The Future Of Marvel Netflix

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    So there's a bunch of stuff happening with the upcoming Marvel Netflix series' including The Defenders, new seasons for Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, The Punisher will be showing up more and a whole like more. That's what this is about.

    This video is brought to you by the Netflix Marvel series, the latest one being Iron Fist:

    Also that She Hulk thumbnail image is from vvernacatola:

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  • JulCom
    JulCom 20 hours ago

    "Spiderman, sony will never let him go" spiderman homecoming is amazing

  • This Old Junk
    This Old Junk 1 day ago

    Would like to see a 1970s throwback Ghostrider. Kinda like what was done with Stranger things as an 80s throwback.

  • David Brunelle
    David Brunelle 1 day ago

    Deathlok show? Or hell cat. Mocking bird. Blade deathlok punisher. Marvel nights.... and the DEFENDERS have to be in infinity war. Also spider needs to get venom in infinity war.

  • Antonio Valdivia Jr
    Antonio Valdivia Jr 2 days ago

    I just remembered why I stopped watching this video last time. You're fucking annoying.

  • JC Lowry
    JC Lowry 2 days ago

    How about a black widow series

  • Mark Keith
    Mark Keith 2 days ago

    Marvles Iron Fisting: Porn version

  • clyde payne
    clyde payne 3 days ago


  • NatFillion S
    NatFillion S 3 days ago

    I love doors.

  • Matthias Ybarra
    Matthias Ybarra 4 days ago

    Wesley Snipes returns as Blade in a special 8 episode series on Netflix

  • Axel Folin
    Axel Folin 4 days ago

    "Sony would not let him go."

  • Axel Folin
    Axel Folin 4 days ago


  • macthegov
    macthegov 5 days ago

    No one has ever asked for a Howard the Duck anything. Never. Moon Knight, however, would be an awesome addition to the Netflix Marvel community.

  • Valor708
    Valor708 6 days ago

    A Blade series would be sweet

    MIZZOU BLACK 7 days ago

    I think they should not release Captain Marvel at the theaters I do not think it will do well but send it to Netflix. It has to be damn good at the movies, put it on Netflix they can give everyone a glimpse of their world.

  • DocRock 1965
    DocRock 1965 7 days ago

    Totally agree about Moon Knight and She Hulk. Moon Knight is one of my favorites.

  • Comic Book TV with Robert and Family

    First Sony only owns the Spider-Man rights for movies, not TV. Same with Universal and Hulk.

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm 7 days ago

    Well shit

  • Peter Harper
    Peter Harper 7 days ago

    You are so funny!

  • NaujLaFlare 1017SoIcy

    If a cloak and dagger show is possible then a she hulk show would be a no brainier

  • Nitrexx
    Nitrexx 8 days ago

    3:55 I'm just going to put this time stamp right here.

  • talgwatr
    talgwatr 8 days ago

    even with "weak" episodes...I want more more more......wth....And those....slow...mundane...weak...moments and/or episodes creates momentum and adds depth to these shows......i'd rather watch a "weak" episode of iron Fist than a strong episode of....well....anything NOT DC or Marvel.....

  • grkpektis
    grkpektis 9 days ago +1

    The assholes at Universal own all the distribution rights to Hulk characters (other than Hulk) so we will never see a She-hulk tv show or Hulk movie

  • Vnugos
    Vnugos 9 days ago

    I dont know much about moonknight but the idea of a superhero suffering from mental health issues sounds interesting, as it is you kinda need to have mental issues to be a superhero.

  • Stinger430
    Stinger430 9 days ago

    iron Fist was awful for me. 13 hours of my life gone up in smoke. What were they thinking? I know quite a few people liked it, but I thought it was just terrible. Finn Jones, for the entire series, can't even make a proper fist! I keep hoping that IF there's a season 2, the real Daniel Rand Kai will walk in (clean shaven and wearing shoes) and declare that the season one Danny Rand is a shape-shifting impostor.

  • sabe thunder
    sabe thunder 9 days ago

    why is ironfist kinda skinnyfat like wtf

  • Ken Hall
    Ken Hall 10 days ago +1

    too many??. Not enough I wish 24 per season would come back

  • George Claxton
    George Claxton 10 days ago

    I agree with most of your observations; particularly about Iron Fist. I think they destroyed the character by simultaneously making him too naive and trusting, yet too paranoid.
    There was WAY too much boardroom (bored-room) stuff, yet nothing of Kun Lun, which we needed to see to get an idea of where the character's world view comes from.
    What they did show, two Asian guys beating up a little boy, was insulting and without context. And, as I recall, the best friend was dead before Danny came back to the world.
    Luke Cage should have been given a more impressive opponent, for the second part of the show, or they should have kept Cottonmouth. The other guy was just lame.

