Alien: Covenant - What Does The Ending Really Mean?

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    ATLIS GAMING 6 hours ago

    i think the Prometheus ending is itself a mind blowing ending. for all this years the answer was there.

    (spoilers) when davit saw the art on the wall what does it look like. yeah the fucking creepy alien from the old films but its not. its the same alien at the ending if the film. now your mind is now blown. "now how could i tell?" you may asked, will by the shape of its head and body shape. so that means the the engineers did not created the alien we know and love its davit. that what the film is trying to say. the black ooze is only for a weapon and we see what it can do on humans. ( on them self which we see happen in Alien: Covenant and Prometheus). i hope this will shed some light on the two films.

  • DesertCactus
    DesertCactus 11 hours ago

    David is an asshole

  • Jöel Does Stuff
    Jöel Does Stuff 19 hours ago

    Prometheus made me want to know more
    Alien: Covenant made me regret questioning anything

  • henchmen999
    henchmen999 1 day ago

    The ending means we won't be seeing any more Alien movies for quite some time.

  • Mike Cox
    Mike Cox 2 days ago

    The company of Weyland and Weyland/Yutani seem to follow the same model most current companies follow: a reckless pursuit of the bottom line.

  • Babylonian
    Babylonian 2 days ago

    I didn`t like the ending. why do all movies have to have a dark, depressive ending now?

  • Doc Carter
    Doc Carter 2 days ago

    How could the cowboy pilot guy be in a sequel when the last 2 sequels skip hundreds of years ahead? Does he also get lost in 'cryosleep'?

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 3 days ago

    To think they've been trying to shoot the alien for so long when all they needed to kill it was a damn crane!

  • foy the tank boy
    foy the tank boy 4 days ago

    i don't care about the ending it was so a boring movie

  • Shabbir Sheikh
    Shabbir Sheikh 5 days ago

    terrible acting in alien covenant

  • Neoand12
    Neoand12 6 days ago

    Honestly I just wanna get back to Riplys story.

  • harunotodoroki
    harunotodoroki 6 days ago

    Lazy plot, colorless characters and a pathetic lame heroine. Stupid movie

  • thomas lao
    thomas lao 7 days ago

    im beginning to see a recycled plot formula here.... Alien 1: the first crew picks up a transmission through ,Mother, in space while returning back home and is instructed by weyland to explore it. Alien 2: marines pick up a distress signal on lv426 and go explore it... Prometheus: finds a map believed to be an invitation to the moon they encounter. Alien Covenant: Mother picks up a signal and they go explore the planet

    formula: signal/map, goes to moon, Weyland is responsible, follow the android, never come back... ALIEN: DON'T WORK FOR WEYLAND. GO TO DUNDER MIFFLIN PAPER COMPANY.

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 7 days ago

    Just the same repetition of the same shit. Its time to put Alien series away. You cant just keep making the repetition of previous movies and expect people to enjoy it. Prometheus was cool but covenant sucked big balls. There was nothing creative about it, kinda reminded me of Alien 3, what a terrible movie that was too. That movie started with M. Behn dead and Covenant started with Shaw dead.

  • Jacob Gillispie
    Jacob Gillispie 7 days ago

    I've got a nerdy question but first background to the question. i watched a science vid about alien covenant and i haven't been able to locate it-in the vid the guy says he believes when David referred to the protomorph as the " perfect organism" he meant the combination of protomorph and neomorphand he gave terminology for the neomorph being the fast growing organism that paves the way for the other being the protomorph and the protomorph being the slow growing and eventually superior organism and how they relate- does anyone know the terminology or the video itself? and could explain this theory in a vid?

  • Ramey Zamora
    Ramey Zamora 8 days ago

    "Decimation" is when one out of every ten is killed. C'mon man. Don't be lazy; it destroys the integrity.

  • joshua 6 E
    joshua 6 E 8 days ago

    David was the good one right? and he does this? yup still on his side. movie was amazing wish they took it slower

  • Kennedyparty
    Kennedyparty 8 days ago

    0:16 YES hahahahahaha

  • J
    J 9 days ago

    wish people wouldn't over look films too much, it was a company mission setup by weyland! not for humanities best interest! hence why the crew were ok, but not the best in the world or anything?

    looking forward to the blueray and extended cut! park ridley and do ALIEN5, this engineers stuff is proper proper boring, Its all about the aliens and weyland for me, wish ridley would agree, they need a director on board who can handle the aliens and the series!

