Bunker found.5. Finally Inside.

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  • Glarky V
    Glarky V Hour ago

    blood blood blood!!!!! blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerard Dunne
    Gerard Dunne Day ago

    How old is your daughter and did you force her to do this.....😂

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  22 hours ago

      he he , i can assure you that i have never told her to do anything , it is in her blood and she does urbex and tons of other exiting stuff by herself. Thanks for watching.

  • John Maverick Canaba

    I've always watching your video man...I'd love to explore ww2 artifacts with your film dude... keep it up...

  • QuantumPlayz
    QuantumPlayz 8 days ago

    17,000th like!!!

  • Naver Plast
    Naver Plast 9 days ago

    This would be a good place to hide from world war III

  • Real Bigdickcarl
    Real Bigdickcarl 11 days ago +1

    You should have blown that wall up

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  3 days ago

      Thanks for taking time to watch. Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Kiel Gavin
    Kiel Gavin 12 days ago

    First time watching but love your work!

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  3 days ago

      Thanks for taking time to watch. Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Dan Weir
    Dan Weir 14 days ago

    It's German septic tank

  • coldstares
    coldstares 19 days ago

    I can't stop thinking that breaking into sealed bunkers is how a lot of monster movies start! DON'T LET THEM OUT!!!

  • Captain69Coma
    Captain69Coma 23 days ago

    All I could think was this is how leprechaun in the hood starts 😂😂😂

  • First Last
    First Last 23 days ago

    Just shoot at it

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  20 days ago

      he he , could have done that but have no guns :) Thanks

  • daniel green
    daniel green 24 days ago

    Dude you should've just fumigated the spaces with insecticide foggers! "get for real man"

    • daniel green
      daniel green 23 days ago

      Well...Yeah, one less worry you know, or  more depending on various nasty inhabitants. really enjoyed your expedition though, happy trails Mr. Hunter

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  23 days ago

      well , that could be oe way of doing it. Thanks for watching.

  • Snowball0183
    Snowball0183 27 days ago


  • Ashton Harris
    Ashton Harris Month ago

    my mom would have a heart attack if saw those spooders

  • Ashton Harris
    Ashton Harris Month ago

    hoi im new you r so brave so is your daughter im not trying to be creepy

  • Fabio Bragulla
    Fabio Bragulla Month ago

    It said drücken und rechts drehen wich means :press and twist to the

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  28 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Saul Solache
    Saul Solache Month ago

    Thanx it was so informative.

  • Shawn Couture
    Shawn Couture Month ago

    !#%$!?# Those spider... I FRECKING SPOTTED THEM ALL !!!

  • Shawn Couture
    Shawn Couture Month ago

    You should completely restore one some day and make a real awesome little place to be in... thinking about life...

  • Ray Miller
    Ray Miller Month ago

    that comb could probably be used to find out who mightve used it right?

  • Steven Snailham
    Steven Snailham Month ago +1

    what's wrong with a hammer and chisel...5 minute job.

  • yasin keskin
    yasin keskin Month ago +1

    next time use a real key for these kind of doors we call it 12 gauge with a 12 gauge slug u can unlock these walls or doors :)

  • EndlessReprieve
    EndlessReprieve Month ago


  • themorganator4
    themorganator4 Month ago

    why didnt you just bring a sledge hammer

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  Month ago

      well i didnt know how this would turn out i Guess. Thanks

  • Heath Phelps
    Heath Phelps Month ago

    I have noticed that ALL of these urban abandoned guys are scared to death of spiders!..lol

  • Vintage Speedwerks
    Vintage Speedwerks Month ago

    Thought I saw all your vids, missed this one. Wow, first entry!

  • Chet Pomeroy
    Chet Pomeroy Month ago

    That bunker was probably sealed off by Allied occupation troops shortly after the war. The author of this video and his daughter were likely the first people who broke that seal and entered it since that time.

  • george karitzis
    george karitzis Month ago

    Your daughter is Awesome !

  • martin Jackson
    martin Jackson Month ago

    has anyone told you that you sound like those two dudes on family Guy. the douche euro guys ha

  • Gagun T
    Gagun T Month ago

    can I join u sir I'm from India , Karnataka

  • ThePixelleer
    ThePixelleer Month ago

    And then some dude is like nah man you doing it the SLOW way (proceeds to throw several explosives in the cave)

  • Patrick Felden
    Patrick Felden Month ago

    I would do everything for going in such a Bunker!!!
    If you do this kind of thing more often, I would definitely want to go with you!!! :D

  • C Cannon
    C Cannon Month ago

    2 batteries for "just a couple more holes"? sounds like you need a better drill bro. perhaps one with a hammer drill feature.

  • Zeles
    Zeles Month ago

    the arrow that shows to the left says "shutting".
    below that I can only see "push, turn right".
    on the top the arrow showing to the right says "open"

  • Jez Collins
    Jez Collins Month ago

    Great explore, well done to your daughter. Wonder what that bunker was used for ?. Great stuff as usual.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  Month ago

      i think it was a aair raid shelter or communication bunker. Thanks for watching.

