Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 POST CREDIT SCENES Explained! (All FIVE of Them!)

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  • Andraise
    Andraise 1 day ago

    I really feel that kraglin has a lot of character potential

  • Wiver Raukau
    Wiver Raukau 1 day ago

    mantis didnt look right in th movie, i expected her to have green skin not a tanish color. either way she acted the her parts really well

  • Kliz_
    Kliz_ 3 days ago

    aleta is from the thor trailer?

  • Chiara
    Chiara 4 days ago

    Yondu will always be mary poppins, y'all

  • Zeke Yeager
    Zeke Yeager 4 days ago

    Im Marry Poppins y'all!

    TIMISHOOK TMISHK 5 days ago +1

    Dear star lord


    Sincerely yours drax

  • UnCanny
    UnCanny 5 days ago +1

    in Guardian of galaxy vol 1 there was easter egg of ADAM warlock... anyone spotted that?

  • Noah Lawson
    Noah Lawson 6 days ago

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  • mike johnston Bob
    mike johnston Bob 8 days ago

    Stan lee is a version of one above all. only because jack kirby can't cameo in MCU

  • Gio A
    Gio A 9 days ago

    wait, warlock is in the end?!

  • Matthew Andersen
    Matthew Andersen 9 days ago

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  • Miriam Binder
    Miriam Binder 11 days ago

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  • Pokemon Pokemon
    Pokemon Pokemon 11 days ago

    That's hella from Thor 3 not aleta lol!!!

  • steficorn
    steficorn 14 days ago

    teenage groot is me

  • Dr. Gregory Haus
    Dr. Gregory Haus 14 days ago

    Guardians and Baywatch crossover?

  • squidtron 90000
    squidtron 90000 14 days ago

    At arclight they had a post post credits bonus feature where they HEAVILY implied Yondu would return at a later point in the MCU.

  • Alex Ex'd
    Alex Ex'd 15 days ago

    Ah shit I got tree sap on my dog.

  • Cody Walker
    Cody Walker 17 days ago

    If Adam has Chris Pratts DNA, then Adam should be perfect look wise

  • lou gait
    lou gait 18 days ago

    But did these scenes need an explanation?

  • XxNocturnalKnightxX
    XxNocturnalKnightxX 18 days ago

    There were no post credit scenes shown at my theater, which sucked.

  • Squiggly Beard
    Squiggly Beard 19 days ago

    Adam warlock probably will be in infinity war because he is in one of the infinity stones

  • Ian Rennebohm
    Ian Rennebohm 19 days ago +1

    I JUST scene the movie in theatres and I didn't see the post credits scenes until now!
    Now the second scene makes sense!

  • nuclear watermelon
    nuclear watermelon 20 days ago

    I thought they had the birth thing cause they didn't have genitals

  • Ambar Khan
    Ambar Khan 20 days ago

    spoilers for infinity war one....

    we see thanos coming for vision's gem n the whole avengers line up try to protect him...they fail ofcourse n as thanos is ripping the stone,,,vision looks at stark n says "daddy".....while stark says,, "so this is what it feels like..."

  • La'Keisha Dallas
    La'Keisha Dallas 20 days ago

    just finished watching this movie and it was great i cried during yondus funeral but overall great movie

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  • Sergeant Blaze
    Sergeant Blaze 21 day ago

    1:18 I thought it went through his hand...

  • Gerson Sendo
    Gerson Sendo 22 days ago

    They aren't jumping into dimentions. They're just using wormholes that exists apparently in every place in the galaxy

  • L SSJ
    L SSJ 23 days ago

    Stan lee is the one above all

  • Bijan Ashtiani
    Bijan Ashtiani 23 days ago

    25 hundred thousand units is like a third, what can we get with 25 units

    FERRARI KILLER 25 days ago +1

    If the wacther is there then there might be an easter egg from galactus and idk when he shows up but maybe in the inhuman movie

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 26 days ago

    EASTER EGG The Golden Sphere of Life" from the comics. Its from Contest of the Champions # 1 1982. It is what Death and Grandmaster plays for in the comic. u can see it in the video 3.47.

  • Paul Babcock
    Paul Babcock 26 days ago

    It would actually be pollen rather than tree sap.

  • Douglas Herring
    Douglas Herring 26 days ago

    Why wouldn't Adam Warlock be in Infinity War? He is the logical owner of the Soul Gem/Stone, since he owned it originally in the comics. Would be nice if one infinity gem besides the cosmic cube had it's real origin in the movies. And Warlock is instrumental in defeating Thanos in the original Thanos vs. Avengers and in Infinity War. Maybe not the first movie, but surely the second Infinity War, he is vital!

