Alien: Covenant - Neomorph Infection; Characteristics & Origin | Will we see the Neomorph in future?

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    In this video, I take a look at the Neomorph describing its origin, its characteristics, all that we know so far and whether we will see them again in future films following Alien Covenant.

    The Neomorph is a white Xenomorph-like creature. Based on the Beluga-morph from the early Prometheus script and the Goblin Shark, the creature has translucent skin and a doubled hinged jaw.

    The Neomorph are a result of the local ecosystem on Paradise after it has been mutated by the black goo.

    I explore the creation of the Neomorph including the mutation of indigenous life forms, the releasing of spores and how the spores then enter a host to form the embryonic Neomorph. Within around 12-16 hours, the Neomorph has fully grown and is ready to emerge.

    The creatures back is equipped two dorsal spikes and a pointed skull that help it’s during birth. Like Xenomorphs, once the creatures emerges, its growth is rapid and its ferocity is evident.
    Another characteristic of its primeval nature is its need to feed.
    Let me know what you think of the Neomorph in the comments section?

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    Alien: Covenant - In Theaters - May 19, 2017
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  • Helen Waldeck
    Helen Waldeck 28 days ago

    Great video, hope we see more of the Neomorph in the future,
    think they're my fave now!

  • bunny gamer
    bunny gamer 2 months ago

    send that thing to hell

  • epic_fail
    epic_fail 2 months ago

    you said galgamorph but you sowed a pic of the baby head

  • 라카몰 FrKor
    라카몰 FrKor 2 months ago

    Get Away From Her You Bitch

  • Kenneth Satria
    Kenneth Satria 2 months ago

    I love these guys!
    they are like the Australopithecus of the xeno's evolution, a predator with about as much intelligence as an ape I think... very natural feeling

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 2 months ago

    This thing makes xenomorphs look like teddy bears

  • Katzenkaiser4
    Katzenkaiser4 2 months ago +2

    I really like the neomorph but I think he will not be featured in future installments.

  • alphaswag95
    alphaswag95 2 months ago +1

    yeah um...I wanna see a lot more of the neomorph. it hardly got any screen time

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  2 months ago

      I loved the Neomorphs but I am not sure I will see them again

  • DemiGod 3scrub
    DemiGod 3scrub 2 months ago

    This film was awesome..just saw it with my she's a fassbender fan..and he delivered beautifully..the duality of walter/david scenarios..and zoology/ Virology/ Biology/ Ecology behind combined android intellect , with a unknown alien mutagen.. its makes sense... on all levels ..when came to creating life of David's own... that also obeys him or lack there of as we saw.. A godlike mentality of knowing from the start that he is superior in everyway and immortal as we saw when he told a middle aged weyland in the beginning.. It angered weyland too.." Bring me the Tea David". "Weyland Said" Even tho the tea was right next to weyland..not even arms length.. While David sits almost 6 feet from him.. "So much shade" lol.. Notice the hesitation from david though and that stare from him.. I love the quote un quote "Giger Orgy" in David's lair Paying Homage to a Talented and UNique well..Keeping that Sexual nature of the creatures themselves and Rape and Infection.. Of This Nightmare that won't end.. and David's Evolution, of what a 1st gen prototype can become.. emotional properties that can manifest and literally "feel".. and "dream".. It's very backdoor "BladeRunner" esque... Almost a" Roy Baddy "type.. Ridley in his blade runner commentary stated ..the wetland yutani corp could "exist " in The blade runner realm.. it's so me.. I talk about this film all day.. sooo gooood

  • Master Impaler
    Master Impaler 2 months ago +1

    Saw the movie. No spoilers here but i would have to say that the way the neomorph is presented in the movie is pretty terrifying. I would argue more terrifying than the xenomorph just because of it's stance, appearance, and attitude.

  • Sal Days
    Sal Days 2 months ago

    so you got the neomorph and the organic xenomorph in covenant. interesting, but hopefully Mr. Scott has something brilliant up his sleeve that somehow ties all these different variations of Alien together (can't forget about the Deacon)

    • Sal Days
      Sal Days 2 months ago

      Alien Theorist thanks for your response! I hope Scott really does find a way for everyone to understand just about everything lol. This black goo has become a very important factor and a lot more has been revealed about it. That's all. thx for taking your time to respond. Great content and you have a subscriber 👍

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  2 months ago

      +Sal Days Hey Sal... so the black goo creates the spores after it mutates the local ecosystem! It also infects local wildlife creating different species and aliens... on the Xeno - this was a more organic design! Perhaps David perfects it further on the way to Origae 6?