  • RoboNacho
    RoboNacho Month ago

    Imagine if it collapsed when he busted the brick down

  • Zeck Phillips
    Zeck Phillips Month ago

    Keep thinking that's blood in the water

  • Comarang Gaming
    Comarang Gaming Month ago

    An aussie who knows about our wildlife is constantly cringing about how dangerous his attitude would be in our country. Most of the things he has done my instant reaction, DONT FUCKIN DO THAT. No sure what germanys animals are like but in aus they are out to get you so

  • Gabriel Waggoner
    Gabriel Waggoner Month ago

    That's like the worst spider to be around in a situation like that hahahaha 11:10

  • Pantdino
    Pantdino 2 months ago

    Where in Germany is this? So would this bunker have been used to defend against Russian or Angloamerican invasion?

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  Month ago

      Well , i really couldnt give up the location. Thanks for watching and Greetings from us.

  • Adam Starnyski
    Adam Starnyski 2 months ago

    maybe Hitler himself was in there

  • Hitman Barnes
    Hitman Barnes 2 months ago

    man if i saw even a small spider i would of stopped, i h8 em.

  • Volka Gaming
    Volka Gaming 2 months ago

    Wow those spiders are so fucking scary I am going to comment about it and be the 300th person to do so. And those spiders aren't even that bad I understand how you could dislike spiders and the video guy was fine with his reaction but is it that bad for the commenters that you have to let the whole world know just because you saw them in a video. Please tell me is it really that bad I don't have arachnophobia so I don't know but you people seem to be over blowing it.

  • Paul Reinders
    Paul Reinders 2 months ago

    10:56 The valve shown here is an overpressure valve. Its function is to release the excess air pressure built up from using the filtration device, of which you took a piece with you. The ingenious thing about such a valve is that it only opens when a certain pressure is reached and then closes again by itself, so no possibly poisonous air from outside could get in through there.

  • Parker Harris
    Parker Harris 2 months ago

    Buy the brand new bunker buster set!
    Complete with:
    -a rocket launcher
    -whatever the hell this rod is
    -and more for a limited time only!!

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  • Connie Bonn
    Connie Bonn 2 months ago

    Awesome video!!!!!! Post more please!!!

  • Tucker Hulse
    Tucker Hulse 2 months ago


  • 70sfred1
    70sfred1 2 months ago

    Are there a lot of these bricked up bunkers throughout Germany?

  • Dramatic Dog
    Dramatic Dog 2 months ago

    I just found these videos and i really like them, i live in France and especially around the north borders there's a lot of these abandonned bunkers. Most are filled in with gravel or sealed to prevent people from going inside for obvious reasons. The very few that aren't sealed are too dangerous for me to go alone anyway.
    I really enjoy videos that show the inside of these things, since i'm so curious but really not equiped to explore them.

    • Dramatic Dog
      Dramatic Dog 2 months ago

      You're very welcome, your explanations are very interesting too.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  2 months ago

      Thanks for taking time to watch.

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 2 months ago

    That's a black widow spider she put her hand next to duck crawling around in this shit

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan 2 months ago

      My father before he died last year talk to me a lot about spiders he was a tunnel rat in Vietnam he use to crawl in tunnels for days his name was Mike they called him spider I have met almost his hole platoon a few of them anyway many stories with a colt 45 and a flash light he got to know and understand arachnids and that's what pushed me to learn about spiders any ways good luck with your exploring they are full of history and I love it

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan 2 months ago

      Awesome video

    • John Morgan
      John Morgan 2 months ago

      No brother be careful you guys have made me proud though you guys make me want to explore with my baby's to bad we live in Oklahoma and all we get to do is school and work lol we are very into discovery 😜

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  2 months ago

      ok , not good at all. Thanks for watching.

  • Cort Free
    Cort Free 2 months ago

    Is here German

  • David Turner
    David Turner 2 months ago

    Fascinating video but please be careful. You need to wear some kind of respirator if you continue to search out these sealed underground facilities and have someone keeping tabs on you from outside. The stagnant air in these places can be extremely dangerous for all kinds of reasons.

  • Kristy Norton
    Kristy Norton 2 months ago


  • Calise Madison Dancy
    Calise Madison Dancy 2 months ago

    lay down on your back then kick it

  • Michael  Chisholm
    Michael Chisholm 2 months ago

    Good job with these videos... Wish I could visit Europe to visit places like this

  • _Random_Gamer_ ggg
    _Random_Gamer_ ggg 2 months ago

    WHere do you go to find the ww2 stuff?

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer 2 months ago

    Use jackhammer

  • Timmyey 259
    Timmyey 259 2 months ago

    on the top it said: push and turn right.

  • Freddy Y
    Freddy Y 2 months ago

    I'd be nervous about the part on top caving in on you.

  • James Stephenson
    James Stephenson 2 months ago

    I so want that Mug !!!! Were there any other tunnels ?

  • Those Two Kids
    Those Two Kids 2 months ago

    I've watched every video you've made!! 😁

  • gregistopal
    gregistopal 2 months ago

    Just use some dynamite

  • GooberTheUncouth
    GooberTheUncouth 2 months ago

    Clearly some nazi bastard was drinking a cup of coffee when a grenade when off and this is all that was left was pieces of uniform.

