Cats in Plastic Bags (FUNNY compilation video)

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  • Compilation of the best superhero cats of YouTube. I bet you didn't know cats love to wear capes. They must, or why would so many of them end up like this.

    Or maybe cats just stick there heads where they shouldn't. Either way, it results in hilarious SUPERCATS!

    Astronaut Cats coming soon.

    Annotations with credit did not save.
    I am trying to find all the videos and will give them credit here.

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    Currently documenting Saving Simba, a feral cat Spot the Cat befriended through a window. Video coming soon!

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  • Runtime: 5:15
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Comments: 23

  • Laura ミルス
    Laura ミルス 2 months ago

    My cat just calmly walks around the house with it hanging from her tail. Her tail raised high, tip curved in a happy, playful manner. It doesn't bother her at all that she has a cape.

  • JV Satterwhite
    JV Satterwhite 3 months ago

    Goddamn, have you never heard of volume levelling?

  • Sonic Seven
    Sonic Seven 7 months ago +1

    LOL 1:01 Other cat was like wtf?

  • friso de backer
    friso de backer 8 months ago +5

    0:15 Linus?

  • Tripppleclick
    Tripppleclick 9 months ago

    Huge fan of cats with bags on their heads! You're doing great work here!

  • Pastel TheRiverCat
    Pastel TheRiverCat 9 months ago +2

    when bags attack..... coming soon to a cinema near you

  • Katiethekangaroo
    Katiethekangaroo 11 months ago

    Umm how's it funny when they could suffocate is that what you call funny

    • TheTacticalcheez
      TheTacticalcheez 8 months ago

      Katiethekangaroo COULD COULD COULD THEY ARE NOT THOOOOO you realize that comments like your just piss people off

  • zoppie
    zoppie 1 year ago +1

    3:05 Today must be Monday.

  • OtakuSanji
    OtakuSanji 1 year ago

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand the cats are adorable, but I also feel bad for them. 8'V

  • Nati H
    Nati H 1 year ago

    The weirdest laugh...

  • Tide Detergent
    Tide Detergent 1 year ago +1

    This is making me poo better!

    • Sir Babz
      Sir Babz 4 months ago

      Gerald The on the toilet too?? hahahahaa

  • Sarah Pearce
    Sarah Pearce 1 year ago

    so funny😅

  • Simon
    Simon 1 year ago +12

    0:15 Linus? LinusCatTips.

  • M-eme
    M-eme 2 years ago

    2:18 is this a cat or a panter? LoL

    • M-eme
      M-eme 1 year ago

      +Liv Catwood y ofc but its so big ^^

    • Liv Catwoodd
      Liv Catwoodd 1 year ago

      Panther* and it's a cat ^^

  • Oliver Packman
    Oliver Packman 2 years ago +7


    • Katrina Kloewer
      Katrina Kloewer 1 year ago

      I think the recorder laughed?

    • Cerason
      Cerason 1 year ago

      +Kittydorable but didnt open the mouth???

    • Kittydorable
      Kittydorable 1 year ago

      I know'! I think he hissed lol

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