Sia - To Be Human feat. Labrinth - (From The Wonder Woman Soundtrack) [Official]

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  • Sia's song 'To Be Human feat. Labrinth -' from the Wonder Woman Soundtrack
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    Written by: Florence Welch & Rick Nowels

    Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 6th, 2017

    Full Album Tracklisting:
    1. Amazons Of Themyscira
    2. History Lesson
    3. Angel On The Wing
    4. Ludendorff, Enough!
    5. Pain, Loss & Love
    6. No Man’s Land
    7. Fausta
    8. Wonder Woman’s Wrath
    9. The God Of War
    10. We Are All To Blame
    11. Hell Hath No Fury
    12. Lightning Strikes
    13. Trafalgar Celebration
    14. Action Reaction
    15. To Be Human – Sia (feat. Labrinth)

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  • Runtime: 4:02
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  • Damien Shum
    Damien Shum 5 hours ago

    2025 Ares disliked it

  • Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman

    Who cried at the ending scene of the movie?

  • nathalie maboueya

    I'm french l'm speak very little english, but l like the chanson it's super cool

  • Kata Kovekuti
    Kata Kovekuti 2 days ago


  • Widow YT
    Widow YT 2 days ago +1

    To be human

    Is to love this song

  • Aleff Cardoso
    Aleff Cardoso 2 days ago

    Sia I love to be human 😍😍😍

  • Shenaz Patel
    Shenaz Patel 3 days ago

    Gal GADOT IS AWESOME...she is the best WONDER WOMAN!!!
    Can't wait for the sequel!
    I hope justice league is half as good as wonder woman...

  • Elan Pablo
    Elan Pablo 3 days ago

    musicão da porra

  • krishnaveni unnikrishnan

    Anyone here before reaching million views 😊🌈❤️

  • herrbetto 55
    herrbetto 55 3 days ago

    To be love is to get hurt

  • LPS Riki thehero
    LPS Riki thehero 4 days ago +1

    Only the love can save the world! (Diana)

  • Fares yones
    Fares yones 4 days ago

    At first look i thought that she is pregnant 🤰 😂

  • batoul 5
    batoul 5 4 days ago

    Not bad

  • Tanya Kamat
    Tanya Kamat 5 days ago

    And guys you are just talking about Sia but you guys didnt realise that Labrinth is awesome too

  • Tanya Kamat
    Tanya Kamat 5 days ago +1

    Sia is the singing wonder woman

  • Kim Descaya
    Kim Descaya 5 days ago

    Good song

  • Zayan Chowdhury
    Zayan Chowdhury 5 days ago

    Today is my birthday can I get 100 likes?🙂

  • SH L
    SH L 7 days ago +1

    Siaaaaa!!! Always Great😆

  • Brian Holm
    Brian Holm 7 days ago


  • Brian Holm
    Brian Holm 7 days ago


  • Brian Holm
    Brian Holm 7 days ago


  • Brian Holm
    Brian Holm 7 days ago


  • Brian Holm
    Brian Holm 7 days ago


  • Brian Holm
    Brian Holm 7 days ago

    WaterTower Music
    Published on May 25, 2017

  • Queenie !
    Queenie ! 8 days ago

    "To be human is to love"
    What a beautiful quote!

  • Selena Vargas
    Selena Vargas 8 days ago

    No wonder this sounded so different, Florence Welch co wrote this song, its very Florence and the Machine feeling.

  • UncleBay
    UncleBay 8 days ago

    Finаllу I'vе found hd Wonder Woomаn mоvie here =>

  • Janieli Alves
    Janieli Alves 8 days ago +1

    Amo demais ♥

  • Mike oh mike
    Mike oh mike 8 days ago

    After watching the movie this song became more meaningful 😢😢💔

    HERNANDE MEIRELES 8 days ago


  • Haley Clyburn
    Haley Clyburn 9 days ago

    I adore this song so much. New favorite

  • Dama das Aves
    Dama das Aves 9 days ago

    A voz da Sia me leva para um lugar maravilhoso ❤

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores 9 days ago +1

    Alguien habla español aquí ?????

  • James Sutton
    James Sutton 10 days ago

    I love the movie and the songs ..... And especially steve trevor hes so fang hot

  • Latoya M.
    Latoya M. 10 days ago

    lol who tf disliked??

  • thắng l.đức
    thắng l.đức 10 days ago

    hay lắm

  • Presh Laura
    Presh Laura 11 days ago

    This song is soo inspiring to me!

