Post Malone - White Iverson

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  • jjwelch22
    jjwelch22 29 minutes ago

    Roast malone

  • Angry Peach
    Angry Peach 31 minute ago

    Post is so adorable to me, Honestly.

  • Sam Carberry
    Sam Carberry 48 minutes ago

    post malone looks like the kind of guy to ask if you want free candy

  • russian_ hitman
    russian_ hitman 57 minutes ago

    white on the ouside yet black on the inside

  • Radius
    Radius Hour ago +1

    This nibba thinks he's from the hood

  • Jackson
    Jackson Hour ago

    This world needs more people like Post

  • Jeremie Tristan Tanzon


  • Simone Wade
    Simone Wade Hour ago

    Just now hearing the song damn I love it

  • Lance Miller
    Lance Miller Hour ago

    Best song ever ge

  • anonymous ,
    anonymous , Hour ago


  • sadboys 1994
    sadboys 1994 2 hours ago

    Toast malone is lit

    GHOST BF 2 hours ago

    Wtf .. why all the comments is all
    Post Malone is like .........
    Post Malone is like .........
    Post Malone is like .........
    Post Malone is like .........

  • Voiz Gaming
    Voiz Gaming 3 hours ago

    WHITE iVERS*I*ON (of kendrick lamar)

  • oelriautsdrschools
    oelriautsdrschools 3 hours ago

    He's not cute, but he isn't ugly either 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Yoda
      Yoda 2 hours ago

      He's cool

  • MrTony 1893
    MrTony 1893 3 hours ago

    Post malone More Like Toaster Malone

  • Shutter Island 1893
    Shutter Island 1893 4 hours ago +2

    I don't really know how I just found this song like 2 months ago. Man this is so dope O_o
    I feel like I was living under a rock haha

  • Sarah Montano
    Sarah Montano 4 hours ago



    Post Malone is the type to join my Nigger Killing community.

  • Sarah Montano
    Sarah Montano 5 hours ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Simba Stackz
    Simba Stackz 5 hours ago

    2:37 - 3:22 best part omm

  • Melijah Lacy
    Melijah Lacy 5 hours ago

    You just don't want me too but that's what I'm talking about now I just don't wanna talk to your girl I know what I'm talking

  • William Torres
    William Torres 6 hours ago

    essa legenda tá uma merda '-'

  • Ariana Vazquez
    Ariana Vazquez 6 hours ago +1

    i love this song so much.✌✌💖💖👍✌✌👍👍😇

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez 6 hours ago

    Muy bueno un crack Antonio Ríos

  • Ben Klauser
    Ben Klauser 6 hours ago +1

    malone predicts 2017

    • ItsLogan
      ItsLogan 32 minutes ago

      Ben Klauser holy Crap. Stay woke.

  • Ben Klauser
    Ben Klauser 6 hours ago +1

    congratulations post

    see what i did

  • Baytobe n
    Baytobe n 6 hours ago

    lmao colorx bleach

  • Selena Gomez Official
    Selena Gomez Official 7 hours ago

    This song is 2 years old wtf i thought it was like a 2017 song 🙄

    FARES PNK 7 hours ago


  • Boliver Shagnasty
    Boliver Shagnasty 7 hours ago

    why do people like this guy?

    • Yoda
      Yoda 2 hours ago

      Because he has talent and he sings well.

  • Nana Alva
    Nana Alva 8 hours ago

    what think lol my you're in not to ok. Lol. Too lol it to ok not to it re. The to up in not the are thin not to it thing go ok it

  • mister m
    mister m 8 hours ago

    imagine wishing you were black. how demented do you have to be to wish you were a moulingnon?

  • Eriktoto Games
    Eriktoto Games 8 hours ago +1

    I swear I've heard this before.......

    • Diego Garcia
      Diego Garcia 3 hours ago

      Eriktoto Games probably cause they used it alot in vines

  • Tebatso Cardo
    Tebatso Cardo 9 hours ago

    Dope-"I am swagging, swagging, swagging on you"
    "saucing, saucing on you"

  • Superbird TV
    Superbird TV 9 hours ago

    BeSt MeMe EvEr M8!!!!!!!!!!!!l

  • GavinS 12
    GavinS 12 9 hours ago +1

    This song sucks

    • ItsLogan
      ItsLogan 32 minutes ago

      GavinS 12 like ur profile pic

  • Jamie Donaldson
    Jamie Donaldson 10 hours ago

    Sean paul on ketamine.

  • Wes Preston
    Wes Preston 10 hours ago +1

    Greatest hip hop achievement of all time

  • Catalina Fuerte
    Catalina Fuerte 10 hours ago

    Love this song

  • Joket Greean
    Joket Greean 11 hours ago


  • Adit Ms
    Adit Ms 11 hours ago

    lit bru

  • A GC
    A GC 12 hours ago +1

    I would like to give a shout out to my 5 subscribers ra-ra, ta-ta, Donald J Trump, Osama Bin Laden and, Post Water Malone.

  • Floyd Bedwetter
    Floyd Bedwetter 12 hours ago +1

    How he use the same beat for this and congratulations cheap homeless lookin ass

  • ItzKrusty
    ItzKrusty 13 hours ago

    I don't see how this has over 100k dislikes

  • Saany Sosa
    Saany Sosa 13 hours ago

    Post Malone For NBA MVP This Year

  • Ben Hosie
    Ben Hosie 13 hours ago

    i like this
    (nice work x+b=m9-m)

  • eino turunen
    eino turunen 13 hours ago

    Dinner structure psychological cttaqa convince sir predict trunk cookie pursue pretend.

