horror film in space that derives its power from mood and gritty realism with blue collar workers as the main protagonists up against an alien forced on them by 70's Nixon era cliche corporate greed, I think you're expecting too much by way of overdrawn over emotional stereotypes rather than what they were trying to put on screen, minimalist but well defined characters in a pulp Sci-fi horror movie...well made & well filmed but pulp horror nonetheless.

      You're in the wrong line, Annie Hall in showing in that theater over there.

    • Silver Mirai
      Silver Mirai 7 months ago

      +KevinR1138 Lawrence of arabia is old as shit and it's a masterpiece. The time period is not really an excuse, it's just about good writing MOSTLY

    • KevinR1138
      KevinR1138 7 months ago

      Silver Mirai
      I disagree, the psychological effects on the crew were in fact given screen time in an understated way, but this was also 70's gritty film style so blue collar workers whinging and crying over the corporation fucking them over for potential "product" didn't make as much sense as them fighting back as best they could in the face of that situation. It's film Vérité meets corporate greed meets alien horror...I think it did quite well considering the time it was made.

  • nyood mono
    nyood mono 8 months ago

    You say almost nothing

  • DannyO MovieGuy
    DannyO MovieGuy 9 months ago +2

    You needed people to die in the first scene? There can't be establishing shots?

  • Santi
    Santi 9 months ago +2


  • Esteban Maldonado
    Esteban Maldonado 9 months ago +2

    This is one of those rare times I disagree with you Jeremy.

  • BigLebowski2000
    BigLebowski2000 9 months ago

    Another ADHD junkie.

  • ks 20
    ks 20 9 months ago +6

    the movie is not boring you fuck face

    it's the best movie ever

  • Michael Nally
    Michael Nally 10 months ago +1

    I just saw this in my film class for the first time. I almost fell asleep for the first 30 minutes but when that thing popped out of his chest my mind was like "what the fuck!" After that it picked up, and this movie was awesome

  • Marshall Rines
    Marshall Rines 10 months ago +3

    The thing that most people don't realize and the true genius of the movie is the pace. There is a certain level of anticipation that can be reached, and really now way of exceeding that. You can only be so far on the edge of your seat and you just fall off. Ridley Scott found a way to exceed that whether intentional or not. Which is why Alien is to this day is as popular as it is. Without it, it would just be a very loud space alien movie with 1 or 2 really cool scenes, no different then the rest and it clearly is different.

  • The Horror Appraisal
    The Horror Appraisal 10 months ago

    Somebody is honest about it for once :)

  • kazi Jukes
    kazi Jukes 10 months ago

    To me in my opinion I watched loads of aliens of films but this film is just a masterpiece I think it's the best alien film ever made like its so realistic and horrifying like what I love about it is that you don't expect anything from it it's just brilliant! It just shows that anything can be out there in space.

  • awesome420ication
    awesome420ication 10 months ago

    Yeah. This comments section shows that you can't be allowed to criticize a movie that is considered a classic. I'm not saying he's right or anything. Just goes to show that even if you stray away a little bit from the mass consensus , you'll receive hell from a bunch of people.

  • KevinR1138
    KevinR1138 10 months ago +20

    And here we have the end result of short attention span theater, movies have lost the ability to take their time with mood & set up and just want to get right to the action boom boom boom no slow times "we got a hurry up and give these morons what they want because they have no attention span longer than five seconds" etc. etc.
    Jeremy just showed exactly what happens when you feed people this kind of crap over a period of time they lose the ability to stop and appreciate a good visual or character development that doesn't require 1000 lines of dialogue in one minute. How sad.

    • KevinR1138
      KevinR1138 6 months ago

      The short attention span idea isn't new either but recent "perceived" societal habits have led to that "keep their attention with what we think their short attention spans want" corporate mindset as well. IMO. It's not total but it has increased noticeably and I think it's like shaking keys at a baby in their minds.

      I don't like the man much but Max Landis both on red letter media and by himself on the Internet and in interviews speaks, from the inside of the industry mind you, at great length about this and I agree with his opinion.

    • KevinR1138
      KevinR1138 6 months ago

      I didn't say it was new, I said it was getting worse in the last 15 years or so. As I mentioned before the corporations took over the industry back in the 70s but it kicked it into high gear in the last 10 to 15 years or so, compared to the decades previous the amount of reboots sequels & remakes have increased to a remarkable extend and it's a basic corporate idea...rebranding a product.

      However there's a reason for the increase, watch the link it explains most of it better than I could.

    • Wesker10000
      Wesker10000 6 months ago

      But, what you're talking about hasn't been going on the past 15 years really, I'd say it's closer to 50. I mean as long as the movie industry has been an industry, I imagine that it does what most industries tend to do. Try to go for mass market appeal, like you say.

      I just don't think this is new. I'm assuming if we were talking 15 or 20 years ago we'd be complaining about the exact same thing. I mean people have a tendency to romanticise the past all the time.

      The only reason we look at movies from decades past and think, 'wow, these were good times' is because we don't remember the bad movies. Because bad movies don't tend to stand the test of time - unless they are SO bad they can't help but stick around, like the Room or that space movie with Travolta who's name I can't think of right now.

    • KevinR1138
      KevinR1138 6 months ago

      Oh no, garbage isn't new any more than films with no mood setting/character development are...I just believe the scales have swung dramatically in the pap direction in the last 15 years or so.
      Mel Brooks actually parodied the reason I think it's happening more & more these days in Silent Movie in the 70's...Corporations that own the movie industry now only wanting to provide a product that appeals to the widest audience possible for maximum profit that's not to say that quality films don't slip through the cracks but let's be honest here, when they do it's a surprise isn't it?

    • Wesker10000
      Wesker10000 6 months ago

      But that's not really true though. Yeah, there's a lot of garbage out there, but I don't think people really appreciate how much good stuff can and does come out of hollywood. Birdman, blackswan, Sicario, Ex-Machina (Mood set up by the tons), I mean some very well done movies come out every year.

      But I don't think the garbage is new though. I imagine that even if we went back to the 'golden age' of hollywood we'd find plenty of just barely passable moives along with all the classics. We just don't remember those movies because, well, they aren't memorable.

  • Ralph Astarita
    Ralph Astarita 11 months ago +41

    Alien > Aliens

  • Ashwin Gautam
    Ashwin Gautam 11 months ago

    Shit opinion

  • Nathan Light
    Nathan Light 11 months ago +1

    You know that alien fans are pretty snobby when jeremy gives it a good review but not a perfect one and yet they overreact as if Jeremy called the movie dogshit

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