The Check In: Airline Deregulation

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Seth checks in on how nearly 40 years of government deregulation led to the horrific incidents and poor service of airlines today.
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    The Check In: Airline Deregulation- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 7:42
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Comments: 599

  • Tj Hariharan
    Tj Hariharan Day ago

    i don't think it's COMPLETELY true that people would suffer anything for a cheaper know what's SIGNIFICANTLY the cheapest ticket EVERYTIME, heck there's even: no security checks, much bigger seats AND less danger: A BUS! And most people REFUSE to take busses even for destinations where 4 hour bus ride is much less time than a 1hour plane ride+45 minute drive to airport+3 hours in airport

  • Avery M. McFarland
    Avery M. McFarland 14 days ago

    I love how the Airline Deregulation Act didn't even succeed in making tickets accessible...

  • NitricWarrior
    NitricWarrior 28 days ago


    DS YAMO Month ago

    Deregulation: making legal what was once illegal. According to Yamo's dictionary of common sense. Lets hope they dont decide to deregulate traffic.

  • Gail Barnhart
    Gail Barnhart Month ago


  • Mila Martens
    Mila Martens 2 months ago

    Federal spill hesitate vision ankle.

  • Victoria Shore
    Victoria Shore 2 months ago

    Regulation prevented innovation as the free market was hindered. America is about opportunity and government regulation prevents people from creating an opportunity because the government knows that the people will fail. The deregulation act of 1978 did not have a major impact on safety because the role of safety was already placed on the FAA in 1958 and the DOT oversaw aviation accidents as of 1966. All that the 1978 Deregulation Act did was stop frivolous government spending to keep airlines doomed to fail afloat.

  • Victoria Shore
    Victoria Shore 2 months ago

    HA regulation was a downward spiral and bound to fail. 160 Airlines filing bankruptcy would have failed anyways and forced to merge with another company to keep routes. What regulation does is authorize government sanctioned monopolies and limiting people traveling as well as government determining pricing $$$,$$$ (and not cheap because now the government has to keep all the airlines in operation and to do so fees are rise to cover other airlines failures.) ANOTHER problem with airline regulation was the corruption and "Slush money" that was used to used to buy favour with the Civil Aeronautics Board so airlines could get approval for routes. Airline regulation was needed once but now airlines are greedy and fail to conduct business in a way that is profitable for thier company. Not all airlines are failing.

  • priya
    priya 2 months ago

    I dunno, Trump is far better at 70 than several people his age, so wouldn't knock down his doctor.

  • Casey Moninghoff
    Casey Moninghoff 3 months ago

    But then everyone would get slapped on that flight 🤔

  • Shloopers
    Shloopers 3 months ago

    what a bawss

  • cristian lopez
    cristian lopez 3 months ago

    This guy is not funny at all -___- #wheresjohnoliver

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 3 months ago

    People tend to forget the history of regulation. Corporations will compromise the public's safety as regulations are rolled back. They're obligated to maximize profits so without constraints, they'll do so in some cases without regard to consumer safety. History has shown this to be true.

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee 3 months ago

    "Airplane bathrooms are so small, if you get an erection, you have to open the door." LOL

  • J Espinoza
    J Espinoza 3 months ago +1


  • Cezar Arvelo
    Cezar Arvelo 3 months ago

    No originality, no leadership. Trump just wants to reverse every little thing Obama's ever accomplished and that's it.

  • tranz2deep
    tranz2deep 3 months ago

    Let me give you the three tenses here:

    Industrial deregulation has never worked, does not work, and will not work.

    Deregulation is like telling the kid you hired to mow your lawn to do it however he pleases. If you do that, you lose all right to complain when he burns down your lawn to kill the crabgrass.


  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee 3 months ago

    compare and contrast

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 months ago

    After he said "if you get an erection you have to open the door" he should have said "oh wait is that just me?"

  • Obwon Kenobe
    Obwon Kenobe 3 months ago

    oh yeah, I remember those burdensome regulations that put Eastern Airlines out of business. They couldn't make money and keep up their planes so they choose to keep flying and cut maintenance.

