Celebrity Family Feud: Super Bowl Edition - SNL

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  • Nolan Martin
    Nolan Martin 1 hour ago

    Holy shit Kristen Stewart actually cracked a smile

  • SugsGaming
    SugsGaming 7 hours ago

    Leslie Jones is honestly the 🐐

  • Maddie Weisblatt
    Maddie Weisblatt 11 hours ago

    Cheesy fajiddls 😂😂😂

  • lisa hayes
    lisa hayes 1 day ago

    OMG Leslie Jones is hilarious!

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone 1 day ago

    u didn't cut the sleeves off the hoodie for bill belichick

  • Danutzz
    Danutzz 2 days ago

    Still better love story than twilight.

  • RexLock -
    RexLock - 2 days ago

    2:44 is so funny

  • Scott Ball
    Scott Ball 3 days ago

    That Casey Affleck impression was hilarious.

  • TheBoondoggler
    TheBoondoggler 4 days ago


  • Shadow King
    Shadow King 4 days ago

    If you took the real Steve Harvey and the fake one at a certain distance, you could not tell which one was which.

    • Shadow King
      Shadow King 4 days ago

      The only thing that would set them apart is their voice. If they started shouting about some stupid answers from the questions the contestants where asked, you'd know the difference.

  • Tommy Hareford
    Tommy Hareford 4 days ago

    She makes a terrible Samuel L. Jackson

  • Turtles Run
    Turtles Run 4 days ago

    I cannot stop looking at Kirsten Stewart's legs. Dang she got hot as hell.

  • Nabob Nabob
    Nabob Nabob 5 days ago

    Wow - do Americans actually watch this shit? Nothing remotely funny happened.

  • Spencer Reynolds
    Spencer Reynolds 5 days ago

    30 second ad...

  • Lena Stearnes
    Lena Stearnes 5 days ago

    I love Samuel L Jackson,Leslie nailed it

  • Brando Garrett
    Brando Garrett 6 days ago +1

    5:17 the lady cant even hold a straight face hahahahahaha

  • Elizabeth Bennet
    Elizabeth Bennet 6 days ago

    Hey look, two of my favorite lesbians sharing the same podium!

  • jn
    jn 7 days ago

    how is this funny, fucking hunger games society of brain dead human waste

  • Don Carbon
    Don Carbon 7 days ago

    damn Kristin Stewart is gorgeous

  • notma reelnam
    notma reelnam 7 days ago

    Belichick with the swiping right, lmao

  • Liam Carmody
    Liam Carmody 7 days ago

    It's about time we got these mothaflippin falcons in the mothaflippin superbowl

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 9 days ago

    Goddamn Kristen Stewart is fine as hell. Dem legs.

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 9 days ago

    I don't know half the celebrities, but the ones I do recognize are pretty funny!
    Everyone, please watch my tiny nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  • Terese Durand
    Terese Durand 9 days ago

    Was he wearing three shirts?

  • Chester P. Stubblesworth

    Belichicks laugh 😂

  • Rob Hansen
    Rob Hansen 11 days ago

    that casey Affleck is spot on

  • J C
    J C 13 days ago

    Kirsten Stuart is super hott...

  • Orn Gorn
    Orn Gorn 13 days ago

    Kristen Stewart is rocking that dress with those gorgeous legs. I may have to become a fan.

  • Luna the Therian
    Luna the Therian 13 days ago

    5:12 Leslie Jones breaks character. And Kate, WHY DID YOU DO THAT! I LOVE JUST AND I'M SO MAD!

  • Nate Kyng
    Nate Kyng 14 days ago

    *During 3rd Quarter* Patriots have a chance to steal a win here, so be careful, Atlanta.

    lol Oops! #BlitzForSix, bitches!

