💥 World War 3 News Alert - Global Conflicts Spiraling Out of Control

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  • End Times News Report
    End Times News Report  3 months ago +15

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  • Pacific Angel
    Pacific Angel 2 months ago +1

    In such period of time where humanity is confronted again to the high risk of another worldwide war it is important to walk in the shoes of the opponent before taking any decision. Listening to others, remain flexible and have a great respect for anyone is perhaps the key to avoid war now and any war in future ! Everyone in their own part of this world deserves respects, love and peace. Let's all work to better understand each other. Give peace a chance before it is too late. Some of the money spent to build such huge weaponry could serve to promote peace rather than preparing wars.

  • Michael Bailey
    Michael Bailey 2 months ago

    Jake you are great man please stay true to your convictions , this channel is currently the best on Ytube . People need to wake up and seriously examine themselves in regards to our nation , we all play a role and hold a certain level of responsibility. Most people don't even know a fraction of the truth and are ignorant while others know some or more than enough yet remain passive , as if we fill there is no hope! Why is it that we feel that since of hopeless? How could we change things? What is our role and what could each one as individuals do to better our nation and to really make some type of impact?

  • james mackay
    james mackay 2 months ago

    I'm American and I am sick of the war crimes we are commiting .Iknew exactly when Trump flipped ,he should be arrested. I now support Mr Putin all the wayTurkey is not on the atlantic ocean ,ukrain is not on the atlantic ocean.Trump lied to AMERICA.HE IS A FRAUD!!!!!I WANT MY DONATION BACK CHUMPM ,I MEAN TRUMP...YOU ARE MUCH WORSE THAN OBOMBA.

  • dan hynes
    dan hynes 3 months ago

    excellent analysis Jake

  • Zaku II Zaki
    Zaku II Zaki 3 months ago

    Hopefully you can do a once a month broad strokes of global conflicts around the world. Thank you.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago +1

    I am new to this channel. That is the best analysis/summary of what's going on that I've heard thus far!!

  • just a fan of something

    RIP US

  • Kathleen Pimentel
    Kathleen Pimentel 3 months ago

    Shared gplus and yt playlist Winds of War.

  • Michael Guerra
    Michael Guerra 3 months ago

    I'm not a religious man but I think there was something to Nostradamus' predictions and the like.. Ever since I saw Man Who Saw Tomorrow as a child the subject fascinated me..

    There was also a book on him I read in the 90's stating Islam will spread through Europe in a couple decades which at the time I thought was ridiculous! It's so freaky people were convinced WWIII would happen in either the mid 80's or late 90's.. I suppose like in The Terminator series it wasn't cancelled only postponed.. I have a feeling Trump will do his best to keep us safe but after he leaves etc etc..

  • Brangur
    Brangur 3 months ago


  • Bright Beem
    Bright Beem 3 months ago

    why the Rusdian Dont shoot the Israel jet whit their famous s400 air defence system'??

    • End Times News Report
      End Times News Report  3 months ago

      I'm curious about that as well. Their S400 systems could take out any jet within seconds. I'm assuming they know that to attack Israel would start a war with the USA instantly.

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson 3 months ago +2

    it'd interesting to see what america would do if Russia began massing troops on their doorstep? America and Israel are going to end the world as we know it.