  • ObEyYoShI 26
    ObEyYoShI 26 10 days ago

    One question is the Netflix universe apart of the MCU

  • mindfuk
    mindfuk 10 days ago

    I love Luke Cage they should have kept Cottonmouth through the whole first season. He was a great villain and a team up with King Pin would of been nice.

  • •JøJø•
    •JøJø• 10 days ago

    Thor: the X-men
    Cap: who?
    Logan: me bitch

  • HooTimusMaximus
    HooTimusMaximus 10 days ago

    So you really watched the "fuller house" show on Netflix??

  • Dave Cummings
    Dave Cummings 10 days ago

    Shows used to have 22 episodes a season. If anything there is not enough.

  • Wayne Ortiz
    Wayne Ortiz 10 days ago

    Any comment below. ;)

  • Snerpy mcnerp
    Snerpy mcnerp 10 days ago

    Ms marvel K.K would be good on abc

  • Sam The Cat
    Sam The Cat 10 days ago

    Who else actually liked Iron Fist?

  • Jakob Lozano
    Jakob Lozano 10 days ago

    I love the Netflix villains

  • The Indie Pendant
    The Indie Pendant 10 days ago


  • gunjunky7520
    gunjunky7520 10 days ago

    The back and forth between Cap and Thor was hilarious. Oh, and I'm sorry but I don't see how anyone could make a decent tv series based around a guy whose whole schtick is shooting arrows.  I just don't see it.

  • Gilbert Jimenez
    Gilbert Jimenez 10 days ago

    I would wanna see a Moon Knight Netflix series, Hawkeye would be a cool series too, maybe even a Loki series?

  • Suresh Nagula
    Suresh Nagula 10 days ago +2

    Daredevil portrayed by Charlie is the best one and Fisk is wicked..

  • Matthew Lower
    Matthew Lower 10 days ago +1

    WTH? Why are you and all the other idiots so ungrateful that there is Awesome comic book adaptation coming to life on video? I can't stand it when I hear people bitching about these movies or TV shows. When I was a kid we had cartoons that were unrealistic and patronizing. Now we have a real medium and all you little idiots do is bitch. Get over yourselves. Just because you're offended doesn't make you right. Be grateful for what you have. These movie studio's don't HAVE to make these movies.

  • steverogers
    steverogers 10 days ago

    I would love to see a Master of Kung Fu series or at least see Shang Chi appear on Iron fist.

  • drunkenspiral
    drunkenspiral 11 days ago

    13 episodes is to few

  • SpockBorg5
    SpockBorg5 11 days ago

    Jessica Jones should be 8 episodes or canceled outright, that series sucks
    marvel used to have a character that used to have his own title who was Asian and an accomplished kung fu master. he would be great for Netflix series, but too many martial artist types on Netflix now, but he might be useful as major character in one of the series.
    dazzled might be real possibility for series if secure the rights.
    what might be a good idea would be an anthology series. this would be good chance to break out of new York confines. plus it would be nice opportunity to try out more obscure characters who have series or movie possibilities .
    lastly I saw trailer for cloak and dagger series, was that for real?

  • Jackson Quinn
    Jackson Quinn 11 days ago

    I would absolutely love for Spider-Man to show up and annoy the hell out of Daredevil for an episode or two.

  • - ARCHIE -
    - ARCHIE - 11 days ago

    How about Tigress or however you spell her name?

  • Hassan gacia
    Hassan gacia 11 days ago

    Daredevil season 1 and 2 were awesome and with the Punisher was Badass but Jessica Jones it was ok but Luke cage boring iron fist boring...I'm just waiting for the Punisher Netflix series

  • Teresa Luz
    Teresa Luz 12 days ago

    I need a She-Hulk netflix series... I love her so much!

  • sailor75565
    sailor75565 12 days ago +2

    Luke cage was a let down..............unsubscribe! But you are right about Iron Fist, sadly...........back to subscribe.

  • MagicianFlip69
    MagicianFlip69 12 days ago

    shades and carnel cottonmouth where the only 2 villian I loved in Luke Cage. the rest where...blahhhh. diamond back was a bit cartoonyy with his dorky costume. I was pissed that they killed off cottonmouth quick. also I really liked pops. pops was badass

  • Mark van Slooten
    Mark van Slooten 13 days ago

    I loved the Netflix series for the fact that the episodes weren't built around commercials, like the 'normal series'.
    Because of that, scenes could be made longer and dialogues were better and could build better tensions. I really did not miss the CGI that you find in 'normal series'. Also, I liked the lack of soapy moments like you have in 'normal' series where two key characters step aside and give some pep talk or some concelling talks to each other.
    Overall, the Netflix series are a nice change from the generic storytelling and production of the series like Agents of Shiled or even the DC comics series. Which I also like.

