MILO Thrashes Heckling Muslim Women At New Mexico

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  • Umaima Ahmad
    Umaima Ahmad Hour ago +1

    This is heartbreaking.

  • Umaima Ahmad
    Umaima Ahmad Hour ago +1

    This man is more brainwashed than a retard.

  • Random User
    Random User 3 hours ago

    says he cares about facts, is a christian and denies climate change...

  • Omg Miranda
    Omg Miranda 5 hours ago

    ...but every religious belief disagree with same sex relation.

  • Snookle Doodle
    Snookle Doodle 12 hours ago

    I dont get it? Who is worse, the audience applauding the racist man. Or the Muslim women retaliating like that?

  • Bluestrike 01
    Bluestrike 01 13 hours ago

    You cant have an good reason to have a headscarf in countries were female have the same rights as man. Theres nothing you can change to talk us out to accept it in our laws and economy. Its still putting down the right of female for nothing in our countries! Do it back were you came from and accept that its not something you can do werever you want. We cant do our things in there countries either because we all get easy deep punished or evenΒ murdered for that because of there religions! Fair enough isnt it!

  • Amlan Jyoti Deka
    Amlan Jyoti Deka 14 hours ago

    I love you Milo you are awesome, the world needs to wake up n defend against Muslims

  • Dan McCrudden
    Dan McCrudden 14 hours ago

    People always forget that, post 9/11, the greatest terror attack on U.S. soil was carried out by a white, Christian, male...Timothy McVeigh. Both sides will have their radicals, but that doesn't mean that we should stigmatize all of a particular sect as if they have the same beliefs. Do you think all Christians believe the exact same thing? Of course not! That's the reason there are so many different denominations, i.e. Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Mormon, etc. I am in no way encouraging Sharia Law. It is outdated and barbaric , but the 1st Amendment to the constitution states five subpoints. They are, "Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to peacefully convene, and freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Why should our views be the only ones that we consider right/correct, when I can guarantee you the majority of us don't understand the complexities of another's reasoning(s)? That's bigotry at its most basic term.

  • Sagar Borah
    Sagar Borah 16 hours ago

    These Muslims are pests

  • my World
    my World 18 hours ago

    i'm an ex muslim bt his facts are damn rightπŸ‘‹

  • The catak family Vlogs
    The catak family Vlogs 18 hours ago

    May Allah curse him

  • Ceasar Nero
    Ceasar Nero 19 hours ago

    That women in the side of Muslim not wearing hijab is a brainwashed leftest

  • Ahlam Abdu
    Ahlam Abdu Day ago

    You don't have to be so mean about Muslim if u cop doing that u will ur making full of yourself if that was some own els saying mean things about u u will fell bad now i am a Muslim to and everyone is different even we are different it daze not men we have to say mean things about author people. And u thing that Muslim are not good they are good and nice they help authors if u thing that i am saying that because i am Muslim no i am saying that because i now my people mabe some of them are mean but i daze me we have to make fun of them bey πŸ‘ͺπŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šβ€β€β€πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

  • mad kobra
    mad kobra Day ago

    waow... its suck a nice thing to see a person that is not a fucking cuck...

    I am an atheist from turkey and i will get the fuck out of this islamic dictatorship when university is over. I am not going to stay in turkey trying to annex turkey in the name of atheism. Why doesnt muslims go back to their muslim countries? Because they want whole earth to bow down to islam... Muslims living in non muslim countries = muslim armies waiting for instructions from their leaders... We saw what happened in netherlands when netherlands said no to islamic dicatator erdogan.


    I love that chant USA USA USA ..................

  • Timotheus157
    Timotheus157 2 days ago +1

    One has to agree 100%.

  • ben souri
    ben souri 2 days ago

    Good Job Milo.. please keep up the good work and expose Islam violent religion to all American who are mostly stupid when it comes into religion!! they think Islam just another peaceful religion!!?!? Just remember Islam is a cult with ideology of domination wrapped-up in a religious blanket..