  • RW47
    RW47 3 months ago +1

    The Zionists profit off of this as well

  • Kushal Kumar
    Kushal Kumar 3 months ago

    News reports say that the beginning of first ever active direct involvement of US through air strikes in Syrian airbase on 6 April 2017 against Syrian forces , has obviously meant a policy change to one followed by former US President, Barack Obama. Focus seems to have shifted to Afghanistan also where US dropped most powerful non-nuclear bomb known as MOAB. North Korea is also in the limelight. The changed scenario , which came at a stage when Syrian forces are perceived or alleged to have used chemical weapons to suppress civilians, is being read by some to ask whether WW3 is coming . The question is found answered aptly and precisely in this Vedic astrology writer’s article - “ Astrological probable alerts for US in 2017” - submitted in September and published in December 2016 issue ofwisdom-magazine.com. While predicting that February-March and around in 2017 could bring to surface for US a kind of war or economic war upsetting policy makers and rulers alike, this advice was also given : “ Also , take more care while handling chemicals or nuclear energy” implying that take more care while handling or facing forces using or having potential to use chemicals or nuclear energy. The brief details brought here suggest that what was predicted by this writer in September last for US for February-March and around in 2017 has happened or taken shape on the ground. Further , this writer has also answered the obvious question whether the changed scenario suggests coming of WW3 in 2017. While dealing with another spell of major worrisome concern for US , that is , August-September in 2017 , it was predicted : “ Some active engagement in war or cyber war looks to be arising”. So this writer has reasonable apprehension that August-September has the likely planetary potential to trigger WW3 or in the alternative a widespread weather related disasters from sea like huge unprecedented storms and earthquakes in vulnerable regions of world plus conspiracies in power struggle to destabilize Governments , unusual racial or ethnic or communal tensions. It may be important to opine here that WW3 could trigger or erupt after an element of error in assessing the gravity of situation or conspiracy involved in anything agreed upon or some likely error in the perception of conveyed level of understanding among the parties to the war. So caution must be exercised in great depth required. Having said that , it may happen that extreme love of human beings for self can dominate paving way for patience and restraint between warring parties to stop short of WW3. Let it be known that these predictions are indicative of likely trends claiming neither determinism nor certainty because human effort and appropriate strategy has weight to overawe such trends generated by planetary impacts. Incidentally , readers wanting to read the article can do so by first reaching out the website of the article followed by a ticking on “ Articles Archives” and “ Heavens”.

  • John Everett
    John Everett 3 months ago +1

    great work jake

  • StinkyTofu
    StinkyTofu 3 months ago +4

    I wish N. Korea or Iran would drop a nuke on Israel.

  • shaun smit
    shaun smit 3 months ago

    Man that is a lot of research. Who in your eyes is a real threat to the home land of the USA, not including... Russia, China, or North Korea. C!A?

  • greenskeeper59
    greenskeeper59 3 months ago

    Excellent summarization.

  • Odd Gaston
    Odd Gaston 3 months ago

    Your doing great work Jake

  • Annalyn Sardan
    Annalyn Sardan 3 months ago +1

    Verry true

  • Goyim Troll
    Goyim Troll 3 months ago +2

    is it wouldn't be ww3.... I doubt Africa and South America would play a major role. it'd be middle East and Asia vs Europe and North America. with a few key country in those regions changing sides

  • liberate your mind Jankow
    liberate your mind Jankow 3 months ago +4

    This is the plan from the start ! We are all being played by the devil ! Hordes of chaos! Everyone against everyone! The antichrist is not just one person but, persons in our great Satin deep state!

  • passdasalt
    passdasalt 3 months ago +2

    Jake, you better start taking donations in the form of cans of baked beans.

    • Ray Forever
      Ray Forever Month ago

      Do you have a list of things you can share with us? I am interested in preparing, but still researching of things I need to gather.

    • End Times News Report
      End Times News Report  3 months ago

      Exactly. That's why I don't talk much about my emergency reserves in social media!

    • passdasalt
      passdasalt 3 months ago

      End Times News Report Wow that's impressive. Where on earth do you store all that food! No, seriously, where do you store it? I might need to know that address when the time comes. lol.

    • End Times News Report
      End Times News Report  3 months ago

      If people are willing to send them to me, I'll take them! But I can honestly say that I am very well prepared. I have enough food for my family for a full year. I'm prepped and ready to go. If I'm lucky, I'll never have to use any of it. But it gives me peace of mind knowing that if something bad does happen, I won't be out in the streets with a million unprepared zombies fighting for the last scrap of bread at the grocery store. Better to be prepared and not need it than the other way around.

  • geoharmonic
    geoharmonic 3 months ago +2

    Best news of this nightmare. It is clear and something which I can share with those in the dark or denial. Even my aging parents...