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker 13 days ago

    Netflix need to do a cloak and dagger series that would be epic and can touch up on many characters afterwards

  • Marlie Hauber
    Marlie Hauber 14 days ago

    Anyone else excited for Hellcat?

  • mikejvasquez76
    mikejvasquez76 14 days ago

    That would be awesome if they made a She Hulk show! I would watch every show if they did one. Just don't know who would play as her though, some tall top heavy model that no one knows about or something like that.

  • Pannath
    Pannath 14 days ago

    What's with this less episodes kick? You want there to be less content to watch? That's the dumbest thing I've heard in this video. Less content sucks. If you're sick of it dragging, ask for better writing and story arcs. Less is never the right answer.

  • Christine Weaver
    Christine Weaver 14 days ago

    in Ironfist i thought the best entertaining character was ward

  • baby Jesus
    baby Jesus 14 days ago

    I think night thrasher would be a great show

  • Calamari
    Calamari 14 days ago

    We should've get a Miles Morales Netflix show.

  • I couldn't think of a name

    I really want then to meet the agents if shield.

  • Lee Pluthero
    Lee Pluthero 15 days ago

    I like all the ideas for Netflix Marvel productions She-Hulk and Moon Knight ( Moon Knight being my favourite of the two). Maybe a newer character like Alpha would be good also, with a cameo from Peter Parker and his Parker particles.

  • Charles Baldwin
    Charles Baldwin 15 days ago +1


  • Sam Dawkins
    Sam Dawkins 15 days ago

    why would you make Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist 13 eps when you know yr not gonna have enough material but make the team up 8 and end up not telling the story to its full capacity?

  • Dr. David Banner's Worst Day

    I think you can do a Hulk series....just not anytime soon. The technology is constantly evolving and what we're seeing in the Avengers movies right now will eventually become common place, and thus, a lot cheaper. Independence Day ('96) and the Matrix were once considered state of the art visual effects and now we see those kinds of effects on the CW every week,

  • Kendo Master Alexa
    Kendo Master Alexa 16 days ago +2

    the Netflix should go on its own not relying on the MCU
    Shang Chi
    Ghost Rider
    Moon Knight
    Black Tarantula
    Spider Man (should have a dark story B4 Homecoming)

    All these bitches r waiting. Don't screw this up.

    • Kendo Master Alexa
      Kendo Master Alexa 6 days ago

      Eric Escibedi I'm talking about the Spider Man's Origins and The Original Ghost Rider

    • Eric Escibedi
      Eric Escibedi 7 days ago

      Netflix don't the budget to do Spiderman or Ghost Rider.

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock 16 days ago

    fin jones had horrible form even in the slow practice type scenes and it showed badly next to how well others did. Honestly it seemed like he didn't give a shit about the character he was playing and expected an easy paycheck.

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock 16 days ago

    still dont understand how full house got a reboot when the original show was so painfully bad

  • Fire Storm
    Fire Storm 17 days ago

    great review i agree with you she hulk would be great challenge for Matt Murdoch

  • JoJo Ray
    JoJo Ray 17 days ago

    Daredevil was a let down for me (Season 2). My favorite are, in this order: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil.

  • Jyuzou
    Jyuzou 17 days ago

    AH! I've been wondering why a lot of people were complaining that the Marvel Netflix shows were too long that I forgot people tend to watch it in one sitting! I don't usually watch TV shows, so I watch 1 episode per week (sometimes 2), so I've always felt that 13 is too few, especially when compared to AoS, which has 20+ episodes per season. I get it now.

    • Jyuzou
      Jyuzou 16 days ago

      Ah, I see. I just googled this and Netflix shows were around 10 minutes longer, with AoS running for around 40+ minutes (without the commercials).

      To be honest, I haven't really felt the 10-minute difference between the two. I've always felt that it runs for about an hour for both because I only watch around once a week (I watched AoS without the commercials, btw). So, it's still probably how people watch it. I mean, if you watch AoS in one sitting, it'll probably feel too long. Although AoS usually has several arcs within a season, so each episode is more 'juicy', I guess.