  • Cis Staright White MeatEating Male Shitlord

    Kristen stweart has more expressions in this one skit than in all of her fucking movies

  • eLem3nT
    eLem3nT 15 days ago

    Lady Gaga xD

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 15 days ago +1

    It don't look like Justin beiber or lady Gaga

  • Zella The Random Fandoms Girl

    "Cheesy Fajitles" I'M DYING

  • bobby bousche'
    bobby bousche' 16 days ago

    this used to be funny 30 years ago

  • Tequoia Boyd
    Tequoia Boyd 17 days ago


  • Jennifer Webb
    Jennifer Webb 18 days ago

    "show me galoshes and capers!!" lol!

  • thwip71
    thwip71 18 days ago

    Thumbs up if you remember back when the SNL cast actually had talent.

  • ZJ
    ZJ 18 days ago

    Bill has 5 super bowl rings you dumbasses

  • peoplevsradio317
    peoplevsradio317 19 days ago

    samuel l was terrible

  • Tiffany Francis
    Tiffany Francis 20 days ago

    I love how they left a little bit of his side burns

  • Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark 20 days ago

    Had no idea Kristen was that hot.

  • handstrong5
    handstrong5 20 days ago

    Never found Kirstin Stewart sexy until this skit. Wow!

  • Nathan Garratt
    Nathan Garratt 20 days ago

    If SNL does another CFF they should invite the real Steve Harvey.

  • Manel Martin
    Manel Martin 21 day ago

    Die analyze barn pick wander genius follow politician sexually.

  • Zella The Random Fandoms Girl

    I freaked out and started laughing so hard when I saw Lady Gaga because I am a superfan lol

  • Grumpy Grilled Cheese

    Kristen needs to always dress this way. Sometimes forget she's a smoking hot chick under all that feminism.

  • CockStirredMartini
    CockStirredMartini 22 days ago

    are we sure the patriots didn't cheat

  • Larry Godinez
    Larry Godinez 22 days ago


  • jutting Forrest
    jutting Forrest 22 days ago

    this was horribly unfunny.

  • Natalie Stone
    Natalie Stone 23 days ago

    everyone's talking about how hot Kristen Stewart is but let's talk about her stellar accent? wow!

  • War Hammer
    War Hammer 23 days ago

    Eddie Murphy we need you .
    Now more than ever we need you .
    Snl is on life support and there about to pull the plug .

  • Hi, welcome to Chili's

    Aidy Bryant makes Paula Deen more interesting 😂😂

  • Zoukon101
    Zoukon101 24 days ago

    Steve: "A multimillionaire dressed like a seven year old boy." "You won like 6 Super Bowls."

  • Maxi Millian
    Maxi Millian 24 days ago

    Damn, Kristen!

  • Ludvig Danielsen
    Ludvig Danielsen 26 days ago

    ill container stuff anywhere mainstream moreover jazz dead evaluate.

  • Ev Taylor
    Ev Taylor 26 days ago

    Kate is sporting some Holtzmann hair as JB 😍😂

  • iamextremest
    iamextremest 26 days ago

    Thats the only time ive thought Kristen Stewart was pretty. She looked amazing, and those legs! Its a shame shes always moping around and looking like a hobo.

  • Leah Kartsonakis
    Leah Kartsonakis 27 days ago

    Kristen sounds so much like Sofia vergara

  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez 27 days ago +1

    those legs

  • Alexander von Wahlberg

    Pause at 1:37 for soul-eating stare

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 28 days ago

    Leslie Jones is funny!!!

  • Shadey Lady
    Shadey Lady 28 days ago

    Leslie Jones killed me.

  • Barry Monroy
    Barry Monroy 28 days ago

    Kristin Steward looks so sexy. I don't think I've ever seen her like this.

  • jerry brassfield
    jerry brassfield 1 month ago

    with the other than the new York city and then I have to be he was the in this message email is the not sure be a in a this is email

  • Jeremy Young
    Jeremy Young 1 month ago +1

    Kristen Stewart tho! SEXII AS SIN!!!!!!

  • BOGY33
    BOGY33 1 month ago +1

    Stewart is fucking hot as hell - so sexy and slutty looking in that dress - wonder if she was wearing anything underneath - hard now

    FUTURE YOU TUBE CELEB 1 month ago

    *Great imitations of Justin Bieber and Samuel Jackson.*

  • MV31313
    MV31313 1 month ago

    whos plays steve harvey?