  • Rich Monk
    Rich Monk 3 months ago

    The Zionist Jew bankers are the foundation of the "Deep State". The Federal Reserve a central bank, started in 1913, owned and controlled by the Jewish organized crime syndicate can create trillions from thin air and bribe anyone to do their bidding all for the benefit of Israel and their "Greater Israel" project. Name the enemy of the World, it is the Jewish race and religion!

  • Bro G
    Bro G 3 months ago +2

    you really need your own radio station

  • roger Brownfield
    roger Brownfield 3 months ago +6

    currently the best news chanel on youtube. so many other channels lost their way.

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 3 months ago +3

    Good update and analysis. Very informative. Thx Jake

  • mele host
    mele host 3 months ago

    The question is which forces will god use to destroy Magog(Israel), and will it be in our lifetime.

  • melissa ridgeway
    melissa ridgeway 3 months ago +2

    check Scot Binsack's channel. Interesting info. Apparently Trump's impeachment is imminent. Assange worked with Russia and those agencies investigating Flynn have all sorts of info showing that Flynn's guilty.....Binsack's was a pretty strong Trump supporter. He was pretty adamant his informants haven't led him wrong so far. Do I believe him? I have to question because it blindsided me. So, would like your imput if you get a chance. Scary stuff.

  • Marc Edwards
    Marc Edwards 3 months ago

    It all seems out of control, however, the hand of protection from God is on the earth until the Revelation 12 sign. I can't explain this but Scottie Clarke here on you tube can explain what is coming. If you can get an interview with Scottie Clarke to spread this truth it would benefit all who are here.

  • moraki forever
    moraki forever 3 months ago +3

    u are absolutely accurate...may god help us..

  • Harry Kiralfy Broe
    Harry Kiralfy Broe 3 months ago +2

    Nice video.

  • Avaloniaz Nostical
    Avaloniaz Nostical 3 months ago

    Jake how about Countries in South East Asia and India-Pakistan?Since the line has been drawn.I wonder how Pakistan and India chooses which side in the conflict.In South China Sea we could see massive changes in countries foreign policy in choosing sides in the upcoming war.U.S. Allies include Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.China & Russian Allies could possibly be Myanmar, Laos, and VietnamNeutrals that can go either way would be Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia.Just my two cents, really. What is your opinion.

  • Miss Kathy
    Miss Kathy 3 months ago +2

    if obama is Sunni ( supposedly) and we are on Sunni side, Why did Obama make a bad deal with Shite Iran ??

  • DUH401
    DUH401 3 months ago +3

    You can't survive a nuclear war no matter how much you prepare!

  • Jesse Link Reporting
    Jesse Link Reporting 3 months ago +4

    draft at me all you want. I refuse to fight.

    • badboybootz8
      badboybootz8 3 months ago

      Jesse Link Reporting they can draft me but I will be high af the whole time

    • Jesse Link Reporting
      Jesse Link Reporting 3 months ago

      should get "f@#% you" tattooed on the blade of my right hand.... thatd stop me from being drafted right?

  • KorHi M
    KorHi M 3 months ago +2

    Very well put together!!

  • Jack Prince
    Jack Prince 3 months ago

    youtube Pentecost Rapture 2017 June 2 3 4th Look up! It is a Jubilee Year. The rocks are coming

  • Rolf Lagerquist
    Rolf Lagerquist 3 months ago

    Jake very good report. We are the axis of evil. There exists technology that can totally disable any of our military. Russia has demonstrated this both in the Black and Baltic Sea shutting down USS Donald Cook and lately taking out the NORAD system by Russian bomber entering close to our Alaskan airspace. Our jet interceptors could not leave ground after the first day as Russian bombers came withing forty miles. This happened three days in succession. My thought, Russia has Keshe technology as well as Iran making WW3 unlikely. All nuclear weapons have be neutralized by out of townee friends preventing annihilation of our planet.

  • Derplet
    Derplet 3 months ago

    I'm prepared, thanks etnr, your channel is great!