    • Bruce Cox
      Bruce Cox 17 days ago

      well the Netflix shows are a bit longer no commercial breaks

  • michael stevens
    michael stevens 18 days ago

    black. cat or hellcat would be a good Netflix spinoff seeing how well wonder woman did

    • Awol991
      Awol991 11 days ago

      A good writer could flip back and forth between the two showing their situations and choices, similarities and differences.

  • Joey Suarez
    Joey Suarez 19 days ago

    I will watch all Marvel shows and nod along. Ooh and aah when appropriate but I am still waiting for a WOW moment.

  • Non Yourbusiness
    Non Yourbusiness 19 days ago

    Great marvel shows. Except that bag of looney garbage Legion.

  • Non Yourbusiness
    Non Yourbusiness 19 days ago

    Fuller house is crap. Only seen half an episode and couldn't go on.

  • TheGrim XJL
    TheGrim XJL 20 days ago

    Give me a New Warriors show and/or movie. Night Thrasher is the shiznit!

  • DBMartialArts
    DBMartialArts 21 day ago

    I propose a few Easter-eggs
    Matt should Turn up as Pete's / spidey's representation in a Spider-man movie with no mention of DD.
    Jones and Phil should have a flash back conversation of some sort pre Avengers.

  • alec ploof
    alec ploof 21 day ago

    Yes! Moon Knight

  • Obsidian Gaming
    Obsidian Gaming 22 days ago

    Hi there

    RREDFORCE 22 days ago +1

    Hey the phase 2 of marvel netflix should be white tiger moon knight all the original shows get another series each

      RREDFORCE 22 days ago

      Marvel should sack free form and give cloak and dagger to Netflix

  • Felix King
    Felix King 23 days ago


  • warren lamar
    warren lamar 23 days ago


  • Shanahan Nagendran
    Shanahan Nagendran 23 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 thats a tamil movie action scene

  • rigamorti99
    rigamorti99 24 days ago

    Any comment. (now give me a loot box!) ;)

  • irishboy0909
    irishboy0909 24 days ago

    Daredevil - 9/10
    Jessica Jones - 7.4/10
    Luke Cage - 6/10
    Iron Fist - 5/10


  • Sam Carpenter
    Sam Carpenter 24 days ago

    Killgrave 2nd best villain only to Ledger's Joker.

  • ltbwolf
    ltbwolf 25 days ago

    She hulk doesn't just stay in hulk form she can no longer change back (though now she has gray hulk form), she could change in the beginning, but to cut cgi cost you may as well just have her be incapable changing. More then half her storyline is this way anyway.

  • Esau Salazar
    Esau Salazar 25 days ago

    daredevil is the best out of all of them

  • Eric Krauter
    Eric Krauter 25 days ago

    Iron Fist sucked. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and Dare Devil were awesome. Legion was fucking horrible.

    • Eric Escibedi
      Eric Escibedi 7 days ago

      Eric Krauter Legion is the best show out of all of them.

  • Stone7C1
    Stone7C1 25 days ago

    the punisher? blade?

  • doncaster1975
    doncaster1975 25 days ago

    Would have been great if they could have included Cloak and Dagger.....and not as a teenage drama thingy :/

  • Havoc Maverick
    Havoc Maverick 25 days ago

    i am sure lou ferigno would love to be cast as she hulk

  • Dartany FanDubs
    Dartany FanDubs 25 days ago

    I would love to see a spider Gwen , she hulk , and or scarlet witch series

  • Han Far
    Han Far 26 days ago

    pliz gif me a spider man Netflix show :D spidey fighting the loser 6 dudes :)

  • M McCarver
    M McCarver 26 days ago

    lets be honest, if netflix is paying for your constructive critism, then it must not too constructive.

  • V B
    V B 27 days ago

    I think iron fist was disappointing,It surprises me that it's gotten a higher demand than daredevil because I personally like daredevil better. Iron fist doesn't really introduce the main character very well and plus he doesn't use both fists he only uses one, he also can only use it once. The martial arts scenes in the show are also boring. (Just my opinion, don't want to offend anyone)

  • Jamez Johnson
    Jamez Johnson 27 days ago

    I loved the Punisher and the Kingpin.

  • David Dale
    David Dale 27 days ago

    Do Be Do Be Do

  • Aaron Rosa
    Aaron Rosa 29 days ago

    We all know that the big bad in Defenders is going to be another version of the Hand.Boo!

  • Bernard Benton
    Bernard Benton 29 days ago

    I enjoyed the video.

  • tquinton1
    tquinton1 29 days ago

    I liked Luke Cage......

  • En Sabah Nur
    En Sabah Nur 29 days ago

    I would love to see MoonKnight , come to Netflix

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