Why was Kim Jong-nam killed? BBC News

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  • moggfree
    moggfree 7 days ago

    He should have went to the US and become an ally. But I guess he was scared.

  • Skyyy _
    Skyyy _ Month ago

    Who else thought it said Kim Jong Un

  • ThatLonelyPond
    ThatLonelyPond Month ago

    Im getting kim jung NAM flashbacks

  • Charz Moritz
    Charz Moritz Month ago +1

    but its so sad that the US is starting wars with muslim countries whos dictators arent even half as bad and not the barbaric lunatic in north korea just because north korea is a poor country that has no oil and natural resources. war was never about human rights

  • Nhật Tuấn
    Nhật Tuấn Month ago

    Kim Young Ill?

  • Blake Steele
    Blake Steele 2 months ago +1

    Nah! He was killed because he refused to take commi orders. He was told to have a Kim Jon haircut and he refused

  • Dan Kelman
    Dan Kelman 2 months ago


  • zaramvp
    zaramvp 2 months ago

    i love the fact that datuk vida;s face is just there for us all to see...

  • Stormy Fronts
    Stormy Fronts 3 months ago

    1:14 the graphics lol

  • Miss Mutts
    Miss Mutts 3 months ago

    Someone should jus sniper his ass

  • Ferry Anolin
    Ferry Anolin 3 months ago

    The new Caligula. KJU kills his family! The dynasty should stop.

  • Rey Llegue
    Rey Llegue 3 months ago

    his not human!!!his demons!!!!!!!

  • 天行者
    天行者 3 months ago

    The real KJN was murdered in hotel by two lady assassin while  playing SM 3P ! The one died in KL airport was a fake guy!

  • Andres Arango
    Andres Arango 3 months ago

    ladies and gentlemen Eugene Levy's Asian brother.

  • Kazuki Yaoita
    Kazuki Yaoita 3 months ago

    Lol there are two posibiloties it's either America or kim.

  • Sreemukh Kovuri
    Sreemukh Kovuri 3 months ago

    Technically non of this is proven yet. This entire video is ONE possible hypothesis as to why he was killed. There are several other suspects who undeniably have strong motives to carry on this action. *just saying*

    TAVOR VICEROY VALDOR 3 months ago

    Fratricide is very common in out whole human history starting with Cain and Abel then princes killing their brothers for the throne

  • McScience
    McScience 3 months ago

    Game of thrones in a nutshell xD Kim Jong-un is the real life Joffrey

  • tonerton
    tonerton 3 months ago

    The picture in the end, the boy standing is Kim Jong Chul , that's another HALF Brother of both Kim Jong Nam and Kim Jong Un... seriously BBC news, better get your facts straight.

  • mbill
    mbill 3 months ago

    Why did the nephew go back? He must have had suspicions.

  • Truesay Mahoney
    Truesay Mahoney 3 months ago

    I think because kim jong yung is paranoid and thinks his own relatives will betray him for the west and help them over throw him so he taking out all the next in lines or his barber took an inch too much off who knows with that wacko

  • Sctvita5130
    Sctvita5130 3 months ago

    Evil North Korean Dictator.

  • Jaco Pieterse
    Jaco Pieterse 3 months ago

    Why such gimmicky editing

  • Sen Lkr
    Sen Lkr 3 months ago

    that old man looks like from American Pie Dad movie character

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago +2

    Stalin part two

  • Keba Dinake
    Keba Dinake 3 months ago

    Fake as chinese made

  • Arya Banerjee
    Arya Banerjee 3 months ago

    very pathetic

  • Richard Teh
    Richard Teh 3 months ago

    properganda by western media

  • John Savage Music
    John Savage Music 3 months ago

    I love the first statetemen hahha. FAKE NEWS

  • Aaron Laird
    Aaron Laird 3 months ago

    Ugly family my god

  • Azitock
    Azitock 3 months ago

    BBC is literally turning into CNN with all these greenscreens and CGI

  • scott jones
    scott jones 3 months ago

    So where is the answer to why?

  • gentle touch
    gentle touch 3 months ago

    he killed because he eat a lots of food that belongs to kim jon un

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield 4 months ago +1

    Just like the Romans. The only thing this mental midget needs to remember is none of the crazy emperors got to die in their sleep. I look forwards to learning of his demise.