  • Miami Rick
    Miami Rick 3 days ago

    Is that a bullet proof vest

  • Gary
    Gary 3 days ago

    Judging by appearances, that is, the way these two are dressed, the women's IQ is 100 points above his. LOL

  • Rainbow 1219
    Rainbow 1219 3 days ago

    I am muslim

  • Stay Down
    Stay Down 3 days ago

    Brainwashing is a sin against Muslims. It's not fair the way they treat each other.

  • glb360
    glb360 3 days ago

    We may think these women (and some men) have the right to choose how to dress and pray in the United States but unfortunately they don't. It's a tight-knit community and if they stray even one inch they will be dead. It's no different than any other religion. A friend of mine told his parents he was gay and within an hour he had a team of Mormons at his front door ready to take him down! Both he and his parents live in different parts of the Country.

  • david Box
    david Box 3 days ago


  • star fish
    star fish 3 days ago

    Have compassion with the Muslims, HATE their religion, Islam - which is the source of their violence and atrocity against non-islamic believers. It's their prophet Mohammad who gave them the LICENSE to kill infidels (that's us non-muslims). Islam is a propaganda of Hate. Good Muslims are NOT even aware of that.THERE WILL BE NO WORLD PEACE, TERRORISM WILL CONTINUE ALL OVER THE WORLD, IF ISLAM IS NOT ABOLISHED.

  • wife amin
    wife amin 4 days ago


  • Julian Trembley
    Julian Trembley 4 days ago

    No he is not racist or islamaphobic. What an idiot. and i guess he is a christian, and they have neeeeeeever killed anyone in history. the bible is more violent than the qaran. FACT! christians never want to talk about the many people they have killed in the name of conversation. he only wants to talk about radicals who aren't really muslims anyway. what a dick!!!

  • Jack The Killer
    Jack The Killer 4 days ago

    About 100 syrians came to Lithuania for shelter. They left after a few months because they didnt * like* it here. Soo hey if tou ever wanna get away from islam just come to Lithuania. We will gladly accept you and kick any islamic goatfuckers out

  • Johnny
    Johnny 4 days ago

    the founders of america came from europe,not the sand hell that is the middle east....fuck sharia law and islam.

  • Johnny
    Johnny 4 days ago

    i love how respecting women was a meme at one point hhaahah

  • James Harden
    James Harden 4 days ago

    so is he saying that islam is okay but the way they act isn't? or is he saying that islam all togeather is wrong?

  • Selina Ali
    Selina Ali 4 days ago

    Ok Milo so the liberals and lefties have bought paralysis with political correctness and increased migration and diversity. Let's have your way and remove all the Muslims immigrants, jail black men and tell the feminists where to stick it. Really truly lets admit it, fame has gone to your head and u loving the attention as evident by your camp flamboyant fashion. U used to offer sound and intelligent arguments but now only diarrhoea pours out your mouth. Instead of quoting stats and studies u quote tabloids and main stream media, instead of being firm u make snarky and bigoted comments just to get a laugh. Stop already. Muslim murder gays... mate clearly u r being selective about homophobes murders and only recently USA gave them the dignified status as married couple. If u hate Muslims then u r no more than a hypocrite, Muslims can list far more atrocities initiated by the US but y would anyone worry about a poor Iraqi child, no skin off their bone. U r nothing but a sch bully, very apt as the table turned. A Jewish, gay nerd, who has finally found his limelight. U will peak one day and lose all your police gear mate so enjoy it while it lasts

  • AB17s
    AB17s 4 days ago

    damn this man is straight up savage. this is my first time watching his video. man looks a savage send my satan himself to fuck allah and his followers. cool man

  • hugemagoo
    hugemagoo 4 days ago

    that muslim hag should have worn a niqab. ugly cunt

  • Jervisdude
    Jervisdude 5 days ago

    Milo asks why a Muslim woman would wear a hijab in America. I wonder if he would ask Hasidic Jews why they dress as they do in America

  • DJ Savage
    DJ Savage 5 days ago +1

    She's wearing a hijab because she has to, its part of her religion retard. It's funny how he knew all these facts but he doesn't know why they have to wear it. I like milo believe me bit that was a bit racist.

