21 Savage & Metro Boomin - X ft Future (Official Music Video)

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  • Noah Markel
    Noah Markel 34 minutes ago

    Good song

  • Red Sonya
    Red Sonya 1 hour ago

    lol they wanna lick him like candy... the main chick want him out her house... lol

  • Lasa B
    Lasa B 6 hours ago

    Lady:You ain't shit you ain't never gon be shit
    Me:Bitch he rich it don't matter

  • JellyCheeks
    JellyCheeks 7 hours ago

    subscribe to my channel plz

  • Noah Springer
    Noah Springer 7 hours ago

    I wasnt feeling future in this one

  • Duke Abor
    Duke Abor 7 hours ago

    21 savage the type of nigga to drug deal in front of FBI

  • Alderbrook food department review S

    21 the type who slaps a girls ass and blames someone else

  • Michal Bak
    Michal Bak 9 hours ago

    21 savage the type of nigga to study for a drug test.

  • Daelon Zeno
    Daelon Zeno 9 hours ago

    Smack a hoe

  • JoNNy B
    JoNNy B 9 hours ago

    21 savage type of nigga to order pizza on the corner (opps too old)

  • Vusal Ganboyzada
    Vusal Ganboyzada 11 hours ago

    21 the type of nigga that deals strawberry instead of drugzz

  • TheMightyCor
    TheMightyCor 12 hours ago

    Fuck a ring i brought a necklace.

  • Zerena Melody colyn
    Zerena Melody colyn 14 hours ago

    iki lagu opo to to😩😩😩

  • Jon D
    Jon D 15 hours ago

    why future pants so tight tho?

  • Levron Gray Mango
    Levron Gray Mango 17 hours ago

    When u working hard then ur money starts expanding

  • Victor C
    Victor C 17 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • random wet back
    random wet back 17 hours ago

    21 the type of nigga to fuck weed and smoke bitches

  • Simple Person
    Simple Person 18 hours ago

    21 savage the type of nigga to pop a wheelie on a unicycle.

  • way2fonky
    way2fonky 19 hours ago

    Bitches always trippin when u play 2k, COD, Madden or breathe...

  • omar alajmi
    omar alajmi 19 hours ago

    21 savage is the type of nigga that'll teach future his past 😂

  • allah hu akbar
    allah hu akbar 22 hours ago

    21 the type of nigga to run off of on a bank and deposit the money at the same bank 2 hours later

  • Joey T
    Joey T 22 hours ago

    21 the type of guy to study before a drug test.

  • ItsNiyaYo
    ItsNiyaYo 23 hours ago

    21 the type on nigga to hump someone on hump day

  • Weldit hagos
    Weldit hagos 1 day ago

    comment 21k

  • nevaeh perry
    nevaeh perry 1 day ago

    21 savage the type of nigga who would ask a crip to sell blood

  • Platinum Boyz
    Platinum Boyz 1 day ago

    Platinum boyz go to makin moves and show some love for the early fame if you like

  • TheSghemboman
    TheSghemboman 1 day ago

    21 the type of nigga to ask you the time wearing a watch

  • kingz gamer
    kingz gamer 1 day ago +1

    21 savage is the type of the nigga to have adlibs that sound like bevous and butthead

  • Little Wally
    Little Wally 1 day ago

    21 you should hit me and my nigga up our raps a lit asf

  • kharris360
    kharris360 1 day ago

    21 the type of nigga to take a shit in the middle of his shower

  • Psycho chizzi
    Psycho chizzi 1 day ago +1

    I ufck wit this isht !!!!

  • jean amede
    jean amede 1 day ago

    Noob question but who made this beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • FaZe Mewtwo
    FaZe Mewtwo 1 day ago

    who else takes a screenshot of the girls ass

  • Princess Jasmine
    Princess Jasmine 1 day ago +1

    I hate this song but it's so catchy man I swear 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • n_cercvadze
    n_cercvadze 1 day ago

    0:14 i thought it was japanese porn CDz

  • Cass Daugherty
    Cass Daugherty 1 day ago

    Why couldn't better rappers have this beat!?