  • BRIAN Shooter672
    BRIAN Shooter672 4 months ago

    Kim jong il maybe a worst leader,but he won't never kill his family or relatives,even their were traitor

  • ladsham
    ladsham 4 months ago

    people in the restaurant must have thought they were making a documentary about dinner plates

  • weare .1
    weare .1 4 months ago


  • that man kev
    that man kev 4 months ago

    You cant even tell whos who with fuckin asian peoples an korean people.. as far as im consindered every single one of them are fuckin related.. they all looks the exact fuckin same..

  • Jelly Cheeks
    Jelly Cheeks 4 months ago

    Can't tell if I like the profile pics superimposed in the dishes or not. Either way, my OCD is being triggered.

  • Aja Thong
    Aja Thong 4 months ago

    I wish the dead of Kim jung pig un

  • Andrew Asik
    Andrew Asik 4 months ago +9

    Man, that friend of Kim Jong-nam is gonna get hurt if he keeps talking

  • Andrew Asik
    Andrew Asik 4 months ago

    Damn BBC, back at it again with the cringy CGI animation

  • Theandroid Comegetmeorsomething

    And here I thought my family was baf

    HERPY DERPEDY 4 months ago

    so many racist people hating Big Black Cock

  • Dominique Akers
    Dominique Akers 4 months ago

    Asian guy looks like the old man from UP

  • SUM1
    SUM1 4 months ago +1

    Nonsense anti-DPRK bullshit.

  • silentnoyze
    silentnoyze 4 months ago

    Ais kacang

  • sinno core
    sinno core 4 months ago

    Kim Jong-Nam's son will be the future of North Korea leader.

  • Hiya, toots!
    Hiya, toots! 4 months ago

    Hypocrites​, The British Royal Family has killed ten times more of their own family members

    • Hiya, toots!
      Hiya, toots! 4 months ago

      TeenBodyWorkout Yeah princess Diana was a thousand years ago

    • Kim Jong coutinho
      Kim Jong coutinho 4 months ago

      Hiya, toots! Thousands of years ago

  • Hi
    Hi 4 months ago


  • Ser Garlan Tyrell
    Ser Garlan Tyrell 4 months ago

    Are they not allowed to smile in family photographs?

  • supa3ek
    supa3ek 4 months ago

    Let's all think about this first !
    If North Korean agents were so good at killing.......wouldn't they have killed more important people first ? Like prime ministers or diplomats etc.....
    Something smells fishy here with this story !!!!!

  • Jimi Hendralin
    Jimi Hendralin 4 months ago

    This is all nonsense , propaganda, The killing is done by who .

  • K24 Accord
    K24 Accord 4 months ago

    That guy looks like an asian version of the dad in american pie movie

  • K24 Accord
    K24 Accord 4 months ago

    Because kim un sung is planning his own fall what an idiot well hes doing progress in bringing down dictatoship on the world

    DO NOT RESPOND 4 months ago +3

    In case of coup. He would have been favored to take leader position. Parinod half brother trusts no one.

    PEXMAN 4 months ago

    Killing his own relatives own blood ...called Insane!!!

  • Lindsey gunpla12
    Lindsey gunpla12 5 months ago +1

    I was in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam few 13,2017 saw that on tv news Malaysia just almost miles away from us so close island but didn't noticed when he got assassination

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan 5 months ago

    BBC propaganda 100%!

  • bbrother92
    bbrother92 5 months ago


  • Karim Sadouni
    Karim Sadouni 5 months ago

    for sure someone. come out son. kill fat boy ( communist dectator)

  • frankbites
    frankbites 5 months ago

    I C.

  • Th Ji
    Th Ji 5 months ago

    Malaysia and Vietnam, both women doing a great job...north korea country is been brian wash by kim jong un family,...hhahahhhhaha.

  • James Wood
    James Wood 5 months ago

    Who's next?

  • Gilles Jolicoeur
    Gilles Jolicoeur 5 months ago

    I'm thinking Hilary Clinton

  • Ray Gao
    Ray Gao 5 months ago

    The people of North Korea must to be liberated

  • Hendra Gunawan
    Hendra Gunawan 5 months ago

    so many redneck coming here to dislike and said fake news. they are so proud of their accurate foks news

  • jon doe
    jon doe 5 months ago

    Now... Do u think he would fire a nuke? Better get him, and get him now!!