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 5 days ago +1

    When you yell allah akbar in an airport but the bomb strap didn't go off

  • Harajuku Girls
    Harajuku Girls 5 days ago +1

    I don't know but that was kinda rude 😒

  • Hooptie Hamburger
    Hooptie Hamburger 5 days ago

    Were those women denying what he was saying? It's the truth. Were they just mindlessly spewing random hate comments? That is what the left does.

  • Austin Pace
    Austin Pace 5 days ago

    somebody throw that fat ugly cuntless muslim skank out before she blows the place up.

  • Austin Pace
    Austin Pace 5 days ago

    the irony... the lady prolly wearing a suicide vest under that muslim garb tells milo to kill himself. hahaha ohhhh the irony.

  • Austin Pace
    Austin Pace 5 days ago

    bitches wear hijabs in the usa because they wanna say hey look at me im different im a muslim look at me. its the same fat emo cunts that dye there hair pink same fuckin people.

  • Jester Minute
    Jester Minute 5 days ago

    That girl shouting out, enjoying the freedom the west allows, free of wearing a hijab. A disgrace and a fucking hypocrite.

  • Core Deadman
    Core Deadman 5 days ago

    It pisses me off that they call all the time "USA USA USA". The audiance should be more serious, show that they are the ones who use their brains.

  • WeebPestControl CJK
    WeebPestControl CJK 5 days ago

    somebody tell me, does brexit also stop the mass Muslim immigration?

  • Andy Dicky
    Andy Dicky 5 days ago +1

    Welldone Milo

  • Andy Dicky
    Andy Dicky 5 days ago

    Islam=Racism, and hate

  • Animal_Mother 666
    Animal_Mother 666 6 days ago

    Haha some of them can't handle the truth anymore and getting really pissed upon him. That's ok keep on screaming, insulting freedom of speech and acting like totally retards! Only shows the world your true face!

  • Ashley Cesard
    Ashley Cesard 6 days ago

    if there was a country like Islamic countries but with Christianity wouldnt the outcome be the same

  • The Game God
    The Game God 6 days ago

    Omg I knew that girl yelling at 00:57 .. she was an asshole to me in 7th grade.

  • Phil K
    Phil K 6 days ago

    Note - he has to have a bullet proof vest. PC types don't. They don't get shot at
    Rabid muslims are so used to getting their way from the PC corrupts

  • Phil K
    Phil K 6 days ago

    Brainless bastards these wimmin, let alone the muslim

  • david smith
    david smith 6 days ago

    that woman needs to buy her husband a goat so he can hump it.

  • Eve _10969
    Eve _10969 6 days ago

    North England and UK in general is going to shit cause of all these muslims, honestly it's getting really out of hand and just their behaviour towards everything is shocking I can't stand most of them

  • the_whisperer
    the_whisperer 7 days ago

    Gays are a threat to the propagation of the human race.

  • mssca
    mssca 7 days ago

    I agree with Milo, but how about Male Genital Mutilation of cutting foreskin of babies by ALL Abrahamic religions? It should be considered as crimes against children! A lot of Catholics, Muslims and Jews use these fake or flawed scientific studies on circumcision is good for boys. None of them holds valid. ALL religions are stupid.

  • Eman Egnarts
    Eman Egnarts 7 days ago

    "You wear hijab in USA, what is wrong with you" You suck and take cocks in your ass and you are a man, what is wrong with you?