  • MrAsap2000as
    MrAsap2000as 3 months ago

    Its not so much that they were deregulated as it is that they were allowed to form monopolies (basically unchecked mergers). However, the airline business is such that if they aren't allowed to merge, they would just go out of business. The only solution seems to be sensible regulation but careful not to push things too far liberals, as you often do, cuz if airlines start operating in the red again, it just might mean that you're gonna have to sit your ass home every holiday season.

  • RePLaYyYz DeLi
    RePLaYyYz DeLi 3 months ago

    trump pilot = Murdock from the A-team. would be better :)

  • Kiyo Kami
    Kiyo Kami 3 months ago

    Comments- 60 percent- feeling sorry for Seth and telling him to rest
    35 percent- dissing trump
    5 percent- talking about the video

  • chillers35
    chillers35 3 months ago

    This video might not make as much as a splash as others, but the consequences are just as real. As much as everyone flips out about a gas tax, imagine if airlines decided your "user fee" for air traffic control

  • J DeLuca
    J DeLuca 3 months ago

    ATF is using outdated technology. They are using HF radio signals which can be stepped on (interrupted by another pilot). Airports are clogged with traffic in and out. This technology is from the 70's. It needs an update. Badly...

  • Madeline Olivares
    Madeline Olivares 3 months ago

    anyone know that that clip is from?

  • Madeline Olivares
    Madeline Olivares 3 months ago

    what happened with american airlines? i'm out of the loop

  • charley
    charley 3 months ago

    Maybe a decline in regulation will give birth to an Uber-like company for cheap flights - 'Fluber'

  • housem63
    housem63 3 months ago

    Does this guy not see the big picture with regards to airlines?  Airlines have to do these things to take advantage of space on board.  We need more pilots but as long as it costs so much to become one, we will be crammed into tiny seats and an open seat will be used by someone.

  • Barry Sabahat
    Barry Sabahat 3 months ago

    Imagine me saying something here that I have no clue about.

  • Albert Hood
    Albert Hood 3 months ago

    4:45 SO true. Ha ha.

  • Bird332000
    Bird332000 3 months ago

    Impeach that whack job now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riptide Wlt
    Riptide Wlt 3 months ago

    did he hv a sore throat?

  • Roya Shahab
    Roya Shahab 3 months ago

    poor Eric
    dad Iam not on the list

  • Camila B
    Camila B 3 months ago

    This is why I always fly Jet Blue

  • travelfarstayclose
    travelfarstayclose 3 months ago

    It's only in North America where it's horrible. I've had no problems flying with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japanese, and Singapore based airlines.

  • Aj Franklin
    Aj Franklin 3 months ago

    I know it sounds weird Seth but not EVERYTHING is trumps fault. all you late nights host are playing 6 degrees of Donald Trump and it's exhausting.

  • John Paul Jones
    John Paul Jones 3 months ago

    OK... Want to hear a funny joke? "Trump Supporters...."

  • Jinzo Okami
    Jinzo Okami 3 months ago

    seth is slowly dying before us.

    he is a fucking trooper.

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 3 months ago

    When you are broke, after your health insurance, you cannot afford to fly

  • Phil Chia
    Phil Chia 3 months ago

    please deregulate more... I love air crash investigation

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 3 months ago

    The Apparatus is watching.

  • Andrew Newmark
    Andrew Newmark 3 months ago

    Trump's doctor is homeless santa Claus?

  • Akshay Chan
    Akshay Chan 3 months ago


  • Fhantom99
    Fhantom99 3 months ago

    AF1 costs $150,000 per hour to operate...

  • Chuckster Clear
    Chuckster Clear 3 months ago

    Americans Airlines remove the whole family from a flight from the seats they had paid for for their kids because of a car seat watch the Youtube video

  • Richard Bucker
    Richard Bucker 3 months ago

    deregulation worked great right?

  • Ari August Segebarth-Bjerga

    I feel bad for Americans if people, even if they're as famous and rich as Seth Myers, have to work when they're sick. Obviously, labour standards are not the US' strong suit.

  • Jess Cai
    Jess Cai 3 months ago

    I'm the 10000th like!

