You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

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  • Brian Salk
    Brian Salk Hour ago

    Very educational, but you missed the key element that cats enjoy inflicting pain, as they are all possessed by demons, or perhaps the ARE demons in four-legged form . Other than that, spot on video :)

  • shaolindreams
    shaolindreams 2 hours ago

    Great advice.. i learnt most of this just being a cat employee.

    SIMKINETICS 16 hours ago

    My cat seems to enjoy a full-body massage (except for her tail) if it's light & slow, starting at her forehead, under her ears, and along the length of her body. I think she likes it because she occasionally gives me gentle love-bites, and readily comes back for more. I'll gladly take this advise to burn off her energy with active play though!

  • Underfell sans/fell/bleh

    My cat kept my biting my phone xD

  • Arno nümuss
    Arno nümuss 20 hours ago

    "be observant" I can't agree more, cats try to communicate very much. If you are patient and observant your cat will teach you what ever you have to know.


    Vsauce is that you?

  • Adele D
    Adele D Day ago

    As a cat freak, I can tell that you are Absolutely correct

  • Fenris17
    Fenris17 2 days ago

    buy a dog. then you don't have to waste your time watching dumbass videos like this

  • Neelam Sawany
    Neelam Sawany 2 days ago

    my cat bhalu

  • Abdal Khan
    Abdal Khan 2 days ago

    That cat hair behind him lol

  • Red Eyes
    Red Eyes 2 days ago

    I feel like I know this guy off a movie

  • Squishy Satansoo
    Squishy Satansoo 2 days ago

    Basically just rub them under the chin they love that sh*t

  • Bill Taylor
    Bill Taylor 3 days ago

    I have 6 cats now, and have had cats for over 50 years. THE number ONE rule to avoid getting torn up by Fluffy is pay attention to the animal. When he or she tells you it is time to quit, QUIT. Force the issue and he'll getcha. When he lashes his tail, flattens his ears, purrs turn into growls, he gets up and tries to leave............. ALL are signs to back off.

  • Templaric Legion
    Templaric Legion 3 days ago

    Whenever my cat was a kitten I would hold her all the time and force affection on her and now she can't stand when I don't pet her.

  • Angsty Jughead
    Angsty Jughead 3 days ago

    You remind me of Master Roshi

  • Yu Wish
    Yu Wish 3 days ago

    I knew I recognized this guy from the cat show or something. Great show.

  • Mihai Madalin
    Mihai Madalin 3 days ago

    Please Please i need help. I dont know what i do wrong or what is wrong with my cat. I had just taken an female cat from some family that was giving her away, i did not ask the reason of why they give her away... i think that it may be expensive to have a cat... but not for all ofc. So i had took her because i like that she is a bit small (maybe young) and very cute. But... for like 24h when i close my hand to the cat, she starts to purr and push her had against my arm like trying o say cuddle please. So i do, but for like 5 seconds after normal cuddle... she starts pushing herself strunger and strunger against my hand. So i try to pull my hand away to dont hurt her. (25 y.o man, maybe dont feel how i touch her and i press to hard) So when i try to pull my hand away... first time she had put her own hand with the claws armed, to my palm and do a soft sweet meow. (that had hurt a bit) than i didnt move my hand (not closer to her not outside from her) so than she gets easy to my hand intending to smell... than she open her mouth slowly and bites me hard as hell (bite to bleed). And imediately after taking my hand away from her she does that SISS what cats do when they are angry. (WHAT THE HELL!) Since than... every time i get close to her... she does that purr and when i try to cuddle her... (not even touching her) She bites me instantly. (ofc bcs i am allarmed, i pull my hand extremly fast out from her strike area and i say NO!) than walk away and came back after 10 minutes, than try again... same stuff "purr than bite". i did that maybe 4 times if not more.. still the same thing... what should i do? Please help before i give her away to adoption... If she is that agresive all time, i cant let her close to my 9 y.o son to bite him. I may get pissed if that happen... and idk next... please please please help help help. i really apreciate any advice. Thanks to all.

  • lil abby
    lil abby 4 days ago

    Why my female cat bites me all the time ?

  • Steph Cat
    Steph Cat 4 days ago

    My cat is really mellow and would never bite/scratch sometimes she will kinda put her mouth on me but never dies it hard

  • Animal Talk With Rita
    Animal Talk With Rita 4 days ago +1

    I really like Jackson because he gives really good tips and it has helped me because I am a cat owner myself!

  • Impression Aj
    Impression Aj 4 days ago

    is it strange that my cat likes to be pet on her butt alot and when i sleep puts her paw sometimes on my mouth and then her butt when i go to sleep okay its just the cat right? or is anyone else cat does this?