    • Sal Days
      Sal Days 2 months ago

      Alien Theorist PLEASE READ ||| There has to be and I think everything will be revealed in Alien:Awakening. Question though, are the spores and the black goo the same thing? or did one come from another or was it originally the spore then engineered by the engineers and now it's the black goo? I think they are similar if not the same since (as shown in the movies) the effects are the same but yet we have to consider the different effects the pathogen can create which then goes back to the initial point that there are variations of Alien because of the various ways each are passed on and their overall reaction with the carrier. What do you think Alien Theorist?

      I've also seen a video regarding the movie and the person stated that the xenomorph or that protomorph in Covenant is an organic and may be the oldest version of what we all know now is a xenomorph. i believe In the Alien movies the xenomorphs are anatomically and biologically superior and just different. they have this armor like body and overall they are the perfected version. What do you think?

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  2 months ago

      Think you are right - There has to be a few more variations!

  • Ruben Salgado
    Ruben Salgado 2 months ago

    3:26 wtf did he say, ggjh v5th nvggh n

  • Rads
    Rads 2 months ago +2

    I really would love to see the neomorph appear in subsequent movies. I my opinion because its the ancestor of the Xenomorph. And Ridly Scott wants to explore the origins of the Xenomorph. It would make sense to expand upon the Neomorph. However I doubt we will ever see the Neomorph in anymore movies.

    • Dan Lane
      Dan Lane 2 months ago

      Alien Theorist so I saw the premiere last night and loved it! But this is not a nitpick, just me trying to understand biology... how does one get from the ear, to the back?

    • Rads
      Rads 2 months ago

      Indeed we do.

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  2 months ago

      Rads Same here! We need another Juggernaut stocked with Black goo!!

  • Your Friendly  Neighborhood Spider-Man

    Wait, so if the spore enters the ears than you get a backburster, through the nose, a throatburster. What if the spore enters through the ass...

    • alphaswag95
      alphaswag95 2 months ago

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man A Cockburster.

    • OMG!
      OMG! 2 months ago

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man *ASS BUSTER* good one my friend , I laughed so hard!

    • King Saitama
      King Saitama 2 months ago

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Then you get an Amy Schumer.

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  2 months ago

      lol! Bowel buster!

  • Jay Jameson
    Jay Jameson 3 months ago +4

    They should've just had the 2 neomorphs as the main aliens in the film because the xenomorphs was just there for the fanboys

  • Thomas Dillon
    Thomas Dillon 3 months ago +2

    xenomorph is a hybrid of the neomorph

  • The Alpha Zone Gaming
    The Alpha Zone Gaming 3 months ago

    Spoilers: Just out of the movie. Overall I loved it but I'm sitting here watching theory videos wondering am I the only one that sees huge plot holes. Even some answers we are given almost ignore the original movie. The scenes in the long grass with the Neo attack were outstanding! I was entertained through out but puzzled when the movie ended. Looking forward to seeing you dissects the new movie!

    • King Saitama
      King Saitama 2 months ago

      The Alpha Zone yes there is. David was studying what the engineers already created , he made drawings that appear in the movie showing engineers with facehuggers on their faces

    • The Alpha Zone Gaming
      The Alpha Zone Gaming 3 months ago

      Henias I agree with everything you said. I'm just not sure how I feel about the origin of the Xeno. We know that the Derelict was on LV-447 for over a thousand years and that the suit was fossilised. So how does that ship hold the eggs that David created. There is speculation that David was copying the engineers creation but there is absolutely nothing to back this up in Covenant. After more research I think the unraveling of the mystery is very messy. I would have preferred learning that the Xeno was an ancient horror that the engineers stumbled across and tried to copy and used as a weapon. David being the creator is interesting but it creates more questions and really shits all over Prometheus. Killing off the engineers was another problem for me. I feel like the script would have been completely different if Prometheus got higher praise but instead Ridley calls the movie a mistake. I love Ridley but to call past work a mistake due to crowd reaction sounds like a little cop out to me.

    • Henias
      Henias 3 months ago

      The Alpha Zone I kinda feel Ridley left plotholes for sequels to follow. After all, the Alien prequels are all linked with Prometheus (Covenant being the first Alien Prequel), so he would have want us to watch most of them to fully understand the whole plot. But I was entertained through and through, I really liked the grass attack, really puts me on edge. Neos are pretty vicious and fast, making them as dangerous as the Xenos.