  • drahcir ogramat
    drahcir ogramat 9 days ago

    here's my theory, remember that engineer that disintegrated in the beginning of the prometheus?
    what if his dna/genes got mixed up by single celled organisms of earth (presuming that it was planet earth he disintegrated from)
    that acted as a catalyst to evolution.

  • fuzz
    fuzz 10 days ago

    yeah lets fly down and save like 10 people but sacrificing 2000

  • ascarifx
    ascarifx 11 days ago

    Can anyone explain the story behind the creatures that came from the spores on the engineers planet?

  • abrahan ruiz
    abrahan ruiz 12 days ago

    I hope someday we could see a descent alien vs predator movie and a predator origins prequel

  • Special Android
    Special Android 12 days ago

    the ending really means that you have watched a good film and enjoyed a bit of escapism without getting too hung up about what it all actually means

  • Héctor Macías Ayala
    Héctor Macías Ayala 12 days ago

    1:32 The entire franchise is a story about corporate ambition.

  • Alicja Chojecka
    Alicja Chojecka 12 days ago

    David cut his hair after they all returtned to his cave, it was shown in the movie.

  • Isaac Zelinski
    Isaac Zelinski 13 days ago

    "You hold the flute... I'll do the fingering."

  • Sebastian Lind
    Sebastian Lind 13 days ago

    3:56 In order to create, one must first destroy. That is why, he mentioned it himself in Prometheus.

  • mougabo
    mougabo 13 days ago

    i guess Ridley Scott doesn't give a fuck about narrative

  • Tom Bruno
    Tom Bruno 14 days ago

    I feel like a lot of this footage was not in the movie. Like there aren't any real scenes with James Franco in them. Where is this coming from?

  • Rahul Prasher
    Rahul Prasher 14 days ago

    I genuinely think the first half of the movie was at least 8/10 - it had character development and the fear and anxiety elements with the first infection and neomorphs. As soon as David showed up, it was a different movie altogether, which I'd give a mediocre 6/10. It really was like two different movies.

  • Know One
    Know One 14 days ago

    You guys think Walter died?

    I take it the knife David picked up, he slit his throat and incapacitated him but he self-heals

  • Gavin Hopkins
    Gavin Hopkins 14 days ago

    David actually infected Walter's body it's Walter's body but David's mind controlling​ Walter's body don't know the specifics​ but I'm pretty sure that's the only possibility​

  • dylf14
    dylf14 14 days ago

    In their efforts to keep the series alive, they are complicating the story beyond the point where they can tie up all these loose ends. Each film asks more questions than it answers and redefines the previously known info raising the scope of the story and expanding the alien universe. I think it is time to settle down, buckle in and fill the holes with some quality material. At this point, I don't think poor writing can be excused for unanswered questions.

  • Nathan Dice
    Nathan Dice 15 days ago

    i would like to see this prometheus garbage and alien convenant banned at least here in europe. it is really crazy badass worse. and please someone kicks some responsible producers in the balls.

  • mredub44
    mredub44 15 days ago

    Hey fool. You realize Weland-Yutani are the bad guys of this movie! Did you not see ANY of the alien movies including Prometheus? David was granted instant access to the embryo room from mother without Walter's codes. Rewatch the scene. David uses the code "David" and a bunch of numbers. So this was Weyland-Yutani's purpose. To breed the Aliens and not colonize humans! The humans are just hosts.

  • Jose Luis Rodriguez
    Jose Luis Rodriguez 15 days ago

    The last point made me think about an Alien vs. Terminator movie.

    Set in a future where Skynet already won.