  • Mansour Basha
    Mansour Basha 11 days ago

    nice song u best good luck sia

  • Rocketloop
    Rocketloop 12 days ago +1

    Ok, let's be serious. Are some people really get paid to dislike videos ? Like WTF?

  • ModernPrometheus
    ModernPrometheus 12 days ago

    Are there any other songs that are similar to this?

  • Randy Mankoto
    Randy Mankoto 12 days ago

    Question did wonder woman save DC films 🤔🤗😁

  • Das Pamela Rosario
    Das Pamela Rosario 12 days ago +1

    Wonder voices

  • Christina George
    Christina George 12 days ago

    I love this song best song sia did I think good job sia 👍👍

  • Sabrina Rodrigues
    Sabrina Rodrigues 12 days ago

    Amo e sempre vou amar e confeço que chorei quando eu ouvi essa música 😍😘❤❤💓

  • Sabrina Rodrigues
    Sabrina Rodrigues 13 days ago

    Adoro Sia eu so me inspiro nela na dança

  • Nico Sibala
    Nico Sibala 13 days ago

    Who wishes Wonder woman actually exists

  • นู๋ เนส ไม่ยอมหลับ

    Like Music <3

  • Wanderson Feitosa
    Wanderson Feitosa 13 days ago

    Perfect, this needs more views!

  • Josuee Giler
    Josuee Giler 14 days ago

    This song is beautiful 😢😍

  • Naffy J
    Naffy J 14 days ago

    So 6 weeks now I singing an humming this song an still eh watch the movie ,

  • tatyana sherinda
    tatyana sherinda 14 days ago

    i can't stop listening this beautiful song

  • Elcio Rodrigues
    Elcio Rodrigues 14 days ago

    música perfeita ❤

  • esther Souza
    esther Souza 14 days ago


  • Nurul Islam Ovro
    Nurul Islam Ovro 14 days ago +1

    I'm here only for sia 😭😍😍😍
    you???? 😒

  • kitty purry
    kitty purry 14 days ago

    Where's the love for this song? PROMOTIONAL VIDEO please

  • Too Sneaky For You
    Too Sneaky For You 15 days ago

    Movie was killer, Sia is bae.

  • Melissa Zaldivar Pérez

    I love You wonder woman 😍 ever day en You here ever

  • fitzskimmons-in-the-warehouse

    Does anyone else feel that despite the fact that that its a duet between a man and a woman the lyrics fit with Diana and Hippolyta more than Diana and Steve?

  • Giovana Denise
    Giovana Denise 16 days ago +3

    this song must be during forever ❤❤❤

  • PepsiTheDog
    PepsiTheDog 16 days ago +1

    A few quotes from the film for anyone interested

    A deal is a promise, and a promise is unbreakable

    Who will i be if i stay?

    No, but its what im going to do

    I am diana of themeskira, daughter of hipollita queen of the amazons, and your wrath upon this world is over ( bad spelling ik)

    They are everything you say, but so much more

    Its not about deserve, its about what you believe, and i believe in love

    Only love can truly save the world


    Also dont forget: (Diana) It is beautiful, who would wield it? (Mother) i pray it will never be called to arms, but only the fiercest among us even could, and that is not you Diana

  • Xavier P
    Xavier P 16 days ago

    Did Florence really write this song? Because it's sounds a lot like Sia...

  • eileen mcgreevy
    eileen mcgreevy 17 days ago

    Love labyrinth

  • Clank Zoka
    Clank Zoka 18 days ago

    Watched the movie yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised, the DC film since the Dark Knight Rises, this song In a way fits pretty well and I really like this song, not as magical as Unforgettable from Finding Dory but quite Incredible to listen to.

  • Fantasy Jin
    Fantasy Jin 18 days ago +1

    Diana and Steve,
    best couple

  • Stacey Schank
    Stacey Schank 19 days ago

    yes My name is Stacey Schank and I am the 1sr woman The Wanderer of the worlds the real wow. it hurts me that no one ask me before making phone stories. I'm the creator of man . feelings hurt terribly. I'm not a game

  • Shawn The Stryker
    Shawn The Stryker 19 days ago +1

    My nigga Labrinth!

  • Shawn The Stryker
    Shawn The Stryker 19 days ago

    I guess I'm an alien

  • Gab Er
    Gab Er 19 days ago

    i love it !!!!!!

  • Shrayan Ghosh
    Shrayan Ghosh 20 days ago

    I love you Sia.

