5 Years of Travel (Lessons and Adventures)

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  • What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel anticipation and enthusiasm now? What would you rather be doing right now? And where would you rather be? And what’s stopping you other than yourself? It’s not money or other people. It’s just you and your priorities. Your only priority is finding your path in life. The trouble is, you think you have time.
    What gives your life purpose? What are you grateful for? What marks the days when you are excited to get out of bed? Maybe you’re still looking for it. Sometimes you have to explore the world outside so that you can find the answers inside.
    What if you become aware of your inner dialogue and feel control over your emotions. You learn to still your mind and recognize your intuition, deep in your belly, in your very centre. You trust it and follow it. And you have a little faith in the universe having your back. Tap into your own state of flow and you find clarity and direction. And your intuition will lead you to purpose and fulfillment.
    You can gravitate to places and people who inspire you, whom you admire. You can learn to anchor the states of mind that serve you best. And you can drop into them as you wish. You can consciously chose how you react to the world. And you can choose to work on yourself and become extraordinary. And don’t take any of it too damn seriously! Lighten up and have some fun! Play outside your comfort zone!
    There are many ways of looking at the world, and your own beliefs navigate your own particular experience. But you are entitled to make new ones, to change. Everything changes with time. But it’s up to you to chose growth.

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  • Ilham Jamil
    Ilham Jamil 1 day ago

    Awesome video and truly an inspiring one

  • Amup Chhetri
    Amup Chhetri 3 days ago

    just came accross ur channel and went thru ur videos..and yes i must say..its inspiring and cool... i loved it.. thanks for it.. 😊

  • Hakan Kara
    Hakan Kara 4 days ago

    Fantastic Video!!

    Btw: I just posted a new video of my vacation check it out! Hope you'll enjoy it!

  • Oshi
    Oshi 5 days ago

    Perfect tips and basic ideas for adventuring. Loved the video.

  • Rajdeep Singh Bhatia


  • Sean Nguyen
    Sean Nguyen 9 days ago

    what song is this please

  • Aviv Gidron
    Aviv Gidron 9 days ago

    hey if any of you guys really enjoy travelling feel free to check out my instagram page where we share our pictures from around the world ! https://www.instagram.com/simply.travelling/

  • دحمي دحومي
    دحمي دحومي 10 days ago

    Hi ... thank you all for sharing such a videos.. but can you upload a video mentioning the exact places that you have been in ... pls .. and thanks again

  • ᗷᒪEᗩᑕᕼEᗪ IᑕE ᑕᖇEᗩᗰ

    "It's not money," SO YOU EXCPECT ME TO PAY FOR GAS, A HOTEL, FOOD, AND OTHER EXPENSES FOR LESS THAN $100. Please let me know where this actually exists.

  • Lasse Vad
    Lasse Vad 14 days ago

    Song name?

  • Gabriele Bianchi
    Gabriele Bianchi 16 days ago

    You right and the vine is good but just a real backpacker can say what you said, you are not a backpacker you are a rich guy that love traveling and this is good I'm not bad with you but a backpacker's journey is different to rent a Lamborghini or to live in super home with mega swimming pool

  • Girraj Agarwal
    Girraj Agarwal 17 days ago

    you guys 😘😍😍😍💎😎

  • Sasha White
    Sasha White 17 days ago

    you can't say it's not about money, because flights are expensive as fuck! Money helps a lot

  • livelylina
    livelylina 17 days ago

    loved the video. very inspirational :)

  • DrAkE SuLLiVaN
    DrAkE SuLLiVaN 17 days ago

    Dude, you look rich, how do I travel if I have some skills but no money at all?

  • Jonathan Jipicadi
    Jonathan Jipicadi 18 days ago

    Hello Friend. I love how you zoom into various parts of the video. Do you zoom in with some transition or accelerate the video?

  • Phuoc Tran
    Phuoc Tran 18 days ago


  • Sant Jordi Hostels
    Sant Jordi Hostels 18 days ago


  • Thegalianoful
    Thegalianoful 20 days ago

    What's the song title you've used for this video. It is mind-blowing. Love the video and the music. amazing guys

  • Bettina Menaldo
    Bettina Menaldo 22 days ago

    Where are the women on this video? Or is it only men who are adventurous??

  • Cruz
    Cruz 22 days ago

    Now am i the only one who doesn't know how to backflip while every one was doing backflips as kids i was doing kick flips 😁

  • Saneme
    Saneme 22 days ago

    Hello to all the fillmaker community! It would be amazing if you could go watch my video about Las Vegas and give me some feedback. I like how this kind of videos inspire me, and I would like to be able to inspire more peolpe. Thanks!

  • Louisa Naomi
    Louisa Naomi 23 days ago

    😍🌴 this is my travel Instagram Account: naomilulu22

  • MrLiker
    MrLiker 24 days ago

    When are new videos gonna be up?

  • Holli + Huckleberry
    Holli + Huckleberry 25 days ago

    Haven't posted in awhile! What's the plan??

