'UNICORN TEARS' by Too Faced!! Beautiful Colour Changing Lipstick!

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • Seriously this could be the prettiest, most unique lipstick I've ever seen!

    Get it in the US from Ulta: bit.ly/2mzEyFl
    Get it in Australia from Mecca: bit.ly/2mzGspu
    I found 1 on Amazon! bit.ly/2n09kof

    Hope you guys enjoyed, lots of love and HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY!!!!

    xx Chlo


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  • ajla alicajic
    ajla alicajic 7 days ago

    Omg you look like Blair Waldorf!!

  • Jennifer Snow
    Jennifer Snow 13 days ago

    OMG!!! O.O

  • Anna Ramos
    Anna Ramos 23 days ago

    It actually looks nice when you put lip gloss on top of it.

  • Monika Mohammadi
    Monika Mohammadi 28 days ago

    You actually remind me of robin from how i met your mother

  • Lucia Breccia
    Lucia Breccia Month ago

    If you can't get the lipstick, just mix lip balm with blacklight duochrome eyeshadow from makeup geek, it's exactly the same.

  • Indigo Blossoms
    Indigo Blossoms Month ago

    Hahahaha @ 1:30 xD

  • Bates Kitten37
    Bates Kitten37 Month ago

    the first youtube makeup guru that doesn't have like an excessive intro or like 20 minute video just for one thing

  • Cute Chicken Nugget

    I would wear this every other day tbh this is my jam

    edit: Just bought it today and I love it im wearing it every other day now when I go out I love it

  • paisely highLighte
    paisely highLighte 2 months ago

    Nice in-depth review, thanks for sharing!

  • mikkipants
    mikkipants 2 months ago

    I love it!!!! I, personally, think it's super flattering with your skin tone!

  • Christyinlalaland
    Christyinlalaland 2 months ago

    I gasped when you went to swatch on your hand because of the length it was thinking you could break it, also when you applied it to your lips. 😱 👻

  • Jhordana Duval
    Jhordana Duval 2 months ago

    my lipstick still iridescent sky blue. Why isn't it turning pinky?

  • Xavia
    Xavia 2 months ago

    omg she has such natural beauty I'm jealous ❤❤

  • Kristina Hare
    Kristina Hare 2 months ago

    it looks amazing on you

  • Rebecka Pedersen
    Rebecka Pedersen 2 months ago

    Oh girl please stop being so gorgeous! You make me want to go back to black hair again even though I now have "struggled" for months to finally become the blondie I am now lol! xx

  • Alienatedx1
    Alienatedx1 3 months ago

    Who in their right state of mind, would make a unicorn cry?! Smh. 🦄

  • kungking294
    kungking294 3 months ago

    Your lips are like Kylie's lips!! Gorgeous!

  • Katrine B. Harr Dybdahl

    That's awesome, you should get into it. Like, make a look specifically for this lipstick. That'd be cool!

  • Dolce Universe
    Dolce Universe 3 months ago


  • Hannah Maggie
    Hannah Maggie 3 months ago

    You demi me of Drew Barrymore!! And those lips tho!!

  • Minno86
    Minno86 3 months ago

    you made me love this color I'm gonna look it up :D although if sephora doesn't sell it I don't know, I hope I can find it somewhere else here in México :( Also first time I see one of your videos, you are soooo beautiful! ^_^

  • Chloe Ashe
    Chloe Ashe 3 months ago


  • Ted, Just Admit It
    Ted, Just Admit It 3 months ago

    I like it!

  • Amanda Gard Makeup Dupe Queen

    I love this lipstick so much I bought a backup a week after I bought the original

  • Marinelife7
    Marinelife7 3 months ago

    It became more pink the longer she wore it.

  • Alessandra Jackson
    Alessandra Jackson 3 months ago +2

    Jeffree Star brought me back to this video after the Too Faced drama.

  • Lora M
    Lora M 3 months ago

    first time watching you, u made me smile a lot loved this video, u go girl:)

  • Nov Baby
    Nov Baby 3 months ago +1

    Im back here for the drama 😂

  • JazzyFaeMUA
    JazzyFaeMUA 3 months ago

    Too faced drama brought me here

  • There are 1975 cry babies in the Badlands

    Wasnt it from Lime Crime?

