You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

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  • Tim Baxter
    Tim Baxter 1 day ago

    nice background jam.. solid boogie woogie call it..hum it- "I'm a bad cat" ya.. ok I'll.. go play with my cat. : ) thx cat dude

  • Doberlady01 :3
    Doberlady01 :3 1 day ago

    there's no right way to let a cat nor dog

  • SamZarifYT
    SamZarifYT 1 day ago

    I am watching cat vids because I may have a severe eye infection right no way and I'm going to doctors soon

  • anaya mcfarlane
    anaya mcfarlane 1 day ago

    My cat from hell

  • pkmaniac
    pkmaniac 2 days ago

    This reminds me of petting Poogie in Monster Hunter

  • Eowyn Eadig
    Eowyn Eadig 2 days ago

    Everyone needs to search for a video called Pinky the Cat. It's a scream! The cat is furious, but someone pointed out in the comments on one copy of the video that the man was petting him like he was scrubbing a stain out of carpet.

  • Elite Noob
    Elite Noob 2 days ago


  • Jared
    Jared 2 days ago

    I was legit stroking my cat as you explained how they were getting overstimulated and I looked at my cat in horror.

  • Aileen Pidgeon
    Aileen Pidgeon 2 days ago

    I'm currently dealing with my roommate's 2mo old kitten. It's almost always playtime for him. He's a very sweet cat and he loves to cuddle and get belly rubs but, when it's playtime he'll bite and scratch. It's not out of aggression he's just practicing his hunting skills. Unfortunately, he was given away at only 4weeks and didn't have enough sibling bonding time.

  • Joe Shomo
    Joe Shomo 2 days ago

    i all ways pet my cat softly not hard

  • Greg Sherman
    Greg Sherman 3 days ago

    My cat prefers to be pet on the head but he never bites with petting it must very from cat to cat my cat only bites when he is playing

  • tall32guy
    tall32guy 3 days ago

    cute and amusing video. good to know how to pet kitty. :)

  • Sera Plaine
    Sera Plaine 3 days ago

    okay i've got a question. my 17 year old cat has always had this habit of going onto counters and desks and stuff and specifically pushing over things we find important. like models and stuff. why does he do this? we have always assumed he is mad about something. like we went camping or the dog got a treat or something. but i don't know for sure!

  • Emeris Pendragon
    Emeris Pendragon 4 days ago

    Thank you Jackson :)

  • peter petrr
    peter petrr 4 days ago

    Mr galaxy
    Great videos
    Whats the thing with ear wax and cats?

    TEAM SAVAGERY 4 days ago

    I saw a cat outside and its a cat that hate people but i said "here pussy pussy dont be scared i wont bite" the cat goes to me and let me pat him

  • dogeomoon The third
    dogeomoon The third 4 days ago

    the finger of the all knowing? IDK it just sounds cool

  • melissa jackson
    melissa jackson 4 days ago

    Its worth it to play with cats because it is just as entertaining for people. They get so in to it, they are acrobats, clowns and fierce comedians! It can be hard not to over do it when you let yourself get in to it but remember to let your little entertainer rest.

  • Butt Mash
    Butt Mash 4 days ago

    You look like Vsauce and Jacksfilms had a love child

  • NotTotallyHopeless
    NotTotallyHopeless 5 days ago

    My cat likes belly rubs. Weird but true. Everywhere I read tells me not to pet his belly, but he meows til I do it.

  • ☁AntiNebula☁
    ☁AntiNebula☁ 5 days ago

    90%, and then 5 pets and Kabooom!

  • j_shadow 2001
    j_shadow 2001 5 days ago

    I found my cat outside. she was abandon and she rushed in my house like she owned the place. she was trying to lay on the couch when i came inside. it was winter and she was just now coming out of the kitten phase so I took her in. she wanted love like 24/7 on the dot all the time. she's now my baby and I bought her a kitten and she loves her. she thinks she's a mama even though she's fixed

  • Nastafar
    Nastafar 5 days ago

    Great video, man! I'm gonna incorporate that into petting my cat. By the way, are you Persian? I ask because in the video you called your cat peeshy, which means kitty in Farsi.