  • Dilhani
    Dilhani 27 days ago

    this is so inspiring

  • Thais Nascimento
    Thais Nascimento 27 days ago

    como eu queria ter dinheiro pra viajarrr Aaaaaa

  • Georgi Neychev
    Georgi Neychev 28 days ago


  • Jamie Vass
    Jamie Vass 1 month ago


  • Beau M
    Beau M 1 month ago

    So good 👍🏼👍🏼

  • piyush mishra
    piyush mishra 1 month ago

    You guys put a smile on my face!
    Living life in own terms. ✌✌✌

  • Danny Mcgee
    Danny Mcgee 1 month ago

    Anyone know what the song is?

  • Faisal Rafif
    Faisal Rafif 1 month ago

    Really enjoy with ur video and inspiring me so much!! I would like to invite you to come in my wonderful country, Indonesia. Enjoy the adventure 👍

    SANKET KAMBLE 1 month ago

    amazing video

  • SaBe
    SaBe 1 month ago

    Nice ! I have some travel videos on my channel too :)

  • ҉
    ҉ 1 month ago

    So nice

  • Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta 1 month ago

    i am missing your videos

  • The Salty Guy
    The Salty Guy 1 month ago

    "it's not money" all the things gathered in this video cost more than everything my parents have ever earn in their life... I know you can do stuff without a lot of money, and I allready travel by hitchhicking but I would love sky diving, going to america, asia... but it's almost impossible without money...

  • Epic Trip Adventures

    Excited to see some new vids!

  • FPS Legend
    FPS Legend 1 month ago

    the life you live is hopefully what I will achieve - minus the dark scary cliff dives

  • Pravesh Parakh
    Pravesh Parakh 1 month ago

    Song please..?

  • Zachvision
    Zachvision 1 month ago

    this needs to be a commercial

  • Zachvision
    Zachvision 1 month ago

    this video is awesome! liked and subbed!

  • blueberryhatesyou
    blueberryhatesyou 1 month ago

    <3 thank you guys.

    ALAN FRANCIO 1 month ago

    What is the name of the song at the end of the video? Anybody know ! please.

  • Moschos Koupoukis
    Moschos Koupoukis 1 month ago

    i love you!! HIGH on LIFE <3 <3 <3

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B 1 month ago

    Looks like dad stopped writing the checks.

  • Nas R
    Nas R 1 month ago

    Welcome back

  • iamcrazy worldgirl
    iamcrazy worldgirl 1 month ago

    thank you so much u guys are incredible!!!!!!

  • Edvin The Shooter
    Edvin The Shooter 1 month ago

    Dat like to dislike ratio doe! xD

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  • tim cook
    tim cook 2 months ago

    probably the best video ever

  • Gaby Perez22
    Gaby Perez22 2 months ago

    you guys can be huge if you just upload more

  • Jina Mukö
    Jina Mukö 2 months ago

    Isnt it strange that people are giving money around to other people to make them happy?  I mean we get colored paper for birtday and our smile is bigger than ever before. We read several quotes about  and that money doesnt make happy because the best things in life are priceless unexpected  and we think that we are so fucking deep and more individual than everbody else because these quotes are sooooo relatable. we are just scrolling trough instagram thinking that one day everything will be different and we will do a world trip with almost no money because we are the ones the very special ones who are able to really live like that, cause we're stronger, we're born to travel and we're are different.  But in the end this is just a fucking illusion because we ard not able to leave our fucking comfort zone and after having bought a pair of superstars to get new self confidence we sit there and we write quotes about how dumb the society is; but we do not see that we are fucking part if it

  • MarijuanaCanada
    MarijuanaCanada 2 months ago

    Theyre probably out living life right now creating amazing content.

  • cupcakecoolcom
    cupcakecoolcom 2 months ago

    I remeber when u guys did the Great American Road trip and I look back to that and say damn I can't believe my favorite youtubers would actually text me back on snapchat and I wasn't excited then I thought it was nothing and now I feel like the luckiest person alive I love yall Russia, Justis, Ryker, Parker, Josh, and Hamish u guys are great!

  • haveawonderfulday
    haveawonderfulday 2 months ago

    awesome video with true words....

  • Jerry Bounleuang
    Jerry Bounleuang 2 months ago

    Can you collab with Sam Kolder?

  • Rosie Gabrielle
    Rosie Gabrielle 2 months ago

    Absolutely incredible ! Words, and imagery. LOVE IT !! just found your channel now. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean 2 months ago

    As soon as I'm old enough I will travel the world

  • parker breeden
    parker breeden 2 months ago

    Are you done traveling

  • Jordi Demuyter
    Jordi Demuyter 2 months ago

    love the vid, so inspirational to go live the life you want where you want. Keep on making vids love them

  • Gregor Graschitz
    Gregor Graschitz 2 months ago

    Awesome video!

  • ryanha
    ryanha 2 months ago

    Hey! Any other YouTubers wanna support each other??

