Morena Baccarin Was In The “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Pilot - CONAN on TBS

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • When the “Always Sunny” crew was filming the pilot, they recruited their pal Morena for a unique role.

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  • Runtime: 1:15

Comments: 129

  • natew73
    natew73 7 days ago

    apparent the word tranny is a word you can't say on TBS.

  • Justin WWENXTGuy
    Justin WWENXTGuy 2 months ago

    She is hot

  • InquizitorPhil
    InquizitorPhil 2 months ago

    it's rare for them to bleep on their YouTube uploads. whtat did she say?

  • Matt Dargis
    Matt Dargis 2 months ago

    Damn she is beautiful. Wish she would have stayed on.

  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard 2 months ago

    She's so pretty!

  • Katarra Beltza
    Katarra Beltza 2 months ago

    ¿Morena? That's a weird name. In spanish means "swarthy".

  • Tim Cogan
    Tim Cogan 2 months ago

    Did they seriously just bleep all that? Jesus.

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie 2 months ago

    she should have played wonder woman

  • Seanie
    Seanie 2 months ago +4

    Conan staffers still haven't gotten on board with the Whole Interview in One video format. The views on Conan videos are so sparse it's upsetting

  • datalaforge
    datalaforge 2 months ago


  • Marcus Mayhew
    Marcus Mayhew 2 months ago +1

    Wow. She is absolutely beautiful 😍

  • KimmaniaFZ
    KimmaniaFZ 2 months ago

    Be careful Conan. She has the crazy eyes and laughs at pumpkin latte jokes too often than you would like it to be.

  • larshoneytoast33
    larshoneytoast33 2 months ago


  • RamboSambo2350
    RamboSambo2350 2 months ago

    You beeped the word tranny wtf

  • Cy
    Cy 2 months ago

    she could have been wonder woman

  • b04620k
    b04620k 2 months ago

    riveting stuff...

  • hernaldo14
    hernaldo14 2 months ago

    Is she the tranny that mac bangs? If it is then she appears in multiple episodes

    • ecMonify
      ecMonify 2 months ago

      no, she's in the pilot episode. it's basically the same scene as when the tranny is first introduced, except in a different location etc.

  • Hughezy WrestlingAndComedy

    i really wish she would stop texting me at night. I moved on, time she does as well. It's just embarrassing for her really, it's a shame.

  • OC Dave
    OC Dave 2 months ago

    Bleeped out?...Oh, that's right. It's 2017. PC World & the beginning of Big Brother.

  • Tony Lawliet
    Tony Lawliet 2 months ago

    she is delicious.

  • True Blue Sonic Fan
    True Blue Sonic Fan 2 months ago

    Is she the one who plays Mac's "unique" girlfriend?

    • ecMonify
      ecMonify 2 months ago

      in the pilot, yes. not in the actual show though

  • Hi, Neighbor!
    Hi, Neighbor! 2 months ago

    Best posture ever

  • Kevin Coen
    Kevin Coen 2 months ago

    Mrs. Brody from Homeland season 1

  • Greg Austin
    Greg Austin 2 months ago

    Why the heck are they bleeping it out ????

  • FedorMachida Last
    FedorMachida Last 2 months ago +1

    She is so beautiful. I wish they would have given the V series a few more years.

  • overclockeador
    overclockeador 2 months ago

    She's thicc and hotttt

  • dOPE Ness
    dOPE Ness 2 months ago

    Didn't she cheat on her husband.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 months ago +2

    Excuse me, is that a d**k in your pants?

    Yeah! 😊

  • jajceboy
    jajceboy 2 months ago +8

    Why put your show on cable if you're going to bleep it?

  • Katrina Ambrose
    Katrina Ambrose 2 months ago +2

    Wow she made Conan uncomfortable. Her joke was a little too crass for his show.

  • Mason Bell
    Mason Bell 2 months ago +1

    she probably left because she didn't want to work with a gigantic bird...

  • Drew Peterson
    Drew Peterson 2 months ago +1

    Hmm... Curious where Conan got the term front butt...