  • vanessa moreno
    vanessa moreno 3 months ago

    Just putting this out there but I just spent 2 months traveling Europe with low cost airlines like ryanair with flights as low as 11 Euros, and have yet to be asked to leave the plane because overbooking or have seen anyone's ass being kicked. Get it together US!!!

  • Crmsnraider
    Crmsnraider 3 months ago

    People should watch this if they mean to fly...

  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson 3 months ago

    I now avoid Delta, United, and American Airlines, the "Triumvirate of Twats" to the best of my abilities whenever I have the misfortune of flying anywhere.

    Flying has become such a fucking headache.

  • Wounded Ego
    Wounded Ego 3 months ago

    Oh I get it, the "Check-In". Like at the airport.

  • JDspeeder1
    JDspeeder1 3 months ago

    Delta destroyed my brother's ~$50,000 wheelchair.

  • Sara Tse
    Sara Tse 3 months ago


  • Joie Michelle
    Joie Michelle 3 months ago

    ....and here I was thinking Dr. Pepper is Trump's doctor.

  • Arges Hagan
    Arges Hagan 3 months ago

    all of these shits gonna end when 300 people drowns in the hudson river...hey, sacrifice has to be make for the greater good but i know i am not flying anytime soon.

  • jackstorm777
    jackstorm777 3 months ago

    Seth sucks.

  • What would ya say you do here?

    He should of had Tiffany be the one who got kicked off of the VIP section of trumps plane.

  • SelfTaughtArtist1
    SelfTaughtArtist1 3 months ago


  • re2dance
    re2dance 3 months ago

    I'm just going to start driving my car when I travel nationally.....writing it and know it's not true...gosh darn these freakin airlines!

  • Aurel
    Aurel 3 months ago

    Its not involuntarily. You agreed to it, Idiots.

  • Bianca Ferguson
    Bianca Ferguson 3 months ago

    I've been in a wheelchair for 6 years. I have never flown with my electric wheelchair because of how many people I know whose wheelchair has been broken or lost in transit, or returned in pieces, or in some cases not at all (as in they didn't get their chair back in time to use on the trip).

    The one time I had to fly for a wedding my dad drove the chair across the country instead of flying it with me.

    I asked if they had disabled assistance and they said yes they could help me with my carry on to the gate.

    When I arrived they tried to charge me 200 for it and then when I refused the manager lifted my bad and said it's not heavy. You can do it.

    My neuroimmune disease says otherwise.

  • Scott Youmans
    Scott Youmans 3 months ago

    People ought to repent for their sinful nature. I know nobody will but somebody has got to say it.

  • Jamelia Samara
    Jamelia Samara 3 months ago

    Sea criminal Ms cluster invasion leading direct

  • Rafe Tizer
    Rafe Tizer 3 months ago

    If I purchase an airline ticket, it is because I have plans to be somewhere other than my current destination. Time is far more valuable than money.

  • Andrew Owens
    Andrew Owens 3 months ago

    Trump's gonna roll back regulation but they'll be just as strong as they were before?

    It this some sort of Zen riddle or something?

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez 3 months ago

    i like that idea of the $50 tickets with the open hand slap.

  • Hunter Cushing
    Hunter Cushing 3 months ago

    Seth is an idiot

  • Poly Orchid
    Poly Orchid 3 months ago

    Trump would never put his keys in a Fabergé egg. He doesn't know what one is, and he'd probably crack it when trying to open it.

  • Bonzulac
    Bonzulac 3 months ago

    "To which you agree to." Seriously?

  • Allison M.
    Allison M. 3 months ago

    That does it, I'm taking the train from now on. Staying on terra firma will be fine with me after this.

  • Jacob Laughbon
    Jacob Laughbon 3 months ago

    I always fly Delta. Never had a problem with them.

  • CuteMcBeauty
    CuteMcBeauty 3 months ago

    Seth could be the love child of Ben Stiller and Hugh Grant!!! 😂

  • elfarlaur
    elfarlaur 3 months ago

    Lack of government regulations on companies is why the early industrial revolution was so terrible on workers. We need at least some basic regulations to ensure people are not being completely screwed over. It seems like common sense.