  • Free Boy
    Free Boy 7 days ago

    Yes Milo 100% right and I am from Morocco I know these fucking retarded Muslims

  • Maysoon Mussa
    Maysoon Mussa 8 days ago

    I'm a 13 year old muslim girl and hearing shit that was coming out of your mouth was shocking. Yo don't go around and talk bullshit about my religion. You fucking imbasult go read the holy quraan and then lets see who is the boss and don't go pick up a fake quraan and just read one sentence because you need to read the whole chapter dumbass cunt.

  • Yazeed Alahmadi
    Yazeed Alahmadi 8 days ago

    It's chiose you uneducated idoit

  • 1,000,000 videos
    1,000,000 videos 8 days ago

    If you ever need a answer to the question "Is Islam the religion of peace?" just look at the fact that he has to wear a protection vest when speaking against the religion. That should answer your question.

  • Love Cats
    Love Cats 8 days ago

    The man is I fantastic speaker and he's English! Makes me proud to be a fellow Brit!

  • homerclint50
    homerclint50 8 days ago

    The worlds longest toilet roll . . . . . .Β  The QuranΒ  :-)

  • SSaudioworks
    SSaudioworks 8 days ago

    These girls just kept shaking her head, why? Its all facts, go google some documentary on how people treat women in arab. Its real, why are they offended by the truth? Is it because they are defending their religion? If so then it is a religion that denies the truth. Its propaganda.

  • Proud Ex Muslim Girl

    Followers of Pedophile Muhammad seems to be very disappointed

  • kashif khan
    kashif khan 9 days ago

    you can not stop islam to spread in the world we are only exist in the world 😼

  • kashif khan
    kashif khan 9 days ago

    fuck every american gay πŸ˜‚

  • kashif khan
    kashif khan 9 days ago

    you guys are sick did you know the truth is your god jesis ki muslim he the messanger of god and god is Allah islam is the beautiful religion.. i think in america your wifes are sex with many pepole and u dont care but in islam this is very big sin.. supose your mother sex with other man so what would you do??? i think you people doesnot care because u are american πŸ˜‚ this is very comman in your country any body can fuck your nother sister wife πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. you guys are gay no one man left in americaπŸ˜‚

  • pbaylis1
    pbaylis1 9 days ago +1

    "I don't know a lot of muslims standing up against terrorism." That rings sadly true. It could be out of fear that the Muslim community does not stand up against the likes of ISIS. I'd hate to think it was out of sympathy.

  • riley ross
    riley ross 9 days ago

    Keep walking bitch!

  • Nonya Busi
    Nonya Busi 9 days ago +1

    Milo rocks.

    4EVER+BULGARIA GROUP 9 days ago +2

    MILO you are Awesome and most importantly is you always lay down the truth with real facts. Please continue to speak the truth Against Those blind Islamist, Muslims. Bulgaria supports you!

  • Irish Dad and Irish Son

    Of course they hate facts

  • Akshar Joshi
    Akshar Joshi 9 days ago +1

    The only arguments the women could make are nodding, yelling and walking out.

  • magicwandaful
    magicwandaful 9 days ago +1

    Spot on.

    I'm sick to the core of loud mouthed, arrogant, ignorant, low IQ aggressive m*****s being allowed to get away with just about anything, by politicians of every hue who totally lack any kind of backbone or, to be blunt, the necessary balls to take on these useless and unwanted pariahs. Due to this criminal laxity, Milo's courage is placing him in the way of potentially dangerous censure. If only those who have some sort of authority could match, let alone exceed, his eloquent and erudite (not to say well informed and often very humorous) outspoken approach.

  • Alex John
    Alex John 9 days ago

    Muslim are most victims in world. After killing Iraq people's you people's say we didn't find any chemical weapons.. then said it was great mistake.... shame on you

  • Alex John
    Alex John 9 days ago

    How much money you you got from Israel for blamed Muslim?

  • Marius
    Marius 9 days ago

    This guy is just plainly racist. Was hoping there would be some intellectual debate here. But he obviously is out to alienate muslims, instead of debating with them.