  • jae kim
    jae kim 5 months ago

    just stupid propaganda video. bbc sucks

  • reid tutty
    reid tutty 5 months ago

    he was killed.. so Koreans say... because he wanted to visit Disney land ... can you believe it.... NO

  • tk ok
    tk ok 5 months ago

    Why? Korean DNA

  • Irish_coffee
    Irish_coffee 5 months ago

    3 fatasses in North Korea

  • kamaruddin Huesen Kamal

    The next Axis of evil to be taken out is NK...right !?...but I always wondered...who th **** do thy ******* think thy ****** are to kill innocent people !...

  • Touch Play
    Touch Play 5 months ago

    Cause his face looks like a pervert lmao

  • Jenny's Cake
    Jenny's Cake 5 months ago

    I really appreciate the creativity of the editors of this video

  • 권지용 Gdragon!
    권지용 Gdragon! 5 months ago +1

    Dear Brits. Stop CGI bull sh!t. Its not stylish. Its cringey

  • xX squeaker Xx
    xX squeaker Xx 5 months ago +1

    North korean families make these "depressed" "emo" kids look happy

  • Brodie-tzu
    Brodie-tzu 5 months ago +1

    It's not a monarchy. It's a dictatorship!

  • Woody Hutton
    Woody Hutton 5 months ago

    The Un be fierce and cold! The Un be IL-ling

  • D S
    D S 5 months ago +1

    In Here, some of the people think this is fake and how could this thing happened in 21century. but its true. North Korea is unpredictable and Kim Jung-Un already had killed his uncle and his family in order to maintain his regime. there are a lot of testimony from North Korean refugees, just google it or find on youtube. you will know real fact of North Korea situation.

  • Budak Buzy
    Budak Buzy 5 months ago

    I like the way/style you edit the video....thumb up

  • Osniel Donates
    Osniel Donates 5 months ago

    is this in North Korea?

  • James G
    James G 5 months ago

    But liberals are busy demonizing russians...

  • Littleathquakes
    Littleathquakes 5 months ago

    Asian Eugene Levy

  • usaid alfatih
    usaid alfatih 5 months ago +1

    North Korea Kim Jong-un plays the real life Game of Thrones.

  • Wei Lai
    Wei Lai 5 months ago

    From the conspiracy theory, he was killed by South Korea and America in order to uglify Kim Jong-un's image which can be a good reason to overthrow his regime.

  • AimanFaris8900
    AimanFaris8900 5 months ago +1

    0:11 Qu Puteh 😂

  • Qurrata Ain Binti Abdul Kahar

    That's so messed up...

  • X D
    X D 5 months ago


  • AnGeL PiE
    AnGeL PiE 5 months ago

    fuckin CIA.antichrist doing this,theres no one else..damn ww3..

  • Wayne Hodgetts
    Wayne Hodgetts 5 months ago +2

    Your just stating the obvious, the real question is what are we not seeing? I pay my Licence money for better information, this leaves unanswered questions. Where was the middle picture in your fantastic explanation? Whats the Chinese and South Korea role?. Is this a false flag operation? Are we getting fake news? Another one sided coin with no real evidence? What do the murders have to say? Have you interviewed the 3 people being held in the embassy? Where does the investigation go? Can we have all the information based on real evidence? BBC Bullshit and more Bullshit and then some Collusion. We all know the American Media are calling all the shots. Try and be the independent broadcaster we pay you to be.

  • Barry Sheene
    Barry Sheene 5 months ago

    And yet they are accusing the Malaysian authorities with some false accusation. I think the world should support Malaysian government in this matter. It seem likes big fat boy is bullying one tiny boy.

  • Red Warrior
    Red Warrior 5 months ago

    soon people in north korea will overthrown kim jong un.. especially his own generals.. Wait n see.

  • zorbatheok
    zorbatheok 5 months ago

    dinisty???? wtf dude joan collins is gonna be so pissed

  • Cornelis van der Heijden

    I think Kimmy plays to many videogames

  • minhhai kim
    minhhai kim 5 months ago

    Are y'all telling a lie?

  • dOPE Ness
    dOPE Ness 5 months ago

    And this dude has nukes

  • BrD
    BrD 5 months ago

    motion tracking sucks dick

  • Max TheMonkey
    Max TheMonkey 5 months ago

    interesting and informative but stop with these weird random shots and cringy editing, please

  • Arsan Bahrami
    Arsan Bahrami 5 months ago

    these features became lame after the cup feature

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