  • Proudmule1
    Proudmule1 3 months ago


    Trump Supporters: "WELL, WE ARE EVEN BIGGER IDIOTS THAN YOU!!! (I know that seems impossible but it is so true)"

  • adam jamaica
    adam jamaica 3 months ago +1

    I like those odds

  • LegitVids36
    LegitVids36 3 months ago

    Is this show supposed to be funny

  • Danksta Gangsta
    Danksta Gangsta 3 months ago

    i made a video called How to pronounce pizza but with mountain dew

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks 3 months ago

    I get the reason why we had that big airline incident and others like it. Why it was made into the 'big deal' news. It is modern day muckraking but for a reason: there is a payoff. Someone wants regulation and to make that a reality first you must have a crisis and set of reasons. So from those articles to shows like this is a crafted form of propoganda. It is generating and grooming public opinion toward an outcome.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 3 months ago

    In every fine print, odds are there's something to relieve them of any responsibility and it's all your fault, no compensation for you. Why do you think headers are what they are while the fine-print is ever so small.

    Corporations just want your money, they don't care about you, they sell you poison with a smile, it's your fault you listened to them instead of reading the fine print.

  • Coolidge Dollar
    Coolidge Dollar 3 months ago

    Holy alarmism. I like how Meyers says "We need a solution" without adequately identifying a problem. These socialist news comedians are getting less subtle over time.

  • MiniatureMasterClass
    MiniatureMasterClass 3 months ago +1

    Munoz is a fucking idiot.

  • DansMachine
    DansMachine 3 months ago

    Have you ever flown on a plane in Asia? USB ports everywhere. Spacious, comfortable seats. Flight attendants so friendly you want to give them a hug. They make US domestic flights feel like you're in a freakin' Grey Hound bus with wings!

  • Anthony Vandal
    Anthony Vandal 3 months ago

    Trump 2020.

  • Prince Kannah
    Prince Kannah 3 months ago

    I like this new segment. I want more

  • SomervilleBob
    SomervilleBob 3 months ago

    It's their airplane, not yours. Take a few minutes and read the info provided. I you don't like it, take the train, bus or drive.

  • Karen Dobrowolski
    Karen Dobrowolski 3 months ago

    Is this guy supposed to be funny? Hmm, guess it's just me.

  • nejolo matrilo
    nejolo matrilo 3 months ago

    I don't buy this explanation on the airlines. These guys make a killing on just fees alone. As a comparison flights within Europe are cheaper and more convenient than the ones within our own country.

  • Angry Gun Owner
    Angry Gun Owner 3 months ago +1

    I don't care about this. More Drumph!

  • Narret
    Narret 3 months ago

    How about we just make it legal for airline passengers to sue airlines for poor conditions regardless of a signed disclosure unless the top states in giant bold letters "WE OFFER SHITTY SERVICE!"

  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 3 months ago +1

    Seth Myers comprehension of what is wrong with the system is wrong.
    DEREGULATION is not the problem.
    REGULATION (currently existing) that allows for corruption is the problem.
    However. Since ALL politicians are corrupt it is safe to say that this pretend is only to gain control over the populations emotional response then wait for the uneducated masses to cling to the next thing on googles trending now, effectively making this issue closed to public consideration and it will never be heard from again.

  • Tamarra James
    Tamarra James 3 months ago

    On an international flight, yesterday from Toronto to Frankfurt and connecting to Rome....never landing on US soil, we were informed that American Homeland Security needed our full names, ages, flight info, and passport numbers or we could not book the flight in case we might briefly fly through US air space. Something is wrong with that. We were flying Air Canada and connecting through Lufthansa. Not even American owned airlines. Colour me pissed.

  • Carlos Velasco
    Carlos Velasco 3 months ago

    i like those odds

  • Kiiloperd
    Kiiloperd 3 months ago


  • Dream Team
    Dream Team 3 months ago +1

    Why is he joking about rich people like they're bad when his networth is over 10mil

  • Samuel Underwood
    Samuel Underwood 3 months ago +1

    What a stretch, blaming this on deregulation? Wow, liberals are insane.

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