  • Free That's funny
    Free That's funny 3 months ago +2

    Oh what a tangle web we weave when at first we practice to deceive!

    PAUL TENDO 3 months ago +2

    The longer Russia ,China; Iran and the world waits , the situation gets more dangerous. Stop world control

  • jamil Alkhoury
    jamil Alkhoury 3 months ago +2

    Excellent work Jake! Keep it up..

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 3 months ago +3

    You're knocking it out of the park this week Jake. Another awesome vid. Thanks very much.

  • Stacking9mm
    Stacking9mm 3 months ago +2

    Excellent Report! I'll be sharing it.

  • Kaloora Jenkins
    Kaloora Jenkins 3 months ago

    sounds like ouroboros.

  • SGTreport
    SGTreport 3 months ago +27

    Another outstanding report, excellent work. Support Jake, like we do:

  • williamwallace1307
    williamwallace1307 3 months ago

    It's high time that the terrorist state of Israel be brought in for justice for it's crimes against on all of humanity across the globe.

  • Suzie Q
    Suzie Q 3 months ago +1

    When I saw the amputations. of victims is suspected Islam.

  • Bizzare77777
    Bizzare77777 3 months ago +2

    Very good video!!!!

  • Nigel St.Pierre
    Nigel St.Pierre 3 months ago +41

    Jake, I thoroughly enjoy your content. I recently unsubscribed from many other channels because they pushed right wing "we're right, leftists are crazy" lines every minute and that both distracts from the story and leads to division.

    Your reporting is open minded and you FACT CHECK - keep up the great work, I always look forward to your next video. God bless.

    • Ben Joseph
      Ben Joseph 2 months ago


      Poor Gary Franchi...he lives in that... God is for Trump fantasy world.

    • Ben Joseph
      Ben Joseph 2 months ago

      Ditto Jake!

    • toughmunths
      toughmunths 3 months ago

      Nigel St.pierre Is one of the channel the next news network?

  • thisis crazy
    thisis crazy 3 months ago +1


  • Catharsis The Antidote
    Catharsis The Antidote 3 months ago +2

    wow... Thank you Jake...

  • Tim Jr
    Tim Jr 3 months ago +12

    we would b up to world war 36789 if Everytime someone said ww3 was on it was.
    "wars and rumors of wars".
    trust me u will know when ww3 is on... because your power will be off!

    • Ben Joseph
      Ben Joseph 2 months ago

      But a major lengthy power grid fail would cost as many lives as a literal world war...and either means would satisfy the depopulation global agendists.

    • abid borkot
      abid borkot 3 months ago

      mike larochelle No, it will be over because you are already dead the instant it started.

    • coojsta69
      coojsta69 3 months ago

      Tim Jr
      history simplified..for the purpose of future generations to understand what happened to their future and who was responsible .
      1 both world wars were used to create Israel.
      2 America and USSR were used to force globalism and get rid of Israel's regional enemies.
      3 once Iran is taken down then America will be thrown under the bus.
      4 china and russia have been set up to ride out the ecconomic depression then be the next world police and enforce communism under the banner of democracy .
      5 the UN and league of nations before it was also created by the same people so do not expect international help especially after allowing the government to bomb around the world and everyone blames and hates America for this reason only.
      6 the expansion program of the British Empire was taken down to build the militant empire of America, the militant American empire will be taken down to bring in the political empire of China and Russia .
      7 freemasonry and zionism have been working together longer than you can imagine .
      8 America was the last chance for humanity and was warned multiple times and had a chance at freedom multiple times .
      9 America has been plundered, entertained and used until the end.
      10 the synagogue of satan has started to grip it's hold and blood will flow .
      11 the man standing next to you was never you're enemy.
      12 prepare for survival pray for savior.
      Albert pike has a statue that still stands for a reason.
      that reason is closed eyes and shut mouths.
      to look and talk about truth has already become illegal for the broadcasters of normality and the halls of power.
      The masses are subdued and the statue still remains unmolested.

    • mike larochelle
      mike larochelle 3 months ago

      and it will be over before you even know about it

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