  • Rory Mendelow
    Rory Mendelow 3 months ago

    That's stunning!!! I want it but I would never wear it tbh

  • ~B'dazzlin~
    ~B'dazzlin~ 3 months ago

    Whoa the color changed! Looks gorgeous on you. Not sure I could pull that off.

  • Deidra Diane Wallace
    Deidra Diane Wallace 3 months ago

    I really want this lipstick lol!

  • Kim Nunya
    Kim Nunya 3 months ago +4

    TWO faced is crying those unicorn tears now after that shady comment to tarte.

  • Eve Jane Lucille
    Eve Jane Lucille 3 months ago

    I never wear lipstick as my lips are so thin. I bet this would look okay, maybe in winter. And what do you think about using it on your brows and cheekbones?

  • Madison Clifford
    Madison Clifford 4 months ago

    "Oh wow!" "That's cool" Why did that sound like some Barbie with a voice box

  • OMGjeshka
    OMGjeshka 4 months ago

    literally died at 1:30 HAHHAHA

  • Isabelle Zapalowski
    Isabelle Zapalowski 4 months ago

    Omg where can I get this in europe?? I love it!

  • MissSu101
    MissSu101 4 months ago +1

    but the color changed 🤔🤔

  • karen williams
    karen williams 4 months ago

    i wonder what it look like over a dark colour

  • Isabella Gonzalez
    Isabella Gonzalez 4 months ago

    that's so pretty 😍

  • M Lü
    M Lü 4 months ago

    The video was shown in German TV today :)

  • skerz ma.di.
    skerz ma.di. 4 months ago

    Hi Chloe, they showed parts of this video on a German tv show called "Punkt 12" today!!! They showed unicorn products on the show. Xoxo from Germany.

  • Amber Lily
    Amber Lily 4 months ago

    You have to do a full makeup look using that lipstick 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍and try and make it look good😂

  • Lena Krones
    Lena Krones 4 months ago

    maybe it would look cool on top of a mate lipstick!

  • curlzgirl704
    curlzgirl704 4 months ago

    I'm from the US and it's out of stock at Ulta😕 damn you! lol

  • Jeanette Fowler
    Jeanette Fowler 4 months ago

    I have had that lipstick for over a year and never wore it because I'm dark skinned but I thought the concept of it was cool. It reminds me of mood lipstick and my childhood.

  • Chinchilla Zilla
    Chinchilla Zilla 4 months ago

    wait...does it change color? it looks waaaayyy more pink after she had it on for a while

  • Jessica Elle Beauty & Lifestyle

    lol fun, thanks for sharing girlfriend! 😉😘

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith 4 months ago

    Get more lip filler.

  • Alejandra Medina
    Alejandra Medina 4 months ago

    Her lips looks fake 😔

  • 4LoveOfDance
    4LoveOfDance 4 months ago

    This would be nice as a lippie topper. :)

  • Nikki Murray
    Nikki Murray 4 months ago

    You should try layering this over another color, it's lovely!

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested 4 months ago


  • Avery Richter
    Avery Richter 4 months ago

    It would be a nice highlighter too. I used pink lipstick for blush a few times

    • Avery Richter
      Avery Richter 4 months ago

      Nvm... I commended that right after u put it on your lips

  • Summer-rain Moss
    Summer-rain Moss 4 months ago

    Can u do a mermaid look?

  • itsLizzie
    itsLizzie 4 months ago

    I wonder what this would look like over another lipstick or if it'd even work like that...

  • Jacqueline Castrillo
    Jacqueline Castrillo 4 months ago

    That lip color is adorable! Very much reminded of clueless lol

  • Karla Zoeyu
    Karla Zoeyu 4 months ago

    can you put it as a highlighter? like a cream highlighter

  • montibella
    montibella 4 months ago

    Id love to see what it looks like over another darker lipstick!

  • Living Fuencarral
    Living Fuencarral 4 months ago

    Unicorns + Too Faced + Chloe Morello = all the favs

  • Silvia Foxworth
    Silvia Foxworth 4 months ago

    it reminds me of a 6 year old's lipstick lol.