  • James Ambrocio
    James Ambrocio 27 days ago

    Stan Lee obviously is the One Above All.

  • Deandre Key
    Deandre Key 27 days ago

    TREE SAP! 💀😂

  • Kamryn Smith
    Kamryn Smith 27 days ago

    No he told Peter that he used his eyes before getting covered in rocks.

  • Engineer GamerPlays
    Engineer GamerPlays 28 days ago

    I think Groot will grow back to how he looked before in the first film

  • Fiyin O
    Fiyin O 1 month ago

    I swear to god Aleta is hella

  • Revile Paragon
    Revile Paragon 1 month ago

    Yeah, 'knew about the original team and Adam Warlock. Also Stanley is the Watcher confirm!

  • XShadowMuncherX
    XShadowMuncherX 1 month ago

    AHHH this movie was soooo good

  • Jordan Broly
    Jordan Broly 1 month ago

    I didn't see the movie yet, and catching up on the comics but....................... HIS DAD IS A CELESTIAL!??!?! *excited girly screams.......

    Among other things :D

  • Andy Rosene
    Andy Rosene 1 month ago +1

    Advanced power armor from Fallout 2 + Cyberman Helmet = Mainframe.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 1 month ago

    Looks to me like it shows "golden spheres of Life" as an Easter egg in Aesha thrown room (3.47). This is from the original Contest of Champions from "82". This may be the resources Aesha is talking about using in the end credit scene to create Adam. It is a tie-in to Grandmaster and the Collector.

  • Mike Rynaski
    Mike Rynaski 1 month ago

    Love your content!! Helps keep me up to date on what I am looking forward to seeing in the theaters :) keep up the awesome content.

  • TheClockIsTicking
    TheClockIsTicking 1 month ago

    Stan Lee is the One Above All.

  • Alcino Acosta
    Alcino Acosta 1 month ago

    welp, stan is the one above all!

  • Ryan Fain
    Ryan Fain 1 month ago

    what if Stan is the one above all

  • quincyking010
    quincyking010 1 month ago

    it makes more sense if stan is one above all or living tribunal, uatu should look identical to the other watchers

  • Mustafa Amin
    Mustafa Amin 1 month ago

    Lol it would be funny if Stan Lee saved everyone at the end of infinity wars

  • I. Am. GROOT.
    I. Am. GROOT. 1 month ago

    I am GROOT

  • Jacob Wixted
    Jacob Wixted 1 month ago


  • Rowan Barker
    Rowan Barker 1 month ago

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  • GrayWolf666
    GrayWolf666 1 month ago

    Howard the Duck defeats Adam Warlock, true fact.

  • B.A. Chan
    B.A. Chan 1 month ago

    3:03 This is really Ayesha "Curry" in 2016, tending to her and her husband's wounds after Golden State Warriors defeat last year.
    3:21 "I think I'll call him, Kevin. Kevin Durant."

  • Extragorey
    Extragorey 1 month ago

    Props to Sylvester Stallone for doing his role pro bono.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    Mainframe is a stolen prop from Dr. Who. lol

  • Riley Sondermann
    Riley Sondermann 1 month ago

    Aleta- is she the same one that's the villain of Thor ragnatok? They look very similar

  • le dragon
    le dragon 1 month ago

    no kidding, i watched all of these in the theater.

  • GenjiZerk
    GenjiZerk 1 month ago

    My dumbass got up and walked out to the bathroom after the first end credit scene, I thought it was over, and then my sister was like there were a lot of end credit scenes -_-

  • 557raul
    557raul 1 month ago

    FYI Stan Lee is not a watcher he is The one above all.

  • 557raul
    557raul 1 month ago +2

    Am I the only one wondering why the heck is Adam Warlock not a part of Infinity War? In comics he is the main character to defeat Thanos.

  • Mad_Max_Gaming
    Mad_Max_Gaming 1 month ago


  • maya gonzalez
    maya gonzalez 1 month ago

    Miley Cyrus? Wow and cool

  • Blue X
    Blue X 1 month ago +1

    keep thinking i clicked on a buzzfeed video

  • Kerop Grigorian
    Kerop Grigorian 1 month ago

    vin diesel movies

  • Brian Gilbreath
    Brian Gilbreath 1 month ago

    one downside of downloading or streaming from APKs is they don't include end credits so I always miss these

  • Brianna Rowe
    Brianna Rowe 1 month ago +1

    I wish Groot could be a baby forever

  • Sergio Guerrera
    Sergio Guerrera 1 month ago

    Really Milly Curus!? ... how is she who talks like a he... have any relevance today... Could it be to have her further brother in law happy or is she just doing the director!?