  • Ralph Hernandez
    Ralph Hernandez 16 days ago

    the ending means that the bad guy is gonna take the aliens to earth

  • Kirk Long
    Kirk Long 16 days ago

    the xeno morphs existed millions of years before David got to the planet with shaw. in the temples there are images of the xeno morph from ancient times so obviously the enigeers made the xenomorphs and the toxin to use as a weapon of mass destruction to wipe out entire planets. without the queen the xeno morphs cannot reproduce nor evolve which is why they need a human host. this is a theory but after David bombs the engineers he plans to take over the planet and evolve the new species so he wakes up shaw i believe shaw is in on it with David as you see when shaw is clearly still alive and uses the transmission on the ship to lure the humans in. before they arrive shaw sacrfices herself as a experiment to birth the queen and reproduce a entire race of the xenomorphs who see hopes over the years can evolve. in covenant the scene where the girl gets her head chooped of by that huge white looking xenomorph i think that is shaw. because photos of davids experiment on her show a xenomorph being birthed out of her.

  • Yasir
    Yasir 16 days ago

    correction: David made a Protomorph not a Xenomorph

  • Yobany
    Yobany 16 days ago

    "Alien: Covenant - What Does The Ending Really Mean?" = A Sequel

  • T Studios
    T Studios 16 days ago

    Great stuff!

  • Alex G
    Alex G 16 days ago +1

    What's the music in the background called ?

  • It's ya Boi
    It's ya Boi 16 days ago

    Black people in movies always die first.

  • jamie darren
    jamie darren 16 days ago

    440 plus Walters disliked this video.

  • Ivan Kalazic
    Ivan Kalazic 17 days ago

    David: Covenant
    David 3
    David: Resurrection

  • Aadil Erfan
    Aadil Erfan 17 days ago

    shit unsatisfying ending

  • Whitman
    Whitman 17 days ago

    I think I have the answer to this.
    David is unsure of how the adult alien will react to him and doesn't want to infect the crew just to have the aliens run rampant and cause the ship to not get to the new planet.

    The reason he is hesitant about the adult alien is because, during the scene where he traps it in the hallway, the alien sees his face in the monitor. David does the same thing he did with the neomorph and "earns his trust" by getting his face close to the alien. But the alien attacks the monitor, startling David.

    The Xenomorph is probably much more aggressive than he expected and he will have to address it in later films.

  • Jiayuan Sun
    Jiayuan Sun 17 days ago

    Why all the engineers on that planet gathered at that square?

  • FO cast
    FO cast 17 days ago

    The humanoids that David killed on that planet did not look like the Engineers. They were primitive, not even close to human technology, and looked related to Engineers but not the same. They had virtually no advanced technology other than the dock. It really doesn't make sense that they were the Engineers, but rather some other seeded humanoid like humans.

  • SMDoktorPepper
    SMDoktorPepper 18 days ago

    It also doesnt explain how the Predator species gets thier hands on the Xenomorphs..

  • Paul Mckeon
    Paul Mckeon 18 days ago

    Ridley Scott needs to watch or re-watch AVP.... WHY??? A clip show's the gods aka.. Predators brining face huggers to the ancient Egyptians in sacrificing themselves for the hunt to begin in the AVP Clip and they where Xenomorph's. BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE TIME FRAME OF THE ALIEN-PREDATOR-ENGINEER-HUMAN UNIVERSE.

  • alpha Solomon
    alpha Solomon 18 days ago

    another Jews, Zionist, propaganda -
    the wings of the ship = Ark of the Covenant wings
    David wins at the end = king David and gods for Jews
    musics entry of the god in to the Valhalla = they enter the new world order new world controlled by Zion ,,,,,,,,,,
    you western people very sleepy from what is going around you ????

  • polubojarov7
    polubojarov7 18 days ago

    the species that Walter destroyed on that planet were NOT the Engineers, this is nowhere said or written. what is more probable is that they were just another implanted species BY Engineers, just as we human are supposed to be ;)

  • Captain Pang Wang Fee Fee Lang

    That movie though... The bitch with the shotgun like seriously? -_- Her husband must have shown her how to use one. and the end, like you no know your androids abilities, wasn't much of a surprise as he said he was a new model right before the end and showed self healing, you'd think that woman would be aware since she was an engineer.

  • GamePlayUK
    GamePlayUK 19 days ago

    The next movie needs more Engineers.

  • Vismund
    Vismund 19 days ago

    Shiiiit weyland does that on purpose!