  • patchyfish1
    patchyfish1 2 months ago

    Daughter has more balls than her dad...

  • Michael Maciejewicz
    Michael Maciejewicz 2 months ago

    Nice job. So many people put stuff in the room, water I.e. Thank you

  • Kevin Kizer
    Kevin Kizer 2 months ago

    at 52 sec into the vid something strange is moving  around at lower left ,can make it out ,maybe some else can?

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  2 months ago

      Hm , what could that be ? Thanks for comment and for watching.

  • Mike Ratliff
    Mike Ratliff 2 months ago

    I love the rediscovery of history!!!!! Spiders give me the creeps though.

  • Aidan Fernandes
    Aidan Fernandes 3 months ago

    goes inside the door and then finds Hitler's dead body

  • Conorsz
    Conorsz 3 months ago

    nice video, you two should be wearing some kind of gas mask/breathing filter. can be some very dangerous gases/mold in there that you don't want to breathe

  • Mueed Jamal
    Mueed Jamal 3 months ago

    could you give us the rough location country and city where you found that ? and your country of origin please :)

  • Mueed Jamal
    Mueed Jamal 3 months ago

    beautiful relics !

  • paulspydar
    paulspydar 3 months ago

    My mate Kyle is a Sikh , one night he got lost in a bunker & me & my pal had to go seek Kyle ..:-)

  • Tim McNeil
    Tim McNeil 3 months ago

    Hi I like your videos. I spent two years in Karlsruhe while in the Army in the early seventies.

  • Constitution_89
    Constitution_89 3 months ago

    Doesn't take much to excite this guy.

  • Jeremy Orr
    Jeremy Orr 3 months ago

    how much you want for the cup?

  • Jeremy Orr
    Jeremy Orr 3 months ago

    my Luck there would be a trip wire with a pound of high explosive hook to it behind the wall waiting for me

    PATTY 3 months ago

    is it illegal to go into these old ww2 bunkers ?

  • guitardoc100
    guitardoc100 3 months ago

    The iron stripe is a Loader for the 98K gun, it carries 5 Rounds.

  • Goll Koll
    Goll Koll 3 months ago

    And there goes 30 years of your life with all of that asbestos rip

  • Alex Swiatkiwsky
    Alex Swiatkiwsky 3 months ago


  • StoneTheFoxy
    StoneTheFoxy 3 months ago

    i hate spiders!!

  • T'airn'KA
    T'airn'KA 3 months ago

    Did you look (from outside) for the area where door was (GPS)?

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  3 months ago

      no , it was shut and probably jost going outside. Thanks

  • PANKI_7
    PANKI_7 3 months ago +3

    5:55 if that was brick made in Serbia you would stay there hiting it entire day XD


    a long 1in steel bar or 2 in pipe

  • L S
    L S 3 months ago +2

    Whos bunker was this?

  • Jason Cannon
    Jason Cannon 3 months ago

    Was that spider a black Widow?

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 3 months ago

    looks like a comb? lol einstein

  • Dirtmaid
    Dirtmaid 3 months ago

    I remember sitting with my father, watching war of the worlds, me, with a bowl of ice cream, he, drinking a beer...the European Theater was always a fascinating subject to me. And i got a chill when you showed the pottery shard with the German Eagle.
    Subbed, with Gratitude.
    From the US...

  • Texas Twister
    Texas Twister 3 months ago +4

    I can handel snakes, lizards. But Hell No to the Spider's.

  • manuel de la torre
    manuel de la torre 3 months ago

    you guys are doing a very good job 👏

  • Prince Andrew Babysitting Agency®

    hehe, a lazy adventure into a bunker, whilst I lay down in bed. Good video, thank you.

  • Elli Bjerregaard
    Elli Bjerregaard 3 months ago

    that spider looked like a Black Widow, but I do not know what country you are in?

  • loo lolo
    loo lolo 3 months ago +2

    If there was a wall built in the entrance.. mean that the bunker habe been already visited.. then nothing left interesting stay.

  • Happydaze
    Happydaze 3 months ago

    Didn't have to drill the holes.

    • Happydaze
      Happydaze 3 months ago

      I'm sure you knew that after the fact. Cool vid, I love finding historic items.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  3 months ago

      ok and thanks for watching.

  • Daniel Alaniz
    Daniel Alaniz 3 months ago

    It sucks

  • Darren Bohan
    Darren Bohan 3 months ago

    My dyslexic brain read the title as family inside

  • Hans Peter
    Hans Peter 3 months ago

    It means press and turn rigth 😂

  • american pro
    american pro 3 months ago

    an exciting adventure, breaching the brick wall-these videos are extremely entertaining and educational/thank you ...

  • KlipschHead281
    KlipschHead281 3 months ago

    Your spider comments are awesome! Great videos, keep 'em coming.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  3 months ago

      he he , dont like them a bit :) Thank you for watching.

  • Lukasz Bialecki
    Lukasz Bialecki 3 months ago

    nonono świetny kubek ;-)

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