  • Mia Keith
    Mia Keith 1 day ago +1

    ily savage😍😍😘

  • Rexah
    Rexah 1 day ago

    21 savage is the type of dude to take a loan show in the music video

  • Akshat Tambe
    Akshat Tambe 1 day ago

    Who's the blonde model?

  • Gustavo Alves
    Gustavo Alves 1 day ago

    Algum br?

  • Mykael Archer
    Mykael Archer 1 day ago

    Check my channel I got some hot freestyles 🔥🔥💯

  • данил газенауэр

    хороший музон

  • dubseedz757
    dubseedz757 1 day ago

    These comments are fucking weak and the part at the beginning geeked me out !!! Haha oh shit...

  • ciara leavell
    ciara leavell 1 day ago

    21 savage bitch

  • raziel
    raziel 1 day ago

    Que buen qlo:v

  • Sam Smigla
    Sam Smigla 1 day ago

    21 the type of nigga to hide his money on top the mattress

  • Youtube wolf
    Youtube wolf 1 day ago

    21 savage the type of dude to tell the weed man how to sell weed right

  • Youtube wolf
    Youtube wolf 1 day ago

    21 savage the type of guy who would steal weed then sell it back to who he stole it from

  • Adela Valdovinos
    Adela Valdovinos 2 days ago

    21 the type of person who eats pizza with a fork.

  • Rey Marasigan
    Rey Marasigan 2 days ago +2

    0:40 Legends say he still sleepin at that couch to this day

  • Kaley James
    Kaley James 2 days ago

    OK first of all not being meen I am a boy my dad's girlfriend did this account for some reason but dude I love your song's my number 1 fav rapper really hope I get to meet you some day my name is Brayden Lambert you should go sub to DaveySpeedVlogs and Maybe sub to me I'll tell you when I start on it but it will be BraydenSpeedGaming but yeah my fav number 1 rapper

  • Bryce Benner
    Bryce Benner 2 days ago

    21 the type of guy to steal a free sample

  • Bryce Benner
    Bryce Benner 2 days ago

    21 savage the type of person to bunt when playing kickball

  • The New Frontier
    The New Frontier 2 days ago

    21 savage the type of nigga to play monopoly with real guns

  • niall s8n
    niall s8n 2 days ago

    21 savage the type of nigga to not shake his length after taking a piss

  • Mohamed Omar
    Mohamed Omar 2 days ago

    Hol' up

  • The 77nerds
    The 77nerds 2 days ago +4

    1:40 That smirk tho

  • Boop Doop
    Boop Doop 2 days ago

    21 savage is the type of person to take a shit in the urinal

  • wa vinya
    wa vinya 2 days ago

    21 is the kind that will hide on future's buggy shirt while playing hide n seek

  • BeastSoundz
    BeastSoundz 2 days ago

    At first I thought it was Migos and designer but it was actually future and 21 lmao they all look alike 😅😅😅😅

  • Raul 2Live
    Raul 2Live 2 days ago

    mumble rapper ?

  • Dessy Martinez
    Dessy Martinez 2 days ago

    This songs get me want wild sex with my man

  • Alton Magee
    Alton Magee 2 days ago

    This shut also I fuck with 21 savage Fresno, CA 559

  • bro time
    bro time 2 days ago


  • Lucca Ludwig
    Lucca Ludwig 2 days ago

    it's weird how 21 got girls not wearing pants and shirts when a lot of people chose "pass" in the Smash or Pass "Challange" even though it's not really a challenge to do so