  • Chuck Hamilton
    Chuck Hamilton 19 days ago

    They haven't mentioned anything about the Alien V Predator movies with the predators using the Xenomorphs as their ultimate game to hunt on earth, I realise they started as two different franchises but because of movie land, in a regard they now both exist in the same universes and timelines

  • twistedmetalplayer21
    twistedmetalplayer21 20 days ago

    It means David will experiment on all 2000 passengers which will end up being all the eggs you see int he First movie being at the bottom levels of the ship.

    There, I solved it.

  • American Born Patriot.

    Weyland Yutani are nearly similar to the EU: not actually learning from their mistakes because of their false premises.

  • nicholas thrower
    nicholas thrower 20 days ago

    the mural could be a neomorph.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 20 days ago

    It made sense that he'd wait to infect the sleeping colonists. He wanted to engineer more of his creations and if he had a few of those monsters running around they'd just eat and kill the other sleeping colonists. Instead, he waits to get on a planet where the aliens could run rampant and evolve through other biological species.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 21 day ago

    Ridley Scott should turn to writing and directing teenage love stories on earth away from space . He fucked up the greatest alien / space plot of all time .

  • Christopher Zweck
    Christopher Zweck 21 day ago

    the ultra morph is like a normal xenomorph well needs a engeener to imptegated and it well become it

  • Christopher Zweck
    Christopher Zweck 21 day ago

    it was the ultra morph not the normal xenomorph

  • houchi69
    houchi69 21 day ago

    We can't even say for sure that Walter died.

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin 21 day ago

      True , he could self heal judging by David thinking he killed him at first , so up he awakes , fixes the crashed ship and goes after David .

  • houchi69
    houchi69 21 day ago

    They really are a stupid crew. Daniels was the only slightly smart one.

  • TheMutedGuy
    TheMutedGuy 21 day ago

    maybe the eggs on Alien are process of Eggmorphing of the Colony of the Covenant

  • Espen Bøgh
    Espen Bøgh 21 day ago

    The questien is; "What has David become", he is no longer the obedient servant for mankind, but has evolved into his own personality and pays no high regards of his father Weyland - a simpel mortal human! David has crossed the line from an unaware servant to his own ego to be aware of his own status as en immortal artificial lifefform with all the humans fail but feels superier to that and is now a creator of beasty horror for pleasure - maybe as revenge to the human race he want to show his superiority in his own way. Wiht af new spaceship full of colonist he has access til all modern facilities and can experiment with them in the new World the spaceship is heading for.

  • McJ 2051
    McJ 2051 22 days ago

    Could the distress call of Shaw actually be her trying to retain her humanity (and failing) mid-operation/changing?

  • Takeshi Watanabe
    Takeshi Watanabe 22 days ago +1

    Oh my God do your research before uploading such a clueless fuck up of a Video!!
    Alphas find Humans. Alphas are fascinated by Humans that evolved naturally. Alphas take Human DNA and Xenomorph Black Goo and create The Xeno Engineers. The Xeno Engineers find out about Humans and find them imperfect. The Pile of dead Engineers in Prometheus are a group of rouge Xeno Engineers with the mission to wipe out humanity. Why? Why did Columbus kill all the natives? because he could and he also saw them as Animals. The Engineers that get killed by David are just regular Engineers..
    I know.. its not that satisfying to know all of that, but its how shit went down! All the Infos are out there! So there is absolutly NO excuse to upload such a crappy Video!
    To be Honest? Besides Plumpy, King Ross and Simon all of you just should simply fuck off!!!

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo 23 days ago

    that's what you get for using androids..

    use iphone.

  • Kostchtchle
    Kostchtchle 23 days ago

    garbage film from garbage director, he has not made good film since alien and bladerunner, guy is so overrated

  • generalzod4life
    generalzod4life 23 days ago

    This film sucks slimy alien ballsacks.

  • Stefan Ram
    Stefan Ram 24 days ago

    Alien vs Predator series*

  • Stefan Ram
    Stefan Ram 24 days ago

    Also it should not be forgiven that in the Alien vs Predator serious. The Predators. used the Aliens for sport. And had this pyramid on earth at the Alien vs Predator film.

