3 Satisfying Science Toys

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  • Anton EightBall
    Anton EightBall 12 days ago

    The way he says satisfying, is satisfying.

  • ExploitCode
    ExploitCode 13 days ago

    It doesn't even touch water

    EONGTX GAMER 18 days ago

    What’s the name of the first toy

  • The local rapist
    The local rapist 18 days ago

    This guy is insane

  • Mario Karlsson
    Mario Karlsson 19 days ago

    So satisfying!

  • Melanie Suchy
    Melanie Suchy 21 day ago

    anybody else wonder what he does with all the useless stuff he buys for his videos?

  • vince lorona
    vince lorona 21 day ago

    wouldn't hat bird be considered a perpetual motion machine

  • Mohammad Amaad1342
    Mohammad Amaad1342 24 days ago

    The first is a instrument it's a rain stick

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 29 days ago

    3:33 perpetuum mobile?

  • Bree Evian
    Bree Evian Month ago

    Simpsons toy 4:00

  • hurp derp
    hurp derp Month ago

    The first one was legit just a rain stick

    PIXEL GAMER Month ago

    0:05 sans toys
    ME:wait does sans sells toys???

  • Gcghyf
    Gcghyf Month ago

    He ripped off the lil bird's tail feather!

  • john stanley
    john stanley Month ago

    "its DRINKIN the water!"

  • sonal kankariya
    sonal kankariya Month ago

    these videos are of crazy Russian hacker

  • A D A M M A J O R
    A D A M M A J O R Month ago

    Perpetual machines.... Ah, the wonder of inventions that will fail.

  • scorp 124
    scorp 124 2 months ago

    :beginning of episode:
    (he flips the tube to stimulate rainfall) me:thats one way to make it rain

  • Yanal Melhem
    Yanal Melhem 2 months ago +1

    Love you

  • Maushley Production
    Maushley Production 2 months ago

    Newest fidget toy confirmed!!!

  • Aryan Sawant
    Aryan Sawant 2 months ago

    The toy works on the principles of thermodynamics and perpetual motion mechanics THE MORE YOU KNOW

  • Gavin Hall
    Gavin Hall 2 months ago

    I'm colten science is my favorite I good at science because my grade is good

  • Avi goku
    Avi goku 2 months ago

    pretty nice toys

  • Insidigrim Alex
    Insidigrim Alex 2 months ago

    Wait,is that last a perpetual motion machine?!?!

  • Lean - senpaiii
    Lean - senpaiii 2 months ago

    When is he going to harvest honey?

  • KrisGamer1703
    KrisGamer1703 2 months ago

    0:13 plastic holes(-_-)....

  • Samer & Samar Idelbi
    Samer & Samar Idelbi 2 months ago

    It is raining

  • Hoàng Nguyễn
    Hoàng Nguyễn 2 months ago

    Boom counter?

  • Mikey jonson
    Mikey jonson 2 months ago

    nice and cool I vetting for next

    JACK MOODY 2 months ago

    Nano Machines Son

  • Divided Reality
    Divided Reality 2 months ago

    "I'll just put these three along with the massive collection of science toys and gajicks over here."

  • Alberto Fernández
    Alberto Fernández 2 months ago

    The first one is actually based on an instrument called "Palo de Lluvia" made from Bamboo

  • Berns Makatski
    Berns Makatski 2 months ago

    ito ba yung nasa playground ng jollibee??

  • i[S]KillzZ-
    i[S]KillzZ- 2 months ago

    the 3rd toy is curse:D

  • Carlos Ossa
    Carlos Ossa 2 months ago

    hi man, the first one is a "Palo de agua" or "Palo de lluvia" a kind of instrument we have in Colombia which is traditionally made out of seeds and a thick kind of bamboo

  • Thorixion
    Thorixion 2 months ago

    #3, perpetual motion machine in the works? Yes I know the water would evaporate, so put it in a closed system with the bird and catch the water vapor.

  • Nikole Black
    Nikole Black 2 months ago

    oerfect English in the world

  • pablo trincado
    pablo trincado 3 months ago

    0:10 is a water stick

  • First name And last name

    For the first toy there's an actual real version of it.
    Its a native instrument called the "Rain Stick"

  • marcus ramos
    marcus ramos 3 months ago

    1:16 masteryus

  • rahul vlogs
    rahul vlogs 3 months ago

    what are the names and where do you buy those

    COOKIE TROLLSTR 3 months ago

    Boom (I bet you read that in his accent)

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote 3 months ago

    "We obey the laws of physics in this house, young lady!"

  • Stas Par
    Stas Par 3 months ago

    ты шо русский

  • temp store
    temp store 3 months ago

    Its funny when he say BOOM!!!!

