FAIL | Truck Crash Compilation 2015 | FailArmy Crashes

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  • Adrian kile Smith
    Adrian kile Smith 18 hours ago

    it looks like hit men to men. lol

  • ronald goos
    ronald goos 2 days ago

    Truckdrivers are idiots!

  • tuomo niemelä
    tuomo niemelä 10 days ago


  • Lethal
    Lethal 12 days ago

    7:45 the worst noise you can hear after reading "Truck Crash Compilation 2015"

  • lance ponce
    lance ponce 14 days ago


  • Md Dipu
    Md Dipu 15 days ago


  • Sam
    Sam 16 days ago

    Jesus, it's chilling to watch someone alive right before their death a few seconds later....I have chills.

  • Invisible
    Invisible 18 days ago

    Truck drivers shitting on lives.

  • Ibrahim T.K.
    Ibrahim T.K. 21 day ago

    stupid truck driver's

  • ashleyfaye combatir
    ashleyfaye combatir 22 days ago

    its cristmas today

  • Mr Jn
    Mr Jn 23 days ago

    6:14 that's so shocking!!!

  • Moby Dick
    Moby Dick 23 days ago

    Here are the 3 reasons for Russian accidents IMO:
    1-Bad/worn-out tires.
    3-Bad brakes.

  • Khánh Linh Phạm
    Khánh Linh Phạm 25 days ago


  • Dziaru1988
    Dziaru1988 27 days ago


  • Cliff Johnson
    Cliff Johnson 29 days ago

    We have become so desensitized, we are a a sad world :(

  • shyam prasad
    shyam prasad 1 month ago


  • Anna Petrova
    Anna Petrova 1 month ago


  • Yallappa Salittgotagi


  • Big Ben
    Big Ben 1 month ago

    Natural selection in Russia.

  • zaw min
    zaw min 1 month ago


  • zaw min
    zaw min 1 month ago


  • Stuart Wilson
    Stuart Wilson 1 month ago


  • xCrazyCarolx
    xCrazyCarolx 1 month ago

    omg.... 3:59... someone died in that one.... if not they lucky as hell.... that made me flinch!

  • johny Johnson
    johny Johnson 1 month ago

    if I was buy'n a car or truck in russia ,.....she would have to be full of air bags ,,,,roll cage ,,,,and sprinkler system ..

  • Mr G
    Mr G 1 month ago

    Within the Asian continent...Japanese drivers are the only safe, sane, and caring drivers. Other Asian/South Eastern/Russian drivers are reckless and mostly stupid. They should not be driving on the road.

  • Mr G
    Mr G 1 month ago

    Countries where no givers are the vice, only takers are the virtue. Russia and China, you don't care for other and only takers exist. Those countries are simply not ready for the 21st century.

  • farman illahi
    farman illahi 1 month ago


  • valera rostov
    valera rostov 1 month ago


  • Shullie Shu
    Shullie Shu 1 month ago

    I am like 9 years old, I survived watching this.

  • toybina abdallah
    toybina abdallah 1 month ago

    non mai c'eat quoi
    se binsse c'eat cool
    mai les voiture qui
    se frappe eeeeeee
    anfete j'ai rien conprie à lésplication

  • G Mani
    G Mani 1 month ago


  • G Mani
    G Mani 1 month ago


  • Klingende Mynt
    Klingende Mynt 1 month ago

    What happened at 1:08?

  • vijalshah39
    vijalshah39 1 month ago


  • Nathaniel Aranda
    Nathaniel Aranda 1 month ago

    7:59 at least the driver was ok :)

  • Bobby Sikorski
    Bobby Sikorski 1 month ago

    Not in shock that 99.9% of these people are Russian.

  • Robert Ferguson
    Robert Ferguson 1 month ago

    Someone needs more divided highways..

  • Cris Espinoza
    Cris Espinoza 1 month ago

    when these Russians have an accident, they don't do them half ass.

  • Amanda Amandinha
    Amanda Amandinha 1 month ago

    queira iw992powoio

  • Fifi Handayani Nasution


  • Clifford Dedicatoria


  • Vishwash Aagarwal
    Vishwash Aagarwal 1 month ago

    all was fake

  • Bình Vi
    Bình Vi 1 month ago


  • monghamaro pussyslayer


  • lalaine equila
    lalaine equila 1 month ago

    is,mx llsjjxm

  • Lídia Alves
    Lídia Alves 1 month ago


  • Andrey Shumkin
    Andrey Shumkin 1 month ago

    Про трамвай вооще

  • Srey NaPoipet
    Srey NaPoipet 1 month ago


  • Oliver Lambert
    Oliver Lambert 1 month ago

    Step 1: don't be Russian

  • zulkiplimohd MOHD
    zulkiplimohd MOHD 1 month ago


  • Brandon Bowden
    Brandon Bowden 1 month ago

    1:44 happened to me. very scary

  • Oliv Odb
    Oliv Odb 1 month ago

    Bad roads bad cars bad vodka

  • Maj Sežun
    Maj Sežun 1 month ago

    ojoj ziher so umrel kkšni tud ne!!!