  • Sleighve Driver
    Sleighve Driver 10 days ago

    Let her bitch ass go back see if she ain't oppressed

  • Eric Jarman
    Eric Jarman 10 days ago

    No one respects Islam, their ideology is evil.

  • tay davis 2
    tay davis 2 10 days ago

    You have a point but you kinda been racist while while having a point I don't known if I like the way you going about it...not all of them are bad people πŸ’―you living off stereotypes they are in America they can wear what they want !

  • ThisnThatPackRat
    ThisnThatPackRat 10 days ago +1

    Muslims know the truth about themselves. Their conservative wing is batshit crazy. Insane/SCARY thing is that the Muslim right is winning through the backdoor of PC culture. Progressives are the TRUE ENEMY AND PROBLEM.

  • Rockfieldyoyou
    Rockfieldyoyou 10 days ago

    This is just curious. Where did he buy that cloths?

  • Iraq Vet Iraq Vet
    Iraq Vet Iraq Vet 10 days ago +1

    fuck Islam

  • alif angga
    alif angga 11 days ago +1

    the muslim heckler not wearing hijab is she stupid? try to not wear hijab in saudi arabia and not get fucked by the authorities..

  • Keith Bright
    Keith Bright 11 days ago

    Look when did being a faggot become good on the right. Fuck this homo child rapist. He was at a party where young boys were being drugged and sexualy abused and did not go to the police. Probably killed, they probably wanted him to kill the kid because those Jews are the Synagogue of Satan monsters of pizza gate. Do not buy what he is selling. We are the right. We are not Marxist Faggot kid killers.

  • Keith Bright
    Keith Bright 11 days ago


  • ralbo raggins
    ralbo raggins 11 days ago

    The hateful muslims always have such stupid faces or dead looking eyes.

    • ralbo raggins
      ralbo raggins 10 days ago

      i wish it was safe for you to reform it to get rid of superstition and violence. but in islam they always kill the peaceful reformers

    • King Chow III
      King Chow III 11 days ago

      ralbo raggins yeah man im gonna leave islam when i grow up and then im either gonna be Catholic or a atheist

  • Todd Burleson
    Todd Burleson 11 days ago

    These women speak with such hatred and vitriol in their eyes that it's easy to see how they could kill in the name of their cult islam.

  • No Filter Productions
    No Filter Productions 12 days ago

    These Muslim ladies should be grateful to live in a country where they can disagree with ppl. If Milo try to speak in Iran, Pakistan or any other Muslim majority country, he be punished.

  • Sir Taylor
    Sir Taylor 12 days ago

    yet another prime example of how primitive and stupid muslims really are

  • Alisher Kasimov
    Alisher Kasimov 12 days ago

    America will be of Islam soon! Ameen!

  • Alisher Kasimov
    Alisher Kasimov 12 days ago

    Fuck you Milo! Son of bastard mother fucker

  • Si An
    Si An 12 days ago

    Agree where he said girls are being rapped by their own relatives. I know one who's daughter was rapped by her grandfather and mother settled the entire thing by making deal with her mother in law in which she received a mansion and tons of money.. her other daughter was gang rapped by six Muslim men and she didn't have a fuck.. they are from UK.

  • Maryam 626
    Maryam 626 12 days ago

    I actually really liked this guy so i started to watch all of his videos. When I came across this one, I really dont know what to say.

  • Payal Ranawat
    Payal Ranawat 13 days ago

    i love it when milo show muslims..thier..right places..... hell u milo

  • sdfsdfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    this guy was clearly dropped on his fucking head lol they went to fucking america to escpae that fucking rape and this guy basically rapes them

  • sdfsdfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    What does that fucking bitch ass gay ass trump voting nigger dick sucking piece of fucking shit think he is

  • Davin Dempster
    Davin Dempster 13 days ago

    I'm dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • UnicornGaming
    UnicornGaming 13 days ago

    why do They wan't to recreacte what They "escaped" from

  • Blake Steele
    Blake Steele 13 days ago

    Muslim women displaying their true colors, ( brown shit )

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