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  • Mark and Ken review the new footage from THE LAST JEDI!

    Check out their STARDUST reaction:

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    THE ROAD WARRIOR 7 days ago

    This movie is looking worse the closer we get, my money is on blade runner.

      THE ROAD WARRIOR 7 days ago

      Well apart from luke it is bland and not really knocking my socks off

    • The Last Jedi
      The Last Jedi 7 days ago

      THE ROAD WARRIOR What looks bad about it?

  • Tracy Hutchings
    Tracy Hutchings 7 days ago

    it's just like Force Awakens, we know (we know) that there will be no new trailers till September or so. I'm thrilled with any news or bts featurettes till then.

  • Wicked
    Wicked 8 days ago

    The music was brilliant during that clip.

  • Fun Guy
    Fun Guy 8 days ago

    Not a fan of the hard left and right panned audio ... especially when it is inverted like this. I could hardly hear Mark Ellis, because I have hearing loss in my right ear.

  • Eric Warner
    Eric Warner 8 days ago

    I love this behind the scenes featurette. This movie is going to be amazing.

  • Zahaan Hoosein
    Zahaan Hoosein 8 days ago

    Is it possible for the LION KING FOOTAGE TO BE LEAKED??

  • Cazzy junk
    Cazzy junk 8 days ago

    Ryan looking over snoke @ 00:33?

  • Sergio Anoba
    Sergio Anoba 8 days ago

    Furious wars 8: The last family

  • Daniel Risen
    Daniel Risen 8 days ago

    So much for Alicia Malone saying "I KNOW PEOPLE MAKING THE NEXT STANDALONE ITS GONNA BE ANNOUNCED" yeah okay. All in all happy with the behind the scenes

  • Bryce Fryar
    Bryce Fryar 8 days ago +3

    Meh...meh...and triple meh.....   That didn't do a thing to get me excited about the movie.   Nada...   They are gonna need MUCH more to win back my interest after TFA....

  • Peaceful Dude8503
    Peaceful Dude8503 8 days ago

    Can't wait, to see it. I hope Luke is a total powerful badass in this movie

  • lady09giggles
    lady09giggles 8 days ago

    The footage looked like the fights are going to be epic.

  • Martin Bridger
    Martin Bridger 8 days ago

    Water scenes are making a comeback

  • grunntalll
    grunntalll 8 days ago

    This sounds like cancer

  • ThatNerdDylan
    ThatNerdDylan 8 days ago

    someone forgot to to even the sound channels in post. Ellis & Ken are coming in separate ears..

  • Andrew Oransky
    Andrew Oransky 8 days ago

    Knights of Ren Fight!!!

  • Michael Lively
    Michael Lively 9 days ago

    I'm so glad D23 let the scissor real on the internet. It gets me hyped all the more for The Last Jedi and I want to know who are those goons gaining up on Ray and will Luke help her out. ONLY 5 MONTHS TO GO!

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford 9 days ago +2

    I love Star Wars

  • mrpixelptlk
    mrpixelptlk 9 days ago +5

    if Collider ends up going to the Episode 8 premiere... my boy Nap-SOCKem better be first in line to walk through the door.


  • Bec Caldwell
    Bec Caldwell 9 days ago +1

    Mark I want your tshirt

  • Psychoclaw
    Psychoclaw 9 days ago +2

    Oh my god, I love your shirt Mark. <3

  • MrShado
    MrShado 9 days ago +1

    Didn't even recognize Ken out the Searsucker Shirt & Tie. Thanks for the update guys.

  • Nat Soti
    Nat Soti 9 days ago +2

    Is ken pulling a Kristian by not looking at the camera?

  • Brett Cruise
    Brett Cruise 9 days ago

    This No Announcement of a Kenobi movie means to me that none of these assholes know a fucking thing about what Lucas Film has planned. Every You Tube Star Wars "Expert" or Jerk has all but promised this announcement since it didn't materialize during Celebration. No one wanted Han Solo movie and no one wants a Boba Fett movie. I guess I'll stop crying and watch something with integrity.