  • Timur Pak
    Timur Pak 3 months ago

    I WANT SPOIIIIIILEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • King Saitama
      King Saitama 2 months ago

      Timur Pak David manipulated the black goo to create the xenomorph. he's not really original. without the goo and birthing process he wouldn't have been able to make Anything

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  3 months ago

      +Timur Pak Ha... patience! Will be uploading them in the morning...

  • Adrian Matos
    Adrian Matos 3 months ago +2

    I really liked the Neomorphs better than the xenomorphs.

  • Mason S
    Mason S 3 months ago +2

    I might be overthinking- but is it realistic for a parasite to cause cells to divide? I mean- viruses cause mutations, and this is a scientific universe. Cells also divide during meiosis and mitosis, as we all know.
    But just speaking biological wise in our world- is it possible?

  • Ádám Parti
    Ádám Parti 3 months ago +1

    I like this new xenomorph <3

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 3 months ago

    dam this was a good detailed video💯

  • WulfCry
    WulfCry 3 months ago

    David is a mysterious character, I find it very unsure if his development fits the purpose he is made for.

  • Devil0027
    Devil0027 3 months ago +2

    I don't we'll see anymore neomorphs cause the xeno progenitor is already in the movie. I think the neomorph will be this films deacon. Just another variation we won't see again

  • Player 9
    Player 9 3 months ago +5

    The host more suffering then Classic xenomorph chest buster

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 3 months ago +6

    Here's a potentially chilling thought... what would happen to a Neomorph if it stepped on a spoor pod.... could it get infected? Could it become host to something else even more terrifying?

    • Your Friendly  Neighborhood Spider-Man
      Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 3 months ago

      +HeliRy probably not, a neomorph grows from the pod spores, so if anything the spores would die or stick to the neomorph and it would be a secondary carrier infecting anyone who gets to close

    • Navjot Singh
      Navjot Singh 3 months ago

      HeliRy i thought the same thing and with xenomorphs what if a face hugger got an xenomorph

  • TheSiegeGamer 22
    TheSiegeGamer 22 3 months ago +2

    After alien covenant there will be alien awakening. If you go on Wikipedia and search up aliens 1986 it will show the series of movies. If you scroll down it says alien awakening after alien covenant

    • King Saitama
      King Saitama 2 months ago

      TheSiegeGamer 22 a fanboy wrote that in. anyone​ e can edit Wikipedia

  • Ed & Darinda Sessions IV
    Ed & Darinda Sessions IV 3 months ago +1

    Ridley Scott has said in several interviews that this movie will scare the hell out of many. I'm really hoping that the movie is so disturbing that it makes many folks run from out of the movie screaming there heads off in stark raving fear. And it's so bloody that many have to throw up in the trash cans you see at all movies as you exit the door that lets you in to each movie.

    And many are jockeying for position to throw up. And fist fights break out because others can't stand to wait any longer. They can feel the bile welling up in there throats. Stomach heaves. Many throw up as there running out of the movie. Can't make it to the trash cans.

    And they done filled up the soda container long ago while sitting in there chairs as they went to stand up. And run. Word will spread so fast via Twitter and Face Book. World wide. Which will generate millions of free publicity. Which will make even more millions dying to go see it!

    Then it will seal the deal beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sir Ridley Scott will produce as he has stated in several interviews, anywhere from 3 to 6 more. Releasing 1 each year. So the more disturbing it is, from making weak folks run out of seeing it screaming in stark raving fear, total body quivering fear, the kind of fear that keeps a person from being able to speak properly, and induces severe nightmares for weeks, months, so much the better!!

    • Ed & Darinda Sessions IV
      Ed & Darinda Sessions IV 2 months ago

      King Saitama


      True story here about a close buddy of mine!!

      In Prometheus we see a hologram of a bunch of Engineers running fast. Obviously scared witless.

      My girlfriend and I went to see the movie with a close buddy of mine and his girlfriend. And on the way home we talked about it and ask each other questions.

      I asked him, "Kenny what do you think they were running from?"

      He said with a straight face and he was dead serious!!

      "They all was running from my ex-wife and her mother!!!!"

      I said huh? Come again!!?

      Kenny said, "you heard me!!"

      By God he meant it!!! All of us are going to go see Alien Covenant this Friday and we got to talking about the alien movies just the other day because both of us are big-time Alien and Predator fans.