  • that one cringe girl
    that one cringe girl 1 month ago


  • Keaton Spell
    Keaton Spell 1 month ago

    LOL, Mid-Life Crisis Groot.

  • Dereck Dunn
    Dereck Dunn 1 month ago +1

    Stan Lee is the "One Above All" in the Marvel Universe and movies. Even in the comics I believe he wrote himself as THE GOD. Would give a cool reason to show him in the movies as many different ppl. Especially in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 talking to The Watchers. The Watchers, in the comics, are the entity below the "One Above All" in reverence and Devine power.

  • Logan Provo
    Logan Provo 1 month ago

    :( yondu was my favorite

  • Sebastien Tissot
    Sebastien Tissot 1 month ago

    In the fourth scene with teen Groot and Peter, Peter can understand what Groot is saying. Making him the only character (so far) other then Rocket, to understand the I am Groot variation.

  • Stanley Skalecki
    Stanley Skalecki 1 month ago +1

    Adam Warlock is guaranteed to be in Infinity War. Take a closer look at the cocoon

  • Yung Papi
    Yung Papi 1 month ago

    How does stan lee talk about his role in civil war if it hasn't happened yet in the MCU?

  • PureDimwit
    PureDimwit 1 month ago

    Did Peter loose his celestial power when Ego died

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 1 month ago

    It was confirmed Adam Warlock won't be in the first Infinity War movie. Studio never said anything about the second, so we may see Him in the second Infinity War movie.

  • Iain Barta
    Iain Barta 1 month ago

    In the comics, Stan Lee was actually the One Above All

  • pumpkineater 200
    pumpkineater 200 1 month ago


  • Sig Urther
    Sig Urther 1 month ago +1

    If Adam Warlock isn't in the Infinity War, it will pretty much destroy the movie for me entirely. I mean, he was the crux upon which the infinity gauntlet saga pivoted. He was Thanos' foil and the leader of the original infinity watch.

  • game shocker 2.0
    game shocker 2.0 1 month ago

    the robot looks like from doctor why cyberman

  • Manuel Zero
    Manuel Zero 1 month ago

    so the Kingpin (daredevil) is also Charles-27?????????

  • PhoenixGaming - Roblox & More!

    "I'm Mary Poppins Ya'll!" - Yondu, 2017

  • Pedrina Miranda
    Pedrina Miranda 1 month ago +1

    That thing shining in Adam warlocks cacoon is the soul stone

  • Octavio Franco
    Octavio Franco 1 month ago

    dont steal the batterys

  • Angel Tanguma
    Angel Tanguma 1 month ago

    Stan Lee is a watcher confirmed

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera 1 month ago

    Check out my Rocket piece for a great price!

  • tommy hayden
    tommy hayden 1 month ago

    Stan Lee is The One Above All

  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel Gutierrez 1 month ago

    if the movie takes place before age of ultron, how is possible that Stan lee makes a cameo telling the watchers about his FedEx work, which takes place in Civil war ? (before age of ultron ?)

  • Christian B
    Christian B 1 month ago


  • jonathan sanchez
    jonathan sanchez 1 month ago

    I really really think Adam Warlock will have the last Infinity Stone. In the comic, The Infinity Gauntlet he has such a connection with the Soul Gem that for me it looks obvious that he would be the one to introduce It to us.

  • ChocolatePoptart
    ChocolatePoptart 1 month ago

    nonononononoononoononono dont bring fallout into this... 3:34

  • Sonny Uno
    Sonny Uno 1 month ago

    it's a reference to Revelations 12 big red planet 7 angles fight it hello domass

  • Julio Gomez
    Julio Gomez 1 month ago

    since Peter got the zune, I have a feeling they'll call the third movie, Guardians of the Galaxy MP3

  • Elliott Lee
    Elliott Lee 1 month ago


  • Daryl Peso
    Daryl Peso 1 month ago +9

    The fact that Miley Cyrus was in a marvel movie irritates me

  • Kermit The  Flop
    Kermit The Flop 1 month ago


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