  • petros komputers
    petros komputers 4 days ago

    i'm a slave of my cat,she put me to write it right here with these words a message for planet earth "WE ARE EVERYWHERE" ,cat slave out

  • The Angry Korean
    The Angry Korean 5 days ago

    Unless it's an aggressive attack dog, dogs don't need to come with instructions and a warning on how to give them warmth and love... And I'd like to see a cat drag you out of a burning building or save you from drowning.

  • Cupcake Queens
    Cupcake Queens 5 days ago

    These are the things my cat does her bite is adorable though

  • Stupid Noob
    Stupid Noob 5 days ago +1

    LOL You he looks like a Bollywood director... (Rohit Shetthy) XD

  • ♥ Luz ASMR ♥
    ♥ Luz ASMR ♥ 6 days ago


  • Laura Laura
    Laura Laura 7 days ago

    My old cat loved being pet head to tail but my new kittin does not thx for the tips!!!

  • Ken White
    Ken White 8 days ago

    Have just been trying to get my girlfriend two cats Sophie and SoLo to relocate in my house with Sadie and my Golden Retriever Pearl. My Golden just gets out of the way and also visits hospitals, so is well trained! Sadie is my seven year old female cat and not happy with two new cats being in the house. My girlfriend's one cat Sophie is not aggressive and SoLo a large male( feral )cat, just hides allot. We are located in Walnut Creek in a large house with a beautiful yard that is safe for all concerned. Sophie has peed on my bed but has a history of doing this in the past.
    Thank you and kindest regards.

    Ken and Karen

  • Benoit Vanhees
    Benoit Vanhees 8 days ago

    Can't you attach a device to your cat to avoid static electricity :0)

  • Joseph Drouin
    Joseph Drouin 8 days ago

    I figured out some of these on my own

  • Juan Oliveira
    Juan Oliveira 8 days ago

    My cat sleeps all day , I only pet her if she goes to eat

  • panda bear
    panda bear 8 days ago

    #catification I have a cat her name is storm and she loves small spaces so I have box's and touts in my room I am thinking about putting shelfs on my walls for her.

    Ps. Me and her watch your show together

  • Ikajo
    Ikajo 9 days ago

    My cat just want any type of petting. He even ignored his rumbling tummy because I was petting him.

  • Stilles
    Stilles 9 days ago

    My cat never scratches me, als long I don't overdo whatever it is. If she leaves, she leaves. If she battles me, she wins after some time. If she bites me, I let her bite and loose interest. If she puts out her paws with claws I hold still and she just bites my hand and I stay still and then she licks me and wants to be pet and loved.

  • Clara Merkin
    Clara Merkin 9 days ago

    My cat won't play. I have tried many toys he is just not interested unless chicken is involved. But I don't want to give him too many treats. I am worried about him being bored.

  • Mr Gallade Got Game
    Mr Gallade Got Game 9 days ago

    Kesha reminds me of my sli I miss him

  • paige brooks
    paige brooks 9 days ago

    What if my cat is lazy? Petting her isnt a problem and she watches movies with me and we cuddle and the only time when she runs off is when the dig trys to sniff her butt how do i get her to play more? She doesnt really like cat toys

  • Annie
    Annie 10 days ago

    Veloria is 23!!!

  • bob marley
    bob marley 11 days ago

    I just give my arm and my cat pets himself , after 5 or so min he jump on my belly and take nap , i call it recharging love energy through induction.

  • StarlingofAzerath
    StarlingofAzerath 11 days ago

    Does it sound heartless that i never have this problem cause i dont pet my cat too much? I mean i pet her when she comes to me. But i dont go out of my way to pet her continuously for hours on end.

  • Doug Carruthers
    Doug Carruthers 11 days ago

    My cat wipes what I hope isn't snot on my hand
    Seriously he walks up rubs his nose on me

  • Doug Carruthers
    Doug Carruthers 11 days ago

    Arrgh you see 1:10 Jackson killed a cat
    Bad Jackson Bad Bad Jackson

  • Farida Sultana
    Farida Sultana 11 days ago

    My cat is 11 years old

  • Freakel
    Freakel 11 days ago

    My cat doesn't care. You can literally do almost everything wit her (I would never hurt her so with anything I mean lifting and petting) and she won't care. If you lift her up she'll just go straight in your lap. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG TIH MY CAT?

  • Marybeth Kszystyniak-hamblen

    My cats...♡♡♡♡♡♡my persian has hyperesthia. Very sensitive to touch.