  • Daniyal Shah
    Daniyal Shah 5 days ago

    What species is your cat

  • Aaron Junnikkala
    Aaron Junnikkala 6 days ago

    I love your cat! its so beautiful!! :-)

  • G Coy
    G Coy 6 days ago

    Dude, you're a weird looking dude....

  • Mr Gobblez
    Mr Gobblez 6 days ago

    I do all of this. Why am I even watching this?

  • 333 身心靈
    333 身心靈 6 days ago

    I'm an energy healer and I believe I became more sensitive to energy because of my cat. you just have to be aware and alert when you approach a cat you are not familiar with. it's a good training actually

  • Nekojin Nation
    Nekojin Nation 7 days ago

    Hm, my cat must be made of rubber because he never gets overstimulated with electricity! xD (Or I'm just a natural at petting him)

  • Wolf Films
    Wolf Films 7 days ago

    My cat wags her tail like that all the time what should I do

  • Dharti Patel
    Dharti Patel 8 days ago

    my cat bites a lot lot lot!! I can't even pamper him even once.. as soon as I go to reach him out.. I see the kitty teethyy are already to bite me up! Tried toys and mutton bones as well, no clue how to lessen it

  • lollipop YUMMY
    lollipop YUMMY 8 days ago

    humans have dog
    cats have human

  • Samer Mustafa
    Samer Mustafa 8 days ago +2


  • Taymaster
    Taymaster 8 days ago

    My grandma and grandpa's cat is really bad cat if you just get closer to that cat you will get hurt easily she is a villain cat.

  • Claudia Forero
    Claudia Forero 9 days ago

    You are the Best ❤👍👍👍

  • LONE_WOLF75137
    LONE_WOLF75137 9 days ago

    My cat is on cocaine... How do I fix that?!?!

  • Lps Alien Dog
    Lps Alien Dog 9 days ago

    I subbed and liked because I love cats and I have a cat that is lazy but if u touch her on her belly or scratch her belly she will meow like mrroooooooww

  • Jason Genaille
    Jason Genaille 9 days ago

    would if ur finger smells like ass?

  • Madison Potter
    Madison Potter 9 days ago

    I adore my cat, she's a sweet and gentle girl MOST times. But yesterday I was holding like normal and she likes to cuddle but a minute later she bit me in the face and I was bleeding.. I'm really wondering what went wrong in that moment.

  • MerryRandomAccount
    MerryRandomAccount 9 days ago

    My cat doesn't wack me she pushes me away with her paw

  • kittyloverandcat66
    kittyloverandcat66 9 days ago

    most of the time a cat acts like they're"from hell", its always the way the owner treats them

  • 蛋哥
    蛋哥 9 days ago +2

    then how can i touch my cat? i want to touch them hair but i dont want hurt them

  • 蛋哥
    蛋哥 9 days ago +1

    OMG i did wrong way, i hurt them sigh

  • Crazy Duck That hates Trump Duck

    Lol my cat attacks me too

  • Rico Kukrall
    Rico Kukrall 10 days ago

    ################ cat Bobby linol pixy and stormy

  • Razar Campbell
    Razar Campbell 10 days ago

    Damn, that "Alotia" is a beautiful catty :D

  • Buster Nut
    Buster Nut 11 days ago

    Jackson Galaxy, that's like a superhero name

  • ΜεταλαγμενοΦιδι x111

    the cat breed i have HATES belly petting and its good since it can damage their stomach

  • fat cat
    fat cat 12 days ago +1

    cats are cool.luv em.

  • I'm a Hyena
    I'm a Hyena 12 days ago +1

    I can pet my cat anyway I want it and it will love me

  • Ava
    Ava 13 days ago

    My cat doesn't care where or how I pet him.

  • Danial Epic
    Danial Epic 14 days ago

    I pet my cat from the neck she likes u should try it

  • Guershon Saint-Fluer
    Guershon Saint-Fluer 14 days ago

    This guy is from "My cat from hell".