  • ril's and friends
    ril's and friends 1 month ago +1

    I love when Leslie Jones breaks character 😂😁❤

  • Mixer 4life
    Mixer 4life 1 month ago

    Kristen Stewart looks fine

  • Gavin White
    Gavin White 1 month ago

    I don't like Roger

  • Billy Cliver
    Billy Cliver 1 month ago +1

    "But uh when I do party I'ma bring my signature cocktail." "Ok show me juicebox" 😂

  • Billy Cliver
    Billy Cliver 1 month ago +1

    "Why do I got to bring something? You invited me, that's a stupid ass question and I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!"-"Samuel L. Jackson" 😂

  • belledejour
    belledejour 1 month ago

    casey affleck impression was good too actually

  • JosephandElissa Flores

    Those legs.

  • effinghamhick
    effinghamhick 1 month ago

    Kristen can look that hot, but goes around most days looking like a hobo.... absolutely criminal.

  • André Travanca
    André Travanca 1 month ago

    they shouldn't have kristen trying to speak portuguese. a bad english accent was more than sufficient to convey the joke

  • Alexander Hyde
    Alexander Hyde 1 month ago

    kristen stewart is too hot to look at

  • Jake Mawachamacallit
    Jake Mawachamacallit 1 month ago

    Falcons blew a 3-28 lead

  • Im Tylito
    Im Tylito 1 month ago

    should of actually got steve harvey for this lol

  • Daniela Ryan
    Daniela Ryan 1 month ago

    Kate McKinnon is outstanding at playing Justin Bieber

  • Iam Hudsdent
    Iam Hudsdent 1 month ago

    People don't really do impressions anymore, not much talent, they don't even act like the celebrities they are imitating, and SNL isn't funny.

  • Christopher Salankey
    Christopher Salankey 1 month ago

    I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Kristen Stewart put on a good performance. Not to mention that she looks hotter than hell in that little black number.

  • coderedgonebadd
    coderedgonebadd 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who can't stand Kenan? He's not funny....just awful. And he over does everything. :/

  • The Dude
    The Dude 1 month ago

    this shows how weak a cast SNL has

  • Wavy Dave
    Wavy Dave 1 month ago

    thats a stupid ass question and I hope you burn in hell

  • Laurie Elizabeth
    Laurie Elizabeth 1 month ago

    Kristen steward just needs to hurry and be my wife .. damn girl 😍

  • Dez Nuz
    Dez Nuz 1 month ago +1

    that ain't justin Bieber that's Miley Cyrus lol

  • AJ Hair styles
    AJ Hair styles 1 month ago

    Yes, the actor playing as TBs wife is hot, but 98% of all of these comments are that! Talk about the skit

  • al perez
    al perez 1 month ago


  • Pete Zahjutt
    Pete Zahjutt 1 month ago

    fuck, Kristen looks incredibly hot!

  • Shane Meritt
    Shane Meritt 1 month ago

    Kate McKinnon's Bieber is dead on. And so is Leslie Jones' Samuel L Jackson.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 1 month ago

    that actress looks so hot as ...

  • Cod game plays 22
    Cod game plays 22 1 month ago

    You guys should of took away two of the falcon players after the second half

  • Our Homeiscool
    Our Homeiscool 1 month ago

    Ouch! Such a BAD pronunciation Kristen! Goodness! 😳

  • Maria Pasca
    Maria Pasca 1 month ago

    Nobody commenting about Leslie breaking character at 5:00, daaamn, that's when I've lost it completely =)))

  • Christopher Salankey
    Christopher Salankey 1 month ago

    This could have been Kristen Stewarts best overall performance.

  • Anita Ramirez
    Anita Ramirez 1 month ago

    Hahahaha 😄

  • Freed X
    Freed X 1 month ago

    I Soooooo Love Kate McKinnon on SNL, especially when she plays Donald Trump's assistant.

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