  • Stefan Ram
    Stefan Ram 24 days ago

    Maybe the Engineers board the ship after the covernant Film. And improved David to complete the Mission to wipe out the human race. He escapes the engineers and maybe with his improved intellect he can make the Allien race what we seen in the Alien films Sigourney Weaver. Or maybe they just improved him and they made the Alienrace and send him to earth with the ship what we see in the frist alien film with Sigourney Weaver. Like this there would be no film mistakes and it would have enough stuff for a new film script.

  • Michael Schwartz
    Michael Schwartz 24 days ago

    I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a sequel with answers...or a sequel at all, for that matter. Mediocre returns have a way of breeding endless turnarounds and development hell. I'd put my money on a reboot before another sequel at this point.

  • Parasmunt
    Parasmunt 25 days ago

    I think David transferred his program into Walter's body - that's how he manages to fool them.

  • Aaron Coot
    Aaron Coot 26 days ago


  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer 26 days ago

    Thanks.  I needed the explanation.  Keep em coming.  I'll subscribe.

  • Craig S gaming shenanigans

    alright we're trying to colonize a new planet there's a dangerous alien killing everybody let's have shower sex

  • Ethan Hoffart
    Ethan Hoffart 27 days ago

    It's not the same xenomorph. If anything I would say it's an improved version being that it's chestburster isn't the same. Rather than being the armless worm like creature it bursts out with all its appendages already developed most likely leading to a shorter pupal phase.

  • Diëgo
    Diëgo 28 days ago

    Why is David experimenting on people if a Jockey-xenomorph can be a way more superior type of creature?

  • Abraham Steel
    Abraham Steel 28 days ago

    The Covenant is not a Weyland-Yutani vessel. It's a USCSS colony ship ... And, David didn't have to re-do his hair to assume Walter's identity. He has a short, brown haircut 97.8% of the film. Dude, did you even see the movie!?

  • Tower Review Films
    Tower Review Films 29 days ago

    Why ask why? You are trying to make sense of what an assortment of semi-talented hack script writers (some hired after others were fired) imagine the story evolution. The original story was stolen from the 1950 novel "The Voyage of the Space Beagle" by AE Van Vogt, and Ridley was sued at the time and settled out of court. Time to end it all and move on.

  • Anson Cording
    Anson Cording 1 month ago +1

    What does the end really mean?
    The end of the franchise, I suspect.

  • hifrom mike
    hifrom mike 1 month ago +1

    The original ALIEN in 1979 had some interesting hints of a backstory, but the later films just kept adding things to the plot that made no sense. I can just hear the writers' meetings: "what about this?" "no, what about this?" when all it boils down to how many ways aliens can burst through the skin of a human body.

  • Dulan Speeder
    Dulan Speeder 1 month ago


  • Pokemon Master8
    Pokemon Master8 1 month ago

    it was the predators who created the xenomorphs it says it in AVP to prove themselves worthy

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    the important thing that 0.1 people over 1000 finds a good inspiring movie in this..."piece of art"

  • Samuel Leumas
    Samuel Leumas 1 month ago

    Actually, the black alien we see in Covenant is not a xenomorph. This is not addressed in the movie, but you can tell by its birthing method and the lack of a bio-mechanical figure that it's a protomorph. The alien bursts out of the captain as a full figure (but small), not as the snake like being we see in Alien (1979).

  • RakaiThwei
    RakaiThwei 1 month ago

    Love the background music in this video. Where can I find and download it?

  • b0xeRa
    b0xeRa 1 month ago

    I almost wanted to scream in the cinema while watching those idiots running around the planet without any protection. Not to mention they're infecting/polluting an unknown planet with they cigarretes and stuff. We see NASA being SOOOO careful in protecting potential bacterial life on mars by disinfecting their probes and yet the idiots in this movie don't care about any of that...

  • Str8manballtouch
    Str8manballtouch 1 month ago +2

    The ending doesn't mean shit. Just like the rest of the movie. Stop trying to explain it.

  • João Felipe
    João Felipe 1 month ago

    David is broken, and this makes him more human.
    This is an amazing philosophical twist.

  • Nationstate
    Nationstate 1 month ago

    What's the name of the song playing throughout this whole video?

  • Foolish. Guy
    Foolish. Guy 1 month ago

    The black ones aren't xenomorphs in this movie, they are protomorphs. Different body and they are born with all appendages rather than a worm

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