  • ravenwda007
    ravenwda007 14 days ago

    My black Burmese, Pepper, liked to guide your hand to his head. He was 19 years.

  • Wolfo
    Wolfo 15 days ago

    For some reason when I was younger I always like the cats tail more than the cat my mind was like, "a stick of fluff me wants" I really want a cat now... They're so fluffy...

  • Animus
    Animus 15 days ago

    I can probably pet my cat for a maximum of 15 minutes plus, changing where I pet him. I mostly remain at his head and sometimes down his back slowly, and he moves aswell.

  • chicken warrior
    chicken warrior 16 days ago

    My cat moves it’s tail vigorously but it has never bit me

  • jeffw1267
    jeffw1267 16 days ago

    My cat preferred for me to smack his belly like a drum. For real. I'd whack his belly with my palm and keep hitting harder and harder, until people could hear it from outside the door. The harder I hit him, the more he liked it. If my hand would hold up from all the stress, he would let me do it all day.

  • Gravity Phoenix
    Gravity Phoenix 17 days ago

    One of cats acts like she doesn't have any affection towards my family, she shows affection and purrs but it just doesn't seem like she means it. And then I have another cat who only loves me and won't let anyone bother her unless I'm around.

  • Michael Echeverria
    Michael Echeverria 17 days ago


  • Elvida Cassa
    Elvida Cassa 17 days ago

    I have two cat both girl and when I put my finger on one of them they just lick me the other one is good what do I do?

  • Gokudera San
    Gokudera San 18 days ago

    really thanks for the Info this helped me a lot

  • Svetla Nikolova
    Svetla Nikolova 18 days ago

    I love the tips. Thank you

  • George Smith
    George Smith 18 days ago

    @jackson Galaxy do big cats have the same body language ?

  • Hannah Willow W
    Hannah Willow W 19 days ago

    My cat gives many blatant signs that she's upset and wants to be left alone, but so many people don't pick up them. I have to let them know that's she's getting angry.

  • Hannah Willow W
    Hannah Willow W 19 days ago

    Cats have unique personalities, you just need to get to know them!

  • Maritza Andrade
    Maritza Andrade 19 days ago

    I love your videos. Learning everyday. Thank you.

  • St4 Rc0
    St4 Rc0 19 days ago +1

    I start to pet my cat, knuckles, he just lets me rub his stomach like a dog :l

  • Senor Saturn
    Senor Saturn 19 days ago

    I never get scratched by my cat, but other people will get scratched by him and it suprises me but then I relized I know he doesn't like it if he gets a full hand pet, he like's being scratched, and I will often pull away before he lashes because he always has movements before he trys to lash out

  • Sangmin Lee
    Sangmin Lee 20 days ago

    Thank you very much for the lesson!
    Now, I know why my cat bites me when I pet him a lot....

  • Rick Ricky
    Rick Ricky 20 days ago

    Cats are like women, follow them or give them a lot of attention and they'll either run away from you or get upset and bite/scratch you. Ignore them and leave them alone and they'll come after you begging for a little attention and some petting. Lol
    Eh women, can't live with nor without them.

  • Mugino Shizuri
    Mugino Shizuri 20 days ago

    I can tell that a cat has beaten you up quite a few times.

  • Maurice Powers
    Maurice Powers 20 days ago

    My older cat when I first got him would attack me because he actually had an infection in his throat I knew that he was trying to tell me something so I took him to the vet and Shernoff as soon as he gave him anabiotic's he calm down