      I ask him again, "hey be serious with me, what do you think they were running for him?"

      And he said with heated hot passion!!!

      "I done told you already back when you first asked me!!! they were hauling ass from my ex-wife and her mother!!!!!"

      By God he means it!

      What can you do with a guy like this? He damn well means it!!

      You tell me, what can you do with a guy like that?

    • King Saitama
      King Saitama 2 months ago

      Eddie Sessions I wasn't scared. it was kinda comical to me during the bursting scenes. it's more gory than scary.

  • Ed & Darinda Sessions IV

    My girlfriend and I can hardly wait to see it!! The theater we go to is very close to us, and it's in the most high end part of town, and for movies that have BIIIG box office potential they sell highly coveted, and very expensive tickets for a private midnight showing precisely at 12:00 midnight before the release the next day.

    They sell only 100 tickets each time they hold such a soirée here in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Tickets are sold in pairs so this way it creates a more intimate environment, and wine/champagne along with various hors d'oeuvres. And we dress up like the gala event it is. Private tickets for Alien Covenant cost $75.00 dollars. Per ticket. And it's money well worth spending because you get to be chummy with other couples of your $$$$$$$ circles.

    When this comes up for sale I shall buy it to add to our collection on our boat.

    • King Saitama
      King Saitama 2 months ago

      Eddie Sessions sounds like you got ripped off with overpriced tickets. haha what a sucker you are.

  • laughingalien
    laughingalien 3 months ago

    I wonder what Giger would think of the Neomorph design.

    • laughingalien
      laughingalien 2 months ago

      No way, King. I actually like your "Hillary for Prison" sign. Keep up the good work.

    • King Saitama
      King Saitama 2 months ago

      laughingalien probably hates it, since he hates just about everything anyways

  • DR Evil
    DR Evil 3 months ago

    i want to see Sil in an alien movie,another giger design

  • Mr. Hyperface
    Mr. Hyperface 3 months ago

    Damn, I just reread neomorph, I thought it said Necromorph. Bringing Dead Space monsters into this would be so fucken cool.

  • bobo jepeny
    bobo jepeny 3 months ago

    hey guys hey guys. ...these snippets are all the same and paid promos for an irrelevant con for your

  • Mark miller
    Mark miller 3 months ago

    David is definitely the enemy of the movie. I'm seeing this at least twice.

  • Corpus Mentis
    Corpus Mentis 3 months ago

    Jesus, a fellow Norn Iron A L I E N obsessive. At a guess I'd say you're from somewhere in leafy suburbs to south west of Belfast. Great stuff, anticipation is killing me

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  3 months ago

      +Corpus Mentis Haha... Very specific there!! Not a bad guess either! Not long now mate!!

  • SystemeDprodFilms
    SystemeDprodFilms 3 months ago

    Pourquoi sortir du vaisseau sans casque ?
    C'est ballot!

  • Maafa 1619
    Maafa 1619 3 months ago +4

    I think that you fags should quit sucking the 70s' dick and get your own shit, you unimaginative little fucktards.

  • Mark Ezzo
    Mark Ezzo 3 months ago +1

    Just some advice, step back from your microphone. It's hard to understand some of your words because you're too close and its very deep.

  • De Selby
    De Selby 3 months ago

    Good video.

    Acidglow, this is how a real video is made you wonky nesh.

  • Lucky-Ebola-Chan
    Lucky-Ebola-Chan 3 months ago +8

    i kinda would like to see a queen or breeder Neomorph or some type of pack leader

  • Andrew MacKenzie
    Andrew MacKenzie 3 months ago

    Alien Theorist! Love the channel, man! Hey, I just watched this cool Tested with Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) on location with Covenant's film armorer. Cool weapons, and you can catch some fried Engineers too. Check it out!

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  3 months ago

      Thanks man - Watched this - really interesting!

  • Deathwing22153
    Deathwing22153 3 months ago +2

    2:29 my question is how does the neomorph do that with its spikes with the spinal collumn in the way?

    • Eric Fierro
      Eric Fierro 3 months ago

      Well its position in the spikes ig.It sprouts out the back probably breaking a few tendons in the process and falls onto the floor getting out its embryo sack

  • Enclave Soldier
    Enclave Soldier 3 months ago +15

    neomorph vs xenomorph who wins???