  • Marina Jurinec
    Marina Jurinec 14 hours ago

    1:48 that face tho

  • Selfmade Channel
    Selfmade Channel 14 hours ago

    can someone explain me why everybody do everything for likes?

  • Carlos
    Carlos 15 hours ago

    i don't speak English but i like so much listening that cool songs

  • Thiago Monteiro
    Thiago Monteiro 16 hours ago

    Pós Malone ?

  • Tommy_Boi 12
    Tommy_Boi 12 16 hours ago

    If u told ur mom to close her eyes and listen to this she would think a black guy is rapping and I agree

  • casual
    casual 16 hours ago

    I low key thought white iverson was another rapper who featured when I first heard of this song

  • Reeqs
    Reeqs 17 hours ago

    People will always profile him but he seems like such a nice and down to earth guy.

  • Humberto Holguin
    Humberto Holguin 17 hours ago

    shit I thought he was black lol,, still tight song

  • Thisis Anon
    Thisis Anon 17 hours ago

    i just relized this nigga wasnt black!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking act your race muther fucker

  • Musclebob Buffpants
    Musclebob Buffpants 17 hours ago +2

    Post Malone is actually a very down to earth genuinely dope person. Fuck yes please!!

  • IDontHaveMoney WishIHadMoney

    I'm just like "did that car get scratches on it?"

  • The Legends Of Basketball

    это божественно!

  • Edgy Kiddo
    Edgy Kiddo 19 hours ago

    Fun fact: this video only had a production budget of 5k

  • Hurricanes AE
    Hurricanes AE 20 hours ago

  • Rob flores
    Rob flores 21 hour ago

    You gone think about me wen im gone.....

  • Squashy
    Squashy 22 hours ago

    Post Malone. Man. Meme. Legend........

  • Squashy
    Squashy 22 hours ago

    I'm sossin on u nigga

  • Squashy
    Squashy 22 hours ago

    this is everyones culture.. not black... not white.... fuck yeah damn dem bars

  • VK Ragegames
    VK Ragegames 22 hours ago

    He DAB ooooooo take that Dab poluce

  • ZoneGaming 456
    ZoneGaming 456 22 hours ago

    5 years and i found it for real

  • Ayden Stevenson
    Ayden Stevenson 22 hours ago

    Post Malone my Snapchat is joey_tribbiani3

  • Ayden Stevenson
    Ayden Stevenson 22 hours ago

    All of you guys are bastards post Malone is great in the music business

  • B-D.O.G UP
    B-D.O.G UP 22 hours ago

    I like to learn to you

  • Squattingtiger9
    Squattingtiger9 22 hours ago

    Any idea where this video was shot? I think I'd spend a day there rather than a day at the beach

  • Crazykidslaya
    Crazykidslaya 23 hours ago +2

    Post the type of nigga to get doxed by jake paul.

  • Dylan Wong
    Dylan Wong 23 hours ago

    Why post wearing black clothes in the desert.

  • V
    V 23 hours ago

    white ppl get to do whatever they want

  • Syngnathidae Empyreus
    Syngnathidae Empyreus 23 hours ago



  • Isaac Carrillo
    Isaac Carrillo 23 hours ago


    ROGELIO FERNANDEZ 23 hours ago


  • halburd1
    halburd1 23 hours ago +1

    having a white car and not a black car is racist!

  • Gunnar Riedl
    Gunnar Riedl 23 hours ago

    its hard to believe this song is two years old

  • CoVert
    CoVert Day ago +1

    white n vergin

  • Patrick amazed
    Patrick amazed Day ago

    Get you a boyfriend who has rolls royce and rallies a rolls royce

  • Esteban Fonseca
    Esteban Fonseca Day ago +2

    Place! Relax! Peace!

  • The Shiny Lucario

    i have no idea what hes saying but the beat is sick

  • Robert Cleary
    Robert Cleary Day ago

    What the fuck is this shit? I miss real music

    • Robert Cleary
      Robert Cleary Day ago

      Gamemaniac 324 it was an accident, I was trying to figure out what all of the memes were about

    • Gamemaniac 324
      Gamemaniac 324 Day ago

      Robert Cleary Get that fuckin hate shit outa here. if you dont like it then why are you here.

  • sofia romero
    sofia romero Day ago +1

    Sosera sosera you post malones😻

  • jason smith
    jason smith Day ago

    Jacob and the new car are itufirnfhwgdmdaskb
    I love

  • Shon Willama
    Shon Willama Day ago

    oh 99

  • L0ve3 BugzZ
    L0ve3 BugzZ Day ago

    there should be a block button on youtube!

  • Giorgio Lopez-Jones

    Best song ever 👍#1 🏆

  • JoshTylerDrums
    JoshTylerDrums Day ago

    That moment when someone else is driving your rolls and g wagon so you can sit on top of it. LOL. i love this song

  • Lemuel Montes
    Lemuel Montes Day ago

    Watch in 1.25 speed. You're welcome

  • Mega melon Baez
    Mega melon Baez Day ago

    My camp consular looked just liked him

  • Nouridk
    Nouridk Day ago

    I was so happy when I found this song lmao
    I heard it in video of peter griffin dancing on Instagram lmao

  • Noir En Blanc
    Noir En Blanc Day ago

    this guy needs a braid up.STYLL

  • Kaden Mclean
    Kaden Mclean Day ago

    I been found in

  • Hofernator Gaming

    Post alone

  • Dot Davis
    Dot Davis Day ago

    what up


    I love post malone

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell Day ago

    Youre douchbag arent you malone

  • YonasTV
    YonasTV Day ago

    Person: What's this song called?

    Person 2: sAUsiN

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