  • Patrick Dulfo
    Patrick Dulfo 3 months ago

    Dude I love your videos Im a huge fan

  • Benteke is Worthless
    Benteke is Worthless 3 months ago

    What's the first gadget

  • Hustensaftschmuggler
    Hustensaftschmuggler 3 months ago


    LNO PGDN III 3 months ago

    2:36 me reaching my dreams. 😂

    NELOPES7 3 months ago

    why does he keep talking

  • Daniel Jantunen
    Daniel Jantunen 3 months ago

    i heard he said satisfying sextoys😂

  • Nick Péloquin
    Nick Péloquin 3 months ago

    the drinking bird reminds me of Alien Isolation .

  • the boy of Random
    the boy of Random 3 months ago

    taras: iron flakes
    me: iron fileings

  • Sports Guy 1004
    Sports Guy 1004 3 months ago

    Get a fidget spinner!!!

  • The crazy man from Ireland.

    brilliant video thanks

  • Eduardo Anguiano
    Eduardo Anguiano 3 months ago

    the last gadget made me sleepy,, whatch this at night nd try it out nd like if it did happen to u

  • TTM Coy
    TTM Coy 3 months ago

    00:51 sit-coms.......

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    that first item its actualy a music instrument........😑

  • sidtherockjohnson
    sidtherockjohnson 3 months ago +1

    This video was so kul

  • Neca Cekic
    Neca Cekic 3 months ago

    3:54 KOOL AID MAN !

  • Melissa Pelto
    Melissa Pelto 3 months ago

    genuinely the most adorable Russian ever

  • Kiwipeble
    Kiwipeble 3 months ago

    I was your exact 2,750,000 subscriber.

  • Tyler Asbell
    Tyler Asbell 3 months ago

    Can. I get a like I'm throwing up 🤢

  • fireleo936
    fireleo936 3 months ago

    *if u want ur text like this do* **

  • Corrupted Loaf
    Corrupted Loaf 3 months ago

    In soviet Russia science test you

  • Devilntor
    Devilntor 3 months ago

    the first one looks like a babys toy lol

  • Ashes Of Hell -Clash royale and more

    i had to pee when i heared the first one

  • Viktor karlsson
    Viktor karlsson 3 months ago


  • felipe gutep
    felipe gutep 3 months ago +1

    first invention if from Colombia we use bamboo instead of plastic it is an instrument called Palo e' agua

  • TurCoD
    TurCoD 3 months ago

    Did the bird even touch the water :D

  • fever forever
    fever forever 3 months ago

    why does this guy have 2 channels?

  • Matt Ferguson
    Matt Ferguson 3 months ago +1

    Tara on the box that came with my bird it said that you needed to have warm or hot water so the liquid can go to the top

  • RimWulf Randall
    RimWulf Randall 3 months ago

    "Plug that plugs"

  • Omega Phoenix
    Omega Phoenix 3 months ago

    what's the first toy called?

  • Urliloli
    Urliloli 3 months ago

    Sooooo... It's a sciency rain stick?

  • doni zetta
    doni zetta 3 months ago

    erection !

  • Nicole Zar
    Nicole Zar 3 months ago


  • Rhein-Maincrafter
    Rhein-Maincrafter 3 months ago

    "Plastic holes"

  • Zachery Wilson
    Zachery Wilson 3 months ago

    3:54 oooohh yea

  • Tank Master 218
    Tank Master 218 3 months ago

    the first gadget i actually looked outside because i thought it was raining :3

  • Sittie Joharah Pacalundo

    the first is like a rain

  • WolfireGaming
    WolfireGaming 3 months ago

    This video was doomed to be one big innuendo from the very beginning.

    GAMER 4 LIFE 3 months ago

    is there a fidget spinner in this list ??????

  • Jared Miles
    Jared Miles 3 months ago

    Hey Taras I really like the beard man looks good

  • Frederiks Jēgeris
    Frederiks Jēgeris 3 months ago

    love your videos

    PREETI BANSAL 3 months ago


  • Magnesia
    Magnesia 3 months ago

    I liked the first and the third the most :)

  • Deloon
    Deloon 3 months ago

    lol the bird didn't even touch the water

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago

    first one = wow gravity actually works!

  • Matthew Full
    Matthew Full 3 months ago

    its a new age rain stick lol

  • daniel colon
    daniel colon 3 months ago


  • daniel colon
    daniel colon 3 months ago

    You stole crazy Russian hackers video

  • Xxstone EdxX
    Xxstone EdxX 3 months ago

    Good video man keep up the good work

    • Xxstone EdxX
      Xxstone EdxX 3 months ago

      Wait did I say good I meant fantastic

  • queenless eightyone
    queenless eightyone 3 months ago

    i bliv #3 is a perfect example that we can harvest energy freely

  • Benjamin Le
    Benjamin Le 3 months ago

    where's the INTROOOO

  • furon gus
    furon gus 3 months ago

    i thought there will be jumpscare at the third toys

  • Janav Makkar
    Janav Makkar 3 months ago

    are you crazy russian hacker

  • Bunyway
    Bunyway 3 months ago

    alright guys its pretty machete :O

  • Love Preet
    Love Preet 3 months ago

    Incoming taras is kul jokes

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