    • TheZXKUQYB
      TheZXKUQYB 3 days ago

      By default, the neomorph has to have acid blood and resistance to a large degree. So I dont believe the acid blood plays a large roll in the fight. Heck mealworms altered by the basic black goo had it. So it boils down to attack strategy and creatures strengths. Is the Xenomorph superior in strength, perhaps, however a neomorph cannot be far behind it. Agility is most likely in the neomorph's category. You have an extended jaw attack via xeno and massive bite radius by the neo. So kill shot ability is certainly favors the neo. On top of all this, it certainly looked like the mouth had acid properties since Walter hand was gone and melted. So It might be a 50 50 fight.

    • Micah John
      Micah John 2 months ago

      Enclave Soldier There was a deleted scene where this happens. The xenomorph wrecks the neomorph.

    • Thevalley California
      Thevalley California 3 months ago

      xenomorphelv426 i agree the neomorph would commit suicide with one bite off the xenomorph and just melt from the acid blood

    • Anson Ooi
      Anson Ooi 3 months ago

      Earl Alexander The movie is just fucking amazing!

    • Earl Alexander
      Earl Alexander 3 months ago

      man frm the footage i saw..these neomorphs!! are savages frm birth!!! they kill instantly and they love human flesh..yea i knw the xeno probably stronger, but this is a new creature and im glad Ridley scott showing us viewers how dangerous these things i cant wait till 19th get here frfr

  • Steven Nodlehs
    Steven Nodlehs 3 months ago

    Maybe the pods, spores and Neomorph are indigenous to this planet and once the goo mutates them, they turn into the eggs that have the face huggers inside??? Thoughts?

  • Grimfanden
    Grimfanden 3 months ago +2

    Littel bit offtopic, but i want to talk about SHAW theory that she might be something else now. Well watching prometheus and where she operated out the alien organisme, she got alot of the stuff down in the wound befor it was closed. I got a feeling she got sick/changing over time and her only choise was stasis chamber. Now david's new found endorment for her is trying to save her no matter the cost.


    Can't fault any of your thoughts here. Another great Video thanks not sure about the Neomorph's shown so far they look too damn digital, but hoping they have further worked on those apprearances. I saw an awesome videop yesterday of someone I hope has auditioned to ridley for a part in this movie will find it and post here if you'd like to see it as it fits all the criteria I know Ridley wanted for ALien but couldn't find and I know he put out that he was looking for contortionists and circus folk who were very thin and tall.

    • Xenologist
      Xenologist 3 months ago

      I am the above poster btw Tyler. Thought I'd change it up

  • Sorvos
    Sorvos 3 months ago +3

    Although very interesting and undoubtedly frightening (not to mention disgusting), the Neomorph is only a runner up to the Xenomorph species. The latter is the essence of all these movies. The rest, be it Neomorphs, Engineers or anything else, for that matter, is just secondary, in my opinion. :)

  • René Agerbo
    René Agerbo 3 months ago

    I think this is a brilliant take on something so unique as what Giger made. A further exploration perhaps in Gigers work ? I think it will fit and bring this up to a whole new 'limit' morbid scenery.

  • karl Schleichardt
    karl Schleichardt 3 months ago

    well thats awesome so thanks again for sharing those pics with all of your subscribers! we appreciate it! well i do lol

  • David Jay
    David Jay 3 months ago +3

    Great video, this movie is going to be so bad ass!

  • Trestan Emperor
    Trestan Emperor 3 months ago +8

    If it is true that there are more Neomorphs as seen from the samples we presume David has: then it means there are surviving Engineers from the initial black goo bombardment that later infected by the spores which also hints that maybe there are more survivors of the Engineers hidden somewhere but the 10 years gap will decrease their chances to survive till the time of the arrival of the covenant!
    Also there are two possibilities for the Neomorphs to be seem in next movies: Either some manage to escape in the covenant ship or the Yutani-Weyland corporation orders David to take some spores to the ship! Where the sleeping colonist are candidates for their gestation!
    I think the next movie title Awakening means the Awakening of the hyper sleeping colonists !!

  • Mark Gasto
    Mark Gasto 3 months ago +45

    I have seen the neomorph footage and i have to say these things are more savage and viscous than their xenomorph counterparts. even how they are birth is even a more painful death than the xenomorph. Even if you will not get scared in the movies just watching these things would leave you at least disturbed.

    • DemiGod 3scrub
      DemiGod 3scrub Month ago

      it came out of his fucking mouth for christ sakes.. and they did it with practical cgi needed .. and thats probally why I still cringe just thinking about it..