  • erazorCTF
    erazorCTF 9 days ago

    yer, sound channels swapped :)

  • The Comic Coalition
    The Comic Coalition 9 days ago +3

    Snoke is Yodas Brother

  • Jay reyes
    Jay reyes 9 days ago +1

    No trailer is incredibly disappointing. What are they waiting for?

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 9 days ago +20

    The featurette itself was just amazing. It felt epic and the use of practical effects for Episode 8 looks really great. Even the creature effects and the creature themselves look amazing.

  • Jeff Duarte
    Jeff Duarte 9 days ago

    So far so good.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 9 days ago +2

    Absolutely ecstatic about this movie!!!!!!

  • Kadafi69
    Kadafi69 9 days ago

    STILL with the shitty volume difference between the mics. I cant deal.

  • Danno1932
    Danno1932 9 days ago +5

    Looks like a boring D23. No stand-alone announcement of Han Solo title. Crappy behind the scenes footage. Bunch of pixar sequel crap. Probably nothing from marvel either.

    • mk6rfc1
      mk6rfc1 7 days ago

      +Not Jack Douglass that only people who at D23 could see...

    • Not Jack Douglass
      Not Jack Douglass 8 days ago

      Danno1932 Right, only the best trailer in the universe, but nothing special...

  • Logan Gran Cappello
    Logan Gran Cappello 9 days ago +8

    Is there a way to see the panel?

    • George
      George 9 days ago

      Logan Gran Cappello try flicks and the city tomorrow morning they uploaded a few animation panels so maybe these ones too

  • David Land
    David Land 9 days ago +1

    I'd rate this footage an 8/10

  • pvthitch
    pvthitch 9 days ago +7

    Laura Dern! I'm sold!

    • Mike the bike
      Mike the bike 8 days ago

      pvthitch The Dinosaurs were too much for her....
      So she moved to a galaxy far far away

      Filled with giant alien creatures 😗

  • Kal El
    Kal El 9 days ago +5

    after infinity war nothing else matters

  • Francisco Durán
    Francisco Durán 9 days ago +26

    Los Jedis Ultimos.

  • The Bacons
    The Bacons 9 days ago +22

    I've got a good feeling about this

  • NikstSWE
    NikstSWE 9 days ago +92

    Ellis on the left, his voice coming from the right. Ken on the right, his voice coming from the left. Seems right...

    • My Cabbages!
      My Cabbages! 9 days ago

      Thanks for the heads up. I flipped my ear buds as I started the vid.

    • YoseMiteEmery
      YoseMiteEmery 9 days ago

      NikstSWE you're right, it's switched for me too (listening in my car)

    • NikstSWE
      NikstSWE 9 days ago

      @Mike, using actual speakers, seems a little bit of a hassle to flip them to opposite ends =P

    • Mike Stark
      Mike Stark 9 days ago

      Try flipping your headphones. Trust me: IT WORKS!

    • Andrew Morris
      Andrew Morris 9 days ago

      The cameraman does seem to have started drinking early.

  • Colton G
    Colton G 9 days ago +42

    So they release this, but they can't release the Infinity War footage? WHY DISNEY!??

    • mk6rfc1
      mk6rfc1 7 days ago

      They won't show it till before Thor ragnarok comes out and even then it won't be the same footage cos apparently the d23 footage was longer than a normal first trailer that gets released to the public

    • Sauron Merciful
      Sauron Merciful 7 days ago

      Colton G perhaps because the last Jedi comes out this December and infinity wars not until 2018.!!!!

    • telademise
      telademise 9 days ago

      Marvel rarely ever release things shown at cons to the public.

    • Greg Trotter
      Greg Trotter 9 days ago

      Star Wars: The Last Jedi is also coming out this year and Infinity War is next year. There is also Comic Con.

    • Jeremy Miller
      Jeremy Miller 9 days ago

      Saving it for comic con probably

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