    • Drew Peterson
      Drew Peterson 2 months ago

      +CharlieFlippers ooooooo wonder if they got that from anywhere. I realize it's not a super secret term but I heard it from a podcast I listen to about 6 years ago

    • CharlieFlippers
      CharlieFlippers 2 months ago

      Drew Peterson in the other interview they did together about her 3 year old from the same night.

  • Mozdk1
    Mozdk1 2 months ago

    Absolute Goddess

  • Donal Fay
    Donal Fay 2 months ago +1

    Surprised no one is talking about Homeland seasons 1-3..which were phenomenal.

  • Schmidteren
    Schmidteren 2 months ago +1

    So pretty.

  • randomflashbacks
    randomflashbacks 2 months ago +1

    I want her to talk about Firefly.

  • Alex B
    Alex B 2 months ago

    Conan ends by saying that's cool

  • Hugh Honey
    Hugh Honey 2 months ago +250

    She only accepted because of the implication, no one declines the golden god what he wants

    • Richard O
      Richard O 2 months ago

      Samuel Woods oh right, you just want them to think they are gonna get raped. but not really. Then they she will do what you want. I get it now.

    • Samuel Woods
      Samuel Woods 2 months ago

      Richard O Well you certainly wouldn't be in any danger.

    • Richard O
      Richard O 2 months ago

      you mean like rape? Are you talking about raping them? Cuz it sounds like your talking about rape.

    • Seth
      Seth 2 months ago

      Richard O you know... The implications that something might happen.

    • Richard O
      Richard O 2 months ago

      what implications dude?

  • JFn Cho
    JFn Cho 2 months ago +1

    Browncoats unite!

  • Messy Panda
    Messy Panda 2 months ago +6

    Why bleep that out ?

    • Hana J
      Hana J 2 months ago

      AngryJT you are obviously an idiot and you are interrupting my YouTube binge. It's like talking to a brick wall. They wouldn't have blipped it if it wasn't offensive to someone. The censor blipped it for a reason.

    • Stone Cold Stipe
      Stone Cold Stipe 2 months ago

      Some folks are oversensitive pussies that won't accept being called anything but their exact label. That doesn't make it offensive.

    • Hana J
      Hana J 2 months ago

      AngryJT unless you are trans, you can't tell trans people not to be offended by the word tranny. I didn't make it up. That word has been offensive for years. When trans people said- hey, don't call us trannies. The yes is - sorry, I didn't know that was offensive. Now I know. I won't.

    • Stone Cold Stipe
      Stone Cold Stipe 2 months ago

      And those "some people" are wrong.
      If you wanna go there with it, literally anything can be "offensive" with the right context. But by itself no, it is not inherently offensive.

      Transvestite, transgender, whichever. Tranny = someone with gender related mental issues that should be in therapy rather than replacing body parts.

    • Hana J
      Hana J 2 months ago

      AngryJT it is to some people. And transgender isn't the same as transvestite.
      BTW, Jew can be offensive depending on context.

  • kznovak
    kznovak 2 months ago +9

    Don't understand why it was bleeped...thats why the character was called in the show. It may be insensitive but it is IASIP.

    • Soren Alexys
      Soren Alexys 1 day ago

      Stone Cold Stipe the term is "transgender" tranny is derogatory and insulting

    • Alex Arias
      Alex Arias 2 months ago

      +AngryJT Nope. They're called transsexuals. Tranny is derogatory

    • Stone Cold Stipe
      Stone Cold Stipe 2 months ago

      Uh, yes it is. You ever been to reality?

    • Alex Arias
      Alex Arias 2 months ago

      AngryJT tranny isn't what they're called irl

    • Stone Cold Stipe
      Stone Cold Stipe 2 months ago

      It isn't insensitive, either. It's what they're called.

  • Rest of the World
    Rest of the World 2 months ago

    The DENNIS system clearly worked on her.

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson 2 months ago

    Is she wearing boob camouflage?

  • sparksoffyou
    sparksoffyou 2 months ago +20

    She will always be Inara to me.

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson 2 months ago

    She looks like Jordana Brewer.