    • Dog Insanity
      Dog Insanity 2 months ago

      Mark Gasto Yeah I have to say I was pretty disturbed and cringed in disgust when the back exploded. My heart was actually beating a lot more viciously than any other alien movie death scene.

    • DemiGod 3scrub
      DemiGod 3scrub 2 months ago

      Mark Gasto So true..

    • Earl Alexander
      Earl Alexander 3 months ago

      Mark Gasto so fucking true bro

    • xenomorphelv426
      xenomorphelv426 3 months ago

      bullshit. did you ever see Covenant ?

      the neomorph is smaller, weaker, can be defeated or pushed out by some guys with basic weapons.

  • karl Schleichardt
    karl Schleichardt 3 months ago +1

    You had a lot of pics from the movie i had not seen thanks!

  • 1jeffr
    1jeffr 3 months ago

    Do they also have acid for blood?

  • TR Kerr
    TR Kerr 3 months ago +1

    Love your videos !!!!

  • Aaron Michaels
    Aaron Michaels 3 months ago

    It seems to have a form of alien rabies, they have a rabies like behavior, they are also very tough skinned or have some form of strong skeleton, the baby broke through the strong glass in the medical room with its head, it also seems very smart as it avoided shots fired from Ferris. It seems very aggressive, like it has a very acute form of rabies...

    • Steven George
      Steven George 3 months ago

      it was a special preview ,at cinemas only,on alien day

    • karl Schleichardt
      karl Schleichardt 3 months ago

      "Aaron Michaels" where did you see this footage? i dont remember seeing that in a preview

  • Glen M Collimore
    Glen M Collimore 3 months ago +1

    fantastic informative video again well done.

  • RJ
    RJ 3 months ago +2

    They look grosse in a good way

  • renewer
    renewer 3 months ago +2

    Fantastic video, thanks!

    BRIAN KRIENS 3 months ago

    I think the Neomorphs look stupid, but that's just me.

    • Patriots Legend
      Patriots Legend 2 months ago

      +Tommyth what I don't get though, is how the spores resulted in neomorphs. Unless they come and modify the hosts DNA?

    • Tommyth
      Tommyth 2 months ago

      Yeah, I guess so. Hoping he manages to get his hands on another cargo-hold with the pathogen. Then he can fuck up another planet and trigger even more spores mutating.

    • Patriots Legend
      Patriots Legend 2 months ago

      +Tommyth Probably will be tbh. Unless David somehow finds some embryos.

    • Tommyth
      Tommyth 2 months ago

      I agree. I just wish there was more!! Hopefully not the last time we see them

    • Patriots Legend
      Patriots Legend 2 months ago

      Tommyth and they are

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco 3 months ago +1

    these creatures a re scray

  • James Kibirige
    James Kibirige 3 months ago +12

    Got my tickets and cannot wait

    • Ninja Mice
      Ninja Mice 3 months ago

      +Alien Theorist Launches Tomorrow!?!? You Lucky Mothers...

      By the way fellas if you are from Mexico, The US, Canada, if You are From North America basically, There is always an Early Showing around 7pm on rare occations at 5. but its usually at 7. Whereas the Launch date was announced for May 19, the original premier date is a day before, May 18 around 7pm. Just in case any of y'all want to say you saw it the first day it came out. The premier date is on the 18th, not the 19th. It happened with GODZILLA 2014, same with Incidious, and with Independence day:Resurgence. There is no reason to believe Alien: Covenant will be any different as they only do this with Awesome Movies, and this film is one of them.

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  3 months ago

      +Ninja Mice Launching in the UK tomorrow.. I have a load of videos ready to go on the movie but I don't want to spoil anyone's experience but I recommend seeing it as soon as you can

    • Ninja Mice
      Ninja Mice 3 months ago

      Just 9 more days to go lad. 8 if you go to the early showing at 7pm.

    • Alien Theorist
      Alien Theorist  3 months ago

      Not long now James

  • Paddy2Fatty
    Paddy2Fatty 3 months ago


  • Renan Venâncio
    Renan Venâncio 3 months ago +19

    0:40 The real Slenderman

  • supaslick3
    supaslick3 3 months ago +10

    Brilliant video! I was hoping somebody would do an up to date breakdown of this! Sub

  • Immortal Pharaoh
    Immortal Pharaoh 3 months ago +90

    I might rather get attacked by an Xenomorph than that thing 😂😂😂

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