  • denonhd8
    denonhd8 1 month ago

    10:27, HOLY SHITE!!!! THEY'RE DRIVING RIGHT FOR A TORNAD...... *Face palm* Doh!!! Cracked windshield. >.<

  • Ganesh Tondale
    Ganesh Tondale 1 month ago


  • Ganesh Tondale
    Ganesh Tondale 1 month ago


  • jolesco
    jolesco 1 month ago

    The one at 4:50 is in the future....So be vigilant whoever is driving there at that point in 2030

  • James Patrick March
    James Patrick March 2 months ago

    3:52 WTF

  • tot tota
    tot tota 2 months ago

    Title should be: a normal day in Russia

  • werneur1
    werneur1 2 months ago


  • Arip Muhammad
    Arip Muhammad 2 months ago


  • Arip Muhammad
    Arip Muhammad 2 months ago



    Trucker .lasst Euch nicht treiben.

  • Kanato Sakamaki
    Kanato Sakamaki 2 months ago


  • goyang saja
    goyang saja 2 months ago

    Ngeri y

  • 黄建平
    黄建平 2 months ago


  • punjabi tv
    punjabi tv 2 months ago

    ਕਲੱਨ ਕੱਠੇ ਕੀਤੇ ਸਾਰੇ, ਲੁੱਲ ਦੀ ਡਰਾੲਿਵਰੀ ਅੈ

  • vince Mccarthy
    vince Mccarthy 2 months ago

    should be a child endangerment law driving with a baby in Russia.

  • Matt Austen Olli Barredo

    Hi bork or dork

  • Emre Uzunay
    Emre Uzunay 2 months ago

    neyini beğeniyonuz kaç kişi zarar görmüş yada ölmüştür

  • calvin eulalio
    calvin eulalio 2 months ago

    Their brakes all work, they just don't use them.... throttle up.... Lol...

  • Sam Es
    Sam Es 2 months ago

    Wow a bunch of Russian dash cam vids....never seen those before

  • Wake Up And Live
    Wake Up And Live 2 months ago


  • Joey Jamison
    Joey Jamison 2 months ago

    In Russia, everyone is idiot.



  • Jean Sangare
    Jean Sangare 2 months ago

    saï bon

    • Nou Phanith
      Nou Phanith 2 months ago

      Jean Sangare


  • I'm the Best
    I'm the Best 2 months ago

    not cool

  • Skull
    Skull 2 months ago

    Russians can't drive.

  • emperoring112
    emperoring112 2 months ago

    Awww that poor baby!!!!!

  • bdrmaccessory
    bdrmaccessory 2 months ago

    Welcome to driving trucks in Russia.............................................................................

  • Junel Cole
    Junel Cole 2 months ago

    Lmao Russian people damaged brains they crazy

  • Francisco Primo
    Francisco Primo 2 months ago

    Definitivamente, Rusia es un país de locos, donde no hay un mínimo respeto ni sensibilidad por la vida humana,

  • TheManInDboX
    TheManInDboX 2 months ago

    In the USA there's a minimum speed limit so slow moving tractors can't be on highways

  • Daniel Masterson
    Daniel Masterson 2 months ago

    Jesus Russia get your shit together.

  • Carmen Bernardo
    Carmen Bernardo 2 months ago

    I wonder what they say in Russian when they have to
    wake up Leeroy?

  • Solaris Eclipse
    Solaris Eclipse 2 months ago

    The transport situation is russia is terrible. Not saying the US doesn't have these problems but it's a hell of a lot less. You need to work a lot harder to get a Truck driving licence than you do in Russia

  • Sonu Sharma
    Sonu Sharma 2 months ago


  • laffin04
    laffin04 2 months ago

    russia's scrapyards must be filled to breaking point :D

  • Blade
    Blade 2 months ago

    Was the orange car at 3:56 required to give way to the truck?

  • Jarek Kozera
    Jarek Kozera 2 months ago

    Already boring are these videos, which show that in Russia and China are living idiots.

  • MrFeierschwein
    MrFeierschwein 2 months ago

    russia -.-

  • npsit1
    npsit1 2 months ago

    Why do so many people in Russia drive like complete idiots?

  • fallenangel8X
    fallenangel8X 2 months ago

    Truck drivers are not only some of the worst drivers on the road, they are also some of the worst people in general on the road.

  • Guy High
    Guy High 2 months ago

    if a transport driver crashes for no reasons he/ she should be put to death

  • Joanna Dziemianowicz
    Joanna Dziemianowicz 2 months ago


  • Kuba Rembecki
    Kuba Rembecki 2 months ago

    1:07 all survived?😢😓

  • francais70
    francais70 2 months ago

    Speeding, lack of respect, high blood alcohol level, absolute absurdity... and the cars sold without no brake pedal...

  • Durga Prasad
    Durga Prasad 2 months ago

    oy god

  • jakespov
    jakespov 2 months ago

    Is it me or is Russia just one massive meme factory? It's like they put roads and cars in a third world country and said, "Have fun"

  • Ronnie Saballa
    Ronnie Saballa 2 months ago

    wow nice drive i like it

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