  • Nilyay Sezair
    Nilyay Sezair 2 days ago


  • Ace The King
    Ace The King 2 days ago

    Anyone else realize that nigga was still slump on the couch

  • Hamster Gum
    Hamster Gum 2 days ago

    21 The Type A Guy To Take A Shit In His Yard And Make His Dog Pick It Up

  • Gorilla Zoe
    Gorilla Zoe 2 days ago

    99999% 21 savage

  • elaphant man123
    elaphant man123 2 days ago

    21 22 23

  • Tv Network
    Tv Network 2 days ago +1

    I'm no you or a big

  • Big Smooth
    Big Smooth 2 days ago

    21 the type of nigga to sit on a mattress full of bands

  • Shaquana Kinlaw
    Shaquana Kinlaw 2 days ago

    21 savage is all about that thug life in this video.

  • Ishmael Brown
    Ishmael Brown 2 days ago +1

    21savage I have I will be there for the interview

  • Jeremy  Lord
    Jeremy Lord 2 days ago

    21 the type of nigga to think 9+10 = 21

  • Jeremy  Lord
    Jeremy Lord 2 days ago

    21 the type of nigga to put a coat on when he catch a cold

  • Wyatt k
    Wyatt k 2 days ago

    He left his friend there😂😂😂

  • Gideon Ennim
    Gideon Ennim 2 days ago

    Check adse Gang out

  • UnknownWeazel
    UnknownWeazel 2 days ago +1

    21 Savage is the type to shake a water bottle just to make it taste better.

  • Nariman A-eff
    Nariman A-eff 2 days ago

    What Beginning music name?

  • JustSmog
    JustSmog 2 days ago +1

    0:22, 21 savage is the type of nigga who take golden state on 2K

  • John Alpha Eagle
    John Alpha Eagle 2 days ago

    If any of you people think this shit is dope you should actually kill yourself.

  • HSV- AUB
    HSV- AUB 2 days ago

    Can't believe he simpin for amber rose thot ass now...when I first heard this song I woulda never thought that nowadays he'd be filmin himself simpin and suckn up to her and everything..smdh

  • Omar Algothmi
    Omar Algothmi 2 days ago +1

    Who else comes here to just read The comments

  • Onneetse Nthebolang
    Onneetse Nthebolang 2 days ago

    B*tch my Dog's on fleek

  • Onneetse Nthebolang
    Onneetse Nthebolang 2 days ago

    21 type of of nigga to bath without water

  • derrell wilson
    derrell wilson 2 days ago +1

    Fabb Gotti💪🤘👊

  • Timothy Harper
    Timothy Harper 2 days ago

    This shit sucks

  • Markinhos Daniel
    Markinhos Daniel 3 days ago


  • hambone3030
    hambone3030 3 days ago

    whats this bitch retarded? give me back my 15 dollers. sweet shit stain tattoo on your face dip shit

  • MsSergiin
    MsSergiin 3 days ago

    skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - som da porra !

  • Mr3zez W
    Mr3zez W 3 days ago

    Saveg type of nigga to park his car in the middle of the street because he thinks he's in gta

  • Noah Irvin
    Noah Irvin 3 days ago +2

    Anyone else notice the guy sleepin on the couch in the intro

  • John Stursky
    John Stursky 3 days ago

    Damn they are soo bad!!!

  • Don Mam
    Don Mam 3 days ago

    21 savage the type of nigga to fight a lobster

  • Rick Rodriguez
    Rick Rodriguez 3 days ago

    cmon with them OVO 12's!!!!!

  • Ryan Evanego
    Ryan Evanego 3 days ago

    21 the type of person to to pay 30 grand for a chain then Rob the same jewler

  • Lincoln 1-aleph
    Lincoln 1-aleph 3 days ago

    21's the type of guy to take a girl to breakfast......lunch, dinnner, and breakfast. *Oh wait, *That's LL :)*

  • HAndrewA
    HAndrewA 3 days ago

    21 Savage the type of nigga to show "Future" the past

  • temuge naranbat
    temuge naranbat 3 days ago


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