  • Thegemmanator Thegemmanator

    Why do people say that cats are scared of pickles

  • Sue T.
    Sue T. 11 days ago

    Jackson, you are cool. But you don't know my cats. And I am not a pussy around my cats.

  • Hexenkönigin von Angmar

    When we got our cat (Rag Doll ) from a shelter Kleo absolutely hated being brushed because no one ever brushed her in there, but since we managed to get out the knots she absolutely loved it. As soon as she hears the brush Kleopatra runs directly to the source of the sound :D

  • Maris
    Maris 12 days ago

    I tried to do the thing where i try to get her to guide me with my finger but she just licked my finger

  • CombatWombat
    CombatWombat 12 days ago

    My cat likes her belly rubbed like a dog XD

  • ghettowinnebago
    ghettowinnebago 12 days ago

    If Dave Grohl was bald...

  • AcidGamer111 ANIMATIONS

    My cat scratched me not because of attack because he was wrestling his sister and had his kitten claws out and ran on my leg and scratched me

  • Dangermuffinz
    Dangermuffinz 12 days ago


  • Green Whovian
    Green Whovian 12 days ago

    If your cat is inflating then you've got serious problems.

  • Freeze Haru
    Freeze Haru 12 days ago

    Translator: "Good PC Good PC Good PC"

  • edenprairiemgr edenprairiemgr

    You can't pet a cat wrong they will tell if they like it or not

  • Jazzy Rose Vlogs 13
    Jazzy Rose Vlogs 13 13 days ago +1


  • Erin S.
    Erin S. 13 days ago

    Jackson, serious question....have you ever run across a case feline syphilis that the cats behavior was affected?

  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 14 days ago

    What if your cat has no tail? How can you tell?

  • Silverfox Johnson
    Silverfox Johnson 14 days ago

    honestly I thought it was good to rub them, now I get why she starts to play and bite my fingers.

  • Caassiopeia
    Caassiopeia 14 days ago

    I have a cat who is basically a dog and wants petted all the time. It's actually kind of annoying lol.

  • Marian Tea
    Marian Tea 14 days ago

    This advice was like the Rosetta stone for reading cats. Thanks:) I'd always thought they had just random mood swings. :)

  • Christina Murphy
    Christina Murphy 15 days ago

    My cat was peting me

  • xPlantpoTx
    xPlantpoTx 15 days ago

    I got a kitten yesterday 7 weeks old. I went to bed and put him in a bed I made him and in the morning he woke me up and attacked my penis when I was sleeping... How can I stop that ??

  • Announcement Moose
    Announcement Moose 15 days ago

    I have a maine coone of 4 and when I put my hand anywhere near me he licks me , I think it might be because of the age that we got him at due to circumstances but I'm not sure as he occasionally bites me

  • Rose Msc
    Rose Msc 15 days ago

    I love my cat so goddamn much, so I pet her all the time. Thereof she fucking hates me.

  • Blackfell
    Blackfell 16 days ago

    I use the full-body hard pet as a way to get my kitty ready for play, for exactly the reasons Jackson talks about here. It's late at night after I've been at work all day, and I know Luna's in need of hunt/catch/kill, so, time to pump some energy into the little furball and make her want to play. A couple hard pets gets her charged up, then out comes the cat toys. 15 minutes or so later, after a happy murder session, Luna's all tired out.

  • Blacksaber Predator
    Blacksaber Predator 17 days ago

    My family are cat people as well

  • Clover Sparkle
    Clover Sparkle 17 days ago

    Sometimes my cat is a sleep on my bed, purring really loudly as I pet her, and suddenly she just opens her eyes and leaves. She never attacks me though.

  • 05tait
    05tait 17 days ago

    No wander your cat hates you have a look at yourself

  • MintyAG Studios
    MintyAG Studios 18 days ago

    My cat is just not affectionate! He never wants to sit with us. He is a loner cat.


    even if I love my cat, after a while I would transfer to one of my dogs

    xX JDOGGRULES2 Xx 18 days ago

    I love your show my cat from hell but my dad won't let me watch it cause he doesn't like it 😢

  • MaddV
    MaddV 18 days ago

    I can see this guy in a wheelchair in his future...for all the regrettable things he has done

  • that-lil-trans-boy
    that-lil-trans-boy 18 days ago

    anyone who disliked this video is probably an animal abuser :/

  • Habituated Abnormality

    dogs won't do this shit
    I'm getting a Corgi one day and selling my cats

  • Buster Nut
    Buster Nut 21 day ago

    My cat beat me up :(

  • Deai
    Deai 21 day ago

    My kitten gets w excited whenever I watch your videos especially the end when your in the car face.