  • mydjmode
    mydjmode 20 days ago

    Velorias 23 YEARS OLD? DAM

  • eva magnusson
    eva magnusson 21 day ago

    I don't know why but I have never had this problem and cats and dogs have always been in my life. I don't blame a cat for not liking the full body stroke though I have had a cat that lived for it. My interaction with my cats is verbal. They love being cooed at and most times I just bend down and kiss them on the head. Eye contact is important and they never feel confined when we interact. I never have to seek out my cats for interaction they seek me out and I can't get rid of them. I must pet my cats a hundred times a day. Short burst of love frequently throughout the day while I busy myself around the house. I really don't understand the aloof nonsense people talk about! I find cats loving caring and yes they do possess concern for their owners. I cut my finger just recently and yelled out from pain went to the bathroom to put on a bandaid and they made such fuss over me! I have dogs too and the same. Food is available all the time for them so most of their interactions can't just be based on food! Cats are not loners!! They sit in the middle of the alone and meow till another dog or cat or me comes to keep them company! One of my cats that is attached to my daughter will nag my daughter when it's my daughter bed time to go to bed. He nags till my daughter yells all,right I know it bedtime and grudgingly heads to bed! Yea they not only fit into our family they understand every member like its their job! Your cat needs a kiss and some gentle cooing. Kissing a kitten makes them face friendly and tears down barriers between you and your cat.

  • Sahasrahla
    Sahasrahla 21 day ago

    My cat loves tummy rubs and generally being the center of attention. She's never scratched me on purpose.

  • Ashymoon Riverclan
    Ashymoon Riverclan 21 day ago +2


  • ErnestoStaccolanana
    ErnestoStaccolanana 22 days ago

    i like cats but they're fucking annoying and effort demanding

  • Joseph Stephens
    Joseph Stephens 22 days ago

    is it me or does this guy looks like david vonderhaar

  • Edith Fisher
    Edith Fisher 22 days ago

    I love and watch your show regularly. Found this site and I'm glad I did. We have 3 cats which we got as kittens. All rescued and all from same litter. They are 7 now. Thanks so much for what you are doing. I have learned so much. After 7 yrs. I still am learning.

  • smugg neo
    smugg neo 22 days ago

    dream name
    dream look
    dream job
    dream voice

  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse 22 days ago

    These are all things I figured out when I was 10 lol.

  • ChasePlayd
    ChasePlayd 22 days ago

    for some reason my cats looks like the thumbnail but fatter

  • Ferdian Suryadinata
    Ferdian Suryadinata 22 days ago

    i dont any baloon in this video, where is the baloon??

  • Lovely Queen635
    Lovely Queen635 23 days ago

    A stray I was petting pulled my hand towards his back when I stopped petting, it made me arm tired

  • dragon4Dboom
    dragon4Dboom 23 days ago

    All of our cats like being scratched right behind the tail. They raise their buts as high as they can!
    Try it with your cats, it might work.

  • Gaming Squad
    Gaming Squad 23 days ago +2

    Hi Jackson, I have a cat too and I take my time to learn their body language. I think you posting videos like these helps other people like me to learn more about are fluffy friends! ❤️🐱

  • Ender
    Ender 24 days ago

    I have a blind cat that takes everything! Gotta play with my blind cat with a toy (Jackson's toy the feather one)

  • Mixx
    Mixx 24 days ago

    My cat will attack me and box me if i go anywhere near it's paws

  • Paputsza
    Paputsza 24 days ago

    But you want to mofu them but you can't. 😞

  • Giraffee
    Giraffee 25 days ago

    r u the guy from my cat from hell

  • lovelyvegan princess
    lovelyvegan princess 25 days ago

    haha...My cat has a certain meow that lets me know she's had enough petting. I love her so much.

  • Ally Lauren
    Ally Lauren 25 days ago

    my cats never want to play.

  • Issac Blank
    Issac Blank 25 days ago

    I like when my cats get pissed off because then i could hug them or wrap them in a blanket.

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts 25 days ago

    Lol! Love all your vids man! I've got a antisocial tuxedo and a psycho pudgy cat that love to hear these vids..

  • mark tufts
    mark tufts 26 days ago

    i found out that strings are a great way to keep cats and kittens vent their excess enegry

  • Aaron Bennett
    Aaron Bennett 26 days ago

    i wanna go pet my cat now

  • Jessica Ducharme élève

    My cat has NEVER Hurt me...

  • caessarion
    caessarion 26 days ago

    if my nigga gets upitty i throw it at the wall

  • lrwilliamsjr
    lrwilliamsjr 26 days ago

    Nope. Too much work.

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