  • Emily Stepic
    Emily Stepic 4 months ago

    Kind of reminds me of the old LipSmackers Berry Heavenly 😂😭😍

  • missymani
    missymani 4 months ago

    I didn't expect it to be like the mood changing lipsticks it really looks cute.

  • chelle lim
    chelle lim 4 months ago

    try it as eye shadows? I think the color look amazing on eyes

  • *Murdocs tiddies*
    *Murdocs tiddies* 4 months ago

    That unblended nose contour tho...

  • Eve Gandy
    Eve Gandy 4 months ago

    so funny with the pictures 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Casey Caliva
    Casey Caliva 4 months ago

    this would be a really pretty creme highlighter

  • Patricia Ramsammy
    Patricia Ramsammy 4 months ago

    this lip color looks amazing on you. it would be nice to wear to a party or so

  • Audrianne Giroud
    Audrianne Giroud 4 months ago

    Your lips tho 😍😍😘

  • Sarah Ann Denny
    Sarah Ann Denny 4 months ago

    Omg this is to die for 😍💋

  • Melissa kisses
    Melissa kisses 4 months ago

    I think it's gorgeous on you.. with a smoky eye omg

  • Huda A. Al- Rushaid
    Huda A. Al- Rushaid 4 months ago

    Try it as highliter

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 5 months ago

    I would wear this with some white liner! That would look very festivally and cool!

  • Ksenia Wander
    Ksenia Wander 5 months ago

    Sooo pretty)) love it

  • haleigh
    haleigh 5 months ago

    you look like Lana Del Ray. ☺

  • UnicornAya
    UnicornAya 5 months ago


  • victoria
    victoria 5 months ago

    Subscribed instantly❤❤❤

  • reyhaneh Nasaji
    reyhaneh Nasaji 5 months ago

    Where did she say she bought it from? Love the stain after ❤️

  • Little Miss Dance
    Little Miss Dance 5 months ago

    You look like KatyPerry

  • Aixa Tello
    Aixa Tello 5 months ago

    the lipstick enhances her highlight, like they're a good pairing

  • mina bina
    mina bina 5 months ago

    do you use lip fillers?

  • Addison Murphey
    Addison Murphey 5 months ago

    It looks pink after a couple hours !

  • Maija Poppanen
    Maija Poppanen 5 months ago

    I NEEEEED THIS. before it wore off a little it looked so amazing oh dear lord

  • Madison Thorne
    Madison Thorne 5 months ago

    "let's swipe"

  • Kaitlyn Fix
    Kaitlyn Fix 5 months ago

    You can buy it on the TooFaced website!

  • Anya Shah
    Anya Shah 5 months ago +1

    That would be a great thing to put in the middle of the lips over another lipstick

  • lily oconnor
    lily oconnor 5 months ago

    where are your earrings from?? i love!!

  • M Oyaligho
    M Oyaligho 5 months ago

    it's really nice!

  • Lauren Stokes
    Lauren Stokes 5 months ago

    I would love to see how this looks over other lipsticks!

  • Dianaa Bordac
    Dianaa Bordac 5 months ago

    had one before 2faced came with it. idk the name but is nice.

  • Atiyeh Moghaddam
    Atiyeh Moghaddam 5 months ago +1

    I posted a video doing a swatch and review on this aswell!! if anyone wants to check that out :)

  • punxie89
    punxie89 5 months ago

    When you cane back after the 3 hours it had turned pink!

  • Ema Star
    Ema Star 5 months ago +1

    not my cup of tea but it actually looked super pretty on u .. but then again.. what doesn't? lol

  • Mia Angelica Grant Down

    My 2 year old son just grabbed my phone while watching this and kissed the screen !! Haha

  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess 5 months ago

    It's so so so pretty. Too bad it's only at ghetto ulta ! Hopefully Sephora ends up getting it

  • Ashley B
    Ashley B 5 months ago

    simply facelogical would love this! haha

  • Cindy Lira
    Cindy Lira 5 months ago


  • Scereyaha
    Scereyaha 5 months ago

    If you haven't already used it on your mouth it could make a cool cream eye-shadow. Or maybe even a nifty cream blush with built in highlighter.

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