  • cj0e
    cj0e 22 days ago

    Some cats enjoy an aggressive back scratch, some don't.  You need to be able to read a cat..  They have a lot to say if people will listen. I've only got eight at the moment, and they all have something different to say.

  • Nick Wang
    Nick Wang 22 days ago +1

    ur a nigger

  • NoseWagon
    NoseWagon 22 days ago

    Wow man those google images .png are so awesome and smooth!

  • Teresa Taranto
    Teresa Taranto 22 days ago

    I have a kitten named Charlie(3 months old) he is the sweetest thing energetic too and when i put him in my lap i take turns scratching his chin and head and he falls asleep...I have one question, am i strokeing Charlie right or should i change the way i'm doing it?

  • effbuds
    effbuds 23 days ago


  • Isabelle Fjeld
    Isabelle Fjeld 23 days ago

    I thought this was a video showing where all cats like to be petted or scratched, but no, this was much better than that. My cat for example loves bellyrubs, which not a lot of cats do, as well as gentle strokes on his paws.
    Already self taught about the "letting your cat pet you" technique! Awesome video.

  • Makeup Amazing?!
    Makeup Amazing?! 23 days ago

    Me and my cat are one. I have done more studying on cats then for school. FINALY SOMEONE ELSE GETS IT!!!

  • StarryKosmik
    StarryKosmik 23 days ago

    Is there a way to convey to a cat that physical interactions are pleasant? I have a cat who doesn't seem to like physical contact at all. She enjoys being out in the open and doesn't hide often (plus she loves being talked too and will even 'talk' back) even when we have guests but she wont's let anyone other then me, my mom, and my brother touch her and we can only touch her when shes half asleep on the couch. Id like to deepen my bond with her and show he its okay to be physically social.

  • EnderVolts
    EnderVolts 23 days ago

    My cat Maggie is weird. When I wake up and open my door all three of my cats walk in a greet me. But my cat greets me and walks away and apparently at 9:00 AM she doesn't really like being petted. 12:00 PM she hates being petted but loves to chase the laser and play fetch with a crinkly shiny ball i made and at 3:00PM She loves being petted and when I go to sleep my ctas jump onto my bed and sleep on my feet

  • Tim Baxter
    Tim Baxter 25 days ago

    nice background jam.. solid boogie woogie call it..hum it- "I'm a bad cat" ya.. ok I'll.. go play with my cat. : ) thx cat dude

  • Doberlady01 :3
    Doberlady01 :3 25 days ago

    there's no right way to let a cat nor dog

  • SamZarifYT
    SamZarifYT 25 days ago

    I am watching cat vids because I may have a severe eye infection right no way and I'm going to doctors soon

  • anaya mcfarlane
    anaya mcfarlane 25 days ago

    My cat from hell

  • pkmaniac
    pkmaniac 25 days ago

    This reminds me of petting Poogie in Monster Hunter

  • Eowyn Eadig
    Eowyn Eadig 26 days ago

    Everyone needs to search for a video called Pinky the Cat. It's a scream! The cat is furious, but someone pointed out in the comments on one copy of the video that the man was petting him like he was scrubbing a stain out of carpet.

  • Elite Noob
    Elite Noob 26 days ago


  • Jared
    Jared 26 days ago

    I was legit stroking my cat as you explained how they were getting overstimulated and I looked at my cat in horror.

  • Aileen Pidgeon
    Aileen Pidgeon 26 days ago

    I'm currently dealing with my roommate's 2mo old kitten. It's almost always playtime for him. He's a very sweet cat and he loves to cuddle and get belly rubs but, when it's playtime he'll bite and scratch. It's not out of aggression he's just practicing his hunting skills. Unfortunately, he was given away at only 4weeks and didn't have enough sibling bonding time.

  • Joe Shomo
    Joe Shomo 26 days ago

    i all ways pet my cat softly not hard

  • Greg Sherman
    Greg Sherman 27 days ago

    My cat prefers to be pet on the head but he never bites with petting it must very from cat to cat my cat only bites when he is playing

  • tall32guy
    tall32guy 27 days ago

    cute and amusing video. good to know how to pet kitty. :)

  • Sera Plaine
    Sera Plaine 27 days ago

    okay i've got a question. my 17 year old cat has always had this habit of going onto counters and desks and stuff and specifically pushing over things we find important. like models and stuff. why does he do this? we have always assumed he is mad about something. like we went camping or the dog got a treat or something. but i don't know for sure!

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