Future - Used to This ft. Drake

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    "Used To This" feat. Drake available at:
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  • Runtime: 3:50
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  • Alex Ruben
    Alex Ruben 4 hours ago

    yo hmu😌

  • Lukman Abdi
    Lukman Abdi 6 hours ago


  • jazmin rodriguez
    jazmin rodriguez 10 hours ago

    Arriba Mexico Cabrones 🇲🇽🤘🏼❤

  • Xxmolafor Dayzxx
    Xxmolafor Dayzxx 22 hours ago

    Me for Mexico

  • visbal sean
    visbal sean 23 hours ago

    Drake lookin like Jason Kidd

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony 23 hours ago +1

    Who else got a boner watching this 💀💀

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 1 day ago

    i just rewatch for the hot video😂

  • L U K €
    L U K € 1 day ago

    if you like drakes music check me out....promise you wont regret it!! https://soundcloud.com/lukeforreal/no-time-1

  • Rea Postell
    Rea Postell 1 day ago

    am i the only one that thinks drake isnt cute

  • Grim Sniper
    Grim Sniper 1 day ago

    I wish you could upload memes but this is 🏆🏆🥇🔒🔥

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 1 day ago

    Song is lit

  • Shange Bang
    Shange Bang 1 day ago

    Drake is the best. Saint Louis said it fool!

  • LucidDreeaaming
    LucidDreeaaming 1 day ago

    you think anybody in this video has herpes like Usher?

  • Chris Ramirez
    Chris Ramirez 1 day ago

    It's just me or doesn't anyone else notice that they are walking on an upside down cross I've seen this video soo many times and I just noticed it till now

  • Desmond Mkhize
    Desmond Mkhize 1 day ago

    this track cant start the day without playing it before i live the house

  • Karla Espino
    Karla Espino 1 day ago +1

    Yayy Drake with Mexico love u bro

  • Robert Leflore
    Robert Leflore 1 day ago +1

    Can't understand what future is saying but I'm used to this.

  • SmashVEVO
    SmashVEVO 1 day ago

    100m views mhh

  • Daniel Rodríguez
    Daniel Rodríguez 2 days ago

  • Art Trombley
    Art Trombley 2 days ago

    Does anyone do this song in English ?.

  • Lynette Newby
    Lynette Newby 2 days ago


  • Alex Wan
    Alex Wan 2 days ago

    ima make sure that we get huge titties

  • Skye Saunders
    Skye Saunders 2 days ago


  • edward perry
    edward perry 2 days ago

    I wanna play this song when I get rich

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez 2 days ago


  • Latrice Chavis
    Latrice Chavis 3 days ago


  • Andre Scott
    Andre Scott 3 days ago

    this song is lit

  • SNAPShots by Patrick J. Whitfield

    I Think That This Playlist Is A Little Bias, There Is No Drake But Yettttttt

    KAMBUVU ROCKS 3 days ago

    Brazilians getting attention from the comment section iam used to this...

  • last princess
    last princess 3 days ago +1

    drake makes the song better

  • PeteyLeeTV
    PeteyLeeTV 4 days ago

    Future really gives us soul music whenever he be trapping and I love it. Check out my "Mask Off" rendition, hope I did the original justice. Represent!

  • Molly Poppins
    Molly Poppins 4 days ago


  • Extreme Gaming
    Extreme Gaming 4 days ago

    Future ain't even coaching his team

  • Essie E
    Essie E 4 days ago

    Why does this sound like IceJJFish?

  • Esggar Reyes
    Esggar Reyes 4 days ago

    Why dose future have a fake jersey 😂😂 can he not afford a real one like drake

  • Jirawat Prapasuchart

    understand no shit but New Z tyyyyyy lol

  • Candace Bedell
    Candace Bedell 5 days ago

    my dad looks like you drake

  • Nathan Craig
    Nathan Craig 5 days ago


  • Ms,R pongyan P
    Ms,R pongyan P 5 days ago

    I showed my cousin he said he wish he waz Mexican so he can play soccer he sucks at it like hell

  • Arrif.
    Arrif. 5 days ago +1


  • ariel sanchez
    ariel sanchez 5 days ago

    sudacas muriendose de envidia :v

  • Hailey Williams
    Hailey Williams 5 days ago +1

    idk y but i want this song at my funeral

  • Dimitrije Mikovic
    Dimitrije Mikovic 5 days ago

    WE HIT 100MIL

  • Fifa17 Brandon
    Fifa17 Brandon 5 days ago

    can someone answer me this, *what is he used to?*

  • FRESH™
    FRESH™ 5 days ago


  • Kyle Rudman
    Kyle Rudman 5 days ago

    One of my life goals is to have a beer with Drake.

  • Rawz
    Rawz 5 days ago

    Trump Wya?

  • Max Gillum
    Max Gillum 6 days ago

    100000000 views wow

  • HaloBoy11782
    HaloBoy11782 6 days ago

    Are those his chains in the background?