  • Taipei Virtanen
    Taipei Virtanen 2 months ago

    Seriously where are these guys? You just can't make couple greatest videos in Youtube and just leave! :(

  • tv 엽
    tv 엽 2 months ago

    i like your video :)
    cloud u come to my" korean boy travel channel" and subscribe and likes too? :h

  • Das perfekte Laptop Business - Review

    so muss das leben eigentlich sein....

  • Tephra
    Tephra 2 months ago

    You guys have inspired me so much to do more with my life! Travelling has been one of the goals but always had some excuse holding me back: well not this time. Recently opened a new bank account in which my travel money will be placed, hopefully by the time I finish my degree, I will be taking a gap year to explore South East Asia!

    Thank you so much for making motivational videos, goes to show nothing is impossible; With the right attitude and mindset, you can do anything! :)

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 2 months ago

    So dope

  • stiffer.
    stiffer. 2 months ago

    Which camera was used for this Video? GoPro 4?

    • Pepijn Boland
      Pepijn Boland 2 months ago

      I think for the aerial shots the used the phantom 4 or the mavic pro (probably the mavic pro because it's much tinier) for underwater shots they probably a action camera like the go pro 4 or a Sony, but al this footage is beautifully edit so don't expect such footage from a go pro or any other action cam without editing

  • Wyeth Martin
    Wyeth Martin 2 months ago

    it would be awesome if you did the talking with no music!

  • Doodlyboy DK
    Doodlyboy DK 2 months ago

    dear high on life.
    my old favorite channel... i miss All your videos and im waiting for a video where You tell ud whats happening.
    You All have tought me so much.
    One of your biggest fan

  • senior anek gampong
    senior anek gampong 2 months ago

    Nice edit. Thumbs up for this guy, watch my videos chanel in sabang indonesia

  • neko2798
    neko2798 2 months ago

    *This is aesthetically pleasing* 😍😍😍
    The best I've seen.

  • Kayla Bell
    Kayla Bell 2 months ago

    Stumbled across your channel today and I love it! I'm an aspiring travel and work person and I'm curious as to what video editing tools you guys use? It looks like Final Cut Pro, but i could be wrong

  • Jup7 Music
    Jup7 Music 2 months ago

    hey bro love your channel, i just released a new song that i think goes great with your videos!
    feel free to use it, just add my link to videos..thanks https://soundcloud.com/jupiter-seven/follow-me

  • Brianna Jacobs
    Brianna Jacobs 2 months ago

    Where is 1:29??? I NEED to go there!

  • Spandan Guha
    Spandan Guha 2 months ago

    May i know which drone you guys used to capture the footage :)

  • Its Ryan Odom
    Its Ryan Odom 2 months ago

    This video just made me a subscriber. I have seen a few of your other videos but this was a very powerful video.

  • christina pepp
    christina pepp 2 months ago

    now this inspired me to save up money to travel *fingers crossed*

  • Norlan Lara
    Norlan Lara 2 months ago

    You have to add subtitle ;) Great Edit Congrats guys

  • PauloRocha
    PauloRocha 2 months ago


  • Antoine Reuf
    Antoine Reuf 2 months ago

    yeah dude that's it, let's go to support all those dirty tourist activities in countries that are already so polluted just for fun! Lets also support all those people who mistreat animals for the stupid tourist who do really want to climb on a elephant for 20minute and have the best insta pictures.. the message is alright but the images are sad dude, big resorts and stuff, I bet you dont really get to know and understand the countries you'r travellin in..

    • High On Life Sound
      High On Life Sound 2 months ago

      we totally understand where you're coming from. You're not wrong. If you watch our videos youll see we try and discover hidden gems that are only known by locals

  • Shubham Vedpathak
    Shubham Vedpathak 2 months ago

    Amazing Video, this is exactly what i needed to see.

  • Dario Barros Filmmaker

    NIce! you should use this as channel intro ;)

  • Hannah Williams
    Hannah Williams 2 months ago

    Amazing xx

  • Dylan Morgan
    Dylan Morgan 2 months ago

    What's happened to this channel?

  • SidDaKidIII
    SidDaKidIII 2 months ago

    I can't wait for you guys next series.

  • Brianna Jacobs
    Brianna Jacobs 2 months ago

    Love this video, man 💖

  • Mariam S.
    Mariam S. 3 months ago

    I honestly want to know how money isn't the problem.

  • Wheelie Adventurous
    Wheelie Adventurous 3 months ago

    Was too busy watching the epic footage to listen to what you were saying... Gotta replay I think...

  • meltdownBC
    meltdownBC 3 months ago


  • Tridi Dime
    Tridi Dime 3 months ago

    what about the money ?

  • Pro Removalists Melbourne

    This is a very helpful tip, thank you

  • Andrija Horvat
    Andrija Horvat 3 months ago

    Great message guys! Keep inspiring!

  • Harsh Deep
    Harsh Deep 3 months ago

    Money is stopping me

  • Rose-e Shrestha
    Rose-e Shrestha 3 months ago

    I don't even know how to swim.

  • Flozorro
    Flozorro 3 months ago

    how do u pay all this ? with "no money" ? not beeing negative just wanna do somth like that and dont know how to sponsor it

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