    • The M.K.M.
      The M.K.M. 2 months ago

      I always thought she looked like Lauren Graham (the mom in Gilmore Girls)

    • Ramza 75
      Ramza 75 2 months ago

      100x hotter

  • Leo Tan HD
    Leo Tan HD 2 months ago +11


  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo 2 months ago +1

    I wanted her in it

  • Kevin Rosa
    Kevin Rosa 2 months ago +1


  • Vincent Adultman
    Vincent Adultman 2 months ago +6

    What a stupid bird.

    But at least she comes in peace, always.

  • Abbin Joseph
    Abbin Joseph 2 months ago +5

    Why are they bleeping transexual or tranny?

    • The Everchosen
      The Everchosen 2 months ago

      Pillars of eternity is a sick Down song

    • Alex Stark
      Alex Stark 2 months ago

      Stupid auto correct *tranny

    • Abbin Joseph
      Abbin Joseph 2 months ago

      I don't think Tyranny is such a bad video game that they are bleeping it out,
      I mean, it's no better than Pillars of Eternity but still..

    • Alex Stark
      Alex Stark 2 months ago

      Abbin Joseph Probably tyranny since it can be considered a slur

  • True Blue Sonic Fan
    True Blue Sonic Fan 2 months ago

    Don't think I've seen that episode.

    SNEAKxxATTACK 2 months ago

    was she the pharmacist from D.E.N.N.I.S. System?

    • Sheri E
      Sheri E 2 months ago

      SNEAKxxATTACK no, she never actually was on the real show just the pilot they used to get fox to green light it.

    • Adam Rhodes 536
      Adam Rhodes 536 2 months ago

      That was Glenn Howerton's wife I think

    Ichigo TRILLONATOR 2 months ago +56

    she's just gorgeous . I would drink her bath water😍😊

    • Valber Paradox
      Valber Paradox 2 months ago

      That escalated quickly.

    • atom
      atom 2 months ago

      I would be her sex slave.

    • JAR ENT
      JAR ENT 2 months ago

      Ichigo TRILLONATOR 😝

  • Роман Романченко


  • luismepu
    luismepu 2 months ago

    Her neck is 3 miles long, beautifully girl

  • Miguel Huerta
    Miguel Huerta 2 months ago +178

    She has "crazy eyes".

  • Richard
    Richard 2 months ago +4

    I think her and I should sex sometimes.

    • AL
      AL 2 months ago

      because she and I have sex sometimes

    • Richard
      Richard 2 months ago

      Alq Wow, why u gotta be so negative.

    • AL
      AL 2 months ago

      she thinks not

  • team 89er
    team 89er 2 months ago +36

    love how she laughs with her shoulders movin LOL

    • walkingtheriver
      walkingtheriver 2 months ago

      Oh boy, you're gonna love Jimmy Kimmel. Every time he does his fake laugh, his shoulders go up and down

  • VanillaJokes
    VanillaJokes 2 months ago +83

    she's great in Gotham. people should watch it

    • Dance Dance
      Dance Dance 2 months ago

      man you should, its amazing

    • OrdinaryMonkey
      OrdinaryMonkey 2 months ago

      Firefly and the movie Serenity

    • VanillaJokes
      VanillaJokes 2 months ago

      dxstyc sdft haven't seen that. I might check it out

    • Dance Dance
      Dance Dance 2 months ago

      VanillaJokes homeland as well

  • The Burger King
    The Burger King 2 months ago +3

    There is only one video in recommended

  • Core Brute
    Core Brute 2 months ago +25

    What was bleeped out?

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      something like dickchick or tranny with a penis

  • Christian Pimentel
    Christian Pimentel 2 months ago


    • khimsdm
      khimsdm 2 months ago

      I can see it in your smile

    • E Martinez
      E Martinez 2 months ago

      I can see it in your eyes

    • team 89er
      team 89er 2 months ago

      is it me youre looking for !!??

  • The legND
    The legND 2 months ago

    first. subscribe to my channel

  • BaumG TV
    BaumG TV 2 months ago +2


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