  • Jose Argumedo
    Jose Argumedo 6 days ago

    future is so shit as a singer seriously man what a shitty song

  • fnzaif
    fnzaif 6 days ago

    sliding into those dm's im so used to this

  • Techno Whiz
    Techno Whiz 6 days ago

    Who Fking where a Jordan shirt on a Soccer Field >:(

  • Dank King
    Dank King 6 days ago

    drake lourd here men sht sht my n!!

  • PacificHD
    PacificHD 7 days ago +1

    0:40 thank me later

  • Treyvon Thomas
    Treyvon Thomas 7 days ago

    Most of those girls I'll smash

  • montel ford
    montel ford 7 days ago +1

    who's here before 1 billion

  • Arsenio Pyatt
    Arsenio Pyatt 7 days ago

    sadly im used to my people idolizing grown men who act like they 16 and say the same thing for 8 years straight, cant perform live, talk crap about how you live and how broke you are every song and your 2 dumb 2 see it... then you give them your money.

  • Sanjeev Ramdass
    Sanjeev Ramdass 7 days ago


  • Sanjeev Ramdass
    Sanjeev Ramdass 7 days ago


  • Max Sharpe
    Max Sharpe 7 days ago +1

    Mumble rapping I'm so used to this!!!!

  • bhamo d
    bhamo d 8 days ago

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  • Jesus Sim
    Jesus Sim 8 days ago

    Love you all familys

  • Jesse Chingon
    Jesse Chingon 8 days ago



  • He Got Game kev savage

    this is having me shook com on guys get this to 100 m views

  • Meta Man
    Meta Man 8 days ago

    My guillotine, drank promethazine
    TEC and beams, go to those extremes
    Parliament, calamari Wednesday
    Parlay in Vegas, we was in attendance

  • Andres Garrido
    Andres Garrido 8 days ago

    this you called rap? you must to listen spanish rap

  • imtoo drippy
    imtoo drippy 8 days ago

    Is drake your Brother

  • Trumby
    Trumby 8 days ago

    lit here before 100 mil

  • Lakisha Handfore
    Lakisha Handfore 8 days ago

    i 💝 this song

  • ansu amos
    ansu amos 8 days ago

    no one looks surprise coz I'm used to this

  • Malick Ndiaye
    Malick Ndiaye 9 days ago


  • tre da jugga
    tre da jugga 9 days ago

    come check a real nigga page out. got that new sound for ya 🎶💯 dont sleep on me

  • Amine Harchi
    Amine Harchi 9 days ago

    Sa 2. Que

  • Rye Rose
    Rye Rose 9 days ago


  • Benjamin .Amaya
    Benjamin .Amaya 9 days ago +1

    why future gotta make this song bruh, we now got potato shaped Latinas pretending they fine and posting a selfie with this shit

  • Prince Holiday
    Prince Holiday 9 days ago +1

    put migos insted of drake

  • Maher Majed
    Maher Majed 9 days ago

    l love you drake

  • Martha Frausto
    Martha Frausto 9 days ago

    this song is wack

  • Eshtiaq Ahsan
    Eshtiaq Ahsan 10 days ago

    the Base on this song is the best

  • Ayoo Agoo
    Ayoo Agoo 10 days ago +1

    can we all acknowlage that when drake says "then tell me who deserve it" the beat gets fucking raped !!

  • guillermo luna
    guillermo luna 10 days ago

    viva Donald Trump he's going to get used to this 😂😂😂

  • Diarra Ibrehime
    Diarra Ibrehime 10 days ago


  • Diarra Ibrehime
    Diarra Ibrehime 10 days ago


  • Temiloluwa Shoniregun
    Temiloluwa Shoniregun 10 days ago

    This song is tight tho

  • Temiloluwa Shoniregun
    Temiloluwa Shoniregun 10 days ago


  • kiki hi
    kiki hi 10 days ago

    I bet you $2,000 the girls in this video don't even know how to play soccer

  • Razze - Gaming
    Razze - Gaming 10 days ago

    @whlei is their holding the mexican flag in the ending

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant 10 days ago


  • Jeremy Yoga
    Jeremy Yoga 10 days ago

    What does future say ?

  • Ain't Sean DaGreat
    Ain't Sean DaGreat 10 days ago

    Like the video future about ⚽️

  • Marie Parrow
    Marie Parrow 10 days ago

    💘 them, Im so use to this..

  • geemo ceemo
    geemo ceemo 10 days ago

    Drakes bitxh ass low key killed it💯💯

  • Empress Lee
    Empress Lee 10 days ago

    Love this song! ❤️

  • Orlando Blanco
    Orlando Blanco 11 days ago +2

    Arriba Mexico 🇲🇽 vergas

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 11 days ago

    Future Drake 21 savage would make a catchy song

  • Slimon Wahid
    Slimon Wahid 11 days ago

    best song ever

  • Eros Gael Garcia Mendez

    lil wayne?

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