  • Patcharida Boonchan
    Patcharida Boonchan 20 days ago

    i love sia song🎙😘

  • Someone Unknown
    Someone Unknown 20 days ago

    This song is like super awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChillyCloth
    ChillyCloth 21 day ago +2

    Best movie of all times wow so good yes thanks 👍👍😍😍😂❤️❤️😫

  • Sheyla m.g S
    Sheyla m.g S 21 day ago +1

    Su voz me encanta❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋😍😍

  • It's Time TO BELIEVE
    It's Time TO BELIEVE 22 days ago +3

    Finally saw this movie with low expectations and it was so emotional and blew me away all that could be said is wow

  • Shirly_ Taka
    Shirly_ Taka 22 days ago +1

    I love this song😘😘😘😘


  • Bibiana Pech
    Bibiana Pech 22 days ago

    Sia have a exelent vocal

  • Bibiana Pech
    Bibiana Pech 22 days ago

    Sia should sing in all the pelis

  • Evan T Gustafson
    Evan T Gustafson 22 days ago

    although I don't really like her voice this songs fine. :)



  • Babbity Boo
    Babbity Boo 23 days ago

    Sia is Epic!

  • Jonathan Ruoff
    Jonathan Ruoff 24 days ago +3

    Managed to find a way to see the movie and wishing now I had actually went to the theater to see it. Would an is well worth seeing in theater. I am kicking myself now in ways, but I am for sure going to buy this movie when it comes to blu-ray / dvd. This movie was awesome along with Batman v Superman (extended) and this is way better then Rogue One.

  • my outlet
    my outlet 24 days ago

    i watched wonder woman last night!

  • truthseekeer 4
    truthseekeer 4 25 days ago

    i love sia xxxx

  • Laura C Wankel
    Laura C Wankel 25 days ago +1

    Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mackenzie Vadnais
    Mackenzie Vadnais 25 days ago

    Florence has such amazing writing capabilities, I'm so in love😍 sis did amazing, but still wish Florence sung it

  • Zade Luffy
    Zade Luffy 25 days ago

    ohno. i thought wonder woman was pregnant.😱😱

  • Chicken 123
    Chicken 123 25 days ago

    My personal favorite part of this song is at 2:45

  • Topaz Warrior
    Topaz Warrior 25 days ago

    "Thank you for bringing him back to me" was one of my favorite quotes from the movie and this song reminds me of it

  • 張子禾
    張子禾 25 days ago


  • DronixRomix13 - limited edition

    As how good and full of love this song is...It is similar to wonder woman's heart ♥.

  • Zoe Huang
    Zoe Huang 26 days ago


  • Rodrigo Guerra
    Rodrigo Guerra 26 days ago

    still waiting for the videoclip... <3

  • Shana T. Fisher
    Shana T. Fisher 26 days ago +1

    HI ;)

  • Shana T. Fisher
    Shana T. Fisher 26 days ago +1


  • Beckie C
    Beckie C 26 days ago

    Not seen the movie. I'm just here for Sia

  • Boshu Zhang
    Boshu Zhang 27 days ago

    2:21 'Lonely I'm so lonely'

  • karen melissa cuartas gil


  • grace perez
    grace perez 27 days ago

    Why can't I find this song on iTunes

  • Roseane Ribeiro
    Roseane Ribeiro 27 days ago +1

    Perfeita sia e demais

  • Fettes Einhorn
    Fettes Einhorn 27 days ago


    Under rich, relentless skies
    I've been setting highs
    I felt you walk right through me
    You're the thing that I invoke
    My all persistent goal
    Sent to make me queazy

    And oh, it's hard now
    With time, it works out

    To be human is to love
    Even when it gets too much
    I'm not ready to give up
    To be human is to love
    Even when it gets too much
    I'm not ready to give up

    All the tigers have been out
    I don't care, I hear them howl
    I let them tear right through me
    Can you help me not to care?
    Every breath becomes a prayer
    Take this pain from me

    And oh you're so far now
    So far from my arms now

    To be human is to love
    Even when it gets too much
    I'm not ready to give up
    To be human is to love
    Even when it gets too much
    I'm not ready to give up
    To be human
    To be human
    To be human

    Just 'cause I predicted this
    Doesn't make it any easier to live with
    And what's the point of knowin' it
    If you can't change it? You can't change, can't change it
    Just 'cause I predicted this
    Doesn't make it any easier to live with
    And what's the point of knowin' it
    If you can't change it? You can't change, can't change it

    To be human is to love
    Even when it gets too much
    I'm not ready to give up
    To be human is to love
    Even when it gets too much
